Chapter 795 Void Geocompass


“The Xu Family’s Immortal artefact?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“Yes, the Void Geocompass. It is the strongest Immortal artefact that the Xu Family possess and its foundation. Since the establishment of the Xu Family, it has been serving as the Xu Family’s protector. Even when compared with other Immortal artefacts, the Void Geocompass is said to be a very powerful magic treasure,” Ye Ziming said solemnly.

“That is indeed troublesome.” Chen Feng nodded.

“However, that Void Geocompass is an incomplete Immortal artefact,” Ye Ziming continued.

Chen Feng grew surprised. Reflexively, his eyes turned to regard the quaint-looking geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand and a thought rose to his mind.

However, before they could continue with their discussion, a Human Immortal was sucked into the streams of turbulent void powers around them. The Human Immortal only managed to release a wretched cry before the greyish and seemingly powerless turbulent void streams ripped him to shreds, leaving not even a trace of his spirit behind. It was as though the turbulent void streams had grown fangs.

Everyone grew terrified and they all began moving evasively in an attempt to move farther away from the turbulent void streams. However, the turbulent void streams were everywhere and they surged about like agile snakes. Due to that, the cultivators there began dying off one by one.

The Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog positioned themselves around Chen Feng and Ye Ziming, one on the left and one on the right. They were also feeling troubled. This place was giving them a feeling of crisis.

Chen Feng channelled the Treasured Ocean Pearl’s power to encase himself with a barrier to block the turbulent void streams. However, he found that the effectiveness of the Treasured Ocean Pearl was not as good as before. Thankfully, it was still capable of blocking the incoming attacks from his surroundings.

As for the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog, they casually brandished the lances in their hands to shatter the turbulent void streams before they could come to close to them.

To Chen Feng’s utter surprise, whenever the turbulent void streams approached Ye Ziming, they would all be absorbed into the geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand. Due to that, Ye Ziming had the easiest time amongst all present.

Seeing that, Chen Feng grew more certain about his speculation.

“Does the Void Geocompass only have this mode of attack?” Chen Feng asked.

“Just this form of attack is already very difficult to handle. However, this is not the Void Geocompass’ strongest mode of attack. Not to mention, it is simply attacking randomly. Next up, the Earthen Immortals from the Xu Family will exert their control over this Immortal artefact and all of them will die.” Ye Ziming cast a pitying look at the panicking cultivators.

“You two are probably going to die first!” Due to the threat of death, the savage nature dwelling within the depths of the cultivators were stirred forth and they charged towards Chen Feng and Ye Ziming.

“Chen Feng, all of this happened because of you! Even if I die, I will be sure to drag you down with me!” a high-level Human Immortal hissed through gnashed teeth. Although he possessed a formidable cultivation base, he did not possess a Dao artefact to protect himself. Thus, in the face of the turbulent void streams, he had ended up in a grievously wounded state.

“You cannot blame me for that. If you want to blame someone, you have only yourself to blame for being too greedy.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a stream of light shot out from the Treasured Ocean Pearl to blast the high-level Human Immortal away. Coincidentally, he ended up getting pulled into a turbulent void stream, which wrapped him up. In the end, all he could do was to cry out miserably a few times before dying to the turbulent void stream.

“We should stop fighting one another now! At present, the most important thing is to charge out. At the very least, we should not fight one another before we escape, otherwise we will all die here!” Chen Feng shouted loudly.

Chen Feng’s words were effective. Some of the cultivators who had wanted to charge at him stopped. Hastily discussing the matter, they then nodded. For now, it would appear that they agreed.

By then, however, the Xu Family cultivators had already begun exerting control over the Void Geocompass to attack them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Countless streams of turbulent void powers quickly came together to form a long void blade. Next, it slashed down furiously. One of the cultivators failed to escape and was directly cleaved into two by the void blade.

After that, the other turbulent void streams also began gathering up in an orderly manner to form one void blade after another. 

Formed from the power of the void, the void blades were powerful enough to blast apart even the void. In the face of the attacks from the void blades, cultivators without Dao artefacts for protection or grand dao powers were quickly eliminated. 

“Argh! Xu Family! Are you guys planning on killing all of us?”

“My master is Venerable Skyspirit! You dare kill me? Hurry up and let me go!”

“If you kill me, my fellow brothers will come avenge me! Xu Family, just you wait!”

The cultivators’ minds began collapsing. Given their present situation, they could not even snatch the bodies of others or reincarnate their souls. In the face of the void blades, the only ending for them was the utter destruction of both body and soul.

One by one, the void blades rampaged about and the cultivators who were not strong enough were all disintegrated by them. Seeing that, Chen Feng found himself in a somewhat terrified state.

Such ruthlessness! Still, it makes sense. Void City was left in such a disastrous state that these fellows’ backers no longer matter. Looks like I am already within the Xu Family’s to-kill list.

Still, this is not a bad situation for me. I believe the Blood Mustering Bead will be levelling up soon thanks to this.

The Blood Mustering Bead spun rapidly within Chen Feng’s hand as all the power of blood generated by the deaths around him were devoured by the Blood Mustering Bead. Sensing the churning bloody pool inside the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng could not stop himself from chortling.

