Chapter 82: Soulflame


Wave after wave of hot air spread outwards. Liu Yuntian, who was waiting some distance away, could feel the power from the hot air and he involuntarily retreated.

“Surely, those two old men wouldn’t die inside,” Liu Yuntian suddenly said with a smile, his expression flickering non-stop. Who knows what he was thinking?

“This high temperature is nothing before us.”

“Soulflame, burn everything!”

Even though the temperature around them were constantly rising, there was a thick barrier around the two old men, keeping the high temperature outside.

Suddenly, a clump of flames emerged from each of their glabellas. The clump of flames was only as big as a thumb each; white in colour and smaller compared to the flames from a candlestick. However, when the two clumps of flames appeared, the surrounding hot air retreated while the ground began melting. The rocks beneath became like wax in the face of intense fire as it quickly melted.

The temperature of the two clumps of flames was so dreadfully high that even the surrounding hot air was scorched.

The two clumps of flames were Soulflames, something that only cultivators at a certain cultivation base could condense out. Should a cultivator’s Soulflame remain unextinguished, his or her soul would persevere.

According to legends, some with extraordinary capabilities could utilize Soulflame to burn down mountains and boil the sea. It could even scorch the void.


A soft snapping sound rang out and their two Soulflames abruptly expanded, transforming into countless star-like sparks, which spread out into their surroundings.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out as the restrictions from the surrounding array melted one after another. The unleashed prowess of the two Soulflames shattered nearly half of the array that Ye Ziming set up.


Ye Ziming and Tower spoke out simultaneously and there was no way to tell which of them uttered the word out first. What Chen Feng could discern was that Ye Ziming’s voice was outside while Tower’s voice was inside his mind.

“This will be troublesome. These two have already attained Soulflames. We will be incapable of stopping them. My array will not be able to hold on for long. Brother Chen, time for you to utilize your magic treasure.” Ye Ziming’s face sank. The two old men’s might was above his expectations.

Naturally, Chen Feng too, understood how powerful cultivators with Soulflames were. Even in the Longevity Scripture, there was the introduction to Soulflame and the technique to condense them. However, the present Chen Feng’s cultivation base was too low and he was too far away from being able to condense out Soulflame.

“A good opportunity! A good opportunity! How unexpected! To think you could encounter two cultivators who have attained Soulflames. Kid, this is an opportunity for you.” Tower’s voice took on a slightly excited tone.

“What? Why is this an opportunity for me?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“Your current rate of cultivation is too slow. I will teach you a shortcut. Devour these two fellows’ Soulflames and condense out your own,” suggested Tower.

“What? Devour those two fellows’ Soulflames? Are you crazy? You are telling me to go die,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from retorting.

“Only by doing so can you quickly improve your strength. In order to gain something, you must make sacrifices that others cannot. This law is something that remains constant since time primordial. Know this, the amount of benefit you can get is proportional to the amount of risk you take. Even though this is extremely risky, the benefits from this is correspondingly large,” Tower explained patiently.

“Humph! Normally, a cultivator at the Concealed stage must cultivate up to level 7 before condensing out his or her Soulflame. Even with the Longevity Scripture’s techniques, a cultivator would require a cultivation base of level 3 of the Concealed stage before comprehending the mysteries of the Soulflame. I am currently only at level 1 of the Concealed stage. I will not succeed even if I try to assail level 2. You actually want someone like me to absorb someone else’s Soulflame? The probability of death from doing this is very high!” Chen Feng was still dissatisfied. He felt as though Tower was toying with him.

“That is different. You are not an ordinary cultivator. How many cultivators in this Eternal World can compare with you? You are practicing the Longevity Scripture! It is beyond immortal techniques, a celestial scripture! Besides, the Longevity Scripture originally possesses a powerful devouring ability. The longevity-type primary energy formed from practicing it possesses powerful regenerative abilities. Not to mention, I will be here to protect you. There is no need for you to worry about your safety. I assure you, even if you fail, there will be no risk of death.” Tower suddenly became more talkative and his words were filled with temptation.

“You can guarantee that no accidents will happen?” Hearing that, however, Chen Feng grew more worried.

“Of course, I am an existence that even Immortal artefacts fear. Why would I lie to a minor cultivator like you? Besides, didn’t Boundless fuse part of his essence power into your sea of wisdom? Would he do nothing if something were to happen to you? Don’t you want to know who he is? This here is an opportunity for you to quickly grow stronger. If not, given your normal rate of cultivation, which is very slow, when can you reach the Human Immortal stage? It is possible that you will not be able to reach that stage even after my body has scattered apart.” Tower’s words began changing, from its original tempting quality to an inciting and confounding quality.

“That… is truly an issue.” Chen Feng grew silent for a moment. It was true. Judging by his current rate of cultivation, who knows how long it would take him to reach the Human Immortal stage. Additionally, he was not some cultivation genius.

