Chapter 843 Deter


“Alright, kid. Now, you know what is going on here. In all these years, you two are the ones with the lowest cultivation base to successfully make it here.” Patriarch Wildbolt snickered at Chen Feng before moving to the side where he too began cultivating himself.

Chen Feng walked back and forth, circling around the altar once as he looked at the great halberd there in shock. The majesty of an Immortal artefact that it was emanating had completely captivated Chen Feng. In his opinion, that was no ordinary Immortal artefact.

“Tower, what do you think?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

Tower ruminated for a moment before saying, “This Immortal artefact is already on the brink of levelling up to become a high-grade Immortal artefact. I am incapable of suppressing it.”

“That’s a shame.” Chen Feng knew; if the Longevity Tower could devour this Immortal artefact, it would surely be able to recover a great deal of its power.

Still, it was obvious that the Longevity Tower was presently not strong enough to do so. At any rate, the difference between a low-grade Immortal artefact and a mid-grade Immortal artefact was simply too big.

Rather, there were even distinctions between magic treasures of the same grade.

This great halberd before them was a pure lightning-type magic treasure. The fact that it could create the entire Lightning Region by its existence here was enough proof of how powerful it was.

“This Immortal artefact is completely intact. It’s a very rare object. Looks like I will have to think of something,” Tower muttered.

“Although we cannot collect it, cultivating here will bring a great deal of benefits. Let’s level up the Lightning Bead first.” Chen Feng brought out the Lightning Bead.


The lightning powers here were different from the lightning powers he had encountered previously. Although they were also astral lightning containing highly destructive power, these astral lightning powers were filled with the power of the Immortal artefact and spiritual attributes. It did not blindly destroy. Rather, Chen Feng could sense life within the astral lightning strands.

The strands of astral lightning entered the Lightning Bead, causing it to shake. Notions of joy kept assailing Chen Feng’s mind.

Looks like the Lightning Bead’s rise is already a sure thing. Sensing that surprised Chen Feng.

Chen Feng then sat down cross-legged as the Lightning Bead hovered above his head, ceaselessly devouring the astral lightning emanating out from the Immortal-tier great halberd.

In truth, Chen Feng was not the only one refining magic treasures here. Most of the cultivators who could make it here were those cultivating the grand dao of lightning. Thus, they would either sit around the altar to study the immortal dao laws that the Immortal artefact was emanating or use the lightning powers to refine their magic treasures.

For them, there was no better place to refine their magic treasures.


A formidable aura suddenly charged high into the air and an Earthen Immortal laughed happily. At that very moment, he no longer looked like a cultivator who had been cultivating for tens of thousands of years. Instead, he looked like a child who had just received a toy.

“This Thunderclap Blade of mine should have taken hundreds if not thousands of years to level up. Unexpectedly, it would be able to level up after just nine years! Not to mention, my cultivation base has also reached the peak level!” The Earthen Immortal held a blade flashing with lightning radiance, regarding it time and again with a look of joy.


“Congratulations on the leap in your Thunderclap Blade’s artefact grade!”

Some of the cultivators there who were acquainted with him stepped forward to congratulate him.

After giving the situation a glance, Chen Feng continued refining his Lightning Bead. During this time, some other cultivators had tried to make their way into the altar as well only to be stopped by Sword Immortal Fivebolt, the youngster that Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly had met back then.

Chen Feng had gotten to know the rules here. In order to enter and study the Immortal artefact, a cultivator must be strong enough. At the very least, he or she must be able to fight against a mid-level Earthen Immortal. Although Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly had not actually displayed that back then, Patriarch Wildbolt had been incapable of defeating them. Thus, they had passed, albeit barely.

One month quickly went by.

On this particular day, the Lightning Bead shook violently. Through the many layers of space, Chen Feng was able to sense Heavenly Tribulation forming high above, in the depths of the universe. Next, a torrent of power smashed its way through space to descend upon the Lightning Bead.

However, due to the aegis of the great halberd, the Heavenly Tribulation quickly dissipated. The Lightning Bead hovering above Chen Feng’s head grew big before growing small, again and again at a rapid rate. In the end, it returned to its normal size, but the grand dao laws that it emanated had become even more concise.

It has finally levelled up. Chen Feng reached out to grab the Lightning Bead. The Lightning Bead had become a high-grade Dao artefact and its offensive power had doubled. Even the rate at which it could absorb lightning powers had risen to a much higher level. The rise in the Lightning Bead’s grade also triggered a massive increase in the rate of levelling for the other magic treasures within Chen Feng’s body. 

Chen Feng was only just about to absorb some astral lightning strands to stabilize the situation when a huge lightning hand charged through the air, grasping at the Lightning Bead in Chen Feng’s hand.

As expected, some people are incapable of holding back. Chen Feng scoffed inwardly.

Although all of the cultivators there were Earthen Immortals, the Lightning Bead was now already a high-grade Dao artefact. Even the eyes of some high-level Earthen Immortals with somewhat weaker combat powers would go red at seeing it.

Additionally, while there were some high-level Earthen Immortals or higher there, most of them were only mid-level or starter-level Earthen Immortals.

The one taking action against Chen Feng was a starter-level Earthen Immortal. Compared to the others, this cultivator’s cultivation base was relatively weak and he did not possess any good magic treasures on him. If Chen Feng’s Lightning Bead had not levelled up, he would not have thrown his status away and attempt to snatch it. However, things were different now. This one increment in the Lightning Bead’s level was the equivalent of breaking through the sky to soar up to space. A high-grade Dao artefact was quite the alluring item.

