Chapter 83: Astral Thunder Armour


Would Ye Ziming and Lu Ta let him go? Ye Ziming had been keeping an eye on Liu Yuntian the moment he appeared so as to not let him escape. The moment Liu Yuntian turned around, both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta pounced on him, quickly stopping him.

“Get out of my way!” Liu Yuntian shouted. A sword luminescence flashed out, transforming into several sword beams before shooting towards Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who were blocking his path.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A booming sound rang out as Liu Yuntian’s attacks were all blocked by Lu Ta’s Endless Sky of Turbidity staff. He did not miss a single sword beam.

“Ha ha ha! Weren’t you being all high and mighty earlier? Why did you suddenly become so weak? This level of attack can barely count as an itch for me,” said a laughing Lu Ta.

“Right, I hear you are the son of Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Master. Recently, you even got admitted into Nine Firmaments Palace and became the direct disciple of one of its elders who bestowed upon you a magic treasure. Is that true?” 

This time, it was Ye Ziming, who spoke with a smile.

“Humph! Since you already know that, you still dare attack me? You truly do not understand how to live properly! Anyone from Nine Firmaments Palace is enough to ensure that you will end up dying so horribly, you will have no place of burial,” said Liu Yuntian with a sneer.

“Ha ha ha, at a time like this, you can still force yourself to be arrogant. True, Nine Firmaments Palace is indeed powerful and we are not capable of offending it. However, there is no one else here. By doing a clean job of killing you, no one will know about this,” said Ye Ziming with a cackle.

“Enough nonsense! Let’s finish him off first.” Lu Ta raised his staff and swung forward. The move left neither a shadow nor a trail. And yet, it was as fast as lightning as it swung towards Liu Yuntian’s waist.


A bright light suddenly flashed out from Liu Yuntian’s body to block Lu Ta’s attack. Lu Ta felt as though a thunderbolt had surged into his body, causing his hands to go numb and the Endless Sky of Turbidity staff nearly slipped out from his hands. As for Liu Yuntian, he simply shook slightly. He did not even take a step backwards.


Lu Ta was unable to contain his feelings of shock. He was at level 3 of the Concealed stage. Additionally, he was practising a powerful fleshly body cultivation technique. As for the Endless Sky of Turbidity staff in his hand, it was a very powerful magic treasure. When attacking with his full power, even a cultivator at level 4 of the Concealed stage would have to exercise caution. At that moment, however, Liu Yuntian remained unscathed despite having taken a swing from him.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Liu Yuntian suddenly burst into laughter. He displayed a most arrogant attitude while the look of fear, which should have been on his face, disappeared.

“Don’t you fellows want to kill me? Come on! I am standing right here. Just do what you want!” Liu Yuntian said with a smile.

“Godfist of the Hegemonic Sky!”

Ye Ziming flashed forward and fist silhouettes covered the sky before bombarding Liu Yuntian, engulfing his figure. Earlier, Ye Ziming had utilized his technique to kill off six cultivators at level 4 of the Concealed stage. Ye Ziming believed that this barrage of fists was enough to shock Liu Yuntian to his death.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The formidable fists struck Liu Yuntian’s body, which immediately released a burst of sparks. As for Liu Yuntian, he was like a large and immoveable rock standing before the flowing river while the sparks were like the water current within the river.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi! 

Suddenly a burst of electrical current shot out from Liu Yuntian’s body to strike Ye Ziming.


Ye Ziming cried out wretchedly as his figure was thrown backwards. Lu Ta hastily reached his hand out to grab Ye Ziming. He could feel Ye Ziming’s whole body convulsing ceaselessly cease. At the same time, electrical currents surged into his own body, causing his entire body to go numb.

“Ha ha ha ha! You didn’t expect me to be wearing a precious armour, did you? This Astral Thunder Armour is a Prized artefact that my master, Sage Astral Thunder bestowed upon me! You fellows want to kill me? Impossible! You cannot even break through my defence!” shouted Liu Yuntian loudly. Next, he strode forward and punched out. Lightning currents flowed continuously before rapidly converging upon the surface of his fist. He was borrowing the power of the Astral Thunder Armour to attack.

“Let me! Endless Sky of Turbidity! Staff breaks the void!” The Endless Sky of Turbidity staff in Lu Ta’s hand suddenly grew one notch bigger. Additionally, it shone with silvery light as it swiftly revolved into a large disc, seemingly wanting to conquer the whole universe and break the void.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Liu Yuntian did not attempt to dodge the attack. Instead, he sent his fist slamming into the disc. A burst of lightning power spread outwards and the staff in Lu Ta’s hands was knocked out from his grasp while Lu Ta himself was sent flying. His figure slammed heavily upon the ground, creating a large crater in its wake.

Master had said, after wearing this Astral Thunder Armour, cultivators below the Sky Human stage will find it very difficult to harm me. It seems he is right. If so, I simply do not need to worry about these fellows. I can capture and kill them with just a wave of my hand. A look of joy appeared upon Liu Yuntian’s face. Next, he strode towards Lu Ta.

“Four Imagery Magic Array, enclose!” Ye Ziming quickly rushed forward, both his hands moving quickly to send out beams of light, which split into four directions around Liu Yuntian, trapping him within. Next, he stepped forward to pull Lu Ta before both of them disappeared with a flash only to re-appear a hundred metres away. This was none other than his Voidslip skill.

