Chapter 848 Asteroid Group


Humph! I managed to block it. A pity, though. I cannot unleash this great halberd’s full power, otherwise I will be killing off a few of them. Chen Feng snickered as his heart palpitated fiercely. The magic treasures within his insight acupoints channelled power out and the exhausted Chen Feng recovered his strength. Light shone from his eyes as his strength actually improved.

Good! As expected, only in the face of pressure can one improve. Chen Feng then kept the Heaven Piercing Lance and used both hands to grab the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod. Swinging it, he cut open space and made his way through a distance of one million kilometres with that move.

Once again, he moved farther away.


After just a brief moment, Chen Feng could feel that most of the power within him had been consumed.


Suddenly, a huge, black hand shot through a distance of tens of millions of li to grab Chen Feng. It was a move from an expert hailing from the Demon Plane.

“Bring it!”

Stirring the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, Chen Feng abruptly swung at it. At the same time, the Longevity Tower was also secretly channelling power into the attack that Chen Feng was performing.

The black hand was severed. Next, Chen Feng swiftly grabbed hold of the remnants of the hand before tossing them into the Longevity Tower. The remnants were all good items. By utilizing the Demonic Heavengorging Art, he would be able to devour the remnants and absorb them to increase his power.

That said, now was not the time for it.

Another attack had arrived.

In the face of the successive attacks aimed at him, Chen Feng swung the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, blocking them all. Every time he blocked an attack, however, he would end up taking serious damage only to quickly heal up. Bi Qing had also taken action to block a few of them.

There are cultivators from the various Celestial Planes, but none from the Celestial Longevity Plane. However, that is a good thing. Chen Feng could feel it. He had long since reached his limit. He was only able to persevere through sheer grit.

If only a void storm would appear. That way, the situation would descend into chaos and I will be able to escape with an Immortal artefact. Naturally, suppressing it will still be difficult.

“If only I can recover a bit more of my power, I will be able to utilize this great halberd to start a rampage. As it is, however, we can only use it to escape.” Tower felt somewhat vexed. No matter how you cut it, he was once an existence that could deter the Myriad Celestial Planes. At that very moment, however, there was nothing he could do as a group of minor Ascendant Immortals chased him. That was truly vexing.

“Eh, what is that up ahead?” It was then that Chen Feng noticed a chaotic star region before him. Various energy currents swirled around as countless asteroids rolled about in a disorderly manner. Every one of the asteroids was incredibly huge. In fact, the biggest one there had already surpassed the size of a planet.

Could this be an asteroid group? Such a massive asteroid group is already comparable to a star region. Fine, then. I can make use of this, charge in and escape through this asteroid group. Chen Feng then bellowed as he strained himself to speed up further.

The rate at which his heart was beating had already reached a limit. Rather, cracks had already begun appearing across it.

At the same time, however, Chen Feng’s potential was fully stimulated. The power hidden within his body that he had not managed to absorb in the past began rising upwards. With every beat of his heart, large quantities of that power would be absorbed.

World essence fragment power, artefact spirit’s power and even the soul power of some high-level cultivators that he had absorbed in the past emerged from deep within his insight acupoints. Every strand and stream of the power was refined and absorbed.


A violent aura charged out from Chen Feng’s body, causing his hair to fly about. He had managed to gain a breakthrough in strength.


The Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod in Chen Feng’s hand seemingly sensed the change to Chen Feng and a part of its power became stimulated by the change. Chen Feng, who swung the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, was thus able to easily open up another spatial passageway with it.

This time, the spatial passageway brought him over five million kilometres forward to once again put more distance between him and his pursuers.

“Good! Good job, kid!” Bi Qing laughed.

Bi Qing had been feeling worried about Chen Feng. Seeing that, however, he grew relieved, knowing that Chen Feng should be able to take care of himself.

After spatial jumping forward a few more times, Chen Feng finally entered the asteroid group to disappear from sight.

“What? To think that such a large asteroid group would suddenly appear!” By then, some of the pursuing cultivators had already stopped.

There were many dangerous places in outer space. Some were just naturally dangerous and even Heavenly Immortals could lose their lives in there.

What they could see of the asteroid group was only superficial. Given their experience, the Ascendant Immortals knew that entering the asteroid group would be dangerous. Even so, doing nothing as Chen Feng slipped away left a begrudging feeling within them.

“Humph! It’s just a group of asteroids. I will enter and catch the kid!” A Demon Plane cultivator transformed into a clump of black light to fly into the asteroid group.

“Humph! This body of mine is just a clone. Even if I lose it, I can just cultivate for a while to create another one!” Another cultivator rushed inside.

A mid-grade Immortal artefact was quite the alluring object, after all.

Some chose to enter while some chose to wait and observe the situation. Suddenly, Bi Qing’s aura shook as it fell down to the Earthen Immortal stage.

“Humph! A minor guy from the Celestial Clearblue Plane. So, you have been borrowing the power of the Celestial Clearblue Plane to increase your cultivation level.” Some of the cultivators nearby revealed insidious smiles.

Bi Qing said nothing. Instead, he swiftly waved his hand. Runes appeared in space to forcibly open up a teleportation passageway. Next, Bi Qing stepped in and the passageway disappeared. As for Bi Qing, he had been instantly teleported to Eternal World. 

