Chapter 779 Black Hole


Having collected the maelstrom, Chen Feng was about to leave when he caught sight of a circular black silhouette at the bottom of the ocean. Moving forward, Chen Feng saw that the black silhouette was something of a black hole.

The black hole was located at the centre of the gigantic maelstrom that he had just collected earlier. As the maelstrom had been collected, this black hole that the maelstrom was covering became exposed.

The black hole was as large as an ordinary building. Additionally, it was located at the bottom of the ocean. Thus, it was easy to overlook its existence. Due to that, Chen Feng had nearly missed it.

The black hole rested quietly there and a faint layer of barrier covered its surface. It was that layer of barrier that was blocking the ocean water from breaking in.

“This is?” Chen Feng stepped forward and released his soul power to investigate. In the end, however, he was unable to figure out anything.

Is it a passageway or an ordinary hole? Or, is it perhaps a teleportation array? Chen Feng wondered. He did not recklessly move forward.


Waving his hand, Chen Feng fired out a swift blast of wind. The wind blast struck the surface of the barrier and was instantly bounced off.

Chen Feng nodded. That blast was already strong enough to wound a Human Immortal. However, this layer of barrier had remained unscathed in the face of the blast. That said, it was something that had appeared beneath a gigantic maelstrom. Thus, it was surely not some ordinary object.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng finally decided to enter the black hole to check it out.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng fired out two more attacks. Once again, the thin layer of barrier covering the black hole stopped his attacks. Pondering for a moment again, Chen Feng then stretched his hand out towards the black hole.


The moment Chen Feng’s hand made contact with the barrier above the black hole, a chilling power of ice emerged from the black hole and made its way through Chen Feng’s arm to spread out across his body.

This was his first time encountering such a formidable ice energy. In just the blink of an eye, frost had covered the surface of his arm. At the same time, he also lost the ability to feel his upper body.

Not good!

Chen Feng’s feet moved to swiftly back away. At the same time, he mobilized the power of fire within his Fire acupoint to drive out the ice energy.

Unexpectedly, upon channelling his energy, the power of ice enveloping his arm would suddenly become like an agile snake, rapidly slithering forward to enter his body. Due to that, his whole body and even his soul were frozen stiff.

As a result, Chen Feng’s ability to think began slowing down and a sensation of death surged to the fore. In Chen Feng’s opinion, he had never felt so close to dying before. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The First Origin acupoint fired out a formidable power and the Demon Sealing Sword there thrummed.

The Magnetic acupoints stirred and the power within them churned.

The Tristar acupoints reached out through space to establish a connection with the three stars within the cosmos.

The Four Extreme acupoints surged out across the world.

The Five Elemental acupoints rotated, reversing the situation.

The door opened.

One insight acupoint after another opened up to spray out a pure and overbearing power. Like volcanoes erupting from within, all the power released kept assailing the power of ice invading Chen Feng’s body.

By then, even the weakest amongst all the magic treasures safeguarding Chen Feng’s insight acupoints had advanced to the Sacred tier. The many Sacred artefacts burst with power simultaneously, adding to Chen Feng’s own power, causing strand after strand of the power of ice to back away. Finally, Chen Feng was able to move again, albeit slightly.

Boom! Boom!

The Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead entered the fray. With the added power of the two Dao artefacts, he was finally able to wrap up the power of ice within his body. In the end, it became a sphere resting upon his palm.

Chen Feng then utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to absorb a strand of the sphere. Instantly, he could feel the power of ice spreading throughout his body once again. Even his blood was frozen. However, his longevity-type primary energy circulated a few times and his body gradually recovered. At the same time, Chen Feng could sense that his primary energy had improve slightly.

What a formidable power of ice. Still, I can devour and absorb it. Only, some time is needed. Chen Feng chuckled. Waving his hand, he then kept the power of ice. That was a good item. It was in no way inferior compared to the essence of the ocean that he had just obtained earlier.

Looks like I will need to be careful. Chen Feng then utilized the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead to protect himself. After considering it for a moment, however, Chen Feng was still unable to feel at ease. Thus, he utilized the Treasured Ocean Pearl as well to form another layer of protective barrier around him.

The Treasured Ocean Pearl was a top-grade Dao artefact. It was on the same artefact tier as the maelstrom he had just collected. It was already the strongest magic treasure beneath the Immortal tier. Although it was not an offensive type magic treasure, it should still prove effective when used for defence. 

Additionally, there was also the Dawnsource Crystal Water inside the Treasured Ocean Pearl. As ice was closely connected to the power of water, the Treasured Ocean Pearl should be able to counter it.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the Twin Swords of Life and Death flew out. Two sword light, one black and one white, swirled around Chen Feng.

Following Chen Feng’s advance to the Human Immortal stage, the Twin Swords of Life and Death that had accompanied Chen Feng for a long time also levelled up to become grade 8 Sacred artefacts. By fusing together, they could rise up to become a grade 9 Sacred artefact.


Under Chen Feng’s guidance, the Twin Swords of Life and Death began fusing to finally form a huge sword, black and white in colour. Swiftly, the sword charged towards the black hole.


A clear sound rang out and Chen Feng thought that he had succeeded. However, he quickly saw that he was mistaken. Strands of white energy spread out from the black hole to quickly envelop the Sword of Life and Death. As for Chen Feng, he felt light flaring out within his sea of wisdom and he lost contact with the sword.

