Chapter 798 East Dragon Island’s Cultivation Phase


As Chen Feng was roaring at the ocean, Jian Xiaotian arrived. For Jian Xiaotian, Chen Feng seemingly became somewhat different from before. In fact, he had seemingly become very strange. Appearance wise, Chen Feng was still the same, but the aura he exuded was simply too violent. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to call it imperious. Every move he made seemed to give off the atmosphere of a lofty existence. Additionally, this atmosphere felt like something that Chen Feng was born with.

The Chen Feng before him was no longer the Chen Feng he once knew.

What happened? Did Brother Chen suffer from cultivation deviation? As Jian Xiaotian was wondering what was happening, Chen Feng recollected himself.

“Brother Jian, is there anything?” Chen Feng then strode towards Jian Xiaotian. 

Jian Xiaotian regarded Chen Feng. Again, he could not sense much difference in Chen Feng’s appearance. An uncomfortable feeling nagged at him to find out what that difference was, but he was simply incapable of finding out what.

Seeing the puzzled look on Jian Xiaotian’s face, Chen Feng revealed a faint smile and said, “I managed to make a minor breakthrough earlier. After a little more time, I will likely be advancing to the mid-level Human Immortal stage. Brother Jian, you will have to work hard too.”

“What? So fast?” Jian Xiaotian was truly astounded to hear that. Cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage was the equivalent of finally taking a step upon the immortal dao. Further breakthroughs was incredibly difficult. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would be able to make a breakthrough after just such a short period of time.

“You monster!” In the end, that was all Jian Xiaotian could say.

“By the way, there is surely a reason for you visit today, right? Or, do you find this place uncomfortable?” Chen Feng himself was unaware that he had changed slightly after regaining his memories. While mostly the same, his manner of speaking, his demeanour and various other aspects had changed ever so slightly.

In the beginning, Jian Xiaotian felt somewhat confused. However, he quickly tossed the matter aside. At any rate, he could see that Chen Feng was doing well. If there were any changes, they were most likely due to the increase in his cultivation base.

“Ha ha ha! I have been having a good time here. It is even more comfortable than our Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.” Jian Xiaotian was telling the truth. As an island located in the ocean region, East Dragon Island was far smaller compared to the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. However, the ocean around it was endless. Not to mention, there were also some small islands scattered around and the other three islands, Skytour Island, Whitecrown Island and Azuresky Island.

In between his cultivation sessions, Jian Xiaotian would travel around, visiting the islands there. Occasionally, he would even enter the ocean and fight against some yao beasts and water monsters. He would also head to the bottom of the ocean and venture about. Thus, not only did he have a good time there, he also managed to improve his cultivation base somewhat.

“Truth be told, I received some news about the Xu Family’s war,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“Oh? Has the war concluded?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“It has indeed concluded. The result is as we had expected, the Xu Family has emerged victorious over Sun Moon Sect and Ghost King Sect. However, due to the interference from the Black Water Order, Sun Moon Sect and Ghost King Sect did not suffer a disastrous defeat. If we are to objectively look at it, both sides are mutually damaged by the war. The Xu Family has lost face big time here. It is said that even some first-rate forces are starting to move about eagerly. They are considering making use of this opportunity to annex the Xu Family.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian laughed. 

“Black Water Order? You say that Black Water Order intervened? That’s strange. Isn’t the Black Water Order based in the Northern Plains? How did they come to the Central Plains? Not to mention, they are actually making such a forceful move of intervening in a fight between such powerful sects.” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“I am very puzzled myself. This Black Water Order’s power seemingly appeared out of thin air. It has been rising rapidly in power, taking over one territory after another. They even took over several medium-large cities that used to belong to the Xu Family.”

“In other words, although the war is over, the Xu Family might not take action against East Dragon Island.” That was what Chen Feng cared about the most.

“Not unless the Xu Family has gone bonkers. This is a highly tumultuous period for them. In their shoes, I would not want anything unexpected to happen.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head. 

It’d be great if this could drag on for a few more years. Then, East Dragon Island’s power would rise by leaps and bounds and there will no longer be any need to fear the Xu Family, Chen Feng thought.


Suddenly, the teleportation array on East Dragon Island shone and a line of cultivators emerged from the teleportation array. Most of them were wounded. Some appeared so wounded that it seemed as though they might die at any moment.

“Ye Ziming has returned. He also brought back some of his branch members. Let’s go check it out.”

When Chen Feng arrived, he saw Ye Ziming, who was soaked in sweat, in the midst of treating the wounded. Seeing Chen Feng, a look of delight appeared on Ye Ziming’s face.

“Brother Chen!”

“All right, there is no need to say anything. Just leave it to me,” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand. Next, clumps of Dawnsource Crystal Water spread out, transforming into water vapour to envelop every one of the wounded fellows.

Thanks to the Dawnsource Crystal Water, the wounded fellows there began recovering and their vitality began rising. The wounds on their bodies healed up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Phew!” Seeing that, Ye Ziming breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Brother Chen.”

“Is there any need for such words between us?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Brother Chen. I have brought over 200 people from my branch over. I hope that Brother Chen can take them in,” Ye Ziming said, a troubled look on his face.

