Chapter 796 Opening a Passageway


“Attack!” Seeing Chen Feng attacking, the cultivators there also fired out their strongest attacks. The fact that they could survive this long meant that they were extraordinary existences. All of them were Earthen Immortals equipped with Dao artefacts. Thus, their combined powers proved to be very formidable. Not to mention, they were attacking in concert with two Yao Immortals equipped with Immortal artefact replicas.

Another passageway was opened up. This time, the passageway they opened was wider and deeper, seemingly capable of reaching the deepest part of the universe.

“My turn!” The geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand abruptly shone with light and the passageway instantly stabilized. Unlike what happened previously, no more turbulent void streams surged out from the passageway.

“Let’s go! We don’t have much time!” Ye Ziming waved his hand and the geomantic compass moved to hover above his head, releasing a power which encased him, Chen Feng and his two Yao Immortals before pulling all of them into the passageway.

Naturally, the other cultivators were excluded. At that very moment, Ye Ziming was not even confident in his ability to charge out. How could he spare the energy to take care of the others?

That said, two of the cultivators there did attempt to rush over. However, the power released by the geomantic compass pushed them back.

“Let’s go!”

The geomantic compass, having encased Ye Ziming and the others in a sphere of energy, flew into the passageway. The geomantic compass protected them from all the turbulent void streams within the passageway.


Seeing Ye Ziming’s group disappear into the passageway, the rest of the cultivators grew dumbfounded. Next, they rushed forward, wanting to charge into the passageway as well. However, only two managed to make their way in before the passageway closed up.

The cultivators who were left behind instantly cursed out. At the same time, they felt regretful. If only they had known, they would have chosen to attack Ye Ziming and Chen Feng.

“Forget it. If we die here, we can only blame our greed,” an Earthen Immortal said with a bitter expression.

“Be that as it may, no one would be willing to just die like this. I had to go through so many hardships to reach this level of cultivation. If I die like this, wouldn’t I have gone through all that for nothing?”

“There is no helping it. We had brought so much destruction upon Void City. Even if we are to surrender to the Xu Family, they will still not let us off.”

“That’s right! All the cultivators who came to wreak havoc in our Void City will die!” the voice of a Xu Family cultivator reverberated through the void.

“So what if you can kill us? Do not forget who the culprit behind it all is!”

“You don’t need to worry about that. Now, time to send you fellows off.”

Moving away from the cultivators who were about to die in the hands of the Xu Family, Chen Feng’s group was not faring too well.

In the beginning, thanks to the protection from Ye Ziming’s geomantic compass, they were able to safely travel through the passageway. However, it did not take long before countless turbulent void streams began assailing them from every direction.

Although the geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand was a wondrous magic treasure, Ye Ziming’s own cultivation base was still insufficient. It was insufficient for him to perform an extended spatial jump through the void.



The Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog raised the lances in their hands, channelling the Immortal artefact power within the lances to encase them and re-stabilize the situation. 

“With this, we should be able to leave the space created by the Void Geocompass, right?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Not yet!” Ye Ziming was soaked in sweat. In order to mobilize the geomantic compass in his hand for this endeavour, he had entered a state of over exhaustion.

Chen Feng frowned. Next, he reached out with his hand and his longevity-type primary energy surged ceaselessly into Ye Ziming’s body.

Upon receiving the energy support from Chen Feng, Ye Ziming’s body shook and his essence, energy and soul power soared. Thanks to that, the geomantic compass hovering above him began stabilizing as well.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had not given it much thought. He believed that his vast reserve of primary energy would be enough to support Ye Ziming. However, it did not take long for him to realize that he was mistaken.

Ye Ziming was like a black hole, constantly devouring the primary energy that Chen Feng sent over. After receiving Chen Feng’s primary energy, the power of the geomantic compass began rising and the rate at which Ye Ziming absorbed Chen Feng’s primary energy increased continuously.

“Brother Chen, will you be able to endure this?”

“Not a problem.”

As Chen Feng said that, 30% of the primary energy within him had already been consumed. However, Chen Feng simply began absorbing the powers stored within his insight acupoints.

The longevity-type primary energy within him quickly circulated a few times before returning to a wholesome state. Next, the streams of energy began to quickly flow towards Ye Ziming.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Every one of Chen Feng’s opened acupoints operated and Chen Feng’s whole body began quivering. The roaring sounds coming from his body grew increasingly loud. It was like the sound of thunder.

“We’ll be able to break out from the space created by the Void Geocompass soon!” Ye Ziming’s eyes lit up.

Chen Feng took a deep breath and the rate at which his primary energy flowed into Ye Ziming rose.

Behind them, the passageway was rapidly collapsing as a void blade, seemingly capable of rampaging through the firmament, shot towards Chen Feng’s group.

“That’s an attack from the Xu Family! Block it!” Chen Feng shouted.

The Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog turned and the lances in their hands shot out simultaneously – one from the left and one from the right – to stab the void blade.


It was something of an indirect collision between three Immortal artefacts. The resulting shockwaves resembled the explosion of a planet and a chaotic power of the void swirled about.

Even Chen Feng’s group was affected by the shockwaves. However, the shockwaves actually accelerated their rate of advance.

“We’re out!”

