Chapter 794 Trapped


“Be careful! The wooden staff in Xu Changkong’s hand is not to be underestimated. There is the power of an Immortal artefact sealed within it,” Ye Ziming said in a hushed tone.

“You dare address me as Xu Changkong? Such impudence! Since you are going to continue with this stubbornness, I will utilize a soul-searching technique on you after I capture you. When that happens, you will not even get the chance to regret your actions!” Xu Changkong’s voice turned cold.

“If you have the ability to do that, would you fellows have locked me up? You would have long since killed me off!” Ye Ziming scoffed. The geomantic compass in his hand spun and the energy streams hovering above it swirled about as various characters flashed out. Next, the geomantic compass disappeared all of a sudden.

Suddenly, Xu Changkong did something peculiar. He rapidly ducked to the side. As Chen Feng was wondering what was happening, a flower of blood blossomed from Xu Changkong’s chest and it seemed as though Xu Changkong was on the verge of getting cleaved into two.


The geomantic compass re-appeared on Ye Ziming’s palm. Spinning rapidly, it disappeared once more. This time, Xu Changkong ended up in an even worse state as one of the arms that he had only just grew back was severed.

Chen Feng was secretly surprised. Unexpectedly, Ye Ziming had become so powerful. This Xu Changkong that he could not handle despite exerting himself was getting his ass handed to him by Ye Ziming. It was a one-sided situation.

“Good job, Brother Ye. I’ll help!” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand to fire the two Abyssal Ice Orbs at Xu Changkong.

“Brother Chen, be careful!” The geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand abruptly expanded in size and it spun as it moved to position itself before both Ye Ziming and Chen Feng.

Despite the injuries he took, Xu Changkong was finally able to release the power contained within the wooden staff in his hand. Semi-transparent lines containing invisible power emerged from the wooden staff to continuously assail the geomantic compass protecting Chen Feng and Ye Ziming.

Every impact would cause the geomantic compass to flash with light. The formidable streams of power smashing the geomantic compass created shockwaves, which kept tearing space apart and even riddling void space with holes. Even Chen Feng could sense the power behind the attacks.

“Brother Ye, are you all right?” Only then did Chen Feng notice the flushed look on Ye Ziming’s face. His whole body was trembling and it would appear that he would not be able to hold on for much longer.

“I am still incapable of wielding this Immortal artefact. I am likely no match for Xu Changkong.” Even as Ye Ziming was speaking, blood began trickling out from his seven orifices.

“Hold on for just a little longer,” Chen Feng said, pressing his palm against Ye Ziming’s body. Next, a vigorous stream of primary energy surged into Ye Ziming’s body, causing Ye Ziming’s figure to jerk upright while the geomantic compass stabilized.

“They should be coming soon,” Chen Feng said, collecting the Abyssal Ice Orbs.

“You have other friends here?” Ye Ziming was surprised.

“You think I can break in here all by myself?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Voidfloat Malla Umbrella!”

Xu Changkong changed his attack pattern once more. The wooden staff in his hand shook violently and the semi-transparent lines emerging from it began expanding outwards before abruptly converging. They looked like an umbrella that was closing up, desirous of wrapping up both Chen Feng and Ye Ziming.

“Even if you possess an Immortal artefact, you can forget about getting away!” Xu Changkong began laughing.

“Is that so?”

Chen Feng chuckled and the Abyssal Ice Orbs in his hand began rotating furiously before rapidly shooting forward.

“This move again? Useless!” Xu Changkong revealed a derisive grin.



“Then, try this.”

Suddenly, the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog descended at the same time, the lances containing Immortal artefact power in their hands stabbing towards Xu Changkong.


Xu Changkong’s face turned extremely contorted and cold sweat broke out from his body.

Strength wise, the Hell Dog was in no way inferior compared to Xu Changkong. Additionally, there was the assistance of the Divine Phantom Mink. Should their attacks land, Xu Changkong would face certain death.

The attacks did not miss. However, a stream of light suddenly blocked one of the attacks at the very last moment.

It was a whip, stretching forward from far away to block the Divine Phantom Mink’s attack. Meanwhile, the Hell Dog’s attack landed squarely on Xu Changkong’s body.

Instantly, Xu Changkong’s body was torn apart, leaving only a mote of spiritual light, which slipped into the wooden staff. Next, the wooden staff flashed to disappear from sight.

Although Xu Changkong managed to survive, his body had been destroyed while his soul was terribly battered. It would be very difficult for him to recover. Speaking of which, if it weren’t for the fact that the Divine Phantom Mink’s attack was blocked earlier, not even the mote of spiritual light would remain.

After failing to strike Xu Changkong earlier, the two Abyssal Ice Orbs that Chen Feng sent out then turned around to attack the whip. However, the whip became like a wyrm, circling about before charging towards Chen Feng and Ye Ziming.

“Someone is coming! Another death-seeking fellow.”

Wielding the lances, the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog attacked. One attacked the whip while the other one attacked the incoming cultivator. With the lances containing Immortal artefact power in hand, these two Yao Immortals could already be considered as pinnacle-level existences within Void City.

This new opponent was also a mid-level Earthen Immortal and the whip he utilized to attack them was a formidable Dao artefact. Like Xu Changkong’s wooden staff, it also contained the power of an Immortal artefact.

This newcomer was not afraid of one Yao Immortal. However, two Yao Immortals? He felt concerned that he might end up suffering the same fate as Xu Changkong.

