Chapter 781 Return to Heavenly Sword Faction


Seeing Chen Feng spare them, the three of them breathed a sigh of relief. However, after hearing Chen Feng’s orders, they grew apprehensive.

Double the territory. That was no easy task. If it could be done, they would have done that long ago instead of waiting this long.

Although Patriarch Skytour and the other three Yao Kings were formidable existences within this ocean region, capable of deterring others, their might was confined to this spot of the ocean region. The places far away from their islands played host to formidable Yao Kings. Not to mention, they were many of them. Rather, there were even ocean yaos and sea monsters stronger than all four of them combined.

By joining forces, the four of them could indeed increase their territory. However, to double their territory in just one month would be difficult.

“What? Is it difficult?” Chen Feng asked nonchalantly.

Patriarch Skytour nodded. “It is somewhat difficult.”

Chen Feng contemplated it for a moment. “The three of you and Patriarch Golden Turtle. Additionally, I will also dispatch Netherpython and Frost. That should do it, right?”

Hearing that, the Yao Kings immediately breathed a sigh of relief. The Netherpython and Frost that Chen Feng mentioned referred to the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss and Frost Serpent. The two Demon Kings had already advanced to the peak-level Demon King (Human) stage. Additionally, they were also innately of the water-type, better capable of unleashing their full powers within the ocean. Strength wise, the two Demon Kings were already superior to the four Patriarchs. Add the ocean yaos serving the four islands under their control, this force should be enough to expand their territory.

Next up, Chen Feng spent his days cultivating in East Dragon Island. As for Patriarch Skytour’s group of four, they joined up with the rest to begin a war of expansion.

Chen Feng’s thoughts on this was very simple. It was a display of strength.

As for the eight Demon Kings, since successfully overcoming their tribulations, they did not return to the Longevity Tower anymore. Their cultivation bases had entered a period of stability. Thus, staying within the Longevity Tower would not help them much. Rather, it might be better to come out. Besides, staying inside the Longevity Tower all the time felt somewhat stifling. 

Chen Feng did not feel worried about it. With the eight Demon Kings there, deterring the others within a radius of hundreds of thousands of li was not an issue. The only exception would be if Earthen Immortals took action against them. Naturally, cultivators who could cultivate up to the Earthen Immortal stage in Eternal World would normally spend their time in deep cultivation retreat or head to the vast cosmos for an adventure. Staying on this world alone would not do well for their cultivation progress.

As expected, with the assistance of the Demon Kings, Chen Feng’s power kept growing. Leading their subordinates and ocean yaos forward, Patriarch Golden Turtle and the other three Patriarchs kept seizing more and more territory while subduing more and more cultivators.

In the beginning, the four Patriarchs had felt somewhat displeased at serving under Chen Feng. However, as their territory began growing, they began feeling a growing sense of pride. Gradually, their dissatisfaction towards Chen Feng lessened. In fact, they began thinking that this was the best way to live.

Half a year went by and Chen Feng’s territory tripled in size. Following East Dragon Island’s rise, some cultivators grew terrified and some came over to submit themselves under East Dragon Island. Thankfully though, East Dragon Island was an island within the vast ocean. Due to that, the forces on the continent did not choose to attack it.

“The situation here has already stabilized. It’s been a while since I came out. It’s time I head back to Heavenly Sword Faction and check things out.” On this particular day, Chen Feng, who had just concluded his cultivation session, suddenly decided to head back.

At any rate, he had borrowed Heavenly Sword Faction’s power to enter the Heavensday Battlefield back then. Additionally, Chen Feng also had some good friends in Heavenly Sword Faction.

It’s been a long time since then. I wonder how much Brother Jian Xiaotian and the others have changed? Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng left the eight Demon Kings behind. At any rate, there was a need to safeguard East Dragon Island as well.

Not to mention, there were still a few Yao Immortals inside the Longevity Tower. Even if he were to bump into Earthen Immortals, he would still be able to fight them.

