Chapter 78: Weapon Condensation Technique


“These three fellows look unfamiliar. It seems they are not locals. To think that they would end up provoking Young Master Liu the moment they arrived! What bad luck!”

“Yes, recently, this Liu Yuntian has been in the limelight a lot.”

“Humph! Were it not for the fact that he has a powerful backing, who would give him any attention? Isn’t he just a Concealed stage cultivator? If we have to go at it, I can easily kill him.”

“Tsk tsk! If it comes to that, you will certainly be the one to die. Didn’t you see the two old men beside him just now? Those two are experts. I wonder though, are they from Nine Firmaments Palace or Purplecloud Sky Grotto?”

“If those fellows do not have any backing, they will be killed by Liu Yuntian the moment they exit the city.”

Hearing the unceasing discussion going on between the surrounding onlookers, Chen Feng and the others immediately exchanged glances.

“So, that kid’s name is Liu Yuntian. To think an elder from Nine Firmaments Palace would accept him as a disciple. Hey, hey! The way I see it, that kid doesn’t have much in way of personality. As for his cultivation talent, it is probably lacking as well. And yet, he ended up becoming Nine Firmaments Palace’s inner disciple? A direct disciple to boot. There must be something else going on underneath,” whispered Ye Ziming. 

“Maybe his father was the one who pulled the strings?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out.

“The Six Great Sky Grottoes doesn’t actually mean jack in the eyes of the immortal dao sects. Besides, the Sect Masters from the Six Great Sky Grottoes probably aren’t even at the Sky Human stage. They are of no importance to the immortal dao sects. There must surely be a reason as to why an elder from Nine Firmaments Palace would accept Liu Yuntian as a disciple,” replied Ye Ziming.

“That kid is really overbearing. He will surely wait for us to leave Myriad Suns Trade Association and come kill us. We should just find a remote place and finish him off instead,” said Chen Feng all of a sudden, gritting his teeth.

“Sii! Brother Chen, your plan is quite the bold one. Disregarding the fact that killing him would invite a big problem, the bodyguards escorting him alone are not easy to deal with.” Ye Ziming was taken aback. He never expected Chen Feng to think of something like that.

“There are plenty of people here. Let’s not discuss about that for the time being. We’ll continue when we returned to our place,” Ye Ziming continued using vocal transmission.

In the end, Chen Feng bought ‘Eternal World’ and ‘Introduction to the Sects’, which costed a total of 40,000 Basic Yang Pills. Chen Feng’s heart ached to the point of cramping. Earlier, after having sold his items for 100,000 Basic Yang Pills, he had assumed that he was rich. Unexpectedly, he had nearly spent half of it on just two books.

After receiving the books, Chen Feng could feel that they were heavy. They were truly different compared to ordinary books. Although the papers were made from the hide of yao beasts, they had been processed to possess a soft and thin quality. Cold to the touch, they also emit a faint refreshing fragrance. Even the characters in the books were different. Who knows what methods were used to write them down as every one of the characters glittered with light, seemingly wanting to burst out from the piece of paper to seep into the reader’s soul.

Chen Feng attempted to tear it for a bit. Despite using a force of several hundred jin, he was actually incapable of tearing even one of its pages (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

“The quality is good.” Chen Feng nodded his head as he felt somewhat comforted.

Next up, the three of them moved to another floor. This time, they went to a place selling medicinal herbs.

“We have Exquisite Fruit and Icespirit Grass. However, the last three stalks of Icespirit Grass had just been bought. As for the Soulguard Flower, we do not have it,” said one of the supervisors from Myriad Suns Trade Association.

“No Soulguard Flower. Is it because it is sold out, or are they simply none?” Chen Feng hastily asked.

“None. Although Soulguard Flower is not a high-grade herb, it is very rare. They normally grow in places with very little humans. Since our Myriad Suns Trade Association doesn’t have it, I believe the other shops in White Cloud City will not have it either.”

“Who bought the last three stalks of Icespirit Grass?” Ye Ziming interjected with a question.

“Err… we cannot reveal that.” The supervisor appeared troubled.

