Chapter 787 Scheme


“Ha ha ha! Thank you, Island Lord Chen.”

“Yes, thank you for the essence of the ocean.”

“You’re welcome. Truthfully, it’s just a cup of wine.” Chen Feng shook his head. Next, he waved his hand and two jade bottles flew towards the Human Immortals.

“This is?”

“Inside each bottle are 10 droplets of Dawnsource Crystal Water. You two have been taking care of me for the past few days. This is just a small gift to show my token of appreciation. I hope that the two of you will accept it,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 


“Ha ha ha! Island Lord Chen, don’t mention it.”

The two Human Immortals only hesitated for a moment before carefully keeping the jade bottles. That was a good item. There was no reason for the two of them to reject the jade bottles.

After accepting the jade bottles from Chen Feng, the two Human Immortals grew more friendly towards Chen Feng. They even started talking about things that they were not supposed to talk about. That was exactly what Chen Feng wanted.

Following that, Chen Feng continued staying in Void City. He would spend all his time either in cultivation or strolling around. He never mentioned Ye Ziming’s name again.

Later, Chen Feng also participated in several more auctions. Again, Chen Feng put on that same display of arrogance, deliberately revealing that he possessed many good items on his person. Naturally, the two Human Immortals who accompanied him also managed to obtain some benefits.

Due to that, the two Human Immortals grew pleased. Thanks to the items they obtained from Chen Feng, they would be able to break through to the next level. Thus, their attitudes towards Chen Feng grew from friendliness to respect and flattery.

On this particular day, Chen Feng was headed out once more. This time, Chen Feng had requested the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family to not accompany him. Since they had received so many benefits from Chen Feng, agreeing to this request was nothing.

Naturally, even though the two Human Immortals were not accompanying him, there were still others from the Xu Family secretly monitoring him. However, Chen Feng put on a façade of ignorance. After strolling around Void City, he then headed outside the city.

After leaving the city, Chen Feng moved leisurely. Leading the group of ocean yao guards, he looked like the young master of a great family out for a spring outing.

Not long after Chen Feng left Void City, some cultivators came for Chen Feng.

Two Human Immortals descended from the sky to appear before Chen Feng.

“Fellow friend, someone wants to meet you.” One of them cupped his fists and bowed in a saluting gesture. He appeared quite respectful towards Chen Feng.

“Who wants to meet me?” Chen Feng rolled his eyes and asked with a disdainful tone.

“You’ll find out once you get there.”

“Shoo them away!” Chen Feng shouted.

The ocean yao guards strictly enforced Chen Feng’s instructions and they swarmed forward to viciously beat up the two Human Immortals. It did not take long before the two Human Immortals were forced to run away, coughing blood as they did. The only reason they could leave was because Chen Feng had deliberately allowed them to live. Given the eight ocean yao guards on his side, killing off the two Human Immortals was simply too easy.

As expected, they are no longer capable of holding back. Hopefully, more Human Immortals would come. It would be even better if Earthen Immortals come, Chen Feng thought as he continued moving forward.

The cultivators from the Xu Family had been constantly on Chen Feng’s tail. Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of that. Rather, he was not only aware of the existence of the cultivators from the Xu Family. He could even sense the cultivators who were waiting in ambush up ahead.

There are quite a number of them. Not to mention, they even set up some magic arrays. Looks like they poured in quite the effort to deal with me. Chen Feng smiled. By borrowing the power of his Dao artefact, he was able to see the positioning of the cultivators and what they had set up.

Chuckling, Chen Feng then sped up, leading his ocean yao guards with him as he deliberately walked into the ambush.


The magic array activated and layer after layer of restrictive arrays moved forward to encase Chen Feng. Not even a Void Jump Talisman would be able to help him out from the magic array.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! This fellow is truly an idiot! To think that he could so easily fall into the trap!” A loud laughter made its way into Chen Feng’s ears.

The voice sounded very familiar to Chen Feng. He had heard the voice before in the auction house. 

Without any word from Chen Feng, the eight ocean yao guards had already begun attacking the restrictive arrays encasing them.

“It’s useless. We brothers had spent a great fortune to obtain this magic array. Even a high-level Human Immortal can forget about escaping from it, let alone a starter-level Human Immortal like you. If you obediently turn yourself over now, you can preserve your life.”

“Is that so? If I am not mistaken, you fellows should be the cultivators from the auction house. What is this? Are you fellows doing this for the sake of the Dawnsource Crystal Water in my possession?” Chen Feng said smilingly, unconcerned about the current situation.

“Ha ha ha ha! It’s not just the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Kid, everything you have on you is now ours!”

“That’s right. I heard that you also have other good items like essence of the ocean. Although I do not know what kind of background you have, encountering us means you’re a dead man. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame yourself for being too conceited.”

“Are you fellows not afraid of my backer?” Chen Feng asked again.

“No need to talk about things that hold no weight. No matter how powerful your backer may be, it is useless. Because you will be dying right now.”

“Are you fellows so confident in your ability to kill me?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face grew wider and a bloody light began shining out from his palm.

“You think you can still escape? With those eight ocean yaos? Dream on!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“This guy is too arrogant.”

The cultivators who were hiding in the dark shot out ridiculing words. In their opinion, there was no longer any way for Chen Feng to escape.

