Chapter 784 Arrogant Chen Feng


Arrogant, wild and overbearing.

That was the impression that everyone there had of Chen Feng. Even the Xu Family’s Human Immortals were shocked. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would possess such a kind of temperament.

“You!” The cultivator who was wounded was shocked, enraged and embarrassed. Although he was not badly wounded, his pride had fallen down the gutter. His face flushed, he roared and a formidable aura emanated out from him as he made his way forward, wanting to start a fight.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the eight ocean yao guards lined up. Next, their formidable auras merged into one, becoming like a torrent of water to charge out. Even before a fight could erupt, the collision between their auras had already sent the cultivator flying. This time, the cultivator ended up suffering from an even greater wound.

The cultivator was only a starter-level Human Immortal. On the other side, the eight ocean yao guards that Chen Feng brought were all starter-level Human Immortals as well. If they were to rush forward and gang up on the cultivator, they could practically kill him off in an instant.

“Is your Xu Family just going to let this fellow do whatever he wants?” Struggling, the cultivator finally said.

“This is a private issue between the two of you. We will not be butting in. However, I would advise you two to not start a fight. At the very least, you should not start a fight here,” the auctioneer said. 

Truth be told, the auctioneer did not recognize Chen Feng. However, for two Human Immortals from the Xu Family to be accompanying him into the VIP room, this person must be closely connected to the Xu Family. That was why he had responded in such a manner.

“Ha ha ha! So, this is how the Xu Family operates. I will remember this!” The cultivator realized that he could no longer stay there. Thus, he decided against participating in the auction. Waving his sleeves, he turned and leave.

“Kill him,” Chen Feng said coolly, his voice loud enough that everyone could hear him.


Two ocean yao guards rushed out after the cultivator. The ruthlessness shown by Chen Feng shocked some of the cultivators there. At the same time, they secretly speculated who this person may be.

Despite the incident, the auction was unaffected and it did not take long before someone finally bought the spiritual herb.

The second auction item was a Sky-tier cultivation technique. As expected, it triggered another round of competition for it.

The third item was a Sky-tier medicinal pill.

The auction proceeded quickly and it did not take long for eight items to be sold off. During that time, Chen Feng had not bid once for any of them. Additionally, he would occasionally shoot out words of ridicule. Due to his actions, all of the cultivators in the auction house grew furious at Chen Feng.

“What’s all this? Is this really something that the biggest auction house in Void City would bring out for an auction? Not even Sky Human stage cultivators would be interested in this kind of rubbish.” Chen Feng scoffed again and again. He looked as though he was looking down on everyone.

“Island Lord Chen, those words of yours are a little overboard.” By then, even the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family could no longer hold back. This person’s arrogance is simply outrageous. Is he an idiot?

“Overboard? I don’t think so at all.” Chen Feng snickered.

“The way I see it, he simply cannot afford it. Or perhaps, he is just here to stir up a commotion. I suggest driving him out!”

“I agree! This fellow hasn’t made a single bid so far. He is definitely incapable of affording it.”

“Just leave. Don’t make an ass of yourself here.”


One by one, the cultivators there spoke up. Even the eyes of the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family and the auctioneer were spraying out flames. No matter how refined they may be, they could no longer tolerate someone like Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Chen Feng suddenly laughed loudly, the arrogant quality within his voice causing everyone else to fall silent.

“You fellows say I cannot afford it? What a joke! The way I see it, you fellows are the inexperienced ones.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a stream of water flowed out from his hand. The stream of water flowed out from his VIP room, split up into eight smaller streams and flowed into the eight ocean yao guards respectively.

The bodies of the eight ocean yao guards shook and a look of shock and delight appeared on their faces. Instantly, they got on one knee and shouted, “Thank you, Young Lord!”

“Get up. It is just something that I usually use for tea,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly.


All of the cultivators there felt the impulse to puke blood.

“That is, Dawnsource Crystal Water! How is this possible? Such a high amount!”

“Am I hallucinating?”

“That is definitely Dawnsource Crystal Water! For us Human Immortals, even one drop is incredibly precious. How is he able to bring out so much of it?”

“Usually use it for tea? He’s just spouting nonsense, right?”

“I do not know if it’s nonsense or not. However, giving so much Dawnsource Crystal Water just like that is something that not even an Earthen Immortal would be willing to do, no?”

Seeing the ocean yao guards absorb such a high volume of Dawnsource Crystal Water, all of the Human Immortals there got to their feet. Some even walked out from their VIP rooms.

“Sir, may I have your name? And, would you be willing to come out for a talk?” one of them said with a loud voice. There was a fiery look in his eyes. He was someone who cultivated a water-type cultivation technique. For him, only a small number of items could overshadow the value of the Dawnsource Crystal Water. If he could get his hands on half the amount of the Dawnsource Crystal Water that Chen Feng had brought out earlier, he would be able to break through in one year’s time.

The higher a cultivator’s cultivation base, the harder it would be to break through. Generally speaking, a Human Immortal possessed a total life span of 30,000 years. However, that was assuming they could successfully overcome their tribulations. Being unable to make a breakthrough for hundreds of years or thousands of years was a normal thing for cultivators. Thus, upon seeing the Dawnsource Crystal Water, something that could allow him to break through, he quickly rushed out from his room. Comparatively speaking, this auction had lost its value to him.

