Chapter 780 Abyssal Ice Behemoth


“Abyssal Ice Behemoth.” Chen Feng nodded.

“It really is a behemoth.”

“The number of Abyssal Ice Behemoths within the universe is quite high. Generally speaking, though, they would not appear on a life-bearing world or life-bearing planet. This Abyssal Ice Behemoth before us should be at the peak-level Earthen Immortal stage. It is already very close to breaking through to the Ascendant Immortal stage. Only, for some unknown reasons, it ended up getting sealed here,” the Hell Dog said.

“In other words, the one who can seal him must be at least a peak-level Earthen Immortal as well. Additionally, that person also utilized a maelstrom to suppress this place.”

“Yes. It makes sense. If such a gargantuan creature is released, the entire Eternal World would likely be plunged into chaos. Countless people would die from its power of ice.

“Unexpectedly, a minor human cultivator would be capable of collecting the Deepsea Maelstrom. Not to mention, you could also break the seal here. Speaking of which, I should thank you,” the Abyssal Ice Behemoth said, looking at Chen Feng. At the same time, the surrounding temperature plummeted and frost appeared around them.

“I also didn’t think I’d meet an Abyssal Ice Behemoth here. I am curious, you are an extra-terrestrial beast from outer space. Instead of freely voyaging through the stars, why come to our Eternal World? Not to mention, you ended up getting sealed deep beneath the ocean,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

The eyes of the Abyssal Ice Behemoth abruptly shone and a stream of frost assailed Chen Feng. Next, popping sounds rang out as the defences set up using the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead were destroyed. Thankfully, the Treasured Ocean Pearl was able to stop the stream of frost.

“Looks like you aren’t some nobody. You know quite a bit, kid.” After saying that, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s body began shining with a brilliant light and waves of formidable aura spread out. Its already gargantuan body began expanding.

As the Abyssal Ice Behemoth struggled, the ropes binding it grew tight. Even so, Chen Feng could see that the power of the ropes was constantly getting exhausted. In fact, cracks had already appeared at some spots.

Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that it was just a matter of time before this Abyssal Ice Behemoth broke free.

Rolling his eyes, Chen Feng then turned around to leave.

“Little brother, hold up!” As predicted, seeing Chen Feng leaving, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth quickly called out.

“Oh, is there anything?” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“I hope little brother can help me break free.” The Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s body became like an inflated balloon, growing even bigger.

“Help you break free? What’s in it for me?” Chen Feng laughed.

Truth be told, when he saw the behemoth, many thoughts had flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. He had even thought about subduing the behemoth. However, after trying to come up with a plan, he came to the conclusion that it was not feasible.

In the past, he had utilized the Longevity Tower’s power to subdue some Yao Immortals before. However, they were only starter-level Earthen Immortals. There was no way those Earthen Immortals could compare with this behemoth at the peak-level Earthen Immortal stage.

Even if he were to take action before the Abyssal Ice Behemoth could break free, even if he were to utilize the Immortal artefacts, he was not confident in his ability to subdue it. Once again, this was a peak-level Earthen Immortal. There was no telling what hidden cards this behemoth might be hiding up its sleeves.

At that moment, however, it was the Abyssal Ice Behemoth who was asking him for assistance. Due to that, Chen Feng began hesitating. What should he do if the Abyssal Ice Behemoth tried to attack him after breaking free? Given how gargantuan it was, just tumbling a few times would be enough for it to sink the island above.

“What do you want?” The Abyssal Ice Behemoth abruptly stopped its attempts to break free and its pair of eyes, looking like blazing suns, stared at Chen Feng.

“That would depend on what benefits you can bring out. However, you must hand it over first. I fear that you would go back on your words after I help you get out,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

After considering it for a moment, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth opened its mouth and a ball of ice flew out before moving towards Chen Feng.

Grabbing hold of the ball of ice, Chen Feng immediately sensed the vigorous power of ice contained within it. In fact, just looking at it was enough to send a slight shiver down his heart.

“This is a Dao artefact.” Chen Feng sensed not just the power of ice from it. Rather, he could also sense grand dao powers.

“This is the Abyssal Ice Orb that I refined. It is the equivalent of a high-grade Dao artefact. What do you think?” the Abyssal Ice Behemoth said.

“This is quite good. However, one doesn’t feel sufficient. I want two,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Do you know how much I have to pay in order to refine just one? Not to mention, the amount of time needed?” the Abyssal Ice Behemoth said icily.

 “That’s your problem.” Chen Feng laughed. 

The Abyssal Ice Behemoth stared at Chen Feng for a moment. On the other hand, Chen Feng simply smiled and did nothing.


Another Abyssal Ice Orb flew towards Chen Feng. The Abyssal Ice Behemoth had decided to acquiesce to Chen Feng’s request.

“Kid, you just need to figure a way to break these ropes.” After saying that, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth began struggling against the ropes again. The ropes responded by tightening themselves around it once more. Some of the ropes were even cutting into the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s flesh.

“Fine. Since I have accepted your items, I must help out,” said Chen Feng, who brought out the Treasured Ocean Pearl. Empowering it, he then fired out a blade of light with it to strike one of the ropes on the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s body.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

After that, Chen Feng continued utilizing the Treasured Ocean Pearl to fire out Longevity weapons forward to strike the rope repeatedly.


A booming sound rang out and one of the ropes was finally cut apart. The Abyssal Ice Behemoth grew delighted and it struggled with renewed fervour.

