Chapter 847 Snatching Food from the Tiger’s Mouth


“Purpleblood Clan, Skyfire Clan. Chen Feng, just what are you talking about? Do you know these people?” Immortal Pining Butterfly could not stop herself from asking.

For Immortal Pining Butterfly, Chen Feng had seemingly become an even more mysterious existence. It seemed as though he was not just a cultivator from Eternal World.

“You have yet to ascend to the Immortal Plane. This is not the kind of thing you can find out. Knowing more is not a good thing.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Humph! Your cultivation level is even lower than mine, but you know more than me?”

“I'm different from you.”

“If you don’t want to tell me, so be it! What’s so great about it anyways?”


The battle ended up affecting the asteroids floating through space. One of the asteroids, massive in size, was sent flying forward. A cultivator who was observing the battle failed to evade in time and his body was smashed to pieces.

He was a high-level Earthen Immortal. And yet, he had died just like that. The battle grew even fiercer and the cultivators who were watching the battle from afar began feeling concerned about their safety. Rather, the battle was even affecting Eternal World.


As expected, Eternal World sensed danger and waves of faint-yellow light emerged from deep within the world to form an extensive barrier around it to stop the shockwaves from the battle.

This was a defensive move that the will of Eternal World had automatically released upon encountering danger. With the exception of the native cultivators from Eternal World, the cultivators from other worlds would now have a far harder time entering Eternal World. Any attempts to forcibly enter would result in them facing the attacks from Eternal World.

Chen Feng cast a profound gaze through the yellow barrier, observing every happening on Eternal World. This action from the will of Eternal World had brought about a high number of benefits. Many of the cultivators there who had been stuck in a bottleneck managed to break through. Even Chen Feng could feel a wave of energy scouring his soul, giving him a deeper level of comprehension towards the grand dao.

Although Chen Feng had broken off the shackles placed upon him by Eternal World since linking up to the Celestial Longevity Plane, he had been living in Eternal World for many years, after all. Deep inside, there was still a connection between him and Eternal World.

Back then, brought by the Longevity Tower, he had fallen onto Eternal World. This was something of a cause and effect.

The battle for the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod grew increasingly fierce. Not to mention, more cultivators had come to participate in the battle. Amongst them were two who exuded an aura of great changes. They were star wanderers who had spent an incredibly long time cultivating in outer space. Their cultivation bases were very concise and their attacks were very overbearing.

Every one of them possessed an Immortal artefact in hand. In fact, some were in no way inferior compared to the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.

“This is not good. This is practically a war. Given the scope of this war, even a star region can be annihilated. In the face of the collisions between several Immortal artefacts, Eternal World will likely be incapable of holding on!” Chen Feng could see that the barrier around Eternal World was shaking fiercely, seemingly on the verge of breaking apart.

Should it break, countless cultivators on Eternal World would die. After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng made his move. Controlling the Deepsea Maelstrom, he rushed forward.

“Chen Feng, are you crazy?” Immortal Pining Butterfly hastily shouted.

“Everyone, please go fight somewhere else!” Chen Feng shouted as loud as he could.

However, Chen Feng’s actions failed to bring about any response from them. Given his level, Chen Feng was simply beneath their notice.

Chen Feng shouted again. This time, he sent formidable soul waves through the battlefield. However, his soul waves disappeared upon entering the battlefield.


Finally, someone responded. Waving his hand, he sent a beam of sword light at Chen Feng.


Another beam of sword light shot over. The two beams collided and disappeared. It was Bi Qing.

“Kid, leave.” Bi Qing sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

Truth be told, Bi Qing himself was unable to do much. Leading these cultivators away was simply too difficult. If it was just a fight between a handful of cultivators, they would be able to change their battlefield. At that moment, however, there were tens of cultivators in the battle. Each and every one of them was an Ascendant Immortal with the power to destroy worlds. Having entering the fray, Bi Qing found that he was incapable of extricating himself. He had only barely managed to help Chen Feng earlier.

“Let’s hurry up and leave. A fight at this level is not something that we can participate in. We cannot even watch this fight.” Immortal Pining Butterfly felt somewhat anxious.

She was only a peak-level Human Immortal. The gap between her and these Ascendant Immortals was simply too great. Watching the battle between Ascendant Immortals from afar was already causing her heart to thump fiercely. Seeing Chen Feng rush forward earlier caused dread to instantly rise up within her.



Cracks had begun appearing across the surface of the barrier over Eternal World.


Finally, the barrier broke and formidable energy fluctuations swept towards Eternal World. The sky layers were swept aside and the ground sank as the Lightning Region, spanning a radius of hundreds of thousands of li, disappeared instantly.


I wonder if Marquis Scarletfire had left? That scene left Chen Feng in shock.

No wretched cries of cultivators rang out as the Lightning Region disappeared. Everything affected by the shockwave disappeared, even life. Next, the people and cultivators staying around the Lightning Region began panicking as they ran away.

In the face of this apocalyptic-like situation, ordinary humans could only cry while cultivators could only run. The power earlier was even more destructive than Heavenly might.

There’s not much time left. Who knows how many people died just now? Chen Feng waved his hand to send Immortal Pining Butterfly 5,000 kilometres away from him.