“No.” Chen Feng answered coolly.

“Sir, I am willing to offer other items in exchange for your Dawnsource Crystal Water.”

“No exchange.” 


“I say, are you done yet? Is this auction not going to continue?” Chen Feng said, scoffing.

Hearing that, the cultivator took a step forward. In the end, however, he halted. Upon seeing the Dawnsource Crystal Water, many cultivators had considered taking action. However, all of them held back in the end. This was the Xu Family’s territory, after all. This Chen Feng had a close relationship with the Xu Family.

At the very least, that was how the others saw it. Unbeknownst to them, even the eyes of the Xu Family Human Immortals had turned bloodshot. They wanted nothing more than to take action against Chen Feng.

The auctioneer and the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family secretly exchanged vocal transmissions. Next, someone swiftly rushed forward to make a report to their higher-ups.

The Dawnsource Crystal Water was an existence that even Earthen Immortals would be fighting one another for, let alone these Human Immortals.

“Ha ha ha! I would like to see if there is anyone else who dares say that I cannot afford to buy the items here. Dawnsource Crystal Water? I don’t usually just treat it as normal drinking water. Sometimes, I would even use it to wash my feet!” Chen Feng laughed in a smug manner.


Someone finally ended up puking blood from anger.


One of the VIP rooms abruptly exploded as one of the Human Immortals there was finally incapable of holding back. He had forgotten where he was at or how powerful the forces behind the auction house were. He attacked Chen Feng, wanting to snatch the Dawnsource Crystal Water.

Chen Feng chortled. At the same time, he was also feeling surprised. Unexpectedly, the Dawnsource Crystal Water could be so attractive towards them all.

That said, Chen Feng was not concerned about it at all. Even if all of them were to attack him at the same time, they couldn’t do anything to him.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Before the ocean yao guards could take action, some magic arrays within the auction hall activated and ropes bound the space there. Next, it swiftly tightened to tie up the attacking cultivator.

The instant the attacking cultivator was tied up, another cultivator emerged from void space. He had utilized a secret spatial technique. However, before he could charge his way into Chen Feng’s VIP room, the eight ocean yao guards stopped him. After a brief fight, he ended up dying to the trident stabs from the ocean yao guards.

Seeing the death of the cultivator, the other cultivators who were thinking of taking action as well turned meek. Only then did they recall where they were. If they were to anger the Xu Family, not a single one of them can think about leaving this place. Not to mention, the eight ocean yaos were also not to be trifled with.

“Sigh, how boring! I just wanted to participate in an auction. Looks like I will have to take my leave early,” Chen Feng said, and he made to stand up. However, the Human Immortals from the Xu Family stopped him.

“Ha ha ha! Island Lord Chen, why the rush? There are still many items in the auction. Besides, our Xu Family’s auctions have never been forced to end halfway through.”

“That’s right, the auction will continue! If anyone here dares to stir up trouble again, do not blame our Xu Family for taking strict actions,” the auctioneer said.

What nonsense! Chen Feng could casually bring out the Dawnsource Crystal Water. There was no telling what other good items he possessed. Thus, they must keep Chen Feng here.

As for the cultivator who was captured earlier, the auction house showed no hesitation whatsoever in throwing him out. 

“This next auction item is a wondrous piece of wood.”

A piece of wood, as big as a building and 100 metres tall, was carried forward and placed in the auction hall. The wood appeared somewhat dark, as though it had been burned to a charred state. 

Plain, somewhat rough, and with no other special characteristics.

All of the cultivators there felt puzzled. They did not understand why the Xu Family would bring out this wooden pole.

The reason for that was because none of them knew any better.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was different. Seeing the piece of wood, he became so excited that he didn’t know what to say. If it weren’t for his astonishing ability to control himself, he would have jumped up. Even so, his whole body had still ended up quivering slightly.

A Longevity Wood! It really is a Longevity Wood! Not to mention, it is such a large piece of Longevity Wood! Chen Feng’s mind fell into a state of absolute shock.

“Island Lord Chen, what is wrong? Do you recognize this piece of wood?” The Human Immortals from the Xu Family noticed the abnormal reaction from Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. Next, he laughed loudly. “What is your auction house up to? Why are you bringing out a piece of wood for an auction?”

This time, Chen Feng’s arrogant words met no opposition. It was not that they were afraid of Chen Feng. Rather, he was simply speaking the truth. None of them understood what the auction house was up to.

“He he! Everyone, do not feel surprised, but this is a very wondrous piece of wood. I will properly explain it to everyone. This is something that our Xu Family spent a great deal of efforts to secure from outer space. This piece of wood…”

The auctioneer chuckled and he began explaining.

Chen Feng did not listen to the auctioneer. He was already in a state of excitement. Last time, the piece of Longevity Wood that he obtained was only as big as an arm. And yet, it already weighed 50,000 kilogrammes. After absorbing the longevity energy within it, both his skills and cultivation base advanced greatly. And yet, this Longevity Wood was so big. It likely weighed over half a billion kilogrammes. Just how much longevity energy was there inside this thing? Just thinking about it caused Chen Feng to tremble with excitement.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng, even Tower was revealing a rare look of shock.

“Such a big piece of Longevity Wood! To think that you can just accidentally bump into it. Your luck is truly a defiance of Heaven, kid.”


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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