Chapter 80: Exit the City to Bait the Enemy


In the end, Chen Feng could do nothing but leave the Longevity Tower. Tower did not tell him anything. Even though Chen Feng had already expected that to happen, it was still an unpleasant feeling.

“Strength, strength! Everything depends on strength! In the past, due to my lack of strength, I would always be bullied. Now, due to my lack of strength, I cannot find out about my own past,” said Chen Feng softly as he clutched his fists. Despite the discomfort in his heart, a resolute look appeared on his face instead. His thoughts too, slowly grew firm.

“If that is the case, I will simply get stronger!” Chen Feng resolved.

“Brother Chen.” Ye Ziming came over. Chen Feng could feel that there was something different about the aura emanating from Ye Ziming’s body. It would appear that he’d had a minor breakthrough.

“He he, this is all thanks to the half portion of Greenjade Magic Soulfruit of yours. After refining it, my cultivation base rose by one level. Lu Ta is presently in cultivation retreat. I believe he will be breaking through as well,” said Ye Ziming jovially.

Breaking through one level? Could the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit have such a spectacular effect? Chen Feng pondered.

“In that case, it seems congratulations are in order. What level is Brother Ye at now?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“I had just broken through to level 4 of the Concealed stage,” replied Ye Ziming happily.

“Ha ha ha, this truly feels great. Originally, given my cultivation base, it would be some time before I could break through to level 3 of the Concealed stage. Unexpectedly, that half portion of the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit allowed me to break through immediately. Not to mention, there are still some medicinal power within my body which remain unrefined. Brother Chen, this is all thanks to you.” A laughing Lu Ta came over.

“Level 3 and level 4 of the Concealed stage. I am the only one who remains at level 1,” said Chen Feng with a wry smile.

“Ha ha, Brother Chen, you cannot say that. You possess an unparalleled magic treasure that can suppress even a Great Yao. In that respect, we are no match for you,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“But in the end, borrowing the power of a magic treasure does not equal one’s own strength,” said Chen Feng.

“I disagree. Cultivators give offerings to their magic treasures and hone them in order to use them when combating enemies. Magic treasures are thus a part of the cultivators’ strength. This is especially true of lifebound magic treasures honed through years of effort and blood,” said Ye Ziming with a serious look.

“He he. All right, let’s not discuss that anymore. Let’s talk about how to deal with the Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Young Master.” Laughing, Chen Feng then changed the topic of discussion.

“Now that my cultivation base has improved, I have some confidence in dealing with those warriors. However, those two old men are still going to be difficult. Those two are at least at level 6 of the Concealed stage. Brother Chen, you will have to deal with those two,” said Ye Ziming. 

 “My magic treasure can deal with those two. However, there will be some difficulties. There is too much of a gap between them and me, after all. I fear that they will subdue me the moment they attack,” said Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry about that. I already have a plan. Do not forget, I have researched up on some arrays before. We can set up a trap for them. Once they fall into the trap, we will be able to bully them to our hearts’ desire,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“This is a good idea. However, we should go through the details properly in order to avoid making any mistakes,” said Chen Feng, who nodded his head.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was not too concerned about that. Even if something unexpected do occur, he could simply escape into the Longevity Tower. He believed that, even if the other party got their hands on the Longevity Tower, there was nothing they could do to him. However, unless as a last resort, Chen Feng would not utilize that method. At any rate, the Longevity Tower was badly damaged. Chen Feng feared the possibility of something unexpected happening should it fall into the hands of others.

Next, the three of them continued discussing for a while before deciding to leave Myriad Suns Trade Association and exit the city.

“Fellow guests, truth be told, our Myriad Suns Trade Association do provide escorts as well.”

As they were about to leave, Supervisor Liu suddenly spoke up.

“Of course, I know about that. However, someone like Liu Yuntian is not worth using money to get help,” said Ye Ziming coolly, an inscrutably lofty look on his face.

“Yes, yes. Fellow guests must already be prepared. I was being a busybody,” Supervisor Liu hastily said with a smile.

The moment the three of them left the Myriad Suns Trade Association, the warriors sent by Liu Yuntian noticed them.

“Those three are finally out. Should we immediately take action and capture them?” said one of the warriors. He had a proud look on his face.

“No. We should report this to the Young Master,” another warrior turned him down.

“They are but three minor cultivators at the Concealed stage. We can easily deal with them. Why bother reporting this to the Young Master?” said another warrior with disdain.

