Chapter 782 The Xu Family


By the time Jian Xiaotian emerged from his cultivation session, one month had passed. Seeing Chen Feng there, Jian Xiaotian became overjoyed. Naturally, they had another drinking session as well.

During that time, the high-ranking members of Heavenly Sword Faction also came to find Chen Feng. They visited Chen Feng with the purpose of trying to recruit him. Chen Feng was not surprised at that. At any rate, he already possessed his own force. Many of the sects in the Central Plains also wanted to recruit this emerging force led by Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, who was already an honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction, became an honorary elder of an even higher level. That left Chen Feng in a rather amused state.

After staying in Heavenly Sword Faction for a while, Chen Feng decided to bid farewell to Jian Xiaotian and the others. He did have his own place now, after all. Thus, he could not stay in Heavenly Sword Faction for a long time. Besides, he also had some other matters that he wanted to attend to.

“Very well. After I have stabilized my cultivation base, I will head to East Dragon Island and check out Brother Chen’s place. However, will you not be going to Absolute Academy?” Jian Xiaotian asked with a smile.

“I will. Before that, however, I need to visit the Xu Family,” Chen Feng said.

“The Xu Family?” Jian Xiaotian was surprised. He did not know why Chen Feng wanted to go there.

“I have a friend there,” Chen Feng said casually.

“The Xu Family is a first-rate family. Its strength is not too inferior compared to our Heavenly Sword Faction. Brother Chen, whatever it is you want to do, you need to be careful. If you need any help, just tell us.” Observing the expression on Chen Feng’s face, Jian Xiaotian could tell that there was something afoot.

“Don’t worry. I know where to draw the line,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

After bidding farewell to Jian Xiaotian and the others, Chen Feng did not directly head to the Xu Family’s territory. Instead, he returned to East Dragon Island and brought eight Human Immortal stage ocean yao guards with him to serve as his bodyguards. Then, he headed towards the Xu Family’s territory.

For Chen Feng, the ocean yao guards were not specifically for the sake of starting a fight. Rather, it was for show. Not to mention, he was now a Lord. There were some matters that he need not personally do. Furthermore, having such an entourage would give off a greater atmosphere of power compared to him going alone. 

“Humph! If you want to put it that way, you might as well just throw out the Yao Immortals. Wouldn’t that create an even greater atmosphere of power?” Tower directly retorted.

Chen Feng ignored Tower.

Along the way, his bodyguards would handle all the trifling matters they encountered. Thus, all Chen Feng did along the way was either move forward or cultivate himself. It was quite the carefree trip.

Amongst all the first-rate sects in the Central Plains, the Xu Family was somewhere in the middle in terms of ranking. As for their territory, it was somewhere at the edges of the Central Plains. Due to how remote it was, it was unlike Heavenly Sword Faction and the other sects who would constantly get into a conflict with one another.

As Chen Feng was already a Human Immortal, he was able to move quickly even without using teleportation arrays. He was capable of easily covering a distance of hundreds of thousands of li per day. Additionally, Chen Feng was using a Skysoar Warship for this trip. Thus, he was able to advance even faster.

Despite not using teleportation arrays, he was still capable of entering the Xu Family’s territory within 10 days’ time.

After entering the Xu Family territory, Chen Feng slowed down his rate of advance. Secretly, he started asking around for information. Unexpectedly, there was no one within the Xu Family with the name Ye Ziming.

It is unlikely that Ye Ziming would lie to me. Besides, the cultivation techniques he utilized back then were definitely the Xu Family’s Void Technique. Looks like I will have to directly enter the Xu Family and search for him. After asking around for a while, Chen Feng decided not to hesitate anymore. He would head directly to the Xu Family.

Of course, his visit to the Xu Family would be done in an open manner. Chen Feng sent his ocean yao guards to inform the Xu Family about his visit.

The Xu Family resided in Void City. Void City was a large city with quite the renown within the Central Plains. Upon entering the city, Chen Feng was able to instantly feel the prosperity of the city. Additionally, the number of cultivators on the streets of the city was practically uncountable.

This city has at least 30 million people. I wonder how many people the Xu Family has? Chen Feng wondered.

After strolling around the city for a moment, Chen Feng was finally received by the cultivators from the Xu Family. Chen Feng had utilized his identity as the Island Lord of East Dragon Island for this trip. Although Chen Feng’s visit puzzled those from the Xu Family, East Dragon Island had been making waves recently. And while it still cannot be considered a first-rate power, it was one located in the ocean region with many formidable ocean yaos within its ranks. Additionally, it also boasted eight peak-level Yao Kings. Most first-rate sects would not casually provoke East Dragon Island.

Due to that, the Xu Family chose to welcome Chen Feng’s visit.

It was something of a show of respect towards Chen Feng. The Xu Family sent out four Human Immortals to receive him. Seeing that, some cultivators who were in the dark felt curious. Within this area covering a radius of hundreds of thousands of li, the Xu Family was a true overlord. An existence without equal. For them to be sending out Human Immortals to receive him, this person was surely an extraordinary character. 

“I am Chen Feng, from East Dragon Island, here for a sudden visit. Here is a minor gift to show my respect.” Chen Feng nodded towards his subordinates and two ocean yaos quickly brought out boxes of gifts.

The gifts were items that Chen Feng had specifically prepared beforehand. They were all sea-related produce obtained near East Dragon Island. Although they were not highly valuable, they were good enough to be used as gifts.

Seeing the gifts Chen Feng brought out. The smiles on the four Human Immortals from the Xu Family grew wider. They felt somewhat prideful. Although they did not understand Chen Feng’s reasoning, this action was unquestionably a show of respect towards the Xu Family.