Although there was a distance of tens of millions of li between East Dragon Island and Heavenly Sword Faction, thanks to teleportation arrays, Chen Feng did not need to spend too long for the trip.

He simply headed to a large city, spent some spirit stones, utilized the large-scale teleportation array there and teleported forward.

As Chen Feng had been staying in the Central Plains for quite some time, he had gained some knowledge about the situation there. The strength of the sects and the number of cultivators here in the Central Plains were not things that the Northern Plains could hope to match. In the Northern Plains, there were only some large cities, all under the direct control of the various first-rate sects there. In the Central Plains, however, the number of large cities was very high, comparable to the number of mid-sized cities in the Northern Plains. 

Chen Feng did not say much along the way and he quickly arrived at the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. As he possessed the status of honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction, he was not obstructed.

The first place Chen Feng went to was Jian Xiaotian’s mountain residence. However, Jian Xiaotian was not there. Next, Chen Feng went to find Wen Shaoxiu. Once again, Wen Shaoxiu was also not there.

Helpless, Chen Feng spread out his soul power, scanning the surrounding mountains within a radius of 5,000 kilometres. When he finally found Jian Xiaotian and the others, Chen Feng laughed.

“I came back just in time. Unexpectedly, Brother Jian would be undergoing his Heavenly Tribulation right now.”

With a flash, Chen Feng disappeared into the void.

Jian Xiaotian was indeed in the midst of undergoing his tribulation. As for Wen Shaoxiu and the others, they were standing guard around him. Jian Xiaotian had chosen a somewhat remote spot within Heavenly Sword Mountain Range for his tribulation. It was a place without any living creatures. Not even grasses could grow there. It was a popular tribulation spot for the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. 

Although Chen Feng was very fast, he was also utilizing a stealth technique. Due to that, Wen Shaoxiu and the others were incapable of noticing Chen Feng, who was lurking within the void space there. 

That said, their failure to notice Chen Feng did not mean that others also could not notice Chen Feng. Upon his arrival there, Chen Feng had yet to steady his figure when his head suddenly jerked backwards. However, there was nothing behind him.


The Magic Eyes of Darkness spun and strands of black light flew out from Chen Feng’s eyes. Next, a tall, middle-aged cultivator appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. This middle-aged cultivator was using a special method to hide himself within space. Without utilizing the Magic Eyes of Darkness, Chen Feng would have been incapable of finding him.

Peak-level Human Immortal! Chen Feng was surprised. However, he did not feel too concerned. Since this cultivator was able to stay hidden here, he was most likely a cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction. Additionally, for him to be keeping watch over Jian Xiaotian’s tribulation, he was most likely Jian Xiaotian’s master.

“You must be Chen Feng. Not bad. You can actually see me. I am Xiaotian’s master,” the middle-aged cultivator said. At the same time, he secretly felt a feeling of regret. Such a talented fellow was not a member of his sect.

“So, it’s Senior Daybreak.” Chen Feng hastily saluted. This middle-aged cultivator was none other than Immortal Daybreak, Jian Xiaotian’s master. As a peak-level Human Immortal, he could already be considered a high-ranking member amongst high-ranking members of the sect.

“No need for formalities.” Immortal Daybreak smiled. Regarding Chen Feng from head to toe, he grew even more shocked.

“Looks like Elder Chen managed to gain quite a lot in the Heavensday Battlefield.”

“Just some minor harvest,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Originally, Immortal Daybreak had wanted to ask Chen Feng some more questions regarding the Heavensday Battlefield. However, after pondering it for a moment, he finally decided against it. At any rate, everyone had their own secrets. Some questions should remain unasked.

“What do you think? Can Xiaotian successfully overcome his tribulation?” Immortal Daybreak changed the topic.

