Chapter 792 Xu Changkong


Seeing the Divine Phantom Mink start a carnage with the lance, Chen Feng felt an impulse to join in as well. However, he was aware of his role and objective. Thus, he held his impulse in check. That said, to be on the safe side, he decided to release another Yao Immortal, the Hell Dog, out.

Speaking of the four Yao Immortals from Ascendant Immortal Skylodge, the Hell Dog had managed to make a minor breakthrough recently. Thus, his cultivation base had stabilized somewhat. That was also why Chen Feng had chosen to release the Hell Dog. Should he release any of the other three, be it the tiger yao, tree yao or Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm, they would likely be forced to face their Heavenly Tribulation on the spot. 

The Hell Dog’s strength was one notch higher compared to the Divine Phantom Mink. Likewise, he was also equipped with a semi-transparent lance. Brandishing the lance, the amount of destruction he unleashed surpassed that of the Divine Phantom Mink.


A lance pierced its way forward and a passageway appeared. There was no way to tell how long the passageway was. However, Chen Feng quickly rushed inside, leaving the two Yao Immortals to attract the others.

“Another Immortal artefact? What is going on here?”

It wasn’t just the Xu Family cultivators, even the other cultivators were shocked to the point of temporarily stopping whatever they were doing. Three Immortal artefacts had appeared within Void City at the same time. No matter how you look at it, this was weird.

“Patriarch Driftsoul, just what is going on here? How could your Void City possess so many Immortal artefacts?” a formidable Yao Immortal shouted.

“This is a conspiracy! Someone wants you fellows to start a fight with our Xu Family! Do you fellows still not understand?” Patriarch Driftsoul was one of the Earthen Immortals from the Xu Family. Although he detested these cultivators who were trying to plunder the burning house to the extreme, he chose not to let his emotions show. This was not a good time to be getting into a fight.

“If that is the case, there is no need for us to continue this battle.”

“You’re right. We should stop the fight for now,” Patriarch Driftsoul quickly said.

“I have no objections with stopping the fight. However, your Xu Family must not stop us. Also, remove the great arrays of your Void City. After we find the Immortal artefacts, we will leave,” Old Freak Coilmount said with a sinister tone. After a series of bloody battles, Old Freak Coilmount cut quite the wretched sight. Even so, the aura he radiated only became more ferocious.

“That’s impossible.” The Earthen Immortals from the Xu Family were quick to refuse.

“Looks like your Xu Family wants the three Immortal artefacts for yourselves. Can there be such a good deal? Looks like we’ll still have to attack!” an Earthen Immortal said. His whole body shone with golden light.

“Attack! The Xu Family is trying to buy time.”

“Your title is Patriarch Driftsoul? My title is Patriarch Voidsoul. I have long since wanted to see for myself the Great Void Technique of the Xu Family. I will make use of this opportunity to ask you for pointers then.”

“Fine, I’ll play with you. However, all of you will likely be incapable of leaving today.”

“The way I see it, your Xu Family is the one that will be annihilated today.”

As the negotiations between the two sides had failed to bear fruit, they started fighting once again. The Xu Family were counting on their deep foundation for this. If the issue were to truly escalate to a critical point, some of the old, monstrous characters within their family who had been staying hidden all this time would emerge. Meanwhile, the number of invading cultivators grew increasingly high as even more experts arrived. They all shared the same objective, the Immortal artefacts within Void City.

Found it. It should be right ahead. Chen Feng had just finished performing a soul-searching technique on another Xu Family cultivator and had found the exact location of Ye Ziming’s cell.

Due to that, Chen Feng sped up. However, as he was close to reaching Ye Ziming’s cell, someone appeared to stop him.

An Earthen Immortal with the appearance of a young man cast a calm look at Chen Feng. And yet, Chen Feng could sense hints of killing energy coming from his eyes.

A mid-level Earthen Immortal. An expert from the Xu Family has finally revealed himself. Chen Feng dared not be careless about this and he secretly put his guard up.

“The riot unfolding within this city must have been caused by you, right? Island Lord Chen Feng, the genius cultivator from the Northern Plains’ Extreme Celestial Sect,” the young man said calmly, identifying Chen Feng on the spot.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I do not have that kind of ability. I am just a guest of the Xu Family. Due to the riot, I ended up getting lost. After running around, I ended up here. If there is nothing, I will take my leave.”

Naturally, Chen Feng had no desire to get into a fight with him. The reason he was here was to save Ye Ziming. Some unnecessary variables might pop up if he were to start a fight with this young man.

Unfortunately, Chen Feng’s opinion did not matter. There was no way for Chen Feng to leave. With a simple wave of his hand, the young man caused the space around them to transform. Next, Chen Feng felt lightness beneath his feet as various gravitational forces filled their surroundings. Looking around, he saw starry dots all around him. Surprisingly, he was within the depths of space.

Impressive! I wonder, is this a spatial shift move or a spatial isolation move? At present, I am both within Void City and not within Void City. Given his skill, exploring outer space would be a normal thing for him. Chen Feng felt shocked. However, he did not panic. Instead, he waved his hand and the Treasured Ocean Pearl flew out to encase his figure.

In the face of such an opponent, the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead were no longer that effective. The only exception would be for Chen Feng to advance to the Earthen Immortal stage, allowing him to wield the two Dao artefacts’ full power.

“A top-grade Dao artefact containing Dawnsource Crystal Water. Not bad. Hand it over,” the young man said, beckoning with his hand. Instantly, Chen Feng felt the Treasured Ocean Pearl shaking violently, seemingly on the verge of flying away from him.

Chen Feng swiftly focused. He channelled all of his power, fusing it with the Treasured Ocean Pearl’s power to finally unravel the suction force acting on it.

