Chapter 839 Secretly Taking Action


Despite Marquis Scarletfire’s sky-vaulting will to fight, he was only just a mid-level Human Immortal in the end. Fighting off an entire group of cultivators was difficult. Not to mention, there were also the surrounding lightning powers to deal with.

The biggest issue he faced was the number of enemy cultivators. There were simply too many of them. Many of them hated the Four Great Academies. Seeing one of the students in a disadvantageous position, they wanted to take action against him. That was also one of the reasons behind Marquis Scarletfire’s predicament. The other was that Marquis Scarletfire’s cultivation level was comparatively lower, making him an easier target.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Marquis Scarletfire killed off another cultivator, but the enemy cultivators finally found the chance they needed. Three attacks landed on Marquis Scarletfire’s body in a row.

The armour Marquis Scarletfire wore stopped all of the attacks. Even so, the shockwaves from the attacks had still wounded Marquis Scarletfire to the point of coughing out blood.

Chen Feng, who was within the Lightning Bead, saw that and he quickly took action. Slapping both his palms, he sent a wave of power out through the Lightning Bead. With the support of the Lightning Bead, the wave of power became incomparably violent, causing a thick pillar of lightning water to charge upwards. Next, under Chen Feng’s control, the pillar of lightning water became like a ribbon, swirling towards the cultivators besieging Marquis Scarletfire.

However, that was not the end. Chen Feng continued attacking, again and again. One ball of lightning after another swiftly flew forward to attack them. As the balls of lightning had charged out from the lightning waters all of a sudden, they were hard to detect.


One of the balls of lightning exploded and one of the cultivators was sent tumbling due to the explosion.


Marquis Scarletfire rapidly charged forward, the spear in his hand becoming like a fire dragon as it instantly pierced the cultivator to kill him off.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The balls of lightning kept exploding and the formidable power behind them threw the cultivators into a state of chaos, leaving them with no time to attack Marquis Scarletfire.

Knowing that it was Chen Feng taking action in the dark, Marquis Scarletfire acted in tandem with the balls of lightning. He made use of the opportunities created to unleash attacks consecutively, killing off several cultivators as a result. His savage performance scared the surrounding cultivators to back away. Due to that, the area around Marquis Scarletfire became empty.

Seeing his enemies retreating, Marquis Scarletfire swiftly took action to collect several Glassy Lightning Flowers.

“So, you are with Chen Feng.” Suddenly a soul wave reached him.

At the same time, several of the Glassy Lightning Flowers that had appeared earlier disappeared. Seeing that, Marquis Scarletfire knew that there were people hiding in the dark.

“Who are you?” Marquis Scarletfire’s figure descended and his feet made contact with the surface of the Lightning Pond. Next, a ball of flames rose up from beneath his feet to quickly encase him.

“Like you, I am also Chen Feng’s partner.”

“If you’re a partner, you shouldn’t snatch the Glassy Lightning Flowers from me,” Marquis Scarletfire said, inspecting his surroundings.

“It’s useless. You will not be able to find me. I bear no ill will towards you. Now, I will be heading down to see what Chen Feng is up to. There should be more Glassy Lightning Flowers down there.”

Chen Feng sat down cross-legged within the Lightning Bead and fired out attacks without respite at the surface until Marquis Scarletfire’s situation was resolved. At the same time, he also noticed that the Glassy Lightning Flowers were drifting up from the depths of the Lightning Pond. However, after testing it for a moment, Chen Feng came to the conclusion that the Lightning Bead alone would have quite a hard time going deeper.

I wonder, has anyone ever reached the bottom before? Chen Feng wondered. Next, he formed a handseal and rapidly pushed his hands forward, causing the lightning waters to form a rapidly rotating maelstrom. The maelstrom then charged out from the surface to attack Immortal Golden Soul.


Blood sprayed out from Immortal Golden Soul’s mouth as his figure was thrown backwards. However, the others quickly saved him. Immortal Earthslip moved to place himself before Immortal Golden Soul.

“Chen Feng! I know it’s you! If you’re a man, then just come out! Hiding down there, you call that ability?” Immortal Earthslip shouted.


A lightning attack burst forward. This time, the attack was aimed at Immortal Earthslip.

No rush. I’ll deal with them one by one. Still, killing them off like this will be quite difficult.

Chen Feng was well aware of the present situation. These cultivators were all geniuses with formidable strength. Additionally, they also possess formidable magic treasures on them. His actions were aimed at forcing them to reveal their hidden cards.

Immortal Earthslip cultivated the power of earth, which countered the power of lightning. Due to that, the several attacks from Chen Feng were all ineffective.

“I’ll have you taste my move!” The staff in Immortal Earthslip’s hand suddenly elongated, smashing its way into the Lightning Pond.

Oh, a Dao artefact! Chen Feng could feel the staff growing bigger and bigger, charging towards the Lightning Bead.


Chen Feng grasped with both hands and the lightning water within the Lightning Pond moved, condensing into layer after layer of ice to block the staff.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

One by one, the barriers burst apart and the staff smashed against the surface of the Lightning Bead to create a sky-shaking booming sound. The great power contained within that charge caused the Lightning Bead to shake ceaselessly. Even the sea of lightning within the Lightning Bead was shaking, making it hard for Chen Feng to sit still.

Tsk, tsk. Looks like I have underestimated Immortal Earthslip. Chen Feng chuckled. He did not panic. Instead, he brought out the Deepsea Maelstrom. The highly destructive maelstrom spun within Chen Feng’s hand and a power – condensed to the point of tangibility – moved through the Lightning Bead to affect the lightning waters within the pond.