“Although it is somewhat dangerous, this is really tempting. Besides, Tower probably wouldn’t harm me. Additionally, the Longevity Scripture also contains a technique for condensing Soulflame. Putting that into consideration, I can give it a try.” Chen Feng was moved.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

A series of explosive sounds from outside snapped Chen Feng back to attention. Ye Ziming was sweating profusely as he managed the operation of the array. Unfortunately, the effects of his actions were minor. Before the blazing might of the two Soulflames, the array was quickly shattering apart. It would appear that the entire array was about to break in a few more breaths’ worth of time. After losing the protection afforded by the array, the three of them would be incapable of fighting off the two old men.

“Brother Chen, we are in a critical moment here! Why did you suddenly space out? Surely, your magic treasure did not fail?” Ye Ziming was unable to stop himself from blurting out.

“No, I am making preparations,” said Chen Feng with a straight face. At the same time, he continued to quickly discuss with Tower.

“Do you have the confidence to capture those two?” asked Chen Feng.

“A piece of cake.” Tower’s voice brimmed with nonchalance.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Finally, the last restrictions of the array were destroyed. With the array completely destroyed, Ye Ziming’s face turned pale and his chest heaved up and down. It was apparent that the destruction of the array had affected him as well.

Sou! Sou! Sou! 

Two Soulflames swiftly flew towards Chen Feng’s group. Everything in its path would transform into nothingness. Even the hardest of granite stones melted into liquid before evaporating like water.

A blazing hot wave of air blasted towards Chen Feng’s group. It felt as though the sun itself was quickly descending upon them. It was not merely heat. Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta could feel wave after wave of strange fluctuations affecting their minds, seemingly attempting to bake their brains.

This was the true power of Soulflame.

Truth be told, the actions from the two old men, utilizing their Soulflames against Chen Feng’s group, was them simply using their higher cultivation base to suppress Chen Feng’s group. If this was an opponent with their own Soulflames, they would never utilize this form of attack. The clash between Soulflames was the most dangerous fight. One careless move could result in the soul getting seriously wounded. At times, it could even lead to the soul getting obliterated.

“Humph! Three insignificant fellows. Do you think this technique is enough to deal with us? In the face of absolute power, all tricks are useless! Just be obedient and sit tight,” said one of the old men with a sneer as his Soulflame rapidly emanated an invisible ripple outwards. It was a technique to suppress the soul. Instantly, Chen Feng, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta felt as though a large mountain was pressing down on them. Involuntarily, they felt a desire to fall on their knees.

“Not good, this is soul suppression! Brother Chen, hurry up and attack!” Ye Ziming shouted.

“Don’t kill them! I want to play with them!” Liu Yuntian’s voice could be heard from the distance.

“All right! Let’s deal with this!” Chen Feng made up his mind.

“Ha ha ha! Simple. Just watch me,” said Tower cheerfully.

No irregularity could be seen upon the Longevity Tower. And yet, Chen Feng suddenly felt a powerful suction force erupting from between his brows. The suction force enveloped the two Soulflames like an invisible net hauling in two big fishes. No matter how hard the two fishes struggled, they were incapable of escaping.

“NO! What is happening!” The two old men exclaimed out simultaneously as they controlled their Soulflames to unleash their strongest power. Unfortunately for them, the Soulflames were incapable of resisting the Longevity Tower’s suppressive might. The Soulflames meekly shrank into one clump of flames before rapidly flying into Chen Feng’s glabella.

“This… this…”

“You are not a cultivator at level 1 of the Concealed stage! Could it be, you are a Sky Human stage expert?!”

“This is bad! Hurry up and escape!”

Witnessing their Soulflames suppressed, the two old men felt themselves losing control over their Soulflames. They felt as though they had lost their souls and their minds went blank. It was at that moment they knew, they fucked up. Staying would spell certain death. While they were still conscious, they turned around, wanting to escape as far away as they can. 

“Where do you think you are going?”

Chen Feng had long since prepared for this. Instantly, he brought out the Longevity Tower. The Longevity Tower swiftly expanded before releasing a pulse in mid-air, causing a powerful destructive power to spread out. The bodies of the two old men were shattered, turning into ashes before disappearing into the wind.


Everything had happened so quickly that Liu Yuntian, who was standing far away, felt as though he was in a dream. He had witnessed his two great protectors occupy an advantageous position. Just as the two protectors were about to capture the other party, in the blink of an eye, the whole situation was reversed. His two great protectors were 100 % certifiably dead. Liu Yuntian was all too clear about how strong they were. For them to be so easily killed off, he knew, he was in serious danger.

As such, without saying anything, Liu Yuntian turned tail and fled as fast as he could.

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