“Since I have so many good items on me, don’t you fellows think I would have a powerful magic treasure for protection?” After saying that, the Blood Mustering Bead abruptly flew out from Chen Feng’s hand to transform into a massive ball of blood. With a shake, it caused cracks to spread out across space. Next, bloody light shone out in a dazzling manner and the stretch of space there turned bloody.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of thunderous, explosive sounds rang out and all the restrictive arrays encasing Chen Feng and the ocean yao guards were shattered. Seeing that, the faces of the cultivators who were hiding in the dark sank sharply. Knowing that the tables had turned on them, the first thought to come to their minds was to run.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

With the magic array broken, the eight ocean yao guards quickly charged out.

Wielding the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand, Chen Feng then slowly stepped forward. A beam of bloody light shot out from the Blood Mustering Bead and a Human Immortal was killed off, his body reduced to a mist of blood, which then flew into the Blood Mustering Bead.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, beam after beam of bloody light flew out non-stop. Every beam that Chen Feng fired out meant that a Human Immortal would be killed off. Chen Feng took ruthless action against them. Even so, two of them managed to escape.

Naturally, that was because Chen Feng wanted them to escape.

The battle ended quickly and the ocean yao guards then moved to clear the place.

“Come, let’s go back.”

Chen Feng did not stay there. Instead, he simply returned to Void City.

As for the two Human Immortals who managed to escape, they were left in a state of absolute dread. Without healing up the wounds they took earlier, they kept running, only stopping after running across a distance of hundreds of thousands of li.

Turning to look at each other, they saw a bitter smile on each of their faces. The look of dread was still etched on their faces.

“What should we do now?”

“What else can we do? We had 12 people with us just now. And now, only the two of us are left. We should consider ourselves lucky for being able to escape.”

“Sigh! Who could’ve known that the kid would actually possess a Dao artefact? This result is just too terrible.”

“We were careless. Given how many good items he possesses and the ocean yao guards around him, his background must be very big. It is only natural that someone like him would possess a Dao artefact.”

“Are we to just leave like this? No way! Since we cannot get anything good out of this, we cannot let the kid have an easy time as well! I will go spread a rumour that this kid possesses a peerless treasure hoard! Hopefully, it can lure out some old monstrous characters.”

“That’s right! That’s a good suggestion. That way, the kid will surely end up facing a great deal of troubles. Still, we should focus on healing up our injuries for now.”

After Chen Feng returned to Void City, the way the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family looked at Chen Feng changed. It would appear that they were aware of what had transpired outside the city earlier.

What shocked the two Human Immortals the most was that Chen Feng was actually in possession of a Dao artefact. This was astonishing. Upon receiving word of this, even the higher-ups would feel tempted.

Thus, even if Chen Feng were to express a desire to leave, the Xu Family would think of a way to have him stay.

Three days later, Chen Feng headed outside the city again. Once again, the Human Immortals from the Xu Family did not accompany him. Instead, they were secretly tailing him. 

Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of that.

This time, Chen Feng encountered a mid-level Human Immortal outside the city. Likewise, he was here to trouble Chen Feng.

“Kid, I hear that you possess a Dao artefact. Bring it out and let me have a look.”

The cultivator was very straightforward. Thus, Chen Feng responded in kind. He simply brought out the Blood Mustering Bead to beat him up. However, Chen Feng did not kill him. Watching the cultivator flee, Chen Feng laughed.

The Human Immortals from the Xu Family who were hiding in the dark exchanged glances. They had managed to determine the grade of the Dao artefact in Chen Feng’s possession.

“That’s a mid-grade Dao artefact. It’s a good item.”

“We must not let this kid leave Void City! Even for our Xu Family, a mid-grade Dao artefact is a good magic treasure.”

“That will depend on what the higher-ups say. If we want to deal with this kid, we will likely have to dispatch experts.”

“I am afraid we might fail to keep him here. When that happens, we would have brought trouble down on our heads for nothing.”

“What is there to be afraid of? No matter how powerful this kid may be, can he fight against our Xu Family?” 

“That is true.”

First-rate families like the Xu Family usually possessed more than one Earthen Immortals. Earthen Immortals were the strongest force in Eternal World. Generally speaking, however, these figures would rarely reveal themselves.

On his third excursion outside Void City, Chen Feng encountered several mid-level Human Immortals who joined forces against him. To Chen Feng’s surprise, they brought out a low-grade Dao artefact for the fight. In the end, using the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng had to expend some effort to beat them back.

On that very same day, he was besieged again as he headed back to Void City. The fight ended with Chen Feng killing off one of the attacking cultivators. Meanwhile, two of his ocean yao guards received serious injuries.

Due to that, Chen Feng stopped going outside the city. Instead, he stayed in the residence provided by the Xu Family and cultivated himself with peace of mind while secretly probing around for the latest news.

As Chen Feng was no longer leaving the city, the cultivators who came for Chen Feng began growing restless. After a round of discussion, they decided to enter the city as well.

Void City was the Xu Family’s headquarters. Even so, given their strength, the cultivators believed that the Xu Family would not take action against them if they limit their actions.

At any rate, most of them were still hoping that they could quietly deal with Chen Feng.

Although the number of cultivators was not high enough, they were individually strong. They possessed formidable combat powers and a great capacity for destruction. Seeing that, the Xu Family dared not be careless about it and they sent out some experts to secretly maintain order.

Due to that, the atmosphere of Void City secretly changed. The source of this change was none other than Chen Feng.

As for Chen Feng, he acted as though there was nothing going on. He would either spend his days cultivating peacefully or invite the Human Immortals from the Xu Family for a few cups of wine and talk about their experiences in the world of cultivation.


1 li = 0.5 km

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