“It turns out this kid’s armour is a Prized artefact. He occupies an innate status of invincibility. Going up against him, we can only get beaten up,” said Lu Ta.

“No wonder he could be so arrogant. It turns out he possesses a defensive Prized artefact. However, now that we have become enemies, we can never let him go. He has an armour to protect his body, does he? In that case, we will just attack his sea of wisdom directly,” suggested Ye Ziming.

“Yes! Yes! Attack his sea of wisdom! I don’t believe his crappy clothes can defend his sea of wisdom as well,” agreed Lu Ta.


Liu Yuntian’s loud voice rang out from within the Four Imagery Magic Array. At the same time, lightning flashed out and the Four Imagery Magic Array trapping Liu Yuntian was instantly broken. Thunderbolts flowed all across Liu Yuntian’s body, giving off the image of a Skygod descending upon the mundane world. He charged at Ye Ziming and Lu Ta.

Both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta released formidable divine senses, which transformed into invisible but sharp blades, shooting towards Liu Yuntian. However, when they approached Liu Yuntian, the divine senses were dispersed by the power of the surrounding thunder bolts.

The thing that cultivators’ souls feared the most was the power of thunder and lightning. Due to that attack, both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta were terribly wounded instead.

“I forgot to tell you fellows. My master forged this Astral Thunder Armour using Sky Lightning. It can defend my entire body from harm. You could say it is flawless. Even though your cultivation bases are higher than me, you will all be incapable of harming me in the slightest. Now, it is time for me to teach you fellows a lesson,” said Liu Yuntian with a sneer. Thunder and lightning began condensing upon the surface of his fists once more. As he was about to unleash his attack…

“Flawless? I don’t believe it.” Chen Feng suddenly appeared before Liu Yuntian and the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand hacked down heavily upon Liu Yuntian’s body.

Although Liu Yuntian’s Astral Thunder Armour was a Prized artefact, so was Chen Feng’s Overwhelming Astral Sword. One was focused on defence while the other was focused on offence. When the two struck each other, an Earth-shattering, Heaven-shaking power of destruction erupted.

A super destructive ripple of destruction spread out in a circle, with the two of them as its point of origin. The soil and pieces of gravel on the ground were swept up as wave after wave of turbulence clashed. Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, who were nearby, were swept up and they lost control of their bodies as their figures were sent flying far away.

As for Chen Feng and Liu Yuntian, the powerful resulting impact forced the two of them to retreat again and again. In but one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng was forced tens of steps backwards before finally stopping, every step leaving a deep footprint upon the ground. A deep crater had appeared before him while pieces of gravel littered the place. The air around continued to reverberate.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

A series of coughs rang out from afar. Liu Yuntian was forced backwards from the collision as well. Just like Chen Feng, he too, remained mostly unharmed. However, the collision earlier had left a choking sensation in his chest.

This is not good. I am incapable of fully unleashing the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s full power while Liu Yuntian’s armour could automatically display its strongest defensive power. Not to mention, his cultivation base is higher than mine. If we fight for real, there is no telling who could win or lose. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Despite thinking that, Chen Feng continued brandishing the Overwhelming Astral Sword to charge forward. Seeing that Liu Yuntian was not making too many moves, Chen Feng swung the Overwhelming Astral Sword to send a flurry of hacks down on Liu Yuntian.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sounds of collisions burst out one after another and craters erupted upon the ground from time to time as the two of them were continuously forced backwards from the collisions.

“Looks like you cannot fully unleash the power of the Prized artefact in your hands while my Astral Thunder Armour can display its strongest defensive power. It seems you are destined to lose.” Liu Yuntian’s hair was dishevelled and he appeared somewhat wretched. However, he continued to ridicule Chen Feng.

By now, the outer clothes upon Liu Yuntian’s body had been shocked apart to reveal a piece of armour which flashed with the lustre of thunder and lightning. With the image of flashing thunder and lightning upon its surface, it appeared to be brimming with power.

“Is that so? I don’t believe that your armour is so powerful,” retorted Chen Feng with a sneer. The Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand began pulsing again as it released thrumming sounds. The will of an expert charged out and the atmosphere of power radiating off Chen Feng expanded.

This time, Chen Feng had utilized all his power to wield the Overwhelming Astral Sword. Although he was still incapable of unleashing the Prized artefact’s full power, the will of the expert charging out from the sword strengthened Chen Feng’s conviction in this fight. It grew stronger and stronger, not wanting to accept defeat in the hands of this enemy and never to give up.

Truth be told, Chen Feng could easily kill off Liu Yuntian by just utilizing the Longevity Tower. However, Chen Feng did not do so because he wanted to use his own strength to finish off this opponent. He did not want to always rely on the Longevity Tower for everything.

“Come, let me see just how tough your tortoise shell is!” Chen Feng bellowed. Next, the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand stabbed forward, piercing through a distance of over a hundred metres to stab Liu Yuntian’s chest.


Liu Yuntian had no time to even react before a formidable force landed upon his body. Next, he became like a football, rising into the sky like the clouds as he flew backwards.

“It’s not over yet!” Chen Feng’s movements broke through his previous limits as he swiftly appeared atop Liu Yuntian. Sending all the power within his body into the Overwhelming Astral Sword, he then hacked down heavily upon Liu Yuntian’s body.


Like a meteor, Liu Yuntian smashed into the ground, causing a huge crater, nearly 10 metres deep, to appear. Liu Yuntian’s figure disappeared underground as waves of hot earthen energy wafted out without respite.

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