“Tianfeng, do not fight them head on! Hurry up and mobilize the Void Geocompass!” Suddenly Xu Changkong’s voice travelled forward to ring beside his ear.

“Mobilize the Void Geocompass? That doesn’t seem appropriate.” The face of the cultivator, Xu Tianfeng, sank. Still, he waved his hand to pull back his Void Whip before displaying his Void Technique, rapidly backing away to evade the attack from the Hell Dog.

“There is no other option. The number of cultivators invading Void City is getting higher and higher. Even if we manage to force them all out in the end, Void City will be utterly destroyed as a result. All we can do now is to utilize the Void Geocompass’ power to kill them all off and show the world of cultivation just how powerful our Xu Family is.”

“One more thing. No matter what happens, we cannot let Xu Ziming escape! You should know just how important he is to our Xu Family.”

“Fine, I’ll do just that. How are your wounds?”

“I won’t die from this. However, I will need some time to recover.”

“We need to hurry up and leave. If we take too long, we might no longer be able to leave,” Ye Ziming suddenly said. 

Although Chen Feng did not understand what Ye Ziming meant, he nodded in agreement. Their side had managed to wound and drive away an Earthen Immortal earlier. However, the Xu Family was a first-rate family with a lineage lasting up to millions of years. It must surely possess even stronger cultivators. Moreover, Chen Feng had already exposed the fact that he possessed Immortal artefacts. He did not want to expose all of his cards.

“Let’s go. I also have a bad feeling about this.”

The Earthen Immortal from the Xu Family had backed away. Even so, making their way out from Void City was not that simple. At any rate, Chen Feng had lured over many cultivators to wreak havoc within the city. Thus, if Chen Feng wanted to leave Void City, he would first need to make his way through them.

They had two Yao Immortals serving as escorts. Additionally, Chen Feng and Ye Ziming were also capable of bringing out the power of Immortal artefacts to fight. Thus, charging out would not be an issue. However, the problem was the time needed to do so. 

As the sense of crisis within his mind grew stronger and stronger, Chen Feng began finding the cultivators to be highly problematic.

“That’s the kid who possesses an Immortal artefact!”

“His name is Chen Feng! Capture him!”

“Attack! Hurry up and charge out. Kill anyone who blocks our way,” Chen Feng said, killing intent swelling out from him.

“Not a problem.” The Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog smiled. As yao beasts, they were innately born with a fondness for carnage. Even after having reached a high cultivation level, the desire for carnage would continue to remain within their genes.

Throughout the universe, regardless of which species a living creature belonged to, upon stepping foot on the path of cultivation, they would only have two objectives. The first was to prolong their lives. The second was to compete against others and kill.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The attacks displayed by the two Yao Immortals did not appear particularly flashy. They were simply thrusting the lances around. Even so, the power behind each thrust was highly formidable. Every attack would reap a cultivator’s life. In just the blink of an eye, they had managed to create a large gap through the circle of cultivators.

Seeing how formidable the two Yao Immortals were, the rest of the cultivators could not stop themselves from backing away. Although Immortal artefacts were important, their own lives were even more important.

“Let’s go!” 

With the two Yao Immortals paving a path forward, Chen Feng and Ye Ziming felt the pressure on them lightening. Quickly, they rushed forward to follow the two Yao Immortals.

“All four of them possess Immortal artefacts! Stop them! Do not let them leave Void City!” a cultivator suddenly shouted.


The geomantic compass in Ye Ziming’s hand suddenly disappeared. When it re-appeared, the cultivator who shouted earlier had been cleaved from the waist down.

“You idiot! Since you already know they have Immortal artefacts, you should be hiding yourself. That is not the kind of power that we can face head on.”

All of them were greedy characters, desirous of snatching the Immortal artefact. However, when faced with the absolute threat of death, they would choose to preserve their lives.

“Island Lord Chen, you lured us all over. Now, you want to leave just like this? No way!” Suddenly a group of cultivators appeared to block Chen Feng.

Three Earthen Immortals, two Yao Immortals and a hovering, semi-transparent silhouette. There was no way to tell how strong the semi-transparent silhouette was.

How troublesome! Chen Feng shook his head.

“Guys, you should make way. I will give you this advice, leave Void City right now. If we fail to get away in time, it will be difficult to leave,” Chen Feng said. 

“You want us to leave? Easy, just hand over the Immortal artefact in your hand.”

“That’s right! As long as you hand over two Immortal artefacts, we can forget about what happened today.”

“Sigh! Since you fellows insist on committing suicide, there is nothing else I can do.” Chen Feng shook his head and waved. The Treasured Ocean Pearl appeared in his hand and he prepared to fire it out.


Suddenly, the world around them shook and everything before them turned black for a brief moment. When their ability to see was finally restored, they saw an expanse of grey all around them. Spatial turbulence filled their surroundings and it was as though they had been transported into the void.


Chen Feng and Ye Ziming sighed at the same time.

“We were too late.”

“This is going to be problematic.”

“Brother Ye, you should know what this is, right?” Chen Feng turned to ask Ye Ziming.

“The Xu Family has utilized their Immortal artefact. We have been transported to a special space. It will be incredibly difficult to escape from this place. And even if a cultivator manages to escape from this space, the chances of them surviving in void space is very small. All of the cultivators trapped here with us will likely die,” Ye Ziming said, a frown on his face.

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