Chapter 778 Essence of the Ocean


“Patriarch Golden Turtle?!” Chen Feng cried out in surprise.

“That’s right, it’s me! Kid, it’s time to spill out your origins. However, it doesn’t matter what background you may have, you will still die here today.” Patriarch Golden Turtle’s colossal body swiftly shrank to assume the form of a middle-aged man in golden-coloured robes.

“You contacted Patriarch Skytour’s group to lure me here?” Chen Feng asked instead.

“Now that it has already come to this, why still prattle on? However, you are right! I had secretly contacted them. Enough! I have no interest in exchanging nonsense with you. I will search your soul.” Patriarch Golden Turtle possessed a fiery temper. After just saying a few words, he decided to search Chen Feng’s soul.

“Don’t you think my capture proceeded a little too smoothly?” Chen Feng suddenly smiled. 


Seeing the smile on Chen Feng’s face, Patriarch Golden Turtle felt a sense of foreboding. However, he then said, “You are already captured now. What other tricks can you pull out?”

“What other tricks can I pull out? You’ll find out soon enough.” After saying that, energy currents surged out from every part of Chen Feng’s body to form slicing powers. Next, a booming sound rang out as the undercurrents tying Chen Feng up were cleaved apart.

“If you had chosen to continue hiding your main body, I would have a really hard time dealing with you. However, you chose to reveal yourself. Now, take this!” Chen Feng waved his hand and two streams of light, one of blood and one of lightning, shot towards Patriarch Golden Turtle.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!”

Patriarch Golden Turtle was first taken aback. However, he quickly laughed loudly.

“Because you were able to kill off my soul imprint back then, you must believe you can do so again now, right? Looks like you still do not know where you are.”

“Isn’t this just a maelstrom?” Chen Feng replied with a faint smile.

Before the two streams of light Chen Feng sent out could arrive before Patriarch Golden Turtle, an invisible power stopped them. The aura emanating out from the invisible power was that of grand dao powers. Additionally, the grand dao powers were far stronger compared to the grand dao powers of the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead in Chen Feng’s hands.

“Do you still not see it? This maelstrom is a top-grade Dao artefact. Moreover, I have control over it. Back then, I failed to finish you off despite borrowing the power of East Dragon Island. This time, however, no matter how powerful you may be, you will be incapable of escaping! The grade of the Dao artefacts in your possession is not as high as mine!”

After saying that, Patriarch Golden Turtle waved and the power of water surged forward like a tsunami towards Chen Feng. In the face of the incoming attack, Chen Feng mobilized both the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead to set up layers of barrier before finally succeeding in stopping the attack.

“A pity, you are incapable of utilizing its full power.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Against you, it’s enough!”

Patriarch Golden Turtle mobilized the maelstrom’s power to create various undercurrents and repulsive forces. Additionally, the rapid rotation of the maelstrom also created a storm-like power. Due to that, Chen Feng instantly felt a mountainous pressure bearing down upon him, forcing him to give ground repeatedly. The Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead in his hands thrummed. However, the light radiating out from them were constantly getting suppressed and their light grew increasingly dim.

“Skycharging Bloodlight!”

“Descent of the Lightning God!”

Even though Chen Feng was in a disadvantageous position, he did not panic. On the contrary, his will to fight grew increasingly strong. The expression on his face grew even fiercer and the attacks he unleashed became even more ferocious.

“Useless! Turbulent Ocean!”

“Hidden Seabed Spike!”

Amidst the storm-like attacks, a swift and forceful aura flashed forward, making its way through the barrier protecting Chen Feng to pierce his shoulder. Before blood could flow out from the wound, it was already evaporated.

A large maelstrom appeared above Patriarch Golden Turtle’s head. It was miniature silhouette of the gigantic maelstrom outside. Spinning rapidly, it sent fine, thread-like attacks at Chen Feng in quick succession.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Utilizing the Kirin Steps, Chen Feng kept evading the attacks. However, the attacks that Patriarch Golden Turtle sent out grew increasingly strong and one of the attacks successfully struck Chen Feng’s body, nearly tearing off one of his arms as a result. 