Ye Ziming cried out and the passageway disappeared all of a sudden. Next, Chen Feng found himself surrounded by nothingness. Turning around to check his surroundings, Chen Feng then saw stars flashing about far away. He released his divine sense and found asteroids floating about in the distance. Instantly, Chen Feng knew that they had arrived in outer space.

“We’re in outer space!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“We are indeed in outer space,” the Hell Dog said.

Generally speaking, in order to fly out from his or her home world to explore outer space, a cultivator must first be at the Earthen Immortal stage. Naturally, it was also possible to accomplish that with a cultivation base at the high-level Human Immortal stage. However, the chances of a high-level Human Immortal surviving in outer space was very small.

All else aside, even the occasional asteroid could potentially kill off the Human Immortal, let alone the turbulent void streams capable of tearing space. There were also highly destructive void storms and special danger zones filled with wonders and dangers littered across outer space.

Outer space was a vast and endless place. There were many areas that could kill off even Immortal Humans with cultivation bases surpassing the Ascendant Immortal stage. As for cultivators at Chen Feng’s level, the starter-level Human Immortal stage, heading to outer space was practically suicide.

Naturally, it would be a different story if that cultivator possessed high-grade magic treasures to protect themselves.

Suddenly, the semi-transparent lances in the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog’s hands shook a few times before gradually dimming away, like a candlelight going out.

“This is?” Ye Ziming, who did not understand what was happening, felt somewhat confused.

“Those aren’t real Immortal artefacts. They’re just replicas split out from the real deal,” Chen Feng said.

“So, that’s how it is.” Ye Ziming nodded.

“Fellow seniors, you two should head to the tower and rest up,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand as he linked up to the Longevity Tower. Next, the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog disappeared. 

“What we need to do right now is to open up another spatial passageway and return to Eternal World. I believe Brother Ye will be able to do that, no?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“That’s not a problem.” Ye Ziming nodded. Next, the geomantic compass in his hand quickly spun and strands of wondrous spatial laws emerged to rapidly construct a stable spatial passageway.

“Let’s go!”

The two of them entered the spatial passageway. This time, their trip with the passageway was practically identical to that of a teleportation array. Only, one was opened using the power of magic arrays while this one was opened using the power of a magic treasure.

After returning to Eternal World, the two of them found themselves somewhere within the Xu Family’s territory. However, they were already far away from Void City. After that, they found some other cultivators to make some inquiries and found out that the Xu Family cultivators were in the midst of reorganizing Void City. At the same time, they had also sent out some men to declare that Chen Feng and Ye Ziming were wanted men.

“Where should we go now? This is the Xu Family’s territory. If someone discovers us, I fear that we will get into trouble,” Ye Ziming said, a note of concern in his tone.

“No worries, we can head to my place,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You mean, head back to the Northern Plains? By the way, Brother Chen, how did you end up coming to the Central Plains? Also, your cultivation base?”

“What? Have you not heard what happened at all? Forget it. Let’s talk about you first. How long were you locked up by the Xu Family?”   

“On the second year after I returned from the Northern Plains, I was locked up. I have been a prisoner all this time,” Ye Ziming said with a bitter smile.

“You were imprisoned for so long? No wonder you do not know about my situation. Also, there is your cultivation base. As I recall, back when we parted ways, you were only at level 4 of the Concealed stage. And yet, you are now already at the Human Immortal stage. From what I can see, this monstrous rate of cultivation must be related to the geomantic compass in your hand, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly as he looked at the geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand.

“Brother Chen’s guess is spot on. The reason I can reach this level today is all thanks to this magic treasure. It is also the reason why I was imprisoned.” Ye Ziming turned to look at the geomantic compass in his hand and a wry smile appeared on his face.

“Brother Ye is truly lucky to be able to obtain an Immortal artefact. Your ascension to the Immortal Plane should be just a matter of time. However, this geomantic compass should be somehow related to the Void Geocompass belonging to the Xu Family, right?” Chen Feng and Ye Ziming were bosom friends with a deep level of friendship. Thus, there was no such thing as a taboo subject between them.

Ye Ziming took a deep breath and said, “Your guess is correct. To be precise, this magic treasure in my hand is the Void Geocompass.”

“Oh!” Chen Feng nodded and he waited for Ye Ziming to continue.

“As I mentioned before, the Void Geocompass of the Xu Family is incomplete. This geomantic compass in my hand had been split out from the Void Geocompass in the past. It could be considered as a fragment, comparable to one third of the whole. This is also the reason why it could not truly block the attacks from the Xu Family earlier.

“Ever since I obtained this geomantic compass, it had become one with my soul. Thus, the Xu Family was incapable of simply snatching it away from me. If they were to kill me, this fragment of the Void Geocompass would simply disappear into the void. As it so happens, I am a member of a side branch of the Xu Family that had been subjected to bullying since a young age. Thus, they believed that the best way to deal with me was to temporarily lock me up. Once they find a way to snatch the geomantic compass from me, they would kill me. Then, their Void Geocompass would be returned to its full power and the Xu Family’s strength would rise by one whole level.”

“That’s why. Although I have managed to escape, the Xu Family will continue to pursue me to the very ends of the earth.”

“You just need to be strong enough. Then, not only will there be no need to fear their pursuit, you can also snatch the main fragment of the Void Geocompass from them. After fusing them together and making it yours, you will possess a complete Immortal artefact,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

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