Chapter 785 Longevity Wood Acquired


Seeing the look of shock on Tower’s face inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng could not stop himself from bursting into laughter.

“Very well, then. I’ll take this rotten piece of wood!” Chen Feng shouted.

“What kind of mad act is this guy up to this time?” Seeing Chen Feng express a desire for the piece of wood, everyone there didn’t think too much about it. They didn’t think that this piece of wood would prove useful to him. At any rate, all of them had witnessed his crazy action earlier. Thus, they all believed that this was simply another crazy action from him.

Looking at Chen Feng, the auctioneer said, “The reserve price is set at 10,000 Immortal crystals.”


Instantly, an uproar broke out. All of the cultivators participating in the auction grew extremely shocked.

“Did I hear that right? You guys brought out a rotten piece of wood with unknown functions and you want to sell it off for 10,000 Immortal crystals? The way I see it, it is not even worth 10,000 Sacred crystals!”

“Did the auction house go crazy? Are they messing with us here?”

“I think no one is going to buy it.”

“We won’t be buying it. However, didn’t someone say he will be buying it just now?”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

“Maybe the auction house did that on purpose.”

For some starter-level Human Immortals, 10,000 Immortal crystals were a considerable amount of fortune. For the average Human Immortal, linking up to the Immortal Plane would only net them a few Immortal crystals per day. Additionally, they also require the Immortal crystals for their own cultivation. Without some other harvest, the Human Immortal could only – no matter how powerful he or she may be – qualify to become a poor beggar.

Truth be told, most Human Immortals would only use Sacred crystals for their cultivation. The amount of immortal energy that they could acquire by linking up to the Immortal Plane was usually not even enough for their cultivation purposes. 

Thus, the price tag of 10,000 Immortal crystals for this piece of wood with unknown origins was indeed too much.

It came from outer space and is hard and indestructible. Given those two factors, it is indeed a very attractive item. However, it has no other substantive effects. Only a fool would buy it for that price.

That was the thought going through the minds of everyone there. Naturally, Chen Feng was not one of them.

He quickly made the bid for 10,000 Immortal crystals.

“He really is a fool.”

“Maybe he knows that this piece of wood is a treasure.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Seeing Chen Feng make the bid, everyone there laughed out in a ridiculing manner.

A bunch of ignoramuses. While the cultivators were laughing at Chen Feng, Chen Feng was laughing at them. Secretly, of course.

Next up, no one competed against Chen Feng for it. Using 10,000 Immortal crystals to buy such a large Longevity Wood, Chen Feng was so delighted that he nearly shouted aloud.

Wa ha ha ha ha ha! I’ve made a killing here! This piece of wood is worth at least 10 million Immortal crystals! Unexpectedly, I can buy it up with just 10,000 Immortal crystals! Truth be told, for someone like Chen Feng, this piece of Longevity Wood was worth more than billions of Immortal crystals, let alone 10 million Immortal crystals. 

On the other hand, the auctioneer also felt delighted. Truth be told, the Xu Family was also incapable of figuring out this piece of wood. The price of 10,000 Immortal crystals that they had set was only to give it a greater image. Unexpectedly, they would be able to so easily sell it off.

Chen Feng collected the Longevity Wood and handed over the Immortal crystals. Both parties were very happy with the transaction.

Due to his joy of acquiring the Longevity Wood, Chen Feng stopped throwing provocative words out as the auction house continued to auction off a few more items.

The two Human Immortals from the Xu Family exchanged glances and asked, “Island Lord Chen, what is the origin of the piece of wood?” 

“I don’t know.” Chen Feng simply shook his head.

“Since you don’t know, why buy it? That’s 10,000 Immortal crystals. That is not a small sum of spirit stones.”

“I feel like it, so I bought it. Besides, 10,000 Immortal crystals are but pocket change to me,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

The two Human Immortals stopped talking and they began contemplating Chen Feng’s words. However, they quickly came to believe Chen Feng.

Because Chen Feng had chosen to bid again.

“Our next item is a top-grade Five Elemental Fire Diamond.” A head-sized, fiery-red diamond appeared in the auction hall and wave after wave of the power of fire forcefully spread out.

It was a top-grade fire diamond. No elaborations were needed for the cultivators there to know its value.

“Reserve price at 10,000 Immortal crystals.”

All the cultivators there hesitated. The Five Elemental Fire Diamond was indeed a good item. That was particularly true for cultivators who cultivated fire-type cultivation techniques or cultivators who possessed fire-type spiritual roots. This item was comparable to a peerless treasure for them. However, the price tag of 10,000 Immortal crystals left them all in a somewhat flustered state.

The ones who came to this auction were only some average Human Immortals. They were the kind who would only utilize Sacred crystals for their everyday cultivation. Cough out 10,000 Immortal crystals to buy a fire diamond? Those who were not in dire need of it simply gave up.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Chen Feng suddenly laughed loudly again.

“Just 10,000 Immortal crystals? I want it! As it so happens, my immortal palace is lacking something to serve as a Night Clarity Pearl!” Chen Feng laughed and made the first bid.


Once again, they all felt like puking out blood. This Chen Feng was going overboard. Even the Human Immortals from the Xu Family were somewhat incapable of holding back their desires to bring out their flying swords to give him a few stabs.

Still, after Chen Feng made the starting bid, some others began bidding as well.

Soon enough, the price rose up to 30,000.

“I bid 50,000!” Chen Feng shouted again, giving off an aggressive aura.

