Chapter 788 Trouble Comes Knocking


On one particular day, a high-level Human Immortal finally decided to attack Chen Feng while he was still inside Void City.

Chen Feng was inside his courtyard, drinking wine and chatting with the Human Immortals from the Xu Family when a grand, ocean-like aura abruptly descended to envelop Chen Feng and the two Human Immortals.

“Who? Who dares come create trouble in our Void City?!” one of the Xu Family cultivators shouted.

During the past few days, the Human Immortals from the Xu Family had received a great deal of benefits from Chen Feng. All else aside, just the wine that they were drinking had essence of the ocean mixed within them. This was also the reason why they liked coming over to drink wine with Chen Feng.

“No matter how loudly you shout, it is useless. Outsiders are unaware of what is happening here.” An old man with a white beard appeared before the three of them.

“Sir, you are?” the Human Immortals asked warily.

The aura emanating out from the old man was as deep as the ocean. Divine senses and even gazes would end up getting absorbed after making contact with his body. There was simply no way to determine his cultivation state.

“Who I am is not important. I am here for him.” The old man looked at Chen Feng.

“So, it’s a high-level Human Immortal,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Truth be told, the moment Chen Feng saw the old man, he already knew why the old man would choose to take action. For the average humans, growing old, falling sick and dying was simply a matter of course. The same was true for cultivators. Only, due to their cultivation base, cultivators were able to magnify their life span to a seemingly-infinite scale. Add their skills and magic powers to the equation, most cultivators would choose to maintain a youthful or prime appearance.

If a cultivator possessed an aged appearance, it could either mean that the cultivator simply liked that appearance or his life span was already on the verge of reaching its end.

For the old man, it was the latter. Although he seemed to possess a ruddy complexion and a sturdy physical body, Chen Feng was able to detect traces of death energy around him. Most likely, this old man did not even have another 100 years of life span left in him.

For the average human, 100 years was a lifetime. For cultivators, however, especially those with high cultivation levels, that was just the amount of time they would spend on a cultivation retreat.

The reason he is here is because he wants to get some spiritual objects from me to prolong his life span. This is the Xu Family’s territory. For him to recklessly take action against me like this, he must truly be desperate, Chen Feng thought.

“Kid, just come with me.” The old man ignored the two Human Immortals. Instead, he stretched his hand to grasp in Chen Feng’s direction.

His grasping move contained worldly powers and immortal dao laws. Even the act of breaking space might not allow Chen Feng to avoid it.

And yet, Chen Feng managed to avoid it. Two steps. Displaying two steps, Chen Feng evaded the old man’s grasping move.

“Eh, how is this possible? You could actually evade my attack? That’s, an immortal technique!” The old man’s eyes shone and he wanted to continue attacking. Generally speaking, a high-level Human Immortal would easily be able to capture a starter-level Human Immortal. And yet, that move from him had missed. Due to that, he ended up feeling embarrassed. 


A clump of bloody light encased Chen Feng. The Blood Mustering Bead in his hand kept rotating and the power of blood fluctuated as grand dao powers broke apart the restrictive arrays that the old man had set up around the courtyard.

The Xu Family Human Immortals then flashed to re-appear somewhere far away. However, they kept their eyes trained on Chen Feng and the old man, shock etched on their faces.

“Grand dao powers! That’s a Dao artefact!” The old man’s eyes shone again.

“Looks like you will be unwilling to follow me unless I use some of my skills.” The old man then waved his hand and a staff appeared in his grasp. The grand dao powers emanating from it proved that it was also a Dao artefact.

“You dare put on airs here in our Void City? It doesn’t matter who you are, you’re a dead man!” The Human Immortals had already started calling for reinforcements. This was the Xu Family’s headquarters, after all. No matter how powerful this old man may be, he would be incapable of dealing with them.

Seeing what the Human Immortals from the Xu Family were doing, the old man’s face contorted. Truth be told, if it weren’t for his expiring life span, he would not have chosen to attack Chen Feng in Void City.

“Kid, since you don’t know how to appreciate kindness, don’t blame me for being rude!” After saying that, the old man attacked Chen Feng with the staff.

“It’s just a low-grade Dao artefact.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand abruptly shone to emit blood-coloured, watery, ripple-like waves.

There was a total of nine blood-coloured ripples. Each ripple was capable of unravelling 10% of the power behind the old man’s attack. Thus, the nine ripples were enough to unravel practically all the power behind the attack.

Woah! Woah!

That one exchange ended up incinerating the small courtyard that Chen Feng was staying in. That was despite the restrictive arrays protecting it. If it weren’t for the restrictive arrays, the clash between the two Dao artefacts would have caused the entire Void City to shake as well. 

“Heh! If you blow up Void City, you will likely end up dying on the spot. There will be no need to think of ways to extend your life span anymore,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Kid, just hand over your Dawnsource Crystal Water and I will leave immediately.” The old man sent Chen Feng a secret vocal transmission.

“Heh!” Chen Feng knew not whether to laugh or to cry.

“Even if you destroy the entire Void City, would I care? Besides, just because you want the Dawnsource Crystal Water, I must hand it over to you? Is there such a good thing in this world?” Chen Feng responded with a burst of laughter.

“What do you want then?” the old man hastily asked.

“No matter what, you must bring out something that is of equal value to the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Naturally, that would also depend on whether or not I am interested in it.” Chen Feng laughed again. At the same time, he also brought out the Lightning Bead, wielding it with his other hand.

