Chapter 846 Vying for the Immortal Artefact


“Is the Immortal artefact going to come out?”

“For the Immortal artefact to come out, it must have found an owner. However, we have been cultivating here for so long and yet, nothing ever happened. Could someone else have come?”

As the Immortal artefact shook, it released an atmosphere of power resembling that of a ferocious howl. In the beginning, it was only limited to the Lightning Pond. Later, however, even the entire Lightning Region shook with it. All the cultivators who were exploring the Lightning Region were alarmed. Sensing danger, they swiftly ran away.

“Looks like there are still lightning beasts here.”

To their surprise, one lightning beast after another kept flying out from the depths of the Lightning Pond. A few were even at the peak-level Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage.

“These lightning beasts must have been hiding beneath the altar. Even though we had been cultivating down there for so long, we actually failed to notice them.”


Rubble flew about as energy waves roiled. Space was torn and the massive altar exploded. Next, an overpowering force swept out through the universe, cleaving the starry sky.

The great halberd flew up into outer space. As the great halberd soared into the sky, all of the lightning powers within a radius of over half a million kilometres were absorbed into it.


The Immortal artefact had come out. Although the cultivators there knew that their cultivation bases were insufficient, they were incapable of holding themselves back. That was an Immortal artefact! Perhaps, they were the destined person. At times, collecting a magic treasure was not simply a matter of how strong a person was. There were also luck and destiny to consider. 

“Let’s head up and check it out. I believe some formidable characters must have appeared.” Bringing Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly along, Bi Qing flew up into the sky as well. They quickly made their way through the layer of sky winds to arrive beyond Eternal World. They had reached outer space. 

Chen Feng had been to outer space before. In fact, he had cultivated in space for some time as well. However, this was his first time reaching outer space by charging out through the barrier of Eternal World.

Although Chen Feng had already cut off the shackles put on him by Eternal World when he linked up to the Celestial Longevity Plane, this sudden departure from Eternal World had given him a momentary feeling of lightness. It was not something of the fleshly body. Rather, it was something of the soul, something he could clearly feel.

“If this Immortal artefact unleashes its full power, even if it cannot destroy Eternal World, it will still be a great disaster for it,” Bi Qing said, letting the two of them go.

Chen Feng hovered casually in space, not revealing any sense of discomfort. Likewise, it would appear that this was not Immortal Pining Butterfly’s first time in space. Taking a step forward, she appeared beside Chen Feng.

“Who will be collecting this Immortal artefact?”

“Probably an Ascendant Immortal.”

“So, it is the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod. I should have figured it out long ago.” Bi Qing’s eyes suddenly lit up and his figure rushed towards the great halberd.

“You two, be careful. I have already left a teleportation array on your bodies. If you encounter danger, you must quickly return to Eternal World.”

By the time Chen Feng heard Bi Qing’s words, however, he was already over 50,000 kilometres away.

As for the great halberd, it was already 5 million kilometres away. In fact, it was still flying deep into space. It was as though someone was summoning it. 

“Collect!” After leaving Eternal World, Bi Qing’s cultivation base and skills seemingly grew stronger. His figure abruptly grew in size, up to 10,000 zhang in height. Like a Heavenly God descending upon the world, he stretched his hand to grab the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.


The great halberd erupted with a formidable power, unleashing a sphere of lightning radiance to send Bi Qing flying.


Bi Qing snorted and his figure grew even bigger. Once again, he stretched his hand to grab. It seemed that he would not give up until the Immortal artefact was his.

“Tower, can Bi Qing succeed?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“It’s very difficult. Even if he could, the one who is secretly collecting this Immortal artefact will take action.”

“If the other party is so powerful, why not just come out. Why hide?”

“You buffoon. You think that anyone can casually enter a life-bearing cultivation world? Cultivators with formidable cultivation bases, in particular, would be rejected and suppressed by the Heavenly dao. If they are not careful, they might even die here.”

“Right, I forgot about that. Having one from a higher-levelled world enter a lower-levelled world is an act that disrupts the balance of the universe. The great halberd had been staying in Eternal World for quite some time now. Thus, it had become exposed to the aura and Heavenly dao laws of Eternal World. Looks like the other party must be waiting for a chance to take action.” Chen Feng understood.

This time, the rebound against Bi Qing was even greater and it ended up destroying his palm. However, Bi Qing suddenly let out a lengthy roar and his aura surged deep into the universe to link up with a certain world. Next, a formidable aura descended and Bi Qing instantly recovered. Moreover, the aura radiating out from his body rose steadily, swiftly rising up to the Ascendant Immortal stage.

As expected, he is linking up to the Celestial Clearblue Plane. With the assistance from the will of the Celestial Clearblue Plane, he should have no problems collecting this Immortal artefact. Chen Feng nodded his head.

Chen Feng’s prediction turned out to be true. Bi Qing managed to tightly grab the great halberd and it instantly stopped flying away. Although it was still shaking furiously, it was incapable of breaking free from Bi Qing’s grip.


Bi Qing sprayed out a mouthful of primary flames onto the great halberd and began to quickly refine it.

“What? He is refining an Immortal artefact! Just who is that cyan-robed cultivator? How did he suddenly become so powerful?”

Seeing Bi Qing refine the Immortal artefact, the other cultivators grew astounded. That was especially true of Patriarch Turbid Heaven, whom Bi Qing had wounded back then. He felt his heart turning cold to the extreme.