“Brother Chen, to think that you can still laugh at a time like this,” Ye Ziming said with a wry smile.

“Of course. The Xu Family’s actions are increasing my strength,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send out a bloody palm silhouette. The palm silhouette charged forward to slam against one of the incoming void blades.

The bloody palm silhouette was something formed from the Great Longevity Palm Technique and the power of blood of the Blood Mustering Bead. As this was his first time utilizing this attack, Chen Feng himself was uncertain how powerful it was. 

The void blade advanced with an aura of indomitability to cleave the Great Longevity Palm into two. However, before it could reach Chen Feng, it began dissipating away. Finally, it was completely shattered by Chen Feng’s punch.

“Looks like the power of this Void Geocompass is only average.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Ye Ziming shook his head. The expression on his face was not as nonchalant as Chen Feng’s. Although the void blades were incapable of threatening him, he possessed a thorough understanding of the Void Geocompass. Thus, he was aware that the situation would only become more dangerous.

“Punch open a passageway! We’ll charge out!” Chen Feng shouted, empowering the Treasured Ocean Pearl with all his might to fire out a dazzling beam of light at the void.

Chi! Chi!

At the same time, the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog attacked as well. Putting all their strength into it, they stepped forward and stabbed forward with the lances in their hands. The tip of the lances struck a singular point.


A passageway appeared. Overjoyed, Chen Feng had wanted to use the passageway to escape when streams of violent and turbulent void power flowed out from the passageway. Like a flash flood, they instantly inundated an Earthen Immortal.

Speaking of which, the Earthen Immortal was quite unlucky. He had noticed Chen Feng’s attempt and saw that the passageway Chen Feng created happened to be situated right beside him. Thus, he had swiftly charged towards the passageway. In the end, however, he was disintegrated.

“It is useless. The Void Geocompass possesses the power of the void. In order to open up a passageway out from here, you will need an Immortal artefact that is of a higher level. Without that, the passageway opened will only bring an even more dangerous power of destruction,” Ye Ziming said, the geomantic compass in his hand spinning ceaselessly to deflect one void blade after another.

Chen Feng began feeling troubled. Not even Immortal artefacts could break open this cage. Wouldn’t that mean that he would be incapable of breaking out?

Seeing the relatively safe states that Chen Feng and Ye Ziming were in, the other cultivators moved over to stay near them. Chen Feng and Ye Ziming did not stop them. In their opinion, the other cultivators were definitely goners.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The turbulent void streams began changing once again. Strands and streams of turbulent void powers quickly gathered up to form a void blade, which grew increasingly powerful.

It was not just a void blade. Soon, even a void lance was condensed out. Next, the void lance shot towards Chen Feng.

The void lance, forged from the power of the void, contained both the power of the void and Immortal artefact power. Thus, even cultivators proficient in spatial laws would be incapable of evading it. In the face of this attack, the only thing a cultivator could do was to take it head on.

Sou! Sou!

The Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog dashed forward, one from the left and one from the right. Their lances thrust forward to intercept the void lance coming at Chen Feng, shattering it to pieces. However, the collision also forced the two Yao Immortals to take several steps backwards. At the same time, the lances in their hands also turned dimmer.

At any rate, the lances were only items created by extracting the power of Immortal artefacts. Thus, they can only be considered as replicas of Immortal artefacts and not the real deal. Although they were very powerful, in the face of magic treasures at the Immortal tier, they would become lacking. In Chen Feng’s opinion, a few more of such collisions would cause the lances to break down.

Unfortunately, Chen Feng was no longer capable of creating more replicas of the Immortal artefacts. At least, not anytime soon.

Thus, it was imperative that they break out from this space created by the Void Geocompass and escape to the outside world.

However, this was a space that not even attacks from Immortal artefacts could break open. Thus, Chen Feng was uncertain what to do.

“Brother Chen, have your two friends preserve their strength first. I have this method that I want to try.” Ye Ziming sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

“You have a method?” Chen Feng cast a look of surprise at Ye Ziming. Everyone there were fighting to the death against the void attacks, but Ye Ziming appeared to be having the easiest time. Regardless of what attacks he faced, the geomantic compass in his hand would either devour or deflect the void attacks coming at him.

As the two of them were secretly discussing the issue, another void lance shot towards Chen Feng. It seemed that the Xu Family cultivators detested Chen Feng to the extreme. This time, however, Chen Feng followed Ye Ziming’s suggestion. He did not stop the incoming attack. As the void lance was about to reach Chen Feng, the geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand swiftly flew forward and the void lance was sliced into several sections before quickly dissipating away.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment. Next, he shouted, “Everyone, attack together! Unleash your strongest attack! I have a way to open up a passageway to lead us all out!”

“Alright! Let’s attack together!”

By then, they were less than ten cultivators left alive. Not to mention, all of them were Earthen Immortals. These fellows had all resigned themselves to dying here. However, hearing Chen Feng’s words, they could not stop the light of hope from reigniting.

In times of desperation, one should try everything.

“Attack together!” Chen Feng shouted as he empowered the Treasured Ocean Pearl again with all his might to attack a certain point.

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