Chapter 841 Lightning Cultivator


“This astral sword is quite good. I can refine it and fuse it with my Overwhelming Astral Sword.” Chen Feng grasped and the astral sword then transformed into sword light before swirling around his fingers.

“It is the astral sword of a top-grade Dao artefact, after all. Completely refining and fusing it with the Overwhelming Astral Sword would take some time.” After saying that, Chen Feng let go and the astral sword flew away to hover nearby.

“I’ll have to deal with this later. For now, I should check out what is lying below. If it’s an Immortal artefact, I will have a harvest.” Chen Feng retracted his divine sense from the Longevity Tower and noticed that Immortal Pining Butterfly was giving him a scrutinizing look.

“What is it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“You must have an Immortal artefact on you, right? Otherwise, how could you so easily take on the attacks from top-grade Dao artefacts. Looks like my previous guess is correct. No wonder you are capable of killing everyone in your way. It turns out you possess an Immortal artefact. No wonder,” Immortal Pining Butterfly said, observing Chen Feng for any reaction.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng simply smiled. There was no change to his expression. Instead, he changed the topic of discussion. “I plan on heading down this Lightning Pond to check it out. What about you?”

“What? You’re the one who pulled me in just now. Are you thinking of kicking me out now? Don’t forget, we are partners now. If there are any good items, we must share.”

“Fine, but you must also put out a fair amount of contribution.” Chen Feng nodded.

“I helped just now.”

“All right, let’s not talk about that anymore. A powerful lightning beast is coming. It’s a lightning wyrm.”

The lightning wyrm was not particularly massive, only over 100 metres long. Like a sea serpent, it swam up from the depths of the Lightning Pond. Despite its size, even Chen Feng, who was inside the Lightning Bead, was able to clearly sense the formidable aura that it was emanating.

“A Yao Immortal!” Immortal Pining Butterfly whispered, fearful of alarming the lightning wyrm outside.

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Lightning Bead shrank to become like a drop of lightning water, quietly mixing in with its surroundings. As expected, the lightning wyrm failed to notice the Lightning Bead and it rapidly swam upwards.

“It’s going to get lively up there.” After exchanging glances with Immortal Pining Butterfly, Chen Feng smiled. 

As predicted, after just one breath’s worth of time, powerful energy fluctuations spread out from above. A fight had started between the lightning wyrm and the cultivators above.

“Not enough! It’d be great if there are a few more Yao Immortals.”

He had only just said that when two more lightning beasts swam up from within the Lightning Pond. One of them had the appearance of a rhinoceros and the singular horn on its head kept absorbing the lightning powers around it. As for the other one, it was a ball of tentacles. Every one of the tentacles crackled with lightning currents.

Roar! Roar!

The participation of the two Yao Immortals threw the situation above further into chaos. Due to that, Sword Immortal Azuretip and the others were no longer capable of pursuing Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s divine sense scanned the area beneath as he cautiously descended. They had entered deep into the Lightning Pond and highly destructive lightning powers surrounded them. He could not afford to be careless. Should they encounter a few Yao Immortals and end up in a battle against them, even Chen Feng would have a hard time dealing with them.

“Judging by how strong the lightning powers here are, high-level Human Immortals would most certainly die here.”

They continued descending.

“Even a peak-level Human Immortal would be incapable of handling the lightning powers here.”

Chen Feng beckoned and a clump of lightning water swirled forward to hover above his head. Next, it blew up to assail Chen Feng’s body.

“Sii!” Chen Feng shivered. It felt like the time he fell into an ice cave during winter as a child without any cultivation base.

“It feels good!” Chen Feng shouted and lightning currents crackled all over his body. Lightning radiance flashed and strands of lightning finally flowed into Chen Feng’s pores. Taking a breath, Chen Feng then refined all of the lightning powers.

“How can your fleshly body be so strong?” Immortal Pining Butterfly gaped at Chen Feng.

“Because this is how I usually cultivate,” Chen Feng said, reaching out with his hand to grasp again. Another clump of lightning water shot towards him. This time, the amount of lightning water was even greater than the previous one. However, he easily absorbed it all.

Immortal Pining Butterfly attempted to draw a drop of the lightning water over. The instant it made contact with her palm, however, she flicked it away. Her whole palm began turning charred. It was so painful that she had literally jumped up.

Seeing that, Chen Feng burst into laughter.

Immortal Pining Butterfly grew irritated. She shook her hand a few times and it recovered. However, she no longer dared to recklessly absorb the surrounding lightning powers anymore.

“I am really suspicious as to whether or not you really are a mid-level Human Immortal.” Immortal Pining Butterfly watched as Chen Feng continued using the lightning water to temper his body. Lightning currents crackled across the surface of his body without cease, giving him the image of a God of Thunder.

“Of course I am. Authenticity 100% guaranteed. Besides, I just advanced to this level not too long ago.” Chen Feng grasped again. This time, however, he did not pull more lightning water over. Instead, he pulled the Deepsea Maelstrom into his grasp. The Deepsea Maelstrom spun non-stop, releasing a barrier to envelop both Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly.

“We’ve reached the bottom.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Lightning Bead shrank before flying into his body.

Looking around, Immortal Pining Butterfly saw that the two of them had entered a strange space. The lightning water around them had disappeared. However, the energy fluctuations around them contained an even greater power of destruction.

“What is this place?”

“This is my first time here as well.”

It was very spacious, like a pocket dimension. And yet, there was this atmosphere of pressure similar to that of a cave. There were also energy strands containing highly destructive power flitting about.