As expected, the current me is still incapable of blocking the attack of a Dao artefact. Next, Chen Feng took another step forward. This time, he displayed the Longevity Steps and evaded the incoming attacks. Following that, the aura emanating from his body abruptly swelled and power began surging out from the various corners of his body. Due to that, Chen Feng’s aura rose steadily, becoming several times stronger in just one breath’s worth of time.

Weng! Weng! Weng! Weng!

His domain began swirling, compressing itself ceaselessly even as more attacks came. Although the attacks managed to pierce through the domain that Chen Feng put up, he was able to deflect them all in the last minute.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s movement speed increased. At the same time, he swiftly rushed towards Patriarch Golden Turtle.

The expression on Patriarch Golden Turtle’s face turned grim. No matter how you cut it, he was a high-level Yao King. Not to mention, he was now wielding a Dao artefact. Even an Earthen Immortal would end up suffering if he or she tried to attack him. Unexpectedly, he would be incapable of handling even a starter-level Human Immortal.

This fellow must surely possess a great background! Not even a first-rate sect would be capable of nurturing such a formidable youngster. I must kill him! If I do not, he will end up bringing me countless problems! Patriarch Golden Turtle’s killing intent towards Chen Feng grew increasingly strong.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The large maelstrom in his hand spun at an even greater velocity and invisible waves of suction power enveloped Chen Feng. As a result, Chen Feng’s figure stumbled as he was no longer capable of steadying himself. Next, he was pulled directly into the large maelstrom.

“Got him!” Even Patriarch Golden Turtle was surprised by that. He had originally assumed that he would have to undergo a great battle. Thus, this result came as a surprise to him.

“In the end, a starter-level Human Immortal is just a starter-level Human Immortal. In the face of a Dao artefact, there is nothing you can do. The difference in power between the two is simply absolute!” Patriarch Golden Turtle then snickered.

“You are right. The difference in power is simply absolute!” Chen Feng’s voice rang out from the maelstrom, shocking Patriarch Golden Turtle.

“You are not dead yet?”

“Naturally. However, you will soon be.”

“Humph!” Patriarch Golden Turtle snorted coldly as he gave it his all to empower the maelstrom. The surrounding areas, covering a radius of tens of thousands of li, shook. Due to this battle between Chen Feng and Patriarch Golden Turtle, the countless aquatic creatures in the surrounding ocean waters ended up getting killed off.


Suddenly, a hole appeared on the rapidly spinning maelstrom and a heart-stopping aura spread out. Instantly, Patriarch Golden Turtle’s eyes bulged out and terror rose to his mind.

“Immortal artefact. It’s an Immortal artefact!”

“Yes, this is an Immortal artefact. This is the absolute difference in power that you are talking about, one that cannot be off set.” Chen Feng’s figure flashed, charging out from the large maelstrom, a lance in his hand. Next, he brandished the lance to unleash several thrusts at the large maelstrom in Patriarch Golden Turtle’s hands, causing it to burst apart before dissipating away.

“I haven’t lost yet!” Patriarch Golden Turtle suddenly went crazy and his figure dashed out. He wanted to regain control of the gigantic maelstrom outside and fight Chen Feng once more.

“No matter how powerful a Dao artefact may be, how can it be compared to an Immortal artefact?” The lance in Chen Feng’s hand stabbed out and Patriarch Golden Turtle’s colossal body flinched. A large hole appeared on his body and the essence, energy and soul power within him began leaking out. Next, Patriarch Golden Turtle cried and his body instantly fell limply. 

“If you try anything again, I will kill you,” Chen Feng said smilingly as he moved forward.

“Just kill me then.” Patriarch Golden Turtle panted.