In response, Ye Ziming pulled out the Sky-grade VIP card and showed the supervisor. The moment the supervisor saw it, his face changed.

“All right, I will tell you. However, you three must not disclose this to any others. They were bought by Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Liu Yuntian,” whispered the supervisor.

Liu Yuntian, this fellow again? What a coincidence. It seems there is no other choice. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Very well, I will buy the Exquisite Fruit,” said Chen Feng.

“We only have one here. It costs 20,000 Basic Yang Pills.” As he was speaking, the supervisor retrieved a jade box. The jade box was transparent, allowing them to view the small fruit inside it. There were holes all over the surface of the small fruit. It was none other than the Exquisite Fruit, one of the wondrous fruits within this world.

20,000 Basic Yang Pills! Hearing that, Chen Feng nearly cried. However, he held back and purchased the fruit with 20,000 Basic Yang Pills.

Now, there were only 40,000 Basic Yang Pills left on Chen Feng’s person.

After that, the three of them went straight back to their place. As they were still within the Myriad Suns Trade Association’s territory, Chen Feng’s group was not worried that Liu Yuntian would do anything.

“Brother Chen, why do you want to buy those four medicinal herbs? Surely, you are not planning on concocting pills?” asked Ye Ziming inquisitively.

“I am practicing a technique which requires those four medicinal herbs,” Chen Feng gave a simple reply.

“You’ve truly made up your mind to kill Liu Yuntian?” asked Ye Ziming.

“Yes, I had planned to do so before. Now that he has bought the Icespirit Grass, I have no other choice,” replied Chen Feng with a heavy tone.

“That kid is too overbearing. He deserves to die. I agree with killing him,” said Lu Ta. 

“If that is the case, I have no objections. However, he is the Young Master of Purplecloud Sky Grotto after all. Additionally, he is also a disciple of Nine Firmaments Palace. If we want to kill him, we must not leave any clues behind. We will need to plan this out in detail,” said Ye Ziming.

As the three of them were discussing…

Liu Yuntian was lying on a soft chair within a luxurious residence in White Cloud City. He was in the middle of the courtyard with two enchanting looking women massaging him. There was an intoxicated look on his face as he pawed at the two sensual women beside him, causing looks of shyness to appear on their faces.

“Greetings, Young Master!” Two warriors suddenly strode in.

“Mm, did the three fellows come out?” Liu Yuntian asked in a lazy tone.

“Young Master, they have not. We have investigated it. The three of them have been staying in an Upper-grade lodging of Myriad Suns Trade Association, not coming out at all,” replied one of the two warriors.

“Oh? Did you find out their backgrounds?” Liu Yuntian asked again.

“All three are loose cultivators. Their names at Ye Ziming, Lu Ta and Chen Feng. Their cultivation bases are not high and will be easy to deal with. Some time ago, they appeared to snatch the Waters of Life in the Black Origin Mountain Range,” said the other warrior respectfully.

“Humph! A bunch of loose cultivators dare make an enemy of me? They don’t know how to live properly! All right, you fellows can head back. Keep a good eye on them. Inform me the moment they come out. I don’t believe they can keep staying inside.” As he spoke, Liu Yuntian pulled one of the women into his embrace. Next, his hand began slithering over her body. It did not take long before burst after burst of screams rang out from the courtyard. The two warriors lowered their heads and quickly exited.

“Liu Yuntian himself is relatively easy to deal with. The most difficult opponents will be the two old fellows around him. Even if we joined forces, given our present level of strength, we will probably be no match for any one of them. Additionally, he also has another 12 bodyguards at level 4 of the Concealed stage,” analysed Ye Ziming.

“If we can get close to them and use the two Prized artefacts on me to launch a surprise attack, what are our chances of success?” Chen Feng suddenly said. In their discussion, Chen Feng had said that the Longevity Tower was a Prized artefact. By doing so, he could keep his trump card a secret. Secondly, this was a more acceptable explanation for them. If Chen Feng had informed them that he possessed an Immortal artefact, they would probably consider him crazy. After all, Immortal artefacts were very rare in Eternal World. Most of them were used as defensive artefacts for immortal dao sects.