Moron! Chen Feng scoffed. Both he and Immortal Pining Butterfly had managed to pass the test when Patriarch Wildbolt was on guard duty. Would they be fearful of a starter-level Earthen Immortal?

In the face of the attack, Chen Feng stretched his hand to grasp, crushing the huge lightning hand into pieces. Next, the Lightning Bead flew out from his hand to smash the starter-level Earthen Immortal to the ground.

One move was all it took to defeat the Earthen Immortal.

“Die!” Chen Feng shouted in a strict tone as he decided to kill him off. With a bang, the Earthen Immortal was reduced into a mist of blood, which Chen Feng absorbed before sending into the Blood Mustering Bead.

Chen Feng had not wanted to kill. However, he also knew that in order to be able to peacefully cultivate himself here, he would need to show a formidable display of power. Besides, the Blood Mustering Bead also needed a great deal of blood essence to level up.

“Kid, isn’t that too ruthless?” Unfortunately, Chen Feng’s display of strength failed to deter some and a mid-level Earthen Immortal stood up.

Speaking of which, there were quite a few who were coveting the Lightning Bead. However, these fellows had already cultivated their grand dao. Generally speaking, these characters would not take action to snatch the item of a junior. However, Chen Feng’s actions of killing someone gave these people an excuse.

“What? You want to take action?” Chen Feng said calmly, the Lightning Bead rotating non-stop on his palm. The size of the sea of lightning within it had shrunk by half. However, the strength of the lightning powers within it had grown several times stronger.

“Kid, it doesn’t matter who you are. Now that you are here, you must behave yourself. Your action of killing others randomly is disrupting our cultivation efforts. Thus, I will capture you. I will not kill you. I will just teach you how to behave.” The mid-level Earthen Immortal brought out a whip that flashed with lightning.

“The way I see it, you are either blind or you just want to snatch my magic treasure. Did you not see that he was the one who attacked me first?” Chen Feng retorted with a sneer.

“Although he attacked first, you were too ruthless. That fellow cultivator had to go through so many difficulties to finally cultivate the grand dao, only for you to destroy both his body and soul. This action of yours is no different from that of a devil.” The Earthen Immortal then swung and his whip lashed towards Chen Feng.

The lightning whip was a mid-grade Dao artefact and the attack appeared like a lightning dragon brandishing its claws at Chen Feng. The power and atmosphere of might that it was radiating seemed as though it could simply kill Chen Feng off with a lash.

“If so, you will also suffer the same fate as him!” Chen Feng deployed the Longevity Steps while the Longevity Wings on his back flapped to send him over 50 kilometres away. Due to that, the attack from the Earthen Immortal missed.

“Chen Feng, do you need any help?” Immortal Pining Butterfly secretly asked.

“No need. This fellow is far inferior compared to Patriarch Wildbolt. Additionally, I have managed to gain some harvest here. I will kill him off to set an example and have the others know that we are not that easy to bully.” Chen Feng waved and the Lightning Bead flew out from his hand. Rumbling, it then expanded in size. Like a massive ball of lightning, it pressed down on the Earthen Immortal.

Chen Feng did not utilize any other moves. Instead, he simply relied on brute force to attack. He utilized the Lightning Bead, which was now a high-grade Dao artefact, to suppress his opponent.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The lightning whip kept striking the Lightning Bead. However, the Lightning Bead spun rapidly to unravel the attacks aimed at it. Rather, it was also capable of absorbing the power of lightning contained within the whip.

“This newcomer sure is ruthless. Patriarch Boltlash has been cultivating himself for tens of thousands of years now. By the looks of it, he is going to get killed.”

“Serves him right for coveting the magic treasures belonging to others! Snatching the items of a junior? What an embarrassment!”

“You can’t say that. The Dao artefact is indeed a good item. If it weren’t for the fact that my lifebound magic treasure had just levelled up, I would have wanted to snatch it as well.”

“The movement technique the kid used earlier is quite special. Have you fellows ever seen it before?”

“No. Patriarch Wildbolt, you should know this fellow’s background, right?”

The reason they were all only talking about Chen Feng was because they could see that Immortal Pining Butterfly was not a cultivator from Eternal World.

“Junior, you have a death wish!” The Lightning Bead had completely locked down on Patriarch Boltlash’s position. Thus, it was no longer possible for him to evade it. Meanwhile, his lightning whip had already fallen to the ground after taking the attacks from the Lightning Bead. Seeing the Lightning Bead pressing down on him, Patriarch Boltlash sensed death coming for him and he felt terribly regretful.

If only he had known that this youngster was so powerful, he would not have taken action.

“This kid kills whenever he attacks! He is a demon! Fellow cultivators! Please help me!” Patriarch Boltlash shouted. In the face of death, nothing else mattered.

Although many of the cultivators were of the opinion that Patriarch Boltlash deserved death for his actions, there were still some who could not stand Chen Feng’s ruthless actions. Thus, someone finally took action. A suction force pulled Patriarch Boltlash away and a huge palm silhouette stopped the descending Lightning Bead.

At the same time, power surged out from the centre of the palm as the power of laws emerged. Grand dao powers swirled about and the Lightning Bead began shrinking. The one who took action was actually attempting to refine the Lightning Bead on the spot.

High-level Earthen Immortal! Chen Feng chuckled to himself. Unexpectedly, an expert would actually take action. Chen Feng was aware that relying on the Lightning Bead alone was insufficient to deal with this opponent.

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