“Leave,” Chen Feng said. Next, the Deepsea Maelstrom abruptly turned as Chen Feng rushed towards the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.

“He has seriously gone crazy!” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, that was all Immortal Pining Butterfly could say.

Of course, every one of the cultivators involved in the battle had noticed Chen Feng’s actions. However, none of them stepped forward to stop him. In their opinion, a minor cultivator like him could not even approach the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.

As expected, after coming within a certain distance from the great halberd, Chen Feng could no longer move forward.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Feng then linked up to the Celestial Longevity Plane. Due to the reinforcing power from the Celestial Longevity Plane, Chen Feng’s overall strength rose steadily. In Chen Feng’s opinion, he was already strong enough to bring out the Deepsea Maelstrom’s full power.

However, it was still insufficient. Due to the constant attempts by the cultivators to snatch the great halberd, it was already emanating its power outwards. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he could only approach it. Picking it up was simply impossible. 

“Tower, help me mobilize the Heaven Piercing Lance’s power.”

Chen Feng was going all out. Exposing his strength was not part of his plan. However, the situation was different now. Every second that went by would result in a greater damage to Eternal World. How many lives would be lost from that? 


The power of an Immortal artefact enveloped Chen Feng’s body and he reached out with his hand to grab the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.


The Ascendant Immortals who were battling one another were all astounded to the point to stopping. Every single one of them cast a look of shock at Chen Feng.

“How is this possible? The kid is only a Human Immortal! How could he pick up this ancient Immortal artefact?”


With the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod in hand, Chen Feng’s figure became a stream of light as he swiftly flew far away. In just the blink of an eye, he was already 50,000 kilometres away. However, he did not stop. Instead, he flew at an increasingly high velocity.

“So, the kid has an Immortal artefact for protection. We were too careless. How laughable. A little runt actually got the better of us.”

“He is just a minor Human Immortal.”

The cultivator who attacked Chen Feng previously attacked once again. A beam of sword light flashed as it streaked across the void to instantly cover a distance of over half a million kilometres. Its power undiminished, it slashed down on Chen Feng.

“You have a death wish!” Bi Qing grew highly infuriated and he stepped forward to fight the cultivator.

The one who attacked was a star wanderer with a formidable cultivation base. Rather, he was even stronger than Bi Qing. At any rate, Bi Qing was only borrowing the Celestial Clearblue Plane’s power to temporarily boost his cultivation level to the Ascendant Immortal stage.

As the beam of sword light was about to strike Chen Feng, however, a booming sound rang out as a spatial passageway suddenly appeared. Chen Feng rapidly entered the spatial passageway and it disappeared, causing the beam of sword light to miss. When Chen Feng reappeared, he was already over half a million kilometres away.


“No matter how powerful the kid may be, he is only just a Human Immortal. No matter what happens, the Immortal artefact cannot fall into his hands!”

“Yes. The Immortal artefact is now not as important as our reputation. If this kid can successfully snatch away the Immortal artefact from right under our noses, how are we to continue to raise our heads in the future?”

The Ascendant Immortals were not concerned that the Immortal artefact would fall into Chen Feng’s hands in the end. In their opinion, snatching back the Immortal artefact was only a matter of time for them.


By taking one step forward, one of them managed to cover a distance of 50,000 kilometres. By simply taking several steps, he was able to shorten the distance between him and Chen Feng. Shortening the distance between oneself and the objective with a step. It was something that only Ascendant Immortals could do.


Another Ascendant Immortal became like a burning meteor as his figure rapidly streaked through space. He swiftly passed the cultivator who was stepping forward.


Another cultivator simply punched space to break open a passageway. Going through the passageway, he re-appeared somewhere half a million kilometres ahead.

Every one of them displayed their skills to jump through space at an extreme speed. In the face of their actions, the surrounding astronomical bodies and asteroids zoomed past them.

“Hurry! Hurry!”

Chen Feng had already made use of the Heaven Piercing Lance many times. Every time he swung the Heaven Piercing Lance, a spatial passageway would be opened up and Chen Feng would jump through it. Naturally, he was borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power for that. Even so, the Ascendant Immortals coming after him were able to quickly close the distance between them and Chen Feng could feel intense danger descending upon him.

By then, Chen Feng had lost track of how far he had gone. Perhaps, he was already over half a trillion kilometres away from Eternal World.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was already feeling at ease about the whole situation. Since he had managed to bring it far away from Eternal World, letting them continue their fight for it was no longer an issue. Naturally, he did feel somewhat exhausted.

But even if I toss away the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod now, it will not take the heat off me. They are already enraged at me. So, they will surely come after me. Chen Feng smiled bitterly. In hindsight, he was too reckless. However, if he had to do it all over again, he would have chosen to do the same thing.

“So, it’s a minor fellow from the Longevity Clan. Despite his cultivation base at the Human Immortal stage, he actually dares to snatch food from a tiger’s mouth? How audacious!” Some of the pursuers grew shocked upon sensing Chen Feng’s origins. 


Another beam of light shot towards Chen Feng, who barely managed to swing the great halberd against it. A booming sound rang out as the beam of light was shattered while Chen Feng’s figure flinched. The collision had nearly quaked apart the power of the Immortal artefact protecting his body.

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