“The two old fellows should be at level 6 of the Concealed stage. Even if you can get close to them, you may not succeed in killing or capturing them. Besides, if even one of the 12 other bodyguards escapes, we will be in big trouble,” replied Ye Ziming.

“Don’t forget, even the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm was captured. Could the two old men be stronger than a Great Yao?” Chen Feng suddenly said with a sneer.

It was then that Ye Ziming and Lu Ta remembered that the magic treasure on Chen Feng’s person was still suppressing a Great Yao. A Great Yao was an existence capable of confronting a Sky Human stage cultivator. If Chen Feng could suppress a Great Yao, it should be possible for him to deal with Concealed stage cultivators.

“Even so, it will still be dangerous. After all, the other party will not allow us to approach them. It is possible that they will immediately attack us the moment they notice us. If they unleash their killing moves right from the start, we will suffer horribly,” said Ye Ziming after some consideration.

“That is a problem. However, there is no need to be anxious. We have time. We can properly plan this out,” said Chen Feng.

After that, the three of them continued to stay within Myriad Suns Trade Association’s courtyard. They did not go out and simply concentrated on practicing cultivation; on comprehension and practice.

Chen Feng was seated cross-legged in the middle of the courtyard. As he channelled the Longevity Scripture, a bluish-green blade slowly formed. It was the Longevity Scripture’s Longevity Blade. This was not just a ‘primary energy takes form’ technique. The weapons condensed out from most of those techniques only possessed the shape of weapons. While they do possess a near-invincible quality, they do not possess spiritual attributes. Spiritual attributes were a necessity for weapons. At the end of the day, they cannot be considered a real weapon.

The Longevity Blade that Chen Feng had condensed out by practicing the Longevity Scripture was different. It possessed more than just the sharpness of a blade. Rather, it also possessed the spiritual attributes seen in magic treasures. Chen Feng could feel it. This Longevity Blade that he had condensed out possessed an even higher level of destructive power compared to real magic treasures. In the beginning, Chen Feng had not noticed it. However, as he continued spending his days practicing cultivation, his comprehension of the Longevity Scripture grew deeper. Every time he channelled the Longevity Scripture, he could sense his body absorbing some of the worldly spiritual energy and life force. Although it was very minute, it was noticeable.

Take the present Chen Feng for example. He was presently gripping a Longevity Blade in his hand. The surrounding worldly spiritual energy would slowly be directed towards the Longevity Blade, which would suck them in continuously, allowing it to become even more condensed.

Longevity Blade, cleave the void, smash the shackles and achieve longevity. This blade I condensed out cannot actually be considered a Longevity Blade, not even one in ten thousand. The longer I spend practicing the Longevity Scripture, the more I find it to be vastly profound, a mystery that defies Heaven itself. I wonder, when a true Longevity Blade is condensed out, what kind of power can it display? Could it really cleave everything and achieve longevity? Chen Feng thought to himself. Next, the Longevity Blade in his hand flew around in a circle and the gleaming lights from the blade shone upon the small courtyard. Strands of blade energy scattered about, seemingly capable of slicing space itself.

After playing around for a while, the Longevity Blade slowly shrank before finally disappearing into Chen Feng’s body. 

This is just the condensation technique for the Longevity Blade. In the Longevity Scripture, there are still the Longevity Sword, Longevity Spear, Longevity Chains, Longevity Whip, Longevity Ding, Longevity Shield, Longevity Pike, Longevity Hook, Longevity Drum, Longevity Attire and various others. The weapons and defensive attires are equivalent to magic treasures. When they have condensed to a certain level, these condensed items can truly become magic treasures. 

With the support of the Longevity Tower, I can channel the Longevity Scripture and kill and suppress everything. Unfortunately, the present me cannot even condense out the weakest form of Longevity Blade. Although the other condensation techniques are already imprinted within my mind, I am unable to look at them. Only after successfully practicing the available secret techniques would new techniques appear. I wonder, did Tower do this on purpose or is this simply the way the Longevity Scripture works? Chen Feng pondered.

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