Chapter 79: Boundless


Back then, Tower mentioned that my sea of wisdom contains the Longevity Scripture. I have already completely opened up my 1st sea of wisdom layer, but I still cannot find the so-called cultivation technique. Could it be Tower had lied to me? Chen Feng thought to himself.

No. I have to carefully search my sea of wisdom. Tower said it is, so there must be a Longevity Scripture in my sea of wisdom. There is no reason for Tower to lie to me about something like this. Having come to that conclusion, Chen Feng began utilizing every strand of his divine sense to comb his sea of wisdom. Divine sense was born from the sea of wisdom. However, while he had already fully opened up his 1st sea of wisdom layer, Chen Feng suddenly realized that he had yet to truly comprehend the wonders of the sea of wisdom.

“This kid. To only remember to comprehend the wonders of the sea of wisdom at this point in time. Seriously…” As Chen Feng was fully concentrated on his sea of wisdom, a faint voice rang out from the Longevity Tower deep within Chen Feng’s forehead. It was none other than Tower. All of Chen Feng’s thoughts earlier did not escape his notice.

“I wonder how far this kid can cultivate up to? Sigh, what a pity, what a pity! If only I weren’t so badly damaged back then, we would not have fallen to such a wretched situation. Hopefully, this kid is blessed by Lady Luck. Otherwise, forget being worried, I might end up getting refined as well.” Tower’s voice suddenly took on a slightly wistful tone.

Chen Feng, who was fully immersed within his sea of wisdom, was not able to hear those words. At that moment, Chen Feng was in the midst of sensing the wonders of the sea of wisdom. His divine sense gathered into a clump before flitting continuously through his sea of wisdom. Chen Feng felt like a fish, swimming leisurely through the vast sea. A mysterious energy filled his sea of wisdom. These energies were none other than the surrounding waters. Strand after strand of energy would be pulled out from them before condensing again and again to form strands of wondrous power. That wondrous power was none other than divine sense.

I get it! I get it! In the past, I have not carefully studied the wonders of the sea of wisdom. Instead, I had only passively sucked out the divine sense from within it. In hindsight, the knowledge that the past me possessed was too superficial. A feeling of epiphany suddenly bloomed within Chen Feng. Next, his divine sense, which had converged into a clump, abruptly spread out. Like sound waves, they continued to spread through every corner of his sea of wisdom as they searched through everything within the sea of wisdom.

Chen Feng felt as though his sea of wisdom was truly the equivalent of a boundless sea. Or perhaps, the limitless starry sky. With but a thought, he could cover every part of his sea of wisdom. It was a wondrous experience. By willing it, he could instantly move through a distance of tens of millions of li. It felt as though he had suddenly become an omnipotent creator of all (1 li = 0.5 km).

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng could feel his divine sense sifting non-stop through his sea of wisdom, scanning through everything. However, after some time had passed, he was unable to find anything.

Impossible! There is nothing? Reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng cast out his net once more as he began searching his sea of wisdom again.

Chen Feng himself was unaware how long had passed. All he knew was that his divine sense had sifted through his sea of wisdom hundreds of times, perhaps more. In the end, however, he found nothing.

Although he had failed to find the Longevity Scripture, Chen Feng could feel himself becoming more proficient in the usage of divine sense. Additionally, he had comprehended some of its mysteries.

“That’s not right. There is nothing at all. It seems there is a need to ask Tower,” Chen Feng mumbled to himself.

“Kid, why are you so stupid? Can’t you go down and have a look?” Tower’s voice suddenly reverberated through the sea of wisdom.

“Down!” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. Next, his divine sense converged and he hastily descended to the bottom of his sea of wisdom.

There was a thick barrier at the bottom of the sea of wisdom. Unlike the layer of fog defending his sea of wisdom in the past, this barrier was the obstacle lying between the first layer and the second layer of his sea of wisdom. Only by breaking through this barrier can he enter the second layer of his sea of wisdom. At the same time, he would also break through to level 2 of the Concealed stage.

“Could it be here?” Chen Feng’s divine sense moved to land upon the surface of the barrier. When he did, he was visited by a feeling. The barrier was incomparably thick and was even more durable compared to the most durable of metals.

With a thought, Chen Feng’s divine sense suddenly converged together once more. Next, it spun rapidly. Like a drill, it shot down at the barrier.


Chen Feng’s divine sense exploded, transforming into countless strands of silk, which spread apart. As for Chen Feng, he felt as though someone had smashed his head with an iron hammer. It was extremely unbearable.

“Sii! The barrier below is so durable, it is tens of times more durable compared to the layer of fog defending the sea of wisdom,” Chen Feng exclaimed. He quickly re-gathered his divine sense.

I wonder when will I be able to condense out my own body. When my cultivation base reaches that point, I should be able to easily break this barrier. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Now, let’s search around. Next, Chen Feng began searching the surface of the barrier. The barrier felt like a thick piece of rock, sturdy, thick and unbreakable. However, Chen Feng could faintly sense a huge power hidden beneath the barrier. Should the barrier be broken, that power would erupt out like a volcano.