“Sigh! Hopefully, he will be able to make it out from this disaster alive.” Bi Qing shook his head before heading straight back to his grotto-mansion for a cultivation retreat. In that earlier battle, Bi Qing had over exhausted himself extensively. Thus, there was a need for him to cultivate and recover his power.

“Humph, he sure is fast at running away!”

“That was his real body. Without the reinforcing power of the Celestial Clearblue Plane, his cultivation base has fallen. Not having the guts to stay is only natural.”

“What should we do now?”

“We should observe the situation first.”

Right after entering the asteroid group, Chen Feng felt as though he had entered a strange world. Various chaotic powers assailed him, causing his movement speed to become ten times slower.

Additionally, the asteroids there also contained formidable forces. Due to that, Chen Feng dared not make contact with them. The scope of this asteroid group had exceeded those he encountered in the past. 

Magnetic forces. There should be some wondrous ores inside the asteroids. Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward to land on a massive asteroid.

The asteroid was as big as a small planet. Upon landing on the surface of the asteroid, he felt a gravitational force enveloping his whole body, triggering his defensive astral energy. 

This is 10,000 times the normal force of gravity in Eternal World! Impressive! After moving about for a moment, Chen Feng was finally able to move as he used to. Suddenly, however, the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod shook and Chen Feng felt himself losing control over it.

This is bad! I won’t be able to suppress it any longer. Looks like I am really not destined for it. Chen Feng’s face sank. It was then that Tower took action again. An exalted and primordial aura bore down upon the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod. At the same time, the Heaven Piercing Lance and the Netherbone Lance within the Longevity Tower shook. Finally, the great halberd went still once again.

This asteroid group is likely dangerous. Chen Feng, who was standing on the asteroid, sent his divine sense forward to scan his surroundings. However, all he found was more asteroids and nothing else. That result left Chen Feng puzzled.


It was then that a cultivator finally caught up to Chen Feng. A massive palm silhouette shot towards Chen Feng in a grasping manner. It would appear that he wanted to grab both Chen Feng and the asteroid.


Chen Feng swiftly evaded, jumping across the surface of the other asteroids before disappearing into the asteroid group again. Upon entering the asteroid group, opening up spatial passageways had become incredibly hard for Chen Feng. Perhaps it was due to the surrounding forces. 



The asteroids behind Chen Feng kept exploding. Even planet-sized asteroids were destroyed.

“Kid, hand over the Immortal artefact and I will spare your life!” One of the cultivators sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

Chen Feng scoffed. Given the current situation, he would not simply toss away the Immortal artefact. At that very moment, all he could do was to give it his all to forge ahead with the hopes of shaking them off before finding a place to subdue the Immortal artefact.

That said, his plan seemed unfeasible. The cultivators pursuing him were simply too strong.


A beam of sword light slashed through several gargantuan asteroids, continuing ahead with its power intact to slash Chen Feng.

This guy again! He had been the first to attack Chen Feng. This cultivator was a star wanderer. As he was accustomed to living in outer space, this asteroid group was nothing to him.


The Longevity Wings behind Chen Feng’s back flapped as he flitted through the asteroids there non-stop to evade the attack.

Suddenly, a huge hand came from the front. In response, Chen Feng shouted and used the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod to strike the huge hand. However, his attack failed to slash apart the huge hand. Instead, the collision sent Chen Feng flying.


Chen Feng sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Although he was already borrowing the power of the Immortal artefact, the gap between him and Ascendant Immortals was simply too big.


Yet another sword beam shot forward. This time, Chen Feng failed to evade and the astral energy shield over his body was broken and blood flowed out from his back. Chen Feng himself was nearly cleaved into two.

The two cultivators blocked Chen Feng’s path, one from the front and one from the back. One was a wandering sword cultivator while the other was a cultivator from the Demon Plane. Due to that, Chen Feng was incapable of escaping. 

Sou! Sou!

Two more cultivators arrived. With their arrival, Chen Feng became completely surrounded.

“Tsk, tsk. A youngling from the Longevity Clan. To think that you would come out to train yourself at such a young age. Who is your master?” asked a Skyfire Clan cultivator, his whole body wreathed in flames.

“You can forget about linking up to the Celestial Longevity Plane. We have already sealed up the surrounding space. You can no longer escape.” The one to speak up this time was a cultivator from the Purpleblood Clan. Purple-coloured energy swirled vigorously all around his body, giving him a majestic look of nobility.

“Why go through all the trouble? It’s just an Immortal artefact. I’ll give it to you!” Chen Feng was quick to make up his mind and he hurled the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod away.

“Come here!” The Demon Plane cultivator and star wanderer took action to snatch the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, but the Purpleblood Clan cultivator and Skyfire Clan cultivator attacked Chen Feng instead.

The two of them had already noticed Chen Feng’s talent and potential. For the sake of their clans, they wanted to get rid of Chen Feng in advance.

“No matter how you look at it, you two are seniors. To still be taking action against me now, don’t you feel ashamed?” Chen Feng scoffed and brought out the Heaven Piercing Lance. He channelled all his power through it as he tried to stop their attacks.


The 100,000 great arrays within the Longevity Tower activated and a formidable power flowed non-stop into Chen Feng, strengthening him. Even so, Chen Feng was still incapable of blocking the attacks. Like a meteor, his figure was blasted backwards and countless asteroids were smashed to pieces.

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