“Ha ha ha! Island Lord Chen, you’re welcome. Come, have a seat!” the Human Immortal from the Xu Family said courteously.

After exchanging some pointless words, the cultivators from the Xu Family were finally incapable of holding back. Feigning indifference, they asked, “Island Lord Chen, there must be a reason for this visit of yours, right?”

Chen Feng chuckled. “Yes.”

“Oh! What could it be? If there is something that our Xu Family can help with, please tell us.”

“I am looking for someone,” Chen Feng said. At the same time, he secretly observed them.

“Looking for someone? Is that person someone from our Xu Family?”

“He should be.”

“Who is it?”

“Ye Ziming,” Chen Feng said calmly.

Hearing that, the four Human Immortals froze simultaneously and a light glinted across their eyes. However, they quickly recollected themselves.

“Ye Ziming? I have never heard of someone with that name. Is he an outer member of our Xu Family? I can get some men to check it out for Island Lord Chen. However, I wonder. What is the relationship between Island Lord Chen and this Ye Ziming? How could you be certain that he is a member of our Xu Family?” The Human Immortal who asked stared intently at Chen Feng.

“A friend. He had helped me before in the past. It has been a long time since I last saw him. Since I happened to be passing by, I thought I’d drop by and visit him.” Chen Feng revealed a casual smile. At the same time, his mind raced. Judging by their reactions earlier, it was very obvious that they recognize the name Ye Ziming. However, they were putting on a pretence of not knowing Ye Ziming.

The look that they had inadvertently revealed earlier gave Chen Feng a sense of foreboding.

“I wonder, what cultivation level is this friend of yours at, Island Lord Chen?” the Human Immortal continued to put on a façade of innocence and asked.

“Starter-level Human Immortal,” Chen Feng replied with a chuckle.

It was a half-hearted answer from Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, the eyes of the four Human Immortals would light up once more. The one that was conversing with Chen Feng revealed an even more peculiar expression.

“What? Do you know Ye Ziming?” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. Surely, Ye Ziming hasn’t already cultivated up to the starter-level Human Immortal stage, did he? Isn’t that a little too fast?

“Ha ha ha! We don’t know any Ye Ziming,” the four Human Immortals hastily said.

After that, Chen Feng stopped talking about Ye Ziming. Instead, he simply chatted with them in a casual manner before bidding them farewell.

“Sigh! Island Lord Chen, it is rare of you to come here. How can you leave just like this? No matter what, you must stay here for a while.”

“That’s right. If Island Lord Chen leaves just like this, our superiors will definitely look poorly on us. Not to mention, outsiders will say that our Xu Family doesn’t know how to treat its guests.”

“Since Island Lord Chen has come, just stay here first. You should at least have some fun here in our Void City.”

Seeing Chen Feng planning to leave, the four Human Immortals enthusiastically urged him to stay. No matter what Chen Feng said, they would insist that he stay.

Due to their actions, Chen Feng, who had already decided to leave, felt his curiosity rising. Thus, he decided to stay and see what they had in mind.

“Since you fellows are treating me so warmly, I will not hold back.” Chen Feng laughed.

The Xu Family cultivators were very efficient. It did not take long before they led Chen Feng to a beautiful and elegant-looking courtyard.

“This is a place that our Xu Family uses to treat our VIP guests. It is not too big. I hope that Island Lord Chen will not begrudge it for being too crude.”

“Oh, no, no. This place is very good, even much better compared to our East Dragon Island.” Chen Feng deliberately put on a look of awe and surprise.

Humph, country bumpkin! Looking at Chen Feng’s expression, the Human Immortal who led Chen Feng over sneered inwardly. However, he maintained a look of friendliness on his face.

“I will arrange for some skilled servants. If there is anything Island Lord Chen needs, just tell us.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Island Lord Chen, you have been busy for the whole day. You should rest up. Tomorrow, I will come accompany Island Lord Chen to enjoy the sights here.”

“Ha ha ha! In that case, I will have to thank you first.”

After the Human Immortals from the Xu Family had left, Chen Feng waved his hand and the eight ocean yaos quickly dispersed to search through the courtyard. It did not take long before they began uncovering some magic arrays. There were various types of magic arrays. Quite a number amongst them were spying-type magic arrays.

Pondering the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “As expected, they did not have good intentions. You fellows, stay on guard and do not let anyone disturb me. If anyone tries to charge in, kill them all.”


The eight ocean yao guards said while nodding in unison. Next, their figures silently disappeared.

Chen Feng sat down on a chair carved from jade in the courtyard. Closing his eyes ever so slightly, he began utilizing a tracking technique. 

This tracking technique was one of the techniques recorded inside the Longevity Scripture. In the past, due to his inadequate cultivation base, Chen Feng had been incapable of cultivating it. Only now, after having advanced to the Human Immortal stage, could Chen Feng cultivate it.

When he was chatting with the Human Immortals from the Xu Family earlier, Chen Feng had secretly placed an imprint on them. At that very moment, by channelling the tracking technique, Chen Feng was able to get a read on everything they were doing.

Humph! Let’s see what you fellows are up to.

The four Human Immortals from the Xu Family failed to notice anything out of the ordinary. Upon bidding farewell to Chen Feng, they turned around and their faces instantly changed. The expression on their faces took on a somewhat sinister look and light flashed across their eyes. Chen Feng could clearly sense strands of killing intent there.

Well, well. You guys are actually thinking of killing me? Looks like things will get interesting. Chen Feng scoffed. He dared not be careless about this and he continued to spy on their every move.


1 li = 0.5 km

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