Chapter 791 Chaos


Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Due to the soundwaves from the voice, some cultivators with weaker cultivation bases fell down from the sky, smashing out craters as they made contact with the ground.

However, some of the stronger cultivators did not think too much about it. One such example was Old Freak Coilmount, who rode his Blackwater Wyrm to smash his way into the city, destroying countless buildings in the process. Even a large section of Void City’s wall was destroyed in the process.

“No matter how powerful your Xu Family may be, you cannot fight against so many cultivators! If you know what is good for you, hurry up and hand over that kid, otherwise we will reduce Void City to rubble!” Old Freak Coilmount laughed loudly.

“That’s right! So what if your Xu Family is powerful? If you dare obstruct us, don’t blame us for being rude!” several other high-level Human Immortals said in unison.

“Since you fellows have a death wish, come!” The voice of the Earthen Immortal from the Xu Family gradually turned calm.

“Everyone, let’s charge forward together! There is nothing to fear.”

Over 100 cultivators surged into Void City. Even the weakest amongst them was at the Human Immortal stage. The strongest amongst them was naturally Old Freak Coilmount. However, not long after entering Void City, they ended up in a state of shock.

All the great arrays within Void City activated. The great arrays of Void City had been perfected by the Earthen Immortals of the Xu Family throughout the generations. Thus, the moment they were activated, Old Freak Coilmount and the others ended up feeling a sense of crisis.

One by one, the Human Immortals invading Void City were killed off. Even Old Freak Coilmount were besieged by two Earthen Immortals. However, thanks to the assistance of his Blackwater Wyrm, he was able to hold on for a moment.

I was too careless! Old Freak Coilmount’s inflamed heart began cooling down.

“Don’t kill me! I am willing to leave Void City!” Someone finally began begging for mercy.

“You want to leave now? Too late! Everyone who entered Void City must die!”

At any rate, the Xu Family was a well-known, first-rate family with a very deep foundation. They possessed a high number of Human Immortals and even a few Earthen Immortals. Add the city guardian great arrays, all the invading cultivators ended up in a completely disadvantageous position.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Here I come!” Suddenly, a wild laughter rang out from afar to assail the city. Due to the soundwaves, the great arrays of Void City ended up shaking slightly.

“Who is it?” the cultivators from the Xu Family shouted. At the same time, they felt alarmed. The aura of an Immortal artefact from earlier had likely alerted many old monstrous characters who were lying low.

“I am Patriarch Voidsoul. I am here today to see what Immortal artefact had appeared here.” A black silhouette floated into Void City. The voice coming out from it sounded very sinister.

“There is no Immortal artefact. You should just leave,” the Earthen Immortal from the Xu Family said grimly.

“Ha ha ha ha! Who do you think you’re bluffing here? Oh, isn’t this Old Freak Coilmount? Hey, old fogey, what are you doing here? Looks like things aren’t looking too good for you, eh?” Patriarch Voidsoul suddenly caught sight of Old Freak Coilmount.

“Humph, you old bugger! There is indeed an Immortal artefact here. Not to mention, it is quite a good Immortal artefact. However, it will likely be hard to snatch it.” The magic arrays that were assailing Old Freak Coilmount grew increasingly formidable. And yet, when he saw Patriarch Voidsoul, he was only slightly happy. Additionally, his words did not sound friendly at all. They did not have a good relationship.

“That’s simple. We can just let the Xu Family hand it over,” Patriarch Voidsoul responded with a snicker.

“You make it sound so easy.”

“I say, your Xu Family already have your own Immortal artefacts. Just hand over this Immortal artefact, won’t you?” Patriarch Voidsoul then turned to one of the Earthen Immortals from the Xu Family and said with a smile on his face.

“Are you an idiot?” the Earthen Immortal replied with a sneer.

“Since we cannot come to an agreement, we’ll have to attack. Your Xu Family has been acting arrogantly for long enough. Today is the day your family breaks apart.”

“You think that you fellows are enough to do that?” the Earthen Immortal said scornfully.

“Count us in as well.”

One figure after another kept breaking their way into Void City. In just several breaths’ worth of time, eight Earthen Immortals had appeared atop Void City. The formidable atmosphere of coercion that they emanated brought so much discomfort to all the cultivators inside Void City that they could not even raise their heads.

What? So many Earthen Immortals? This is going to be a problem! The Earthen Immortal from the Xu Family began panicking.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! An Immortal artefact has emerged! It belongs to me!” An even wilder voice rang out and an even beefier body appeared in the sky above Void City.

Surprisingly, it was a Yao Immortal.

“You? That will depend on whether or not you have what it takes.” Another Yao Immortal, sporting two horns on his head, appeared.

“Hurry up and summon the patriarchs! This issue has escalated!” The Xu Family cultivators finally panicked for real. Even the few Earthen Immortals on their side felt powerless in the face of this enemy force.

Wa ha ha ha ha ha! Chen Feng was almost incapable of suppressing his desire to laugh. Everything he had done was for the sake of this moment. Seeing so many Earthen Immortals charge into Void City, Chen Feng knew that his chance had arrived.

In the end, however, Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

This time around, for the sake of rescuing Ye Ziming, I had created such a huge stir. Most importantly, the Xu Family will seriously hate me for this. My future days will likely not be peaceful.

Still, for the sake of my friend, everything is worth it!

In the end, Chen Feng’s eyes turned resolute once more. Ye Ziming was a good friend of Chen Feng since his early cultivation days. Only, it had been a long time since their last meeting. Who knows what had happened to him?

