Chapter 793 Absolute Void Slash


This situation is very advantageous for me. All I need to do is to deal with this fellow. Sigh! Not being able to utilize an Immortal artefact is really a problem here. Chen Feng shook his head. Swinging his hand, the Blood Mustering Bead then transformed into a ball of bloody light before blasting forward.

Xu Changkong, who was already flying towards Chen Feng, swung his wooden staff to stop the Blood Mustering Bead. Suddenly, the Lightning Bead flared with lightning bolts as it charged at him from another direction.

Seeing that shocked Xu Changkong. However, he did not panic. Instead, he snickered and waved with the wooden staff in his hand, causing the space there to fall into a state of chaos. This move managed to stop both the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead.

“Humph! Do you think I only have those magic treasures?” Chen Feng snickered and two icy beads charged towards Xu Changkong.

The two icy beads were none other than the Abyssal Ice Orbs that Chen Feng had extorted out from the Abyssal Ice Behemoth. Nature wise, the two icy beads were not actually magic treasures. Strictly speaking, they were more like the yao cores that the Abyssal Ice Behemoth had created. 

Thus, Chen Feng had an easier time controlling them to unleash their powers.

A power of extreme frost enveloped everything. At its max, it could freeze an entire world. The icy beads advanced side by side as they spun rapidly and the power emanating from them caused fear to grip Xu Changkong’s heart.

The two icy beads were as powerful as high-grade Dao artefacts, innately possessing the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s grand dao of ice. Just getting hit by one would have been something. And yet, there were two charging forward.

Sensing danger, Xu Changkong displayed his Great Void Technique to its limits. Even so, due to the clash between his move and the two Abyssal Ice Orbs, his figure was continuously getting pushed backwards. He was left with no time to care about the attacks from the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead.

Space began freezing and frost kept spreading outwards. If it weren’t for Xu Changkong’s proficiency in spatial techniques, he would have become trapped within the power of ice.



Two booming sounds rang out and the entire Void City shook. The Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead fell to the ground, creating two massive craters there while destroying countless buildings.

Meanwhile, due to the destructive attacks from the many cultivators there, the great arrays of Void City were constantly growing weaker.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng directed the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead to charge forward once more. This time, they struck the cell holding Ye Ziming.

As expected, the restrictive arrays there flashed and magic arrays were activated. The Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead shone with a light so dazzling it covered the sky.


Chen Feng grunted. No matter how powerful he may be, he was only just a starter-level Human Immortal. Earlier, he had attacked using several Dao artefacts. Due to that, signs of over exhaustion appeared and his essence, energy and soul power began wilting.

However, Chen Feng took a deep breath and utilized the Secret Domain Circulation Technique recorded in the Longevity Scripture. His longevity-type primary energy circulated non-stop and Chen Feng’s eyes shone once more as his aura transformed from a withered state to one of vigour.

The accumulated power within me is in no way weaker than that of an Earthen Immortal. I would like to see just how powerful this guy is! Chen Feng decided to take drastic measures. He waved his hand and even the Treasured Ocean Pearl shot out to assault Xu Changkong.

The attack from the two Abyssal Ice Orbs had been pushing Xu Changkong back again and again. How could he stop the Treasured Ocean Pearl? It smashed his head and he tumbled, nearly losing his grip over the wooden staff.

“Ye Ziming! Hurry up and come out!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted, his voice reverberating across the entire Void City. As the voice contained immortal dao laws, even the areas beneath Void City – reaching an underground depth of 500 kilometres – would be able to hear Chen Feng’s words clearly.

To Chen Feng’s disappointment, he received no reply from Ye Ziming. Nothing happened, in fact.

Is Ye Ziming not locked up here? That cannot be right. According to the information I received, he should be here. Chen Feng grew surprised and he shouted again.

“As expected, you really are here for Xu Ziming. Chen Feng, you are truly a loyal fellow. For the sake of a minor Xu Ziming, you would actually be willing to make an enemy of our Xu Family.” Xu Changkong had managed to escape the Abyssal Ice Orbs’ pursuit and he cast an icy stare at Chen Feng. In Xu Changkong’s opinion, Chen Feng was now a character capable of threatening him. The reason for that were the several Dao artefacts hovering before him.

“You possess a high number of magic treasures. Truly, powerful. With just one Dao artefact, I am probably incapable of stopping you. However, do not forget, this is Void City. This is our Xu Family’s headquarters. Without any cards, could we have survived for tens of thousands of years?” After saying that, Xu Changkong raised the wooden staff and strands of energy furiously converge upon Xu Changkong. He had become one with Void City.

He's borrowing Void City’s power! Chen Feng’s face turned grim. Without hesitating, he waved, sending the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead forward to bombard the buildings some distance away. Every building destroyed represented a destroyed magic array. Given enough time, Chen Feng would be able to tear down the entire Void City.

However, Xu Changkong, who had gathered up enough power, did not give Chen Feng that time. 

A blade of light appeared before Xu Changkong, hovering there as it devoured the power around it.

I am likely incapable of defending against it. Chen Feng could tell that this was an attack that even the Treasured Ocean Pearl might not be able to block. While this attack might not succeed in breaking the defence that he could put up, the resulting shockwaves alone would be enough to quake him to death.