“Fine. Since you want to die, I can help you,” said Chen Feng, who raised the lance, preparing to stab Patriarch Golden Turtle with it.


“What is it? Do you have any last words?”

“Can you spare me?”

Chen Feng abruptly burst into laughter. Next, he jabbed forward with his finger and a stream of light flew out to restrain Patriarch Golden Turtle’s body.

At any rate, Patriarch Golden Turtle was a high-level Yao King that had lived for over 100,000 years. Killing him just like that was a pity. He should prove useful as a subordinate.

With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng sent Patriarch Golden Turtle into the Longevity Tower. After entering the Longevity Tower, no matter how much stronger Patriarch Golden Turtle might be, it would be useless.

“Next up, it is time to collect this maelstrom.” Chen Feng’s figure leapt forward and the lance in his hand swung about to cleave apart the restrictive arrays and undercurrents in his path. Chen Feng’s figure flashed about and it did not take long before he found the core area of the maelstrom.

“Thankfully, Patriarch Golden Turtle was incapable of wielding this maelstrom’s full power, otherwise the battle would have lasted longer. A top-grade Dao artefact. It is already very close to the Immortal artefact tier. Not to mention, it is deep beneath the ocean. If it goes wild, it will be hard to handle.” After saying that, Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grasped. A water current flowed into his palm to form a circular, swirling, ball of water.

A cold aura flowed through Chen Feng’s arms to spread across his whole body. The pores on the surface of his whole body opened up and a strange but refreshing sensation washed over his entire body. As a result, Chen Feng’s eyes turned clear and his primary energy circulated. In the end, he exhaled a stream of turbid energy out from his mouth.

Chen Feng was astounded. Since stepping foot upon the Human Immortal stage, his fleshly body had improved as well, rising to a higher level. Extracting a stream of turbid energy out from his body would require a great deal of effort. And yet, he had managed to accomplish that with just a ball of water. Seeing that, Chen Feng began wondering.

“It is somewhat similar to the Dawnsource Crystal Water from the Treasured Ocean Pearl. However, this is one notch higher compared to the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Just what is this?” Chen Feng felt both shocked and delighted. No matter what, this must surely be something good.

“This is the essence of the ocean. It’s a good item, capable of improving a cultivator’s essence, energy and soul. It also has some other functions. You’ll find out after refining and absorbing them. A pity, there aren’t too much of them here,” Tower said smilingly.

“This much is not enough?” Looking at the lake-sized essence of the ocean lying before him, Chen Feng smiled. It was something even better than the Dawnsource Crystal Water. Even one drop was incredibly valuable. And yet, there was so much of them right before him. Even after advancing to the Earthen Immortal stage, he would likely be incapable of using them all up.

“It’s really not much. Additionally, its quality is also not that good. Still, for you, it’s good enough.”

“Heh!” Chen Feng shook his head. Next, his soul power surged out as he began refining the gigantic maelstrom.

Despite having reached the Human Immortal stage, refining this Dao artefact had still taken quite some effort. Not to mention, Chen Feng also had to borrow the power of the Longevity Tower. With his power alone, collecting this maelstrom would become a long-term project.

After he was done collecting the maelstrom, Chen Feng grew curious. He did not understand why Patriarch Golden Turtle did not simply collect the maelstrom. Instead, he had left it within the ocean.

“It’s simple. A maelstrom is something that can only display its full power when placed within the ocean. Moreover, I believe that little golden turtle must be cultivating a type of cultivation technique inside it. You should know, the power obtained by utilizing the maelstrom to link up with the entire ocean is much greater than the power obtained through the maelstrom alone.” Tower chortled.

“Unfortunately for him, the maelstrom ended up falling into your hands in the end. I think that little golden turtle might feel so infuriated that he’d end up puking blood.”

“Beats getting killed off. In due time, he will surely understand.”

“It’s time to go back up.”

“Eh, what’s that?”


1 li = 0.5 km

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