Chapter 842 Divine Weapon Altar


“The magic robes on you are quite good. If I am not mistaken, it should be a top-grade Dao artefact, no? Looks like you have quite the backing,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Not as good as you with your endless number of magic treasures.”


Suddenly, Chen Feng halted and swiftly sent out a punch. A blue light met his fist and lightning radiance erupted, causing him to back away. It felt as though he had been struck by lightning.

Seeing that, Immortal Pining Butterfly had wanted to rush forward to grab Chen Feng only to see another beam of blue light shooting forward. Immortal Pining Butterfly shouted and both her hands pushed forward as her magic robes shone with light. Next, a small shield emerged from her palms.


Immortal Pining Butterfly ended in a worse state than Chen Feng. The impact from the blue light sent her flying, her magic robes fluttering about as she did.

Another cultivator appeared. Once again, it was a lightning cultivator. Highly destructive lightning powers spilled out from his body and his sharp gaze swept about.

“A real human!”

Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly exclaimed. This lightning cultivator was not created from the power of lightning. Instead, he was flesh and blood, a real human.

Additionally, he was also an Earthen Immortal.

“The Human Immortal stage. So, its two juniors. However, the fact that you could block my attacks proved that you two are no ordinary characters,” the lightning cultivator said.

“Senior, may we know your name?” Chen Feng stepped forward and asked. He was secretly feeling surprised. This lightning cultivator was at least a mid-level Earthen Immortal.

“In the past, I used to have this honorific name, Patriarch Wildbolt. However, I have been spending a long time cultivating here. I don’t know if there is anyone who still remembers me,” the lightning cultivator replied coolly.

Hearing that, Chen Feng thought for a moment and his eyes instantly revealed a look of surprise. “Is senior from the Lei Family? In the past, did you kill off a Yao Immortal stage wicked wyrm before?”

“Yes, that’s me.” The lightning cultivator nodded.

“Why is senior attacking us?”

“Today is my turn to stand guard. If you two want to move forward, you will have to make your way past me. On guard!” Patriarch Wildbolt then waved his hand and two more blue-coloured beams of lightning shot forward, one towards Chen Feng and one towards Immortal Pining Butterfly respectively.

Only then did Chen Feng notice that the two lightning beams were in fact, compressed astral lightning. It was the power of lightning that Patriarch Wildbolt had cultivated.

This time, however, Chen Feng was prepared. His figure flashed as he evaded the attack. At the same time, he took a step forward and re-appeared in front of Patriarch Wildbolt before following it up with a punch.

“Oh?” Patriarch Wildbolt was surprised to see Chen Feng evade his attack. However, he simply snickered, not worrying about it as he sent out his own punch to take on Chen Feng’s punch.


Instantly, Patriarch Wildbolt’s face sank. The swift and ferocious power coming from Chen Feng’s fist was beyond his expectations.

“Impressive! You’re not to be underestimated, kid!” Patriarch Wildbolt praised as he regarded Chen Feng, who had been sent flying from his fist. He was a mid-level Earthen Immortal who was already on the verge of advancing to the high-level Earthen Immortal stage. Logically speaking, he should be able to instantly kill off such a character. Unexpectedly, a mid-level Human Immortal would be able to stop his punch. If others were to see this, won’t they end up laughing their socks off?

Just as he was about to step forward to deal with Chen Feng once and for all, Immortal Pining Butterfly’s attack arrived. A black whip flashed forward, lashing at Patriarch Wildbolt’s eyes.

Immortal Pining Butterfly had also managed to evade the earlier attack. Seeing Patriarch Wildbolt send Chen Feng flying with a punch, Immortal Pining Butterfly swiftly utilized her magic treasure.

Before falling to the ground, Chen Feng’s figure somersaulted. With a wave of his hand, he sent countless lightning threads forth to swirl around Patriarch Wildbolt.

“Kid, you are still too inexperienced.” As Patriarch Wildbolt was dealing with Immortal Pining Butterfly’s attack, he opened his mouth and inhaled to swallow all of the lightning threads.

However, that move gave Chen Feng time. With a step, Chen Feng arrived above Patriarch Wildbolt and sent another punch downwards.

Chen Feng’s fleshly body was already extremely strong to begin with. Additionally, he had refined the Heart of Seven Apertures. Moreover, there were also the opened insight acupoints, which acted as a backup and source for his power. Thus, it was possible for Chen Feng to get into a straight-up brawl with an Earthen Immortal.

“You take him head on, I’ll take him from the bottom.” Immortal Pining Butterfly secretly contacted Chen Feng. The whip in her hand swirled around like a snake, seemingly jumping through space to attack Patriarch Wildbolt’s lower area from bizarre directions. It seemed desirous of binding him.

Immortal Pining Butterfly was displaying the power of softness to disrupt her opponent’s movements while Chen Feng displayed pure brute force, bringing his strongest might to send out a series of attacks against Patriarch Wildbolt.

One attacked from afar while one attacked from close quarters. One was using brute force while one was using softness. Combined, they swiftly unleashed over 100 attacks.


A massive fist silhouette appeared and Chen Feng was sent flying again. Next, Patriarch Wildbolt grasped to catch Immortal Pining Butterfly’s whip.

“Ha ha ha ha! You two juniors are quite good. I have the title of Patriarch Wildbolt, but to think that I would be attacked by two little runts today!”


Immortal Pining Butterfly’s eyes shone with light and the black whip transformed into a stream of light to return to her hand.


Patriarch Wildbolt grew even more shocked. He turned to regard Immortal Pining Butterfly for a moment before smiling. “So, you are from another world. However, a genius of this level is rare even in Eternal World.”