“Again and again with the increments of one thousand. What’s the point in that? You poor beggars! The way I see it, you fellows should just stop bidding. No matter how you look at it, there is no way you fellows can bid higher than me.” After saying that, Chen Feng laughed again.

“Detestable! I’ll bid! 55,000!” One of the Human Immortals was enraged by Chen Feng’s words and he made the bid through gnashed teeth.

“60,000!” Chen Feng casually raised his hand.





Chen Feng’s approach to bidding shocked the cultivators there and no one else chose to compete against Chen Feng. In the end, Chen Feng obtained the Five Elemental Fire Diamond with 80,000 Immortal crystals.

After witnessing Chen Feng’s display of wealth, some of the cultivators there began having other thoughts about it. On Chen Feng’s side, although he was putting on a display of arrogance, he was also secretly smirking. Sensing the growing killing intent, he knew that everything was progressing as planned.

“Island Lord Chen, you are not really just buying the fire diamond to use as a Night Clarity Pearl, right?” one of the Human Immortal from the Xu Family asked.

“Of course not.” Chen Feng shook his head. He held the Five Elemental Fire Diamond in his hand and sensed the power of fire inside it. He was very satisfied with it. 

“I have a pet that cultivates the power of fire. The way I see it, this fire diamond is just right for it,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Pet!” The two Human Immortals turned to look at each other, a deeply entangled look on their faces.

Naturally, the pet that Chen Feng was talking about was the Ancient Flame Beetle, who was constantly in deep slumber. The best way to let the Ancient Flame Beetle advance was to have it absorb the power of fire. At present, the Ancient Flame Beetle was already at the peak-level Yao King (Human) stage. However, it would always remain in a state of deep slumber. After sensing the power of fire within the Five Elemental Fire Diamond, Chen Feng began calculating. This fire diamond was indeed a top-grade item. If the Ancient Flame Beetle could absorb all of the power of fire inside it, it would be able to easily advance to the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage. 

Using 80,000 Immortal crystals to buy a fire diamond for a pet. For any other cultivator, this was an unbelievable thing to do. For Chen Feng, however, this was nothing. The number of Immortal crystals in his possession was simply too high. There were so many Immortal crystals that he couldn’t even count them all. Thus, even the act of casually throwing out hundreds of thousands of Immortal crystals was nothing for him.

As predicted, after Chen Feng placed the Five Elemental Fire Diamond before the Ancient Flame Beetle, this extra-terrestrial beast that had been spending all its time in deep slumber instantly woke up. The rate at which it woke up stunned even Chen Feng.

With one gulp, it then swallowed the Five Elemental Fire Diamond before slowly refining it.

The auction continued. As more items were auctioned off, Chen Feng bid once more to buy up a meteorite obtained from outer space for 100,000 Immortal crystals.

Truth be told, Chen Feng also did not know the value of the meteorite. The reason he had bought it was because Tower had said, “This meteorite is worth 100,000 Immortal crystals.”

Due to that, Chen Feng did not bother asking anything before buying the meteorite. By then, everyone there was already numb towards Chen Feng’s display of wealth. They wouldn’t even feel surprised to see Chen Feng bid it for a higher price.

After buying the three items, Chen Feng stopped bidding. Instead, he waited for the auction to end.

The first part of the auction finally ended and the second part began. The cultivators there then brought out some items, to be exchanged for something else. Truth be told, this was the reason why many of them had come here. At any rate, the number of items that the auction house could auction off was too small. Not to mention, the competition was intense. Most of the time, they wouldn’t be able to find what they wanted. However, if all of them were to bring out some items, there was a good chance that they would be able to find what they wanted there. 

“Everyone, please bring out at least three items each.”

One by one, the Human Immortals there began bringing out the items that they had prepared beforehand. Some brought out three items, some brought out five items and some brought out more than ten items. All the items they brought out shared a common characteristic. The items were all rare items. Naturally, given where they were, bringing out items that were not up to standard would only bring them shame.

Soon enough, everyone there had taken out their respective items. The only one who had yet to take anything out was Chen Feng. Did Chen Feng have any good items? Just the Dawnsource Crystal Water was good enough for them to start fighting one another over it.

“Island Lord Chen, the rules here states that everyone must take out at least three items.” Seeing Chen Feng not take anything out, the Human Immortal from the Xu Family could not hold back and he reminded Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded before saying, “I am just worried that no one will be able to come up with something that can be used to exchange for the items I will bring out. Whatever! I will just bring out some simpler items.”

After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a total of five items were displayed within the hall.

Seeing the items that Chen Feng brought out, some of the cultivators immediately exclaimed. Naturally, there were also some who grew disappointed. Chen Feng did not bring out the Dawnsource Crystal Water.

The items that Chen Feng had brought out were a 50,000-year-old spiritual herb, a drop of blood essence from a Yao Immortal, a Sacred-tier medicinal pill, a Prized Turquoise Jade and a Thunderclap Fruit.

When compared to the items from the other cultivators, the items that Chen Feng brought out were incredibly precious. Of course, those items were nothing in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng had only casually selected those five items from his collection. At any rate, Chen Feng had already utilized his divine sense to scan all the items from the other cultivators. Although there were quite a few rare items, none of them caught his eye.

Note: Immortal mansion will now be changed to immortal palace. I used to translate the character ‘’, pinyin: ‘fǔ’ as mansion. It is also true that the character generally means mansion. However, judging by some later chapters, I believe the author actually meant palace for this. 

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