“That’s not a problem, as long as you don’t begrudge this place for being too small.” Chen Feng was quick to agree.

“You must be Island Lord Chen. I am Xu Lianping. I thank Island Lord Chen for taking us in.” A middle-aged cultivator came to stand before Chen Feng. As he was about to get on his knees, Chen Feng hastily stopped him.

Xu Lianping was a starter-level Human Immortal. He seemed to be the leader of this group that Ye Ziming had brought over. Naturally, a cultivator of this level was nothing great in East Dragon Island.

“Everyone, there is no need to feel awkward about this. Just treat this place like your own home. I would like it if you fellows would stay here for a long time. Ye Ziming and I are like brothers. Any affairs of Ye Ziming is an affair of mine. So, you all can just stay here,” Chen Feng said loudly.

There was no need for Chen Feng to personally tend to the issue. After all, there were the ocean yao guards to help the Xu Family branch members settle down. Truth be told, East Dragon Island and the other islands were mostly occupied by ocean yaos and water monsters. Thus, having some more human cultivators occupy it was in line with Chen Feng’s desire.

The commotion quickly passed. When night came, Chen Feng’s courtyard fell into a state of silence.

“Tower, according to my memories, I had left the Celestial Longevity Plane at the age of six and the spiritual root that I was born with was destroyed due to the shockwaves from the war. My memories were sealed and I ended up together with you and we travelled through space until we finally descended upon Eternal World. I am now able to connect the dots for the events that I had been through.

“However, I am now curious about one thing. How long did we spend travelling through space?” After pondering for some time, he finally forwarded the question that had been on his mind all afternoon.

Tower contemplated for a moment before answering, “About that… truth be told, I was also in a state of slumber myself. So, I am uncertain about how long exactly went by. After I woke up, I made some calculations, but I could only come up with a rough estimate.”

“And how long is that?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Around one million years, give or take.”

“What? One million years?” Chen Feng fell to his buttocks, a dumbfounded look on his face.

After some time, Chen Feng then asked again, “So, you mean to say that I am now over one million years old now?”

“Theoretically speaking, yes. However, when we were drifting through space, your body was completely sealed up as you slept. So, you didn’t actually grow older,” Tower said with a grin.

Despite that, Chen Feng found it hard to accept.

“Sigh! Unexpectedly, it has been over one million years since then. My little friends from back then have probably become very strong. At the very least, they should have reached the Ascendant Immortal stage, no?” Chen Feng lamented.

Back then, he was regarded as something of a genius amongst the members of the Longevity Clan. Born with a spiritual root, he possessed a cultivation rate that surpassed all his peers. However, one million years had gone by and his cultivation base had remained stagnant. On the contrary, the cultivation bases of his friends – with the perfect cultivation environment provided by the Longevity Clan – should have risen to a nigh unimaginable level.

“Ascendant Immortal stage? Ha ha ha! Far higher than that!” Tower laughed.

“As if you’re in the position to laugh at me. Don’t forget, your state is in no way better than me. If your friends from back then, or even your enemies, find out about your current state, they will end up laughing their teeth out,” Chen Feng replied with a smirk.

“Shut it, brat!” Tower grew furious.

“Fine, fine! No matter how you cut it, you were once the Divine artefact capable of shocking the Myriad Celestial Planes. How did you end up becoming so petty?” Chen Feng waved his hand, unwilling to argue with Tower about that.

“For me, increasing my cultivation base is just a matter of time. You, on the other hand, when can your powers return to the Dao artefact tier? The enemies we face are growing ever stronger. If those guys find out that we are still alive, they will send experts down on us. That would be terrible,” Chen Feng continued.

“No need for you to worry about that. I have my own plans.” It would appear that Tower was unwilling to discuss more about it.

“Up to you, then. I’ll go cultivate myself.”

After entering the Human Immortal stage, Chen Feng’s method of cultivation became somewhat special. He sat cross-legged within his courtyard, the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead hovering beside him, one on the left and one on the right. Strands of grand dao powers flowed out from them to link up with Chen Feng, who was seated in the middle. Breathing in and out, Chen Feng quickly entered a deep state of cultivation.

The days went by and both the Hell Dog and Divine Phantom Mink managed to successfully overcome their Heavenly Tribulation to become mid-level Yao Immortals. With that, Chen Feng grew more confident. Even if the cultivators from the Xu Family were to quickly initiate an attack on East Dragon Island, Chen Feng’s forces would be able to put up a fight against them.

The matter that excited Chen Feng the most was the Ancient Flame Beetle. After fully absorbing all the power within the Five Elemental Fire Diamond that Chen Feng bought for it, it successfully levelled up to become a Yao Immortal. Only, after levelling up, the Ancient Flame Beetle fell into a state of deep slumber once more. Seeing that, Chen Feng was left speechless.

Thus, Chen Feng spent his days cultivating leisurely in the ocean region and two years passed in the blink of an eye.

One day, Lan Ling came to East Dragon Island, prompting Chen Feng’s decision to head towards Absolute Academy.

Lan Ling was not alone. Accompanying her were Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling. When the lively Jian Qingling saw Chen Feng, she exclaimed again and again and her round eyes gleamed like pearls.

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