Shocked, Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward to grab the sword. Despite the layers of barrier protecting him, Chen Feng felt as though he was holding onto a block of ice.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

The Sword of Life and Death thrummed and the power of life and death began circulating. They rejected and fused with one another and black light and white light flared out as a formidable aura kept spreading outwards.

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his heart gave a thump. The Twin Swords of Life and Death were naturally-forming objects, the manifestation of the purest power of life and death. They possessed a great deal of potential. Additionally, they had been accompanying Chen Feng for a long time now. Although their rate of advancement had been somewhat slow, it was also quite steady. Were they about to level up again?

Chen Feng was correct. The Twin Swords of Life and Death were indeed about to level up. As they were enveloped by the power of ice earlier, they had automatically stimulated out the power of life and death. The dao of life and the dao of death were the two strongest daos amongst all the daos in the path of cultivation, even superior compared to the dao of ice. After a compression and absorption process, they began levelling up.

Chen Feng grew both shocked and delighted. Instantly, he brought out a high number of top-grade fire-type spirit stones. The spirit stones shattered apart and streams of power of fire flowed into the Twin Swords of Life and Death.

With that, the two swords instantly entered a state of balance and the chaotic aura coming off them grew slightly more stable. The rate at which they were levelling up began stabilizing as well.

Chen Feng brought out more spirit stones as preparation. He was not lacking in fire-type spirit stones. On the contrary, he possessed plenty of them. That said, he did not possess many ice-type spirit stones. Even so, he was not feeling too worried. He could use the Dawnsource Crystal Water to substitute for it. Not to mention, there was an even stronger power of ice coming from the black hole.

The Twin Swords of Life and Death took up to three days to level up. After three days, the Twin Swords of Life and Death finally grew quiet. Next, they transformed into streams of light, which flowed into Chen Feng’s body. There, they fell asleep like normal humans.

They had already become grade 9 Sacred artefacts. However, they were still in a transition period. Due to that, Chen Feng was incapable of utilizing the two swords for the time being.

Looks like Sacred artefacts will not work. In order to blast apart the barrier, I will need to utilize Dao artefacts. Contemplating the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then raised his hand and a bloody beam of light shot out.

The barrier above the black hole shook slightly before returning to its original state.


Lightning flashed. Once again, the attack failed to produce any results.

Seeing that, Chen Feng frowned. Next, he waved his hand and the Treasured Ocean Pearl appeared. Speaking of which, since obtaining this top-grade Dao artefact, he had rarely used it.

The Treasured Ocean Pearl slowly rotated within Chen Feng’s hand, emanating a watery azure light. It looked like the waters of the ocean and the light that it was naturally emitting was like a top-grade crystal.

Holding the Treasured Ocean Pearl, Chen Feng slowly fired its power forward. Appearance wise, it would seem as though Chen Feng was taking his sweet time. However, he was actually already giving it his all.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out and the barrier above the black hole began shaking violently.

It’s working!

Delighted, Chen Feng continued empowering the Treasured Ocean Pearl. In the face of the Treasured Ocean Pearl’s power, sparks began flashing out from the barrier protecting the black hole. As for Chen Feng, all of his muscles twitched in exertion but his palm could no longer advance, not even an inch. 

He maintained the state for one joss stick’s worth of time. In the end, Chen Feng could no longer endure. Not unless he could unleash the Treasured Ocean Pearl’s full power.

As Chen Feng was about to stop, however, the pressure he faced suddenly lightened and the Treasured Ocean Pearl in his hand fiercely broke its way into the black hole.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks began spreading out across the barrier protecting the black hole. Next, the barrier burst apart with a loud boom. Following that, a stream of ice energy, one that was much stronger compared to what Chen Feng faced previously, emerged from the black hole. Despite the protection of his magic treasures, Chen Feng was still forced to take a few steps back.

Still holding the Treasured Ocean Pearl in his hand, Chen Feng regarded the black hole with a somewhat dazed expression.

“Who is that outside? Come on in.” A soul fluctuation spread out from the black hole, shocking Chen Feng.

“Who’s inside?” Chen Feng asked. At the same time, he understood. Earlier, the one inside must have taken action to open up the barrier.

“I’m not a human.”

Not a human? Is it a yao beast? Or a demonic beast? Chen Feng pondered. Even so, he chose to enter in the end. 

Upon entering the black hole, everything before him suddenly lit up. When he saw what lay before him, Chen Feng grew shocked.

It was clear that the interior of the black hole was a separate space. Inside this space was a creature, one so gargantuan that Chen Feng felt astounded when he saw it.

A body that was 5,000 kilometres tall. This was something beyond Chen Feng’s imagination. He had never even heard of such a creature before, let alone encounter one.

However, Chen Feng quickly noticed ropes made from unknown powers around the gargantuan body. The ropes would either be piercing through the creature’s body or wrapped around it. There were layer upon layer of the ropes there and all of them were binding the creature tightly.

Seeing Chen Feng enter, the gargantuan creature’s eyes swept over. In the face of the gargantuan creature’s gaze, Chen Feng couldn’t help but shudder. It was not due to fear, but shock.

So, the ice energy came from this gargantuan creature’s body. Chen Feng finally understood.

“Tower, what kind of creature is this? It is probably not one from Eternal World, no?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“It’s just a type of extraterrestrial beast from space,” Tower answered coolly. He did not sound surprised.

“So, it is from outer space. What is its name?” Chen Feng nodded.

“This is an Abyssal Ice Behemoth.” This time, it was not Tower who replied, but the Hell Dog.

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