“Not bad. Even though you are only a starter-level Human Immortal, you possess such a formidable cultivation base. This is a rare thing in the world of cultivation. How about this? Just be obedient and submit, join our Xu Family and contribute to our Xu Family. We can ignore the troubles that you have created here. A clean slate. Additionally, you will be able to better develop yourself within our Xu Family. Youngster, what do you think?”

“How should I address senior?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Patriarch Lasting Space, Xu Changkong!”

“So, it’s Patriarch Lasting Space, forgive my manners. However, I want to ask you about someone,” Chen Feng replied with the same smile. 

“You mean Ziming, right?”

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“As long as you join our Xu Family, you will be able to meet Ziming.”

“I have created such a havoc here. I doubt that your Xu Family will be able to sincerely accept me.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“If I say it can be done, then it can be done. How about it, youngster? Although you possess quite the power, in the face of our Xu Family, it is nothing. You need to consider this properly.” Xu Changkong maintained a calm expression on his face. However, Chen Feng sensed a growing atmosphere of pressure emanating from Xu Changkong’s figure. 

“I will need to see Ye Ziming first.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Looks like there is still a need for me to take action. After I capture you, you will be able to meet Ziming. By the way, his name is Xu Ziming, not Ye Ziming,” Xu Changkong said, taking a step forward to perform a grasping move. Next, turbulent void currents surged out from void space and Chen Feng felt as though he had become a small boat in the face of a tsunami. He seemingly lost control over his own body and it felt as though the surrounding pressure would devour him.

This is the real Great Void Technique! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up before turning black. His legs moved quickly as he attempted to rush out. However, he found that his surroundings had become incredibly viscous. Even the movement technique that would usually feel smooth had turned slow.

“It’s useless. Your cultivation level is too low. You have only comprehended a smidge of the utilization of laws. You should just surrender.” After saying that, Xu Changkong grasped with his hand once more and everything before Chen Feng’s eyes turned black as a suffocating feeling bore down on him.

This was the absolute difference in power. Chen Feng was aware that he would be incapable of fighting against this opponent unless he utilized his magic treasures.

When Chen Feng was in the Sky Human stage, he had been able to kill off opponents who were on a higher level than him. Occasionally, he could even kill off opponents who were several levels higher than him. However, as this cultivation level rose, the amount of level difference that Chen Feng could ignore began decreasing. Generally speaking, the difference between one level was like the difference between Heaven and Earth and the cultivator with the higher level can instantly kill off the one with the lower level.

Chen Feng was only a starter-level Human Immortal. Logically speaking, there would be no way for him to face a mid-level Earthen Immortal. Rather, just one gaze from this opponent would be enough to kill off Chen Feng.

That was even more so when facing Xu Changkong’s attacks. Chen Feng was simply incapable of blocking his attacks. However, Chen Feng was only feeling apprehensive, not worried. Firstly, Chen Feng still had some killer moves up his sleeves. Secondly, Chen Feng had faced Ascendant Immortals back in the Heavensday Battlefield before. Thus, he did not feel too terrified when facing this Earthen Immortal. As for the suffocating aura that this opponent was assailing him with, Chen Feng did not think too much about it.


The Treasured Ocean Pearl in Chen Feng’s hand suddenly shook and a bubble appeared to encase Chen Feng. Grand dao powers surged to form a separate space and Chen Feng was able to move freely once more.

Next up, the Treasured Ocean Pearl began spinning furiously and wave after wave of water ripples spread outwards. Everywhere they went, the space that Xu Changkong created was shattered and even the starry dots far away were engulfed, disappearing from sight.

The Treasured Ocean Pearl was a top-grade Dao artefact that innately possessed the grand dao of water. It was capable of both offence and defence. With the protection of the Treasured Ocean Pearl, Chen Feng believed that Xu Changkong would be incapable of doing anything to him.

Of course, Chen Feng wanted to do more than just block Xu Changkong’s attacks. He also wanted to escape from him. Either that or defeat him and rescue Ye Ziming.

As Chen Feng was planning his next move, a long wooden staff suddenly appeared in Xu Changkong’s hand. With the exception of its smooth surface, the wooden staff did not appear particularly special. However, by swinging the wooden staff, Xu Changkong caused the power of the void to surge forward. Struck by this power, the watery ripples created by the Treasured Ocean Pearl were broken and a river of stars seemingly poured down on Chen Feng.

Even with the protection of the Treasured Ocean Pearl, Chen Feng still felt as though he had been struck by a mountain. His body flailed and he nearly sprayed out blood from his mouth.

A high-grade Dao artefact. Additionally, he is also utilizing the Great Void Technique. This fellow will not be easy to handle. Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Even so, the collision between the two powers caused an unexpected variable to pop up. The space that Xu Changkong created began collapsing due to the resulting shockwaves.

Seeing that, Chen Feng quickly made use of the opportunity to employ the Longevity Steps, shifting his figure out to re-appear somewhere within Void City.

Unfortunately, I have yet to fully gain control over the Deepsea Maelstrom. With two top-grade Dao artefacts, I should have no issues dealing with him. But now, I will have to come up with some other plan. Chen Feng checked his surroundings before using his divine sense to check up on the Divine Phantom Mink and Hell Dog’s situation. Then, his face instantly broke into a smile.

At present, only a mid-level Earthen Immortal had appeared on the Xu Family’s side. Additionally, the two Yao Immortals that Chen Feng had sent out were still whipping up a bloodbath, the lances with Immortal artefact power in their hands. If it weren’t for the reinforcing magic power and great arrays protecting Void City, it would have long since faced utter destruction. Even so, it would appear that its destruction was just a matter of time. 

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