“Ha ha ha! Patriarch Turbid Heaven, you really hit the jackpot earlier. He actually didn’t kill you.”

“Forget it. I should just hurry up and leave. This place is too dangerous.” Patriarch Turbid Heaven shivered. Then, with a flash, he flew in another direction, heading towards outer space instead of returning to Eternal World.

“He sure is fast at running. He is probably afraid that the other fellow would come after him.”

“I also feel some danger here. This show is not the good kind to watch. We should leave as soon as possible.”

As Bi Qing was refining the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod, however, a massive palm silhouette emerged from the depths of the universe. Everything in its path – even the astronomical bodies – were destroyed.

The palm silhouette grabbed the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Flames flashed out and Bi Qing’s whole body was covered in flames as the palm silhouette snatched away the great halberd.

“Sky Fire. A cultivator from the Skyfire Clan has intervened!” Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed.

“What did you say?” Hearing what Chen Feng said, Immortal Pining Butterfly did not understand.

For the lower-levelled life-bearing worlds, the Celestial Planes were exalted existences, the pinnacle of ascension through cultivation. There was no way they would know about the existence of the Myriad Celestial Planes.

“The one taking action on the sly is very powerful. At the very least, he is at the Ascendant Immortal stage. Looks like even watching it from here will not be safe.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Deepsea Maelstrom transformed into a gigantic maelstrom to encase both him and Immortal Pining Butterfly.

Bi Qing, who was knocked away earlier, kept forming hand seals. Next, another formidable aura enveloped him. Cyan in colour, the aura – like a stream of water – extinguished the Sky Fire.

After that, Bi Qing waved his hand and the sword slung across his back flew out from its sheath. With another wave of his hand, sword light split apart space as it slashed towards the massive palm silhouette.

In the past, Bi Qing was a Heavenly Immortal. He should have some formidable skills up his sleeves.

The Deepsea Maelstrom spun rapidly and Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly, who were protected within its core, were safe from the shockwaves.

“If only this Dao artefact of mine can level up to the Immortal tier,” Chen Feng said, a frustrated look on his face.

“That’s simple. Snatch this Immortal artefact, break it and fuse it with your magic treasure. Then, it will be able to level up to the Immortal tier,” Immortal Pining Butterfly said with a chuckle.

“Easier said than done.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Are the cultivators from the Skyfire Clan going to intervene now?”

“You are from the Celestial Clearblue Plane yourself. No, you reincarnated into Eternal World. However, your attempt to snatch this Immortal artefact is futile. Meeting me is just bad luck on your part.” A cultivator, completely wreathed in flames, emerged from the depths of the universe. In his hand was another great halberd. However, this one was only a low-grade Immortal artefact.

“Choosing to come here and snatch this Immortal artefact means your cultivation base will be suppressed.”

“Even 10% of my power is enough!”


Sky Fire descended and sword light flashed. The two quickly clashed. In Chen Feng’s opinion, this level of this battle had exceeded the one involving Heavenly Premier Absolute and the others.

Although the battle did not result in a great amount of destruction, it was incredibly violent. Every move they made contained unique Heavenly dao laws.


Suddenly, an astronomical body exploded. It was not due to the battle between them. Rather, it was due to the arrival of another force. After the destruction of the astronomical body, a pitch-black spatial passageway appeared and a cultivator wielding a humongous lightning hammer – resembling a God of Thunder – charged out. 

“That is the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod. It belongs to our Lightning Plane!”

Another expert had arrived. With his participation, it became a three-way battle. As for the great halberd, it fell upon a barren astronomical body.

“Lightning Plane? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“How ridiculous!”

Bi Qing and the Skyfire Clan cultivator laughed loudly.

“The Lightning Plane has long since merged with the Immortal Plane. For us from the Myriad Celestial Planes, that is simply a humiliating incident. To think that you would have the gall to show yourself, how shameless!”

“The integration of our Lightning Plane with the Immortal Plane is the work of Heaven. It is a course that cannot be stopped. You fellows are the only ones who cannot see the movements of the universe and the change in the grand dao!” the cultivator from the Lightning Plane shouted. 

“You think you are qualified to discuss the grand dao with us? Let’s work together and kill off this brat first.”

“All right!”

Next up, Bi Qing and the Skyfire Clan cultivator joined forces to attack the Lightning Plane cultivator. After a brief clash, the Lightning Plane cultivator was forced to give ground, again and again. It seemed as though he would be killed off soon.


Yet again, another massive palm silhouette appeared, this one black in colour. Additionally, the surface of this palm was covered in scales. A dazzling light shone off them as the palm shot straight towards the Chaosage Halberd of the Thundergod thrust into the barren astronomical body.

The instant the massive palm appeared, Chen Feng knew that it was someone from the Demon Plane. Due to him cultivating the Demonic Heavengorging Art, Chen Feng had become very sensitive towards the aura of the Demon Plane.

However, Bi Qing and the Skyfire Clan cultivator did not stop the black palm silhouette. The reason for that was because another person had appeared. This person had appeared in a magnificent chariot. Sporting a purple-coloured high coronet and dressed completely in purple robes, he had a slender yet powerful figure. In his hand was a battle lance. His magnificent chariot smashed through the void and the battle lance in his hand transformed into a stream of purple light to pierce the black palm silhouette.

“The Purpleblood Clan! Tsk, tsk. This is really lively!” Chen Feng laughed.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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