Chen Feng was not afraid that others would discover him. He was utilizing a stealth technique recorded within the Longevity Scripture. Even cultivators who were at a higher level would find it very hard to detect Chen Feng. Additionally, there was also the complementary effect of the Dark and Void acupoints and the reinforcing power of his magic treasures. Chen Feng was confident that, unless an Earthen Immortal was standing right in front of him, no one would be able to detect his position. 

Eventually, the chaos unfolding within the city escalated and Chen Feng began making his move. He activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness to search for the flaws within the great arrays of the city and moved deeper into Void City.

He was able to advance smoothly. Along the way, he had also restrained several Xu Family cultivators. One of them happened to be a Human Immortal. By performing a soul-searching technique on them, he was able to obtain a rough location of the prison used to lock up Ye Ziming.

Although he had managed to discover Ye Ziming’s location, Chen Feng’s rate of advance ended up slowing down. The closer he got to the central area of Void City, the more restrictive arrays he encountered. Not to mention, the Xu Family cultivators that he encountered also grew increasingly formidable.

As Chen Feng was close to reaching the central area, he secretly lamented. This Xu Family is even stronger than I had imagined. Hopefully, I will be able to smoothly rescue Ye Ziming. It’d be truly vexing to fail after going through all this trouble.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The battle erupting within the city grew increasingly fierce and a riot of colours enveloped Void City. The sounds of battle and shouts reverberated endlessly. Sensing his surroundings for a bit, Chen Feng then smiled.

How long has it been since Void City became so lively?

Hopefully, you fellows won’t blame me. I am doing this for my friend, after all.

Chen Feng continued to advance stealthily, not starting any open conflict with the Xu Family cultivators. Finally, he made his way into the central area of Void City.

By then, someone had finally found the lance than Chen Feng embedded into the ground. The moment the lance appeared, the aura of an Immortal artefact that it exuded instantly drove all the cultivators there into a heightened state of madness.

The first one to obtain the lance was an Earthen Immortal from the Xu Family. However, before he could keep it, Old Freak Coilmount had snatched it from his hands.

Next, Old Freak Coilmount’s allies backstabbed him and he was wounded by a Yao Immortal who snatched the lance away. 

Following that, the great array of Void City moved to bind the Yao Immortal, wanting to take the lance from his hand.

Thus, every single one of the cultivators charged forward to compete for the lance once more.

The battle grew even more chaotic.

“Tower, do you think there are any Ascendant Immortals safeguarding this city?” Whenever he was in a critical juncture, Chen Feng would ask Tower. Although there were times when he could not get an accurate answer from Tower, doing so would give Chen Feng more confidence. Perhaps, this way his way of lying to himself. 

“Maybe yes, maybe no,” Tower answered with a simple and concise answer. Hearing that, Chen Feng nearly fell face first to the ground.

“That’s not an answer, is it?” Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

“Ha ha ha, not necessarily.” Tower laughed and went silent.

The restrictive arrays in the central area were more complex. The great arrays there circulated and intertwined one another, a bedazzling sight to behold. Even after analysing it with his Magic Eyes of Darkness, Chen Feng could not help but feel apprehensive. Although he could clearly see all the flaws of the restrictive arrays, there was no way for him to charge forward without leaving a trace.

If I force my way forward, the cultivators from the Xu Family will definitely notice it. Sigh! Why are those guys so idiotic? They have been fighting for so long, but they haven’t even broken their way here. Looks like I must use another method.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment. Then, he grasped and another semi-transparent lance appeared in his hand. Next, he hurled it forward. The lance shone with a dazzling light to pierce the many layers of restrictive arrays there before heavily striking the ground, triggering circular shockwaves which spread outwards.

Buildings began collapsing and the cultivators inside the buildings rushed out in panic.


The Divine Phantom Mink transformed into a clump of black light as he flew out. Assuming his original form, he roared skywards and rapidly rushed forward to grab the lance inserted into the ground. With a wave of the lance, he caused energy waves to rampage about, causing even space itself to tear.

“Another Immortal artefact!”

“Another Immortal artefact has emerged! It is deep within the city!”

The cultivators who were fighting within the city grew shocked. Next, their eyes turned redder. Having so many of them compete for one Immortal artefact meant that they would face incredible pressure and competition for it. However, another Immortal artefact had appeared. Thus, some of the crazed cultivators quickly dashed towards the central area of Void City.

“It’s inside the city. Something isn’t right.”

“I feel like this is a trap.”

The cultivators from the Xu Family instinctively sensed that something was amiss. By then, even an idiot could tell that there was something else going on. However, due to the allure of an Immortal artefact, the eyes of the countless cultivators had turned red. Not to mention, there were even more cultivators that were constantly making their way over from other places. For the Xu Family cultivators, pacifying the situation would be an incredibly difficult feat. 

“Let them go! They’re simply courting death. After this whole thing is over, we must find out just who is messing with us. They dare mess with our Xu Family? They don’t know the meaning of death!”

Even so, Chen Feng had achieved his objective. Wielding the lance, the Divine Phantom Mink unleashed attacks all around him. The Divine Phantom Mink was at the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage and was far stronger than Chen Feng. Thus, the amount of Immortal artefact power that the Divine Phantom Mink could unleash was greater. Two Earthen Immortals rushed over only for the Divine Phantom Mink to stab one of them to death. As they fought, the Divine Phantom Mink also destroyed many of the restrictive arrays and buildings around him. Due to that, the central area of the city was quickly left in a ruined state. 

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