Chen Feng grasped to catch some of the energy strands. Every one of the energy strands weighed up to 500 kilogrammes. Additionally, they were so powerful that they ended up poking bloody holes on Chen Feng’s palm.

“Tsk, tsk. This is true astral lightning. Without sufficient protection like this barrier around us, cultivators beneath the Earthen Immortal stage would instantly be riddled with holes, thanks to these astral lightning strands.” Chen Feng then opened his mouth to inhale and countless astral lightning strands were sucked in. Sparks sprayed out from his mouth as he briefly refined the astral lightning strands before gulping them down.

“Let’s go. I am now really curious. Just what kind of item could produce such a powerful astral lightning. For cultivators cultivating a lightning-type cultivation technique, cultivating here for one day would be the equivalent of cultivating outside for one year.”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

A gust of wind blew forward and the astral lightning strands in it condensed to form needles. They pierced through space and smashed against the surface of the barrier protecting Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly, eliciting popping sounds as it did. The two of them could clearly see the sparks generated by the collision.

Chen Feng deliberately stretched his hand out.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

A series of soft sounds rang out and Chen Feng’s palm was completely pierced by the lightning needles.

“Their impact is already strong enough to pierce top-grade Sacred artefacts.”

“However, it is not too effective against Dao artefacts and their grand dao powers.” With a thought from Chen Feng, the Deepsea Maelstrom stirred and all of the lightning needles were devoured.

They had yet to even take a few steps forward when some more weapons formed from astral lightning appeared. Lightning blades, lightning spears, lightning swords, lightning lances. The various types of weapons shot towards them. 

Those were no ordinary weapons formed from lightning powers. Rather, the lightning weapons were formed by the astral lightning, a result of the lightning powers there reaching a certain level of concentration.

“Good items. Collect them all!” Chen Feng linked up to the Lightning Bead as he welcomed those weapons with open hands.

“You can’t just take all the good items for yourself.” Immortal Pining Butterfly brought out a spatial pouch. Opening up, the spatial pouch then devoured all the incoming weapons, all of it. Seeing that, Chen Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. 


Suddenly, a shout rang out, giving Chen Feng and Immortal Pining Butterfly a bout of dizziness. Even the barrier protecting them ended up shaking as a result.

“There’s someone here!” The two of them exchanged glances.

A one-zhang-tall cultivator wielding a lightning hammer strode forward. Despite his awe-inspiring presence and vivid, human-like appearance, the two of them could see that he was a product of the lightning powers. More accurately, he was created from the astral lightning strands.

“Formed from astral lightning, containing grand dao laws. Tsk, tsk. He is an Earthen Immortal.” Chen Feng shook his head, an interested look on his face. 

“Let me test him!” Immortal Pining Butterfly stepped out from the barrier and energy streams emerged from her clothes to block the attacks from the surrounding astral lightning strands. She then swung and her black whip became like an agile snake, drilling its way towards the lightning cultivator’s chest.


The lightning cultivator possessed a mighty figure. However, he was also very fast. He swung and the lightning hammer in his hand smashed forward to strike the whip.

However, the whip rapidly flashed to attack the lightning cultivator from a different direction. In response, the lightning cultivator did not move. Instead, he swung his lightning hammer around to stop all of Immortal Pining Butterfly’s attacks.

The two of them fought at a rapid pace, exchanging tens of rounds in the blink of an eye. All of Immortal Pining Butterfly’s attacks were ineffective. As for the lightning cultivator, it did not take advantage of the situation to attack her. Clearly, the lightning cultivator’s objective was to simply guard the place and stop them from entering.

“Huh! I can’t. This fellow is too powerful. He has no weak points.” Immortal Pining Butterfly stopped attacking and looked at Chen Feng instead. She wanted Chen Feng to attack.

“Very well. Here I come!” Chen Feng swiftly took a step forward to arrive before the lightning cultivator. Next, he unleashed a simplistic punch. Lightning radiance shone from his fist. Surprisingly, it was an attack containing lightning powers.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the lightning cultivator brought up his lightning hammer once more to block.


The lightning hammer and Chen Feng’s fist collided and Chen Feng could instantly feel a violent, tsunami-like power assailing him. At the same time, grand dao powers emerged to weaken his power.


Chen Feng stamped his foot and his heart began pumping vigorously. His Seven Aperture acupoints, Essence, Energy and Soul acupoints and even his Force acupoint spun into action, causing his power to grow ten times stronger. The power then surged through his fist before exploding outwards.

A sky-shaking boom rang out, forcing even Immortal Pining Butterfly to take a few steps backwards. Next, she saw something that nearly made her jaw drop.

The lightning cultivator’s large body had been blasted away by the punch.


Before he could make contact with the ground, the hurtling lightning cultivator’s body exploded into strands of astral lightning before dissipating away.

“Let's go!”

Chen Feng grasped to catch all of the astral lightning strands before forming a ball of lightning with it. The power contained within it was terrifying.

“To think that there would be a lightning cultivator standing guard here. Looks like there is something up ahead.”

“Is someone cultivating here?”

“That is possible.”

As they chatted, they carefully assessed their surroundings. This time, the both of them used their own respective powers to advance. Chen Feng, who possessed several Dao artefacts to protect himself, was able to absorb the occasional astral lightning strands. Due to that, he was not feeling too pressured. Even the magic robes on Immortal Pining Butterfly’s person was no ordinary object. The energy streams it emanated could easily block the astral lightning strands assailing her.

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