Even the Longevity Steps is probably not enough to evade this. No, it is possible. However, I will need to borrow some other power. Tower, help me extract some of the Immortal artefact’s power. Seeing Xu Changkong on the verge of firing out the attack, Chen Feng hastily contacted Tower.

“Humph! If you can just comprehend one or two more Longevity Steps, avoiding this type of move will be a piece of cake!” Tower made use of the opportunity to land a low blow on Chen Feng.

“Is there any point is saying that right now? If I can evade his attack with the Longevity Steps, would I have asked for your help?” Chen Feng was direct with his reply.

“Kid, have a taste of this Absolute Void Slash! This is a very powerful move from an immortal technique! If you can survive this move, I will not stop you anymore!” A smile appeared on Xu Changkong’s face. In his opinion, only an Ascendant Immortal would be able to evade this attack.


The void blade slashed forward and space became like a thin piece of cloth, sliced apart by the sharp blade before getting pushed to the side.

The power of the void surged forth, causing the power of the void blade to shoot up like a straight line.

Grand dao powers emerged alongside the power of the void as a riot of colours bedazzled the eyes. As a result, a power that was both illusory and real was constantly generated. 

Nothing could stop the void blade, which sliced everything in its path, reducing all into shattered bits.

Arriving before Chen Feng, the void blade then flashed forward and Chen Feng disappeared. It seemed as though the void blade had simply disintegrated him with that one move.

Bright light trailed behind the void blade like a tail as it continued forward, destroying one tall building after another. Coincidentally, a Yao Immortal arrived only to be struck by the void blade. He did not even get the chance to figure out what was happening before his body and soul was disintegrated away.

Even a Yao Immortal could be so easily killed off, let alone Chen Feng.

After firing out the killer move, Xu Changkong’s face became flushed before quickly turning pale. That move had consumed a great deal of Xu Changkong’s essence, energy and soul power.

“Something is not right!” Due to his failure to sense Chen Feng at all, Xu Changkong’s face turned grim. Swiftly, he swung the wooden staff in his hand to sense his surroundings.

Sou! Sou!

Two Abyssal Ice Orbs spun forward to attack Xu Changkong, one from the left and one from the right. Even before the Abyssal Ice Orbs made contact with Xu Changkong, the chilling aura they emanated had made its way into Xu Changkong’s body. Due to that, Xu Changkong, despite his cultivation level, felt a shiver run down his spine.

Next, space tore open and Chen Feng stepped out. Chen Feng himself did not appear too well. The paleness on his face was in no way better compared to Xu Changkong.

He had mobilized his Immortal artefact’s power, channelling it into his body before forcing himself to display the Longevity Steps with that power plus his own. This was practically a life-burning move. However, due to the massive amount of power Chen Feng had accumulated within him, he couldn’t care less about that.

After emerging from space, Chen Feng extended a finger to jab in Xu Changkong’s direction, firing a sharp gust of wind forward. That was the Immortal artefact’s power. Although it was only a strand of Immortal artefact power, it was more concentrated and far more powerful compared to the attack from the Treasured Ocean Pearl.


Instantly, one of Xu Changkong’s arms burst into a mist of blood. However, Xu Changkong did not cry out. Neither did his expression fall. Instead, his body merely shook a few times before swinging the wooden staff in his other hand at Chen Feng once more.

This fellow is truly formidable. If the Xu Family possess a few more cultivators of this calibre, I will have quite a tough time dealing with them when they come after me in the future, Chen Feng thought. Facing the incoming attack, Chen Feng sent forth the Treasured Ocean Pearl to block.


What happened next shocked Chen Feng. Xu Changkong’s other arm suddenly burst into a flower of blood, shattered to pieces.

Finally, Xu Changkong’s face twisted. He looked forward in shock. Naturally, he was not looking at Chen Feng. Instead, they were trained upon another cultivator, one who had just appeared. 

It was a young cultivator in tattered clothes. Despite his skinny body, he gave off the atmosphere of a highly capable character. There was a smile on his face. However, his eyes shone like two miniaturized suns. It was such that others would not dare to look directly into his eyes.

The young cultivator held a peculiar-looking geomantic compass in his hand. Dark, greyish energy streams hovered across the surface of the geomantic compass and ancient characters were hiding amidst them.

“Ye Ziming!”

“Xu Ziming!”

Chen Feng and Xu Changkong cried out simultaneously.

“Brother Chen, I truly did not expect you to come save me.” Ye Ziming looked at Chen Feng with a bright smile. Seeing the smile, Chen Feng felt as though he was seeing the same Ye Ziming he saw years ago.

Then, Ye Ziming turned to look at Xu Changkong and said, “My name is Ye Ziming. My surname is Ye and not Xu.”

Ye Ziming’s voice was so icy it could pierce deep into a person’s soul.

“Since you’ve managed to escape, this makes things easier. Let’s book it.” Chen Feng had calmed down. Although he was feeling curious about the whole thing, this was not the time for them to be having a chat.

“You want to leave? It’s not up to you!” By then, Xu Changkong had also calmed down. The two lost limbs had already grown back. At the same time, he chanted and the wooden staff in his hand shone, its light becoming increasingly bright and powerful.


1 li = 0.5 km. 1,000 li or 500 km also means far away in Chinese.


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