Chapter 783 Auction House


After saying goodbye to Chen Feng, the four Human Immortals quickly split up. One of them dispatched a high number of cultivators to surround the courtyard that Chen Feng was staying at. These people would act both openly and secretly. Despite acting in twos and threes, there were over 100 of them. Most importantly, there were several Human Immortals amongst them.

Seeing that shocked Chen Feng. He secretly praised the strength of the Xu Family. To think that they could so casually mobilize so many cultivators.

The second cultivator rushed out, leaving the city. As for what he was planning to do, Chen Feng was temporarily incapable of finding out. The third one entered the city’s teleportation array and disappeared from sight.

As for the fourth, he went deep into Void City. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew focused. He speculated that this person should be looking for some higher-ranking member of the Xu Family.

As predicted, the fourth cultivator entered the central area of the Xu Family’s territory. However, after the cultivator entered a grand-looking palace, the tracking imprint that Chen Feng placed on the cultivator disappeared.

There are magic arrays set up by Earthen Immortals there. My divine sense is incapable of entering. Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light and his face turned solemn.

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng said, “Senior Phantom, I will leave this to you.”

“Not a problem!”

A black light flashed out before disappearing.

At that moment, the Divine Phantom Mink had already advanced to the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage. Additionally, it cultivated the power of darkness. Due to that, Chen Feng believed that he could go about undetected.

Next up, Chen Feng stayed inside the small courtyard as he waited for the news. As for the eight ocean yao guards, they patrolled around the courtyard as they constantly kept an eye on their surroundings.

Two hours later, the Divine Phantom Mink returned. Through the Divine Phantom Mink, Chen Feng was able to find out about some of the things happening here.

Now, I can be certain that Ye Ziming is definitely a member of the Xu Family. Additionally, there is something special about him. However, is he still alive? Chen Feng considered.

Looks like I will have to take action. After making up his mind, Chen Feng sent out an order. Upon receiving the order, one of the ocean yao guards outside quickly captured one of the cultivators lurking around the courtyard.

Utilizing a soul-searching technique, Chen Feng found out everything he wanted to know.

So, it is a power struggle. Chen Feng nodded.

Truth be told, it was a very straightforward matter. By going through the cultivator’s memories, Chen Feng was able to find out that Ye Ziming’s real name was Xu Ziming. He was a member of one of the Xu Family’s lesser branch. However, he ended up receiving the legacy from one of the Xu Family seniors. Due to that, the status of his branch rose.

The rise in his branch’s status triggered the suppressive attempts from the main branch of the family and various other forces. In the end, they wanted to simply snatch away the legacy Ye Ziming obtained.

However, there was something special about the legacy that Ye Ziming had received. Not even Human Immortals could successfully snatch it from him. Due to that, they decided to lock him up. As for the members of Ye Ziming’s branch, they were suppressed, locked up and exiled.


Chen Feng could not stop himself from shaking his head. This was a very common occurrence. However, he did feel puzzled. Logically speaking, for a great family to rise up to such heights, the Xu Family should have rules in place. 

Still, there is no way to always be certain. When a family grows big, anything can happen.

Since I am already here, I should figure a way to rescue Ye Ziming. But they are already suspicious of me. If I recklessly take action, they will surely find out. Of course, I should be fine. In the worst-case scenario, I can just run away. However, I fear that my actions could cause more problems for Ye Ziming. Looks like there is a need to come up with a proper plan.

Next up, Chen Feng decided not to bring up Ye Ziming’s name again. With the exception of cultivating himself, he would spend whatever free time he had strolling around Void City.

The Xu Family was very attentive towards Chen Feng, displaying a very enthusiastic level of hospitality. They specifically sent two Human Immortals to accompany Chen Feng. Naturally, that was only how it appeared. The two Human Immortals were actually there to keep an eye on Chen Feng.

As for Chen Feng, he put on a façade of ignorance and continued staying in Void City. Due to that, the cultivators from the Xu Family ended up becoming anxious.

“What is this kid up to? The way I see it, we should just take action. Let’s just capture and interrogate him.”

“No! Without any such orders from our higher-ups, we cannot recklessly take action. Besides, this Island Lord Chen is not to be underestimated as well. He himself is a Human Immortal with eight Human Immortal ocean yaos. If a fight erupts, chaos will break loose within this city.”

“They’re just a couple of starter-level Human Immortals. What of it?”

“We need to avoid the unexpected. Let’s just observe the situation first. These few fellows are truly incapable of doing anything. However, I am concerned about the eight Demon Kings on East Dragon Island. It is said that there are also some formidable Yao Kings amongst the ranks of East Dragon Island’s forces. As for the patriarchs of our Xu Family, they have remained in seclusion for several hundred years now. We should exercise caution.”


“When you put it that way, our family will have to continue letting this kid stay here?”

“What? You think our Xu Family cannot afford to feed these few fellows? Them wanting to stay is for the best. Even staying here for 10,000 years is nothing. I am just worried that they will leave and plot something.”

Moving away from the discussion between the cultivators of the Xu Family, Chen Feng was, on this particular day, leading his bodyguards and the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family to stroll about.

This time, his objective was an auction house within Void City.

This was the biggest auction house within Void City. The owner of the auction house was none other than the Xu Family. During the past few days, the auction house had been constantly promoting its auction, which would be held today.