After searching through nearly every part of the barrier’s surface, a book finally appeared before Chen Feng. A book? How strange! How strange! How could there be a book in my sea of wisdom? Could this be the Longevity Scripture that Tower mentioned? If this is really the Longevity Scripture, who was the one who placed it here? Various thoughts popped out from Chen Feng’s mind, filling him with shock and questions.

After that, Chen Feng’s divine sense reached for the book. The moment Chen Feng’s divine sense was about to make contact with the book, it shone with golden light and two words appeared on the surface of the book.

They were none other than the words: Longevity Scripture.

As expected, the Longevity Scripture! Chen Feng was shocked.


The words Longevity Scripture abruptly scattered apart to transform into a clump of dazzling, flowing light. Next, the image of a middle-aged man appeared before Chen Feng.

The moment he saw the middle-aged man, Chen Feng felt something stirring within the depths of his soul. An inexplicable feeling spread through every corner of his body.

The middle-aged man possessed a straight and lean stature and he wore cyan-coloured clothes. His face was both handsome and resolute. His long hair billowed about and his eyes were like the stars. With those eyes which seemingly harboured splendour, he looked at Chen Feng. 

“You! Who are you?” The middle-aged man’s sudden appearance shocked Chen Feng and he retreated.

“Sigh! How unexpected! After all this time, you have only cultivated up to the Concealed stage,” said the middle-aged man slowly after releasing a sigh. His voice was thick, but it also contained a magnetic charm. It was one that others would involuntarily find pleasant.

“However, this is not your fault.” An enigmatic look appeared on the middle-aged man’s face as he looked at Chen Feng. 

Just as Chen Feng was about to speak up, the middle-aged man, seemingly knowing what Chen Feng had in mind, spoke up, “Do not ask me who I am. I will not tell you. As it is, you are too weak.”

“Again with the I am too weak?” After so long had passed, Chen Feng once again felt humiliated. And yet, there was nothing he could do about it. It was true. Although he had reached the Concealed stage, he was still very weak, so much so that he could not even find out the truth about himself.

“This Longevity Scripture was originally left here for you. Once you enter the Concealed stage, you would have been able to find it. At present, though, it would appear this is no longer necessary. You have already obtained the whole Longevity Scripture. In other words, Tower is still alive. I am relieved,” said the middle-aged man leisurely. There was a rich baritone in his voice, which brought forth a pleasant sensation.

“Who are you? Just who are you?! Why won’t Tower tell me? Why won’t you tell me?!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted out.

“Since Tower did not tell you, it is only natural that I will not tell you either. Again, telling you now will not help you. Rather, it will only adversely affect your rate of cultivation,” said the middle-aged man with a smile. Seeing the smile suddenly put Chen Feng’s mind at peace.

“Why do I feel this way?” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“I do not have much time. This will be all for today,” as he spoke, the middle-aged man’s silhouette began growing faint, seemingly about to dissipate away.

“Wait! I still have some things I want to say!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” The middle-aged man suddenly acted out of character by laughing aloud.

“Meeting you, I can now take a load off my mind. Do not panic, we will meet again in the future,” said the middle-aged man with a smile. 

“Meet? When? When can we meet again? Who are you? Are you my relative?” asked Chen Feng with an agitated tone.

“The answer remains the same: When you are strong enough. Originally, I had planned on leaving some cultivation knowledge for you, but I have changed my mind. Although doing so will allow your cultivation base to explode upwards, it will not be beneficial for you in the long run. Remember this. Only the power gained from your own effort will truly belong to you.”

The moment he finished speaking those words, the image of the middle-aged man burst apart, transforming into countless golden motes of light. Finally, the motes of light converged together to form a stream of light, which flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“This is a small portion of my essence power. During critical moments, it will be able to assist you a few times. You must remember one more thing, my name is ‘Boundless’.”

Chen Feng felt as though the word ‘Boundless’ was ringing resonantly through his soul. The resulting reverberations were so strong, his clumped up divine sense was nearly shattered.

Finally, everything calmed down and it was as though the middle-aged man had never appeared. Chen Feng’s divine sense was the only thing drifting within his sea of wisdom, and it remained immobile for a long time.

“Boundless. Could he be a relative of mine? It seems I am not a common orphan.” Even after a long time had passed, Chen Feng was unable to calm himself down.

Directly after emerging from his sea of wisdom, Chen Feng entered the Longevity Tower. Unexpectedly, Tower was waiting for him.

“I knew you’d come looking for me.” There was a slightly melancholic tone in Tower’s voice.

“Who is Boundless?” asked Chen Feng bluntly.

“I will not be telling you that. You will find that out on your own in the future. Besides, there is a good chance that you two will be meeting again,” said Tower.

“Why do you say there is a good chance?” Chen Feng noticed the way Tower had structured his words.

“Because, I can feel that Boundless’ situation is not that good. If it weren’t for that, he would have personally come to meet you.” Tower’s voice took a somewhat serious tone.

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