“You fellows be obedient and just keep an eye on them, otherwise the Young Master will be unhappy. I will report to the Young Master now,” said a rather handsome-looking warrior who quickly moved into the milling crowd before disappearing from view.

“As expected, there are people keeping an eye on us,” Ye Ziming suddenly spoke up. They had yet to exit the city.

“I noticed it as well. However, I have not figured out where they are,” said Lu Ta.

“I couldn’t sense it at all. It seems my strength is still insufficient,” said Chen Feng.

“There are indeed some people keeping an eye on you fellows. They are 100 metres behind you all, a total of three people. All of them are cultivators at level 4 of the Concealed stage.” Tower’s voice suddenly rang within Chen Feng’s mind.

Level 4 of the Concealed stage. Could they be the bodyguards around Liu Yuntian? Chen Feng thought to himself.

The other party truly does intend on killing us. Humph! This kid is truly vicious. A pity, we have already set up a trap for you. Chen Feng thought to himself with a sneer.

After exiting the city, the three of them did not stop there. Instead, they instantly flew into the sky. Naturally, Chen Feng was riding the Overwhelming Astral Sword while both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta flew without bringing any treasures out. Appearance wise, they seem to be flying without borrowing the help of external objects. This was the result of cultivating up to the storing artefacts in the body (3rd) level.

“There are three people chasing after us. I wonder if they will attack?” mused Ye Ziming.

“Whether they will attack us or not doesn’t matter. Since they are chasing us, we should finish them off. That way, we can reduce the opposing party’s number,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

As Chen Feng’s group was discussing the matter, the three pursuers behind them were also having a discussion of their own.

“Let’s attack! Or do we really have to wait for the Young Master to come?”

“That is right! They are just three minor characters. We can capture them the moment we take action.”

“But if the Young Master comes, will he reproach us?” One of them was a little worried.

“Humph! Even if he does come, we are still the ones who have to take action. If it were not for the fact that he has recently joined Nine Firmaments Palace, I would have no interest in serving a pleasure-seeking young master.”

“That is right. Let’s hurry up and take action. Capture these three fellows first. Even after the Young Master comes, he will not say anything about this.”

The three warriors quickly sped up. Soon however, they noticed something amiss. Chen Feng’s group of three was waiting for them. Additionally, there were peculiar smiles on their faces.

“Humph! Where do you three think you are going? Hurry up and hand yourselves over obediently!” The three warriors did not overthink the situation. One of them shouted loudly before charging at Chen Feng’s group. At the same time, a spear appeared in his hand. A chilling glint drew a line through the sky as the tyrannical-looking spear silently pierced through space to arrive before Chen Feng’s group of three.

When the spear tip was just 10 metres away from Chen Feng’s group, it suddenly burst into motes of star light.

“Behold my Starbreak Chain Killer!”

As the motes of star light were about to envelop Chen Feng’s group, Ye Ziming suddenly disappeared only to immediately re-appear before the warrior. He suddenly unleashed a punch with a gauntlet-clad hand. There were thorns all over the surface of the gauntlet and electrical current would continuously burst out from them.


With a cracking sound, the warrior was sent flying upwards before tumbling through the sky. His whole face had become deformed. As for the spear that he used earlier, it was now in Lu Ta’s hand. The motes of star light immediately disappeared.


Lu Ta swung vigorously and the spear transformed into a stream of light as it shot towards the two other warriors.

“Not good!”

Only then did the two warriors realize that things were not looking good. Pulling out spears of their own, they brandished the spears, creating spear trails to defend against Lu Ta’s attack.


The sound of metals clashing spread through the sky as the spear that Lu Ta hurled over was deflected into the sky. However, the two warriors felt their hands going numb from that and were incapable of utilizing any more strength. Immediately after that, something flashed before their eyes as a figure appeared before them.


Both of Ye Ziming’s arms were raised up high. Next, he sent them slamming down forcefully. Like dark clouds above their heads, this attack sent the two warriors falling down from the sky, becoming like two pieces of rock. It did not take long for a clear thudding sound to ring out as two humanoid shapes appeared on the flat road below.

“Liu Yuntian will be coming soon. We should quickly find a place to set up the array,” said Chen Feng.

“When I was checking the map yesterday, I have already decided on the location. There is a cliff 200 li ahead. Not many people would go there. Additionally, there is earthen energy coming from beneath the place. As it so happens, my array can use that energy. It is a good place for setting up an array. If Liu Yuntian comes, he can forget about ever returning,” said Ye Ziming with a smile (1 li = 0.5 km).

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