Even before entering the auction house, Chen Feng could already sense the bustling and chaotic air of activity coming from inside. Due to that, he could tell that there was quite a high number of people inside.

“Island Lord Chen, the hall is for those below the Human Immortal stage. Let’s head upstairs.” The Xu Family Human Immortal who was standing beside Chen Feng said with a smile.

Chen Feng nodded. This was a very normal situation. It was only natural for Human Immortals to not stay at the same place as the average cultivator. 

Going upstairs, they saw a small office. Next, Chen Feng and the others were led into a VIP room.

Seeing Chen Feng lead a group of ocean yaos into the VIP room and the treatment that the Xu Family cultivators were giving him, some of the cultivators there instantly turned their attention over to him. They grew curious about this youngster’s background. Who was he that the overlords of this place – the Xu Family – would treat him in such an enthusiastic manner?

Chen Feng was able to sense stream after stream of divine senses sweeping his room. Scoffing, he then utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra. An invisible energy fluctuation swept forward and all of the divine senses there were shredded. No more divine senses could enter Chen Feng’s room.

Due to the Soul Subduing Mantra, some of the cultivators ended up grunting as their faces turned pale. Clearly, they had ended up getting slightly injured from that.

“He’s courting death!”

“Who is that fellow? Such arrogance!”

In the face of Chen Feng’s overbearing response, some of the cultivators were instantly enraged. At any rate, those who could enter this place were mostly Human Immortals. If it weren’t for their scruples of causing a problem within the Xu Family’s establishment, they would have attacked already. Even so, some of the cultivators had still chosen to secretly begrudge Chen Feng.

The secret move from Chen Feng also shocked the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family. Unexpectedly, Island Lord Chen would possess such a high level of cultivation.

“Island Lord Chen, that technique you utilized is quite something,” one of the Human Immortals said.

“Ha ha ha, it’s just some third-rate immortal technique.” Chen Feng waved his hand, an impassive look on his face. It was as though he was talking about something very common.

Hearing that, the two Human Immortals exchanged glances. They felt speechless and they wondered if Chen Feng had said that on purpose.

“Third-rate immortal technique? Heh! Is this fellow bragging?”

“It doesn’t seem like it. That move earlier is very wondrous. It is something I have never seen before. Logically speaking, it should be an immortal technique. However, going by the energy fluctuation of the move, it also doesn’t quite feel like one.”

“Humph, he is just some country bumpkin from the ocean region. It is definitely not an immortal technique. He’s just trying to put on an air of mystery.”

Although the Xu Family appeared to be very enthusiastic in their treatment of Chen Feng, deep down, they were actually looking down on Chen Feng, whom they view as an upstart figure.

That said, regardless of what the two Human Immortals from the Xu Family thought about it, they were outwardly showing great respect towards Chen Feng.

“For the first part of this auction, the auction house will be putting up some items for auction. The items will go to the highest bidder. The second part will involve the Human Immortals here, who will bring out their respective items to trade with some other items or spirit stones. All that matters is that both sides agree to it.

“This is the list of today’s auction items.”

One of the Human Immortals handed a document to Chen Feng. After accepting it, Chen Feng gave it a brief glance. However, he became excited.

Amongst the items to be auctioned off here was something that he needed. Additionally, there was more than one.  

“Island Lord Chen, did you see anything that catches your fancy?”

“Ha ha ha! There are quite a few rare items here. I wonder if I will be able to successfully bid for them,” Chen Feng said smilingly as he casually placed the list aside.

Next up, there were not too much formalities before the auction promptly began. Without too much unnecessary words, the first auction item was placed on a round table. As everyone there was a Human Immortal, there was no need to look at it to know what it was.

The first item to be auctioned off was a 30,000-year-old spiritual herb. The moment it was brought out, wave after wave of divine senses swept forward.

Chen Feng was the only one who did not take action. He possessed too many of such spiritual herbs inside the Longevity Tower. It was at such a high number that he was already too lazy to count them properly.

“Island Lord Chen, are you not interested?” one of the Xu Family Human Immortal asked smilingly.

“Spiritual herbs of this level can be found everywhere around East Dragon Island,” Chen Feng said with a tone of disdain, waving his hand as he gave off the air of a plutocrat.

“Ha ha! Of course, it is said that the ocean regions are abundant with cultivation materials. The number of immortal herbs there is countless. It is only natural that Island Lord Chen would not think highly of such a vulgar item.” Despite his words, the Xu Family Human Immortal spoke with a somewhat barbed tone.

“Well said! I really don’t think highly of such a vulgar item!” Chen Feng nodded and laughed, his voice spreading out from his VIP room to reverberate through the auction hall.

The Xu Family Human Immortal’s face sank and rage burned within him. He felt an impulse to make a retort. In the end, however, he forced it down.

Still, just because the Xu Family Human Immortal chose not to say anything about it did not mean that others would not. Instantly, someone shouted back, “Where did this madman come from? If you cannot afford to buy it, don’t open your mouth! You inexperienced bumpkin!”

“You have a death wish!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light. Next, a stream of black light shot out, piercing its way through the VIP room before shooting into the VIP room of the one who spoke up earlier.


A grunt rang out, followed by the sound of someone puking blood. Next, the sound of items getting struck could be heard.

“Weakling! Since this is an auction house, I will not be killing you here. However, once we are out of this place, I will be taking your life!” Chen Feng said arrogantly.

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