A pity, the Treasured Ocean Pearl is not a combat-type magic treasure, otherwise breaking the ropes should not be too difficult.

After breaking two of the ropes binding the Abyssal Ice Behemoth, Chen Feng stopped. He rested himself for one joss stick’s worth of time before attacking once again.

Bang! Bang!

The Abyssal Ice Behemoth itself also managed to break several ropes. However, the number of ropes binding the Abyssal Ice Behemoth was simply too high. Given their present rate, breaking all of the ropes there would take them several days.

As the Abyssal Ice Behemoth had been trapped here for a long time, it did not care about that. However, Chen Feng did not want to waste that much time.

Thus, with a flick of his hand, Chen Feng kept the Treasured Ocean Pearl. Next, his hand grasped and the Longevity Lance appeared in his hand, strands of Immortal artefact power surging into the Longevity Lance.


Chen Feng swung and the Longevity Lance flashed forward. Next, a snapping sound rang out as one of the ropes was broken.

The power of an Immortal artefact! The Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s eyes lit up as it looked at Chen Feng, a look of vigilance reflected off its eyes. As this human possessed an Immortal artefact, it was possible for him to kill it.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Longevity Lance in Chen Feng’s hand kept thrusting forward. Every thrust would result in a broken rope. After repeatedly breaking tens of ropes, Chen Feng stopped. Keeping the Longevity Lance, he then moved to the side to recover his strength.

Seeing Chen Feng stop, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth felt somewhat dissatisfied. However, it did not say anything about it. Additionally, as the number of ropes binding it began dwindling, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s strength gradually recovered. In the end, the ropes began breaking apart in quick succession.

Bang! Bang!

Finally, the last two ropes binding it were broken as well and the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s figure shrank and it quickly appeared before Chen Feng, a ferocious light flashing out from its eyes.

“What is this? Do you want to attack me?” Chen Feng stood up, a smile on his face. Waving his hand, a lance appeared in his grip. This time, however, it was not the Longevity Lance. Instead, it was a semi-transparent silhouette of the Heaven Piercing Lance.

Sensing the formidable atmosphere of an Immortal artefact emanating out from the Heaven Piercing Lance, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth’s pupils promptly contracted and its face took on a look of uncertainty. Regarding the smile on Chen Feng’s face, it began pondering its situation.

“Ha ha ha! Thank you for the assistance. Now, it is time to say goodbye. May we meet again in the future.” After saying that, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth transformed into a stream of light before charging out from the hole, disappearing with a flash of light.

Truth be told, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth was indeed planning on attacking Chen Feng after breaking free. At any rate, refining the two Abyssal Ice Orbs had taken it quite some effort. It was only natural that it would want to take them back. However, after Chen Feng brought out the Immortal artefact, the Abyssal Ice Behemoth sensed a hint of danger from him.

That felt highly vexing for the Abyssal Ice Behemoth. A minor Human Immortal was actually able to pose a threat to it? However, after pondering it for a moment, it finally decided to give up on attacking the human. It had only just broken free, after all. It was not the best time to be attacking. That said, it had left an imprint on the human. Once it had fully recovered, it could return and deal with this human. An Immortal artefact? The human was not the only one with an Immortal artefact. 

“Tower, if the Abyssal Ice Behemoth had chosen to attack us earlier, could we have captured it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“There is only a 70% success rate,” Tower replied coolly.

Chen Feng nodded. Without saying anything else, he flew out from the black hole as well. Then, breaking his way through the ocean waters, he swiftly returned to East Dragon Island.

This trip into the ocean had netted Chen Feng a great harvest. The first was the Deepsea Maelstrom, a top-grade Dao artefact. The second was the two Abyssal Ice Orbs. The third was him successfully subduing Patriarch Golden Turtle.

After arriving at East Dragon Island, Chen Feng released Patriarch Golden Turtle.

“You have chosen to submit, so you are now my subordinate. I am always generous towards my subordinates. In the past, you were the lord of East Dragon Island. So, you will be in charge of administering this region,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Thank you, My Lord.” Patriarch Golden Turtle sighed to himself. However, he put on a display of respect.

“In the future, just call me Young Lord.” Chen Feng nodded before summoning Patriarch Skytour’s group of three.

Due to the existence of the soul imprints, Patriarch Skytour and the other two were absolutely incapable of defying Chen Feng. Upon receiving Chen Feng’s summon, they fearfully headed towards East Dragon Island.

When they saw Patriarch Golden Turtle, the three of them instantly paled.

Facing Chen Feng’s oppressive gaze, all three Yao Kings plopped to their knees and they began begging fervently for mercy. As their souls were under Chen Feng’s control, one thought from him was enough to kill them off.

“Looks like my status here is not that established. Even my subordinates dare to betray me. Tell me, how should I punish you fellows?” After saying that, Chen Feng focused his mind and the three Yao Kings instantly clutched their heads as they cried out in pain.

Seeing that, Patriarch Golden Turtle’s face sank. He wanted to say something. In the end, however, he hung his head and said nothing.

“Young Lord! Please spare our lives! We’ll never do it again!”

“Young Lord, please give us another chance!”

The three Yao Kings were no longer capable of enduring anymore. They fell to the ground and rolled about. However, despite the cries of pain escaping their mouths, they did not forget to beg for mercy.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng retracted his soul attack on them and said calmly, “Capital punishment can be avoided, but a punishment is needed nonetheless. I punish you fellows to double our territory within one month.” 

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