“He should be able to.” Chen Feng said after observing the tribulation for a moment. Although Jian Xiaotian appeared to be in a somewhat wretched state, Chen Feng was of the opinion that this Heavenly Tribulation would not be a problem for him.

Speaking of Jian Xiaotian, despite him possessing a spiritual body, his cultivation base had been improving too quickly recently. If he could spend some more time honing himself, he would have an easier time against his tribulation.

Hearing Chen Feng’s thoughts on the matter, Immortal Daybreak nodded. Chen Feng’s opinion on Jian Xiaotian’s situation was correct.

“Truth be told, there is a reason why Xiaotian chose to undergo tribulation right now,” Immortal Daybreak said, a hidden meaning within his words.

“Oh, what’s the reason?” Chen Feng felt surprised.

“Xiaotian got wind that a friend of his has already advanced to the Human Immortal stage. Moreover, that friend was making quite the name for himself in the ocean region. Due to that, Xiaotian ended up getting stimulated. Additionally, there is also the effect of inner demons on his mind. Due to that, he finally decided to undergo his tribulation in advance,” Immortal Daybreak said with a smile.

Chen Feng blinked. Unexpectedly, Heavenly Sword Faction had already gotten wind of his actions. However, he quickly smiled. He took over East Dragon Island, boasted eight Demon Kings under him and many ocean yaos. This was a very formidable force. It was only natural that his actions would cause a stir within the world of cultivation. Having the great sects find out about him was nothing surprising.

Chen Feng laughed.

As the two of them chatted, Jian Xiaotian finally finished overcoming his tribulation. Although he cut quite the wretched sight, his body covered in wounds, he did indeed advance to the Human Immortal stage.

Immortal Daybreak breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he gave Chen Feng a nod before taking a step forward, disappearing from sight.

This Immortal Daybreak sure cares for his apprentice. Chen Feng smiled. Next, his figure flashed forward and he re-appeared before Wen Shaoxiu and the others.

Seeing Chen Feng appear all of a sudden, Wen Shaoxiu and the others grew shocked. However, they quickly and enthusiastically stepped forward to greet him.

“Ha ha ha ha! Brother Chen, it has been a while.”

“It truly has been a while. Looks like everyone has grown stronger.” Chen Feng could see that Wen Shaoxiu and the others had already advanced to the Human Immortal stage.

“Not as fast as Brother Chen. When did you come out? By the way, I heard that Brother Chen managed to occupy a territory in the ocean region. Is it true?” Wen Shaoxiu asked smilingly.

“Back then, I was directly teleported somewhere close to the Absolute Mountain Range…” Chen Feng then gave them a brief account of what happened.

Hearing how Chen Feng managed to occupy a number of islands and subdue some ocean yaos, they all revealed looks of shock and envy. However, thinking back to the strength that Chen Feng displayed back in the Heavensday Battlefield, the feelings of shock lessened somewhat.

“After Junior Brother Xiaotian concludes his cultivation session, we must drink to our hearts’ content!” Li Shilong said.


Three days later, Jian Xiaotian finally concluded his cultivation session. Unexpectedly, after comprehending the immortal dao laws from the Heavenly Tribulation, Jian Xiaotian managed to gain another stroke of comprehension. Thus, he quickly entered another cultivation session again.

“Err…” Seeing that, they all exchanged glances before bursting into laughter.

“Since Junior Brother Xiaotian is going to cultivate himself, we should leave first,” Wen Shaoxiu suggested.

Although they were within Heavenly Sword Faction’s territory, they had still set up some restrictive arrays around Jian Xiaotian before they could confidently leave.

Next, they headed to Wen Shaoxiu’s residence. There, they chatted excitedly, discussing the various happenings within the world of cultivation. Naturally, there was no way Chen Feng could avoid talking about what he encountered back in the Heavensday Battlefield. Although Chen Feng did not mention some of the more critical events, the things he mentioned had still left the others tutting in surprise.


1 li = 0.5 km

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