“I wonder, can senior allow us to pass?” Chen Feng asked.

“If you want to pass, it’s simple. Just defeat me.” Patriarch Wildbolt struck his fists together, generating a torrent of astral lightning, which then swept towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hand to collect the astral lightning with his Lightning Bead.

“Since senior is unwilling to give way, do not blame me for being rude.” Chen Feng waved his hand to send a Great Longevity Palm forward, grasping at Patriarch Wildbolt.

Immortal Pining Butterfly attacked as well, swinging her whip as butterflies flew out. Flashing about in mid-air, they then supported one another to create a special power.


Semi-transparent wings flashed out from Chen Feng’s back and Patriarch Wildbolt found himself incapable of grasping Chen Feng’s movements.

“What kind of movement technique is that? That is practically beyond the concept of space!” Seeing that, Patriarch Wildbolt and Immortal Pining Butterfly were astounded.

Chen Feng was still incapable of fully forming the Longevity Wings. However, this smidgen of accomplishment was enough to elevate his movement technique to an unpredictable level surpassing that of the Kirin Steps.

The Longevity Wings was something of a top-tier movement technique in the Celestial Longevity Plane. However, only those from the Longevity Clan would be able to cultivate it.

“Senior, once I deploy this movement technique, not even an Earthen Immortal would be able to grasp my movements. On the other hand, I can still attack.” Chen Feng’s voice came from every direction, making it impossible for anyone to grasp his position.

“Is that so? I am really interested to see that.”

“Roar of the Lightning Ocean!”

Patriarch Wildbolt stood still, but lightning powers swept out from his body without respite to assail his surroundings. Everything around Patriarch Wildbolt was thus transformed into a world of lightning.

Realizing how powerful the move was, Immortal Pining Butterfly waved her whip as she rapidly backed away, the butterflies flying around her body to stop the assailing lightning powers.


Patriarch Wildbolt strode forward and swiftly stretched his hand to grasp. The space there froze and Chen Feng’s figure was revealed.


The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Wings on Chen Feng’s back grew slightly more tangible and it flapped. Instantly, the frozen space was broken and Chen Feng’s figure flashed away from sight.

Seeing that, Patriarch Wildbolt seemingly went mad. The aura charging out from his body seemingly fell into a state of chaos and he furiously stamped his feet, causing the entire area to freeze.

“Wildbolt, what is going on here? Are you still not done?” Suddenly, a young-looking cultivator with an inquiring expression came over.

Seeing someone else appear, Patriarch Wildbolt grunted and retracted his attacks and aura. As for Chen Feng, his figure flashed to re-appear before Immortal Pining Butterfly.

“A mid-level Human Immortal and a peak-level Human Immortal. I say, Wildbolt. How long has it been? Are you playing with them here?” There was a smile on the newcomer’s face, but his words were very brusque.

“Why don’t you do it, then? These two fellows are not easy to handle. I will not be able to defeat them anytime soon,” Patriarch Wildbolt said coolly.

“Oh, is that so?” The youngster’s eyes lit up and he regarded Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly before smiling. “In that case, we’ll just consider them as having passed.”

“Let's go.”

“Where are we going?” Chen Feng asked.

“Since you two have passed our test, you two are now qualified to see the existence lying up ahead.” After saying that, Patriarch Wildbolt turned and left with the youngster. Looking at one another, Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly then followed them.

“Let’s see what could necessitate having an Earthen Immortal stand guard here.”

After advancing through at least 500 kilometres, the space before them transformed and a massive altar appeared. The altar was 500 kilometres high, with a radius of 5,000 kilometres. Streams of immortal energy shrouded it and lightning radiance flashed. Additionally, countless runes could be seen flashing on the surface of the altar.

That in itself was nothing surprising. What truly surprised Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly the most was the massive weapon inserted into the centre of the altar. A fierce shape and 5,000 kilometres in length, it pierced into the nothingness of space. Lightning powers coursed through the surface of the weapon. One glance was all it took to determine that this was a divine weapon from ancient times.

It was a great halberd.

“Immortal artefact!”

Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly exclaimed at the same time. There was no need for redundant words. Just by glancing at it and sensing the aura that it was emanating, they could already tell that it was an Immortal artefact.

Chen Feng secretly compared this great halberd with the Heaven Piercing Lance within the Longevity Tower and instantly realized that the Heaven Piercing Lance simply could not be compared to this great halberd.

“At the very least, it is a mid-grade Immortal artefact,” Chen Feng said.

“How is it? Shocking, no?” the youngster from earlier said with a smile.

“Very. Unexpectedly, there would be an Immortal artefact beneath the Lightning Pond. Looks like the Lightning Region was created by this weapon.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Yes, you are right.” After saying that, the youngster then ignored Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly. He walked to the side, sat down cross-legged on the ground and began cultivating himself.

Only then did Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly notice that there were some more cultivators around the altar. The weakest amongst them was at the starter-level Earthen Immortal stage. Some possessed auras that were so utterly amalgamated that glancing at them gave Chen Feng the feeling that lightning attacks were striking him.

“These people are all cultivating here. Makes sense. This is an Immortal artefact. Even comprehending one of its laws would bring about a great deal of harvest.” Chen Feng looked at the altar. The flashing runes on the altar were highly mysterious and hard to decipher and it felt as though his soul would be sucked in.

After going through a laborious task of recollecting himself, Chen Feng then saw that Immortal Pining Butterfly had become deeply entranced by the runes. Her eyes flashed with passion, her mind immersed in a state of cultivation.


1 li = 0.5 km

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