The lightning waters began spinning rapidly to form a massive maelstrom and a storm rose up around it.


It was a shocking sight. Due to Chen Feng’s actions of using a top-grade Dao artefact, the balance of the situation was instantly broken. The Deepsea Maelstrom was affecting the entire Lightning Pond.

Almost all of the cultivators there were swept away by the resulting storm. Immortal Earthslip, who was in between them and the Lightning Pond, was pulled into the maelstrom, never to emerge again.

The maelstrom spun rapidly and several more cultivators were devoured. One of them was Immortal Golden Soul. Their fates were sealed the moment they were devoured, shredded apart by the lightning powers within the maelstrom before disappearing into nothingness.

Marquis Scarletfire, who received Chen Feng’s warning beforehand, had already distanced himself from the Lightning Pond earlier. Observing what was happening there, he grew shocked. This Chen Feng is truly ruthless. No hesitation in taking action. As expected, he is someone who can achieve great things. Thankfully, I am on the same side as him.

As Chen Feng was attacking with the Deepsea Maelstrom, he stretched his hand out to grasp and the Glassy Lightning Flowers that were drifting up the Lightning Pond flew into the Lightning Bead.

That one move netted him over 100 Glassy Lightning Flowers. It was simply a monopoly. The others could no longer obtain a single one of the Glassy Lightning Flowers.

“Chen Feng, I didn’t think you would be so ruthless.” Immortal Pining Butterfly’s voice made its way into the Lightning Bead.

“If I didn’t take action, I can forget about collecting the Glassy Lightning Flowers,” Chen Feng said smilingly. He was not surprised to find out that Immortal Pining Butterfly had entered the Lightning Pond.

“However, due to your actions, the others will be unable to get anything.” Immortal Pining Butterfly appeared before the Lightning Bead. Her eyes shone, seemingly wanting to see Chen Feng through the Lightning Bead.

“Top-grade Dao artefact. Looks like the rumours are true. You do possess several Dao artefacts.”

“I am already showing them mercy here. I can kill them all off if I so desire,” Chen Feng said. Next, the Deepsea Maelstrom spun at a faster rate and several more cultivators were sucked into the lightning maelstrom.

“You think you alone can handle all the cultivators here? I don’t think that’s possible,” Immortal Pining Butterfly said dubiously.

Chen Feng laughed, not answering Immortal Pining Butterfly. Instead, he reached out with his hand and grasped again and over 100 Glassy Lightning Flowers were brought over once more.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, Immortal Pining Butterfly was finally incapable of holding back. Like a mermaid diving deep into the ocean, she swiftly descended before taking action to collect the Glassy Lightning Flowers there. Due to that, Chen Feng’s plan fell apart.


An astral sword flashed forward, piercing through the swirling lightning waters to charge straight at the centre of the maelstrom. It was attacking Chen Feng.

The astral sword contained grand dao powers and it shone with an azure light.

Chen Feng knew, Sword Immortal Azuretip was the one behind this attack.

“Thousand-layered Threads of Water and Fire!” Sage Aquafire swung both his hands and a hail of threads swirled forth to quickly slice apart the swirling lightning waters created by the Deepsea Maelstrom.

“Descent of the Firegod!”

Immortal Skyfire’s entire body was wreathed in flames, which rapidly condensed out a set of flaming armour. Flaming runes covered the surface of the armour and the aura of grand dao powers emanated out from it. It looked somewhat similar to Marquis Scarletfire’s armour. However, it was more domineering. The reason for that was because Immortal Skyfire’s cultivation base was far superior compared to Marquis Scarletfire’s cultivation base.


Immortal Skyfire truly became like a Firegod. He then unleashed a sudden punch downwards. Like a meteor, the power of his punch smashed the surface of the Lightning Pond, causing it to shake.

“Attack together! World Conquering Dragon Fist!”

“Seven Wild Slashes of Heavenly Origin!”

“Ruthless Dao of Water and Fire!”

“Nine Astral Swords of the Three Origins!”

“Divine Essence Formula!”

It wasn’t just Sword Immortal Azuretip. The other cultivators attacked as well. At any rate, Chen Feng’s earlier move had offended everyone.

All of them attacked at the same time with the goal of killing off Chen Feng. Naturally, with the exception of the few from Absolute Academy, the others were not aware that the one hiding inside the Lightning Pond was Chen Feng.

I wonder if Chen Feng can stop the attacks? Marquis Scarletfire hovered high up in the air, the spear in his hand growing still. The flames raging across its surface had already been retracted. However, an even stronger aura now emanated from it. Earlier, it was only giving off the aura of a low-grade Dao artefact. At that moment, however, it had become the aura of a mid-grade Dao artefact. Additionally, its power was still rising.

Since it has been unsealed, I must kill off even more people! Flames burned across Marquis Scarletfire’s body and the wounds on him were all healed up. Additionally, flames could be seen dancing within his eyes. There was no way to tell if it was due to rage or if the flames were real.

“Well, do you need my help?”

Beneath the Lightning Pond, Immortal Pining Butterfly said smilingly. The combined attacks from all the cultivators had successfully broken apart the swirling lightning waters created by the maelstrom. Finally, the maelstrom spinning within the lightning waters was destroyed as well and the entire Lightning Pond stirred, seemingly on the verge of splitting apart.

Various powers made their way through the lightning waters to assail Chen Feng. The Lightning Bead stopped them, but the Deepsea Maelstrom in Chen Feng’s hand began shaking.

There were simply too many formidable cultivators up above. Additionally, some of them also possessed Dao artefacts. 

“Are you willing to help?” Chen Feng retorted. Despite facing a world-annihilating attack, Chen Feng was able to remain calm.

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