Chapter 84: Divine Sense Stripper Technique



Liu Yuntian quickly flew out from the ground. His whole body appeared shabby while his face alternated between flushed and pale, seemingly even worse off compared to a beggar.

“What a strong object! The precious armour this kid is wearing is truly good. I had unleashed two full-powered attacks earlier, but I still cannot wound him.” A surprised Chen Feng mumbled to himself.

“Need help?” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out within Chen Feng’s mind.

“No, I can deal with him myself,” said Chen Feng through gritted teeth.

“If that is the case, I will not be interfering. Right now, I want to concentrate my power on refining the two Soulflames. When the time comes, it will be convenient for you to refine and absorb.” After having said that, Tower went silent.

As Chen Feng was chatting with Tower, Liu Yuntian, who was some distance away, turned tail and ran. He no longer possessed the desire to fight Chen Feng.

“Son of a bitch! Why is he running?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing.

“Life Death Cycle of the Turbid Sky!”

“Void sword!”

Seeing Liu Yuntian attempting to flee, both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta dashed forward to stop him with all their might.

“Astral Thunder Bodyguard!”

Facing the attacks from both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, Liu Yuntian channelled thunderbolt currents to flow around his body as he continued dashing forward.

Bang! Bang!

Two crashing sounds rang out as both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were sent flying from the impact. However, Liu Yuntian’s escaping speed was hindered.

By then, Chen Feng had arrived.

“I haven’t enjoyed enough. Why are you already leaving?” Chen Feng laughed loudly. Seeing Liu Yuntian’s dread of fighting against him, the desire to do battle rose within him once more. Following that, the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand too, emanated an even stronger power.

This was a Prized artefact with the will of an expert melded into it. It possessed a psychic quality as it complemented the rising energy coming off Chen Feng by continuously unlocking its shackles, seemingly coming to life.


Another sword slash struck Liu Yuntian, sending him smashing into the ground to create another circular crater.

“Kid, don’t break that defensive armour. It is just right for your current level,” Tower suddenly said.

“True, I wanted to do so. However, without going all out, I simply cannot finish this kid off.” Chen Feng felt somewhat depressed. Even though his furious attacks had left Liu Yuntian in a wretched-looking state, he was still incapable of cracking open the Astral Thunder Armour on him. Should he fail to break through Liu Yuntian’s defence, he would be incapable of killing Liu Yuntian. However, should he choose a more heavy-handed approach of using the Longevity Tower, he feared that both Liu Yuntian and the armour he wore would shatter apart. That way, the loss would outweigh the gain.

“Why are you so stupid? Isn’t there a secret technique known as the Divine Sense Stripper Technique in the Longevity Scripture? This armour has reached the Prized tier. It must be connected to the kid’s divine sense. All you need to do is to perform the Divine Sense Stripper Technique to assault his divine sense. As long as you can cut off his connection with his precious armour, won’t he be easy to deal with?” said Tower.

“How do you only have such a trashy idea? Firstly, ignore the fact that the other party’s cultivation base is higher than me, resulting in a stronger divine sense, that Divine Sense Stripper Technique is something that I have never even practiced before. Where am I supposed to find the time to practice it now?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from retorting.


As they were conversing, Liu Yuntian flew out from under the ground. This time, he did not attack. Neither did he run away. Instead, he stared at Chen Feng as he began compromising.

“Fellow cultivators, you simply cannot kill me. Rather than wasting our strength here, wouldn’t it be better to just let me go?” said Liu Yuntian coolly. At that moment, there was not a single trace of arrogance on his face. His compromising action was because he had no other choice. Although the Astral Thunder Armour he wore remained unbroken, the resulting shocks from earlier had made it through his armour to wound him somewhat. Additionally, Chen Feng’s momentum was growing. Should this continue, Liu Yuntian was fearful that he would die to the resulting shockwaves of their fight.

“Let you leave? Are you joking?” Ye Ziming and Lu Ta shakily made their way forward. After arriving, they joined forces with Chen Feng to surround Liu Yuntian.

“You sure know how to joke around. We have killed so many of your bodyguards. There is already an unending grudge between us. Letting you go? Isn’t that the same as releasing the tiger into the mountain?” Chen Feng sneered while secretly conversing with Tower.

“Practicing the Divine Sense Stripper Technique is very hard. However, it is very easy to cast,” said Tower.

“You are a weirdo. Hard to practice and easy to cast? Isn’t that a contradiction?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Let’s not talk so much first. Let me help you.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng felt a stream of light splitting open his sea of wisdom. Next, images began unfolding within his sea of wisdom. They were none other than the method of casting the Divine Sense Stripper Technique. 


As the images expanded, Chen Feng’s mind was thrown into chaos, seemingly undergoing a seismic quake. All of his divine sense began circulating, slipping out of his control to cast the Divine Sense Stripper Technique. At that very moment, Chen Feng felt a thorough understanding of the technique. It was as though he had been practicing the technique for over ten thousand years.

Sigh, I still have to rely on the Longevity Tower’s power in the end. Chen Feng sighed to himself. Soon however, he stopped thinking about it as he followed the technique in his sea of wisdom to channel and cast the technique. 

“As long as you fellows let me go, I promise I will not come after you all,” said Liu Yuntian.