Lightning flashed and grand dao powers charged high into the firmament. Seeing the two Dao artefacts rotating within Chen Feng’s palms, even the old man was left in a slight state of terror.

“Two Dao artefacts?!” The old man gnashed his teeth and promptly retracted the staff in his hand. Next, his figure vaulted up into the sky, disappearing in a flash.

After the old man’s departure, Chen Feng did not keep his two Dao artefacts. Instead, he swung his hand and the Lightning Bead flew forward to assail a building.


In the face of the Lightning Bead’s attack, the 10-metre-tall building simply vanished and not even the ash of the cultivators inside the building was left behind.

“Staying so close, aren’t you fellows just begging for death here?” Chen Feng sneered. Earlier, there were four Human Immortals residing inside the building. Unfortunately for them, all four of them ended up dying to the Lightning Bead.

Of course, there were still some cultivators lurking around, waiting for the chance to take action and capture Chen Feng. However, after witnessing the battle between Chen Feng and the old man, and seeing the two Dao artefacts in Chen Feng’s possession, every single one of them silently came to the agreement to lie low.

The power of two Dao artefacts was not something that they – mere Human Immortals – could contend with.

Chen Feng had only just kept his magic treasures when the cultivators from the Xu Family arrived. A total of ten plus Human Immortals led by two high-level Human Immortals appeared before Chen Feng.

Looking at the two large craters on the ground, the faces of the Xu Family cultivators turned extremely contorted. It had been a long time since something so serious happened within Void City.

“What happened here?” the leader of the group shouted grimly.

The two Human Immortals who were drinking with Chen Feng earlier swiftly moved forward to recount what happened.

“You guys, go capture that old man!”


A group of Human Immortals quickly disappeared.

“You must be Island Lord Chen, right? You caused such a big incident to happen in our Void City. How do you plan on explaining yourself?” In the end, the leader turned towards Chen Feng and said coolly.

“Explain? Explain what? I am the one who wants your Xu Family to give me an explanation! I am a guest of your Xu Family. And yet, I was attacked by an outsider for no reason. Shouldn’t your Xu Family give me an explanation?” Chen Feng retorted.

“Insolence! You are the one who caused this whole incident. Now that such a huge commotion has occurred, you dare say something like this? I will take you down right now!” One of the Human Immortals amongst the group appeared to be quite the short-tempered fellow.

“I caused this? Fine! If that’s the case, I’ll just leave! Heh! If others end up saying that the Xu Family are the kind of people who would drive away their guests just because they are afraid of troubles, it would have nothing to do with me. As for trying to take me down, even if all of you come at me together, you would be incapable of capturing me!” After saying that, a sky-vaulting aura surged out from Chen Feng, causing the entire Void City to shake.

“Grand dao laws! This is the power of a Dao artefact!” The group of cultivators grew shocked to see such a formidable power coming from Chen Feng.

“Guys, hold up!” The two Human Immortals who had received some benefits from Chen Feng in the past rushed out to persuade both sides to back down.

In the end, they did not start a fight. Even so, there were still some Xu Family cultivators who objected to the decision. They were all highly arrogant characters. For them, not taking action against Chen Feng was already a very open-minded decision on their part.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, smirked inwardly. If it weren’t for the fact that he still had something to do here, he would have long since killed them off and charged out.

In the end, Chen Feng declined to stay at the new place that the Xu Family arranged for him. Instead, he spent some money to rent a small courtyard. Seeing that, the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family felt somewhat embarrassed. At any rate, they had received some benefits from Chen Feng before. Thanks to that, they would be able to break through soon.

“There is no need to feel sorry. In ten days, I will leave Void City. I am really thankful to the two of you for accompanying me throughout my stay here. Let’s meet again in the future,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“He he! Island Lord Chen, the way I see it, it is better for you to not leave Void City. I fear that there might be some troubles waiting for you outside this city.”

Truth be told, the two Human Immortals also had their own plans. At any rate, their family was planning on snatching the two Dao artefacts in Chen Feng’s possession.

“Troubles? I am not afraid of troubles! If it comes down to it, I will just blow up my Dao artefacts! Even an Earthen Immortal would suffer from that!” Chen Feng laughed loudly.

Hearing that, cold sweat oozed out of the two Human Immortals’ bodies. If Chen Feng were to blow up his Dao artefacts, Void City – despite the protection of its magic arrays – would end up getting terribly damaged.

During the next 10 days, things continued developing according to Chen Feng’s plan. Again, Chen Feng became the target of attacks. A group of Human Immortals joined forces to besiege Chen Feng. And despite utilizing the two Dao artefacts, Chen Feng had to exert himself quite a bit before he could defeat them. Once again, some of the buildings in Void City were destroyed as a result.

Due to that, the Xu Family gave the order to have Chen Feng utilize the teleportation array within the city to leave.

Chen Feng did not even consider it before rejecting the request. What a joke! The teleportation array was located in the central area of Void City. If he were to head there, he would surely end up getting ambushed by the cultivators from the Xu Family.

However, that also informed Chen Feng that the Xu Family will be taking action soon.

Thus, Chen Feng went to find the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family and bid them farewell. After that, he led his eight ocean yao guards with him as he openly walked out from Void City’s gate.

Chen Feng’s action of leaving the city was instantly relayed to the Xu Family and the cultivators outside the city. Hearing that, they secretly drew up plans to capture Chen Feng.

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