“What kind of guarantee can you give? After we let you go, if you bring the cultivators from Purplecloud Sky Grotto or Nine Firmaments Palace after us, we won’t even be able to regret our actions. Might as well think of a way to kill you off right now and finish this once and for all,” said Ye Ziming coldly.

“Let’s first ignore whether or not you fellows can kill me. Even if you can, my master will definitely avenge me. You should know, my master, Sage Astral Thunder is a Sky Human stage cultivator. Furthermore, my master had left a soul imprint on me. The moment you fellows kill me, my master will know of it. When that happens, even if you flee to the ends of the earth, you will not be able to escape the murderous pursuit of Nine Firmaments Palace,” said Liu Yuntian with a sneer.

“What? He left a soul imprint on you?” Ye Ziming exchanged glances with Lu Ta. He thought to himself. This is bad. If we end up getting pursued by Nine Firmaments Palace after killing Liu Yuntian, that will be problematic.

Seeing the other party’s resolve wavering, Liu Yuntian continued, “I have some status in Nine Firmaments Palace. If you kill me, you will be in big trouble. At any rate, there is no deep grudges between us. This is just a small quarrel. Let me leave and I swear I will not trouble you all after this.” 

“You want us to let you go? Impossible! Since we had made our move, there is no longer any chance of compromising. Leave your life here! Behold my Divine Sense Stripper Technique!” Chen Feng suddenly made his move and a formidable rippling force spread out from his glabella to envelop Liu Yuntian’s body.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! 

Snapping sounds rang out from Liu Yuntian’s body. It sounded as though something had cracked open. Next, the Astral Thunder Armour that Liu Yuntian wore turned dim in colour.

At the same time, Liu Yuntian clutched his head and screamed out.

“Argh! My head hurts! What kind of attack did you use?” Liu Yuntian screamed out miserably before running away.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Lu Ta stepped forward to strike Liu Yuntian’s body with his staff, causing him to spat out a mouthful of blood as his figure somersaulted through the air before falling onto the ground.

“Excellent! He cannot utilize the Astral Thunder Armour’s full power now. Our attacks can now reach his body!” Ye Ziming shouted before leaping through the air to send two punches at Liu Yuntian, sending him flying tens of metres away.

“You fellows cannot kill me! My master will not let you go.” A look of fear finally appeared upon Liu Yuntian’s face.

“Hurry up and get rid of the kid. The Divine Sense Stripper Technique earlier is only temporarily suppressing the power of the armour. Once the armour responds and re-establish a connection with the kid’s divine sense, it will unleash its strongest power.” Tower’s voice rang out quickly within Chen Feng’s mind. 

“If we do not kill you, our troubles will only grow. If you want to blame, blame yourself for being too arrogant and provoking us.” As Chen Feng spoke, the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand pierced furiously towards Liu Yuntian’s body.


A fog of blood sprayed out from Liu Yuntian’s body. Next, Chen Feng strode forward. His five fingers stretched open and grabbed. A piece of armour, flashing with thunderbolts, appeared in his grasp.

“Suppress it first.”

Chen Feng waved his hand and the armour in his hand disappeared, suppressed within the Longevity Tower.

Liu Yuntian lay on the ground, a bloody hole on his chest. It was the wound that Chen Feng had inflicted upon him. At the same time, his life force was continuously flowing away. His energy gradually fell and he was not long for this world.

“Nine Firmaments Palace will never let you fellows go,” said Liu Yuntian weakly, the colour in his eyes slowly fading away.

“Humph! By killing you, no one will know.” Lu Ta stepped forward and swung his staff at Liu Yuntian, ending his life.

“Phew! We finally finished off this kid. How unexpected! To think that a cultivator at level 2 of the Concealed stage could waste so much of our strength,” said Ye Ziming bitterly.

“We cannot stay here for long. We should hurry and leave this place!” said Chen Feng.

“True! Let’s return to White Cloud City first.” Ye Ziming nodded his head.

After that, the three of them moved to collect the spatial items and magic treasures on Liu Yuntian’s person before quickly leaving.

One hour later, the three of them returned to White Cloud City. Once again, they went to stay in Myriad Suns Trade Association.

After entering the courtyard, Chen Feng quickly entered the Longevity Tower. The moment he entered he saw a defensive armour, flashing with thunderbolts, floating before his eyes.

With a thought, Chen Feng moved forward to grab the piece of armour. At the same time, his divine sense entered it.

Who knows what materials were used to forge the Astral Thunder Armour? It was incomparably tough. Additionally, there were countless layers of seals placed upon it. Thunder and lightning continuously rampaged across its surface.

“Who dares enter the Astral Thunder Armour that I forged?” A majestic voice suddenly rang out from the precious armour. Chen Feng felt a shock running through his divine sense before it was chased out by a powerful force. At the same time, his divine sense was also slightly wounded.

This voice. Could it be Liu Yuntian’s master from Nine Firmaments Palace, Sage Astral Thunder? Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Just an intent.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang out. Next, a stream of light shone upon the piece of armour. Instantly, a raging voice rang out again from the Astral Thunder Armour.

“Who dares to refine my Astral Thunder Armour? Could my disciple be in your hands?” The voice no longer contained its previous majesty. Instead, it was filled with wrath. However, after saying those words, the voice said nothing else. Clearly, Tower had utilized his magic power to completely refine the armour.

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