Chapter 776 Subdue


However, Chen Feng did not have so much free time to be watching this fight. He waved his hand and the entire sky turned dark. Demonic flames roiled and fell continuously as the Heavenscreen Skylark appeared. Some cultivators failed to evade in time and the demonic flames burned them all the way to their flesh.

“What, another peak-level Demon King? Shit! We’re dead!” Patriarch Skytour cried out in sorrow. At the same time, he secretly felt regretful. If only he had known, he would have investigated this matter before coming over. Due to his mistake, he was likely going to die here.

However, that was not the end. Another formidable wave of demonic energy forcibly swept forward as the Four-eyed Spirit Fox arrived as well. Once again, demonic flames surged forward and large swaths of the ocean waters beneath them were evaporated.

“We’re so dead!”

“Skytour, you screwed us!”

Patriarch Whitecrown and Patriarch Azure Eyes cried out with a bitter smile.

“How did you end up pissing off such a formidable character?”

“It’s not me! It’s Golden Turtle! I don’t even know if the old turtle is still alive or not.”

“You idiot! If the other party can even defeat the old turtle, what’s the point of having the three of us come here?”

The following battle was not a fiery one. At any rate, the result was already set in stone. The three high-level Yao Kings were captured. As for their subordinates, they either fled or ended up getting captured as well. 

“Who are you?” Patriarch Skytour asked loudly, looking at Chen Feng.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. Originally, I had only intended on occupying East Dragon Island and quietly cultivate myself. Unexpectedly, you three would come over and provoke me. Tell me, how should I deal with you fellows?”

“What is it that you want to do? Just be frank! Are all humans so hypocritical and treacherous?” Patriarch Whitecrown said with a scoff.

“Looks like you still do not understand your current situation.” After saying that, Chen Feng stretched his palm out. The Blood Mustering Bead was rotating on his palm. The forceful and coercive aura of a Dao artefact emanating out from it struck fear into the hearts of the three Yao Kings.

“A Dao artefact. That’s a Dao artefact!”

“If the three of you feel dissatisfied about it, I don’t mind killing off the three of you,” Chen Feng said with a smirk. A small, blood-coloured ray of light flashed forward to pierce Patriarch Skytour’s shoulder. Next, a formidable power roamed through his body, causing him to instantly cry out in pain and fall to the ground. The aura coming off his body swiftly weakened, falling from a state that was filled with essence, energy and soul to a near-death state.


“You want to kill us?”

The other two Yao Kings cried out at the same time and a look of fear flashed across their faces. The longer one got to live, the more fearful of death that person would become. As these Yao Kings possessed high cultivation levels, they had been able to live for a long time. Truth be told, their ultimate objective for cultivating themselves was not simply to become stronger. Rather, it was for the sake of extending their life span to live forever.

Every one of these three Yao Kings had lived for tens of thousands of years. In the face of death, not instantly getting on their knees to beg for mercy was already a decent performance on their part.

“As long as you three be obedient and submit to me, you fellows will become my subordinates in the future. Naturally, I will not be killing you fellows then,” Chen Feng said smilingly. In order to increase the pressure on them, he stretched his other hand out. This time, he displayed the Lightning Bead.

Another Dao artefact! Just who is this fellow? Looks like we won’t be able to escape today.

“So, what do you guys think?”

“Looks like we have no other choice. By the way, I have a question. Did you kill off Patriarch Golden Turtle?” 

“Patriarch Golden Turtle is not on this island,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

The eyes of the three Yao Kings lit up. However, they quickly turned dim again. Despite having joined forces, the three of them had still ended up getting captured. Even if Patriarch Golden Turtle were to return, what could he do?

Chen Feng placed a soul imprint in each of their seas of wisdom. Next, he travelled to Skytour Island, Whitecrown Island and Azuresky Island. Although the three islands were inferior to East Dragon Island, they were more or less equal.

Despite only just emerging from the Heavensday Battlefield not too long ago, Chen Feng had taken over four islands. Add the cultivators and ocean yao guards on the islands, Chen Feng’s force was now strong enough to even take on a first-rate sect.

In the beginning, the three Yao Kings had planned on rebelling. However, in the following days, they were able to witness more of Chen Feng’s abilities and powers. Due to that, the thoughts of rebelling within them gradually disappeared. Why? As the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss and the other two Demon Kings had finished their tribulation, Chen Feng then released the other five Demon Kings so that they too, may undergo their respective tribulations.

Under Chen Feng’s rule, the eight peak-level Demon Kings safeguarded the four islands. Due to this display of might, countless loose cultivators and ocean yaos came over to submit to Chen Feng. After just several months, the overall might of the four islands doubled.

Seeing that caused Patriarch Skytour and the other two to fall into a state of absolute shock. Having witnessed Chen Feng’s display of power, they lost the will to resist.

At any rate, the gap between their two sides was simply too big.

Half a year later, the Divine Phantom Mink underwent his tribulation as well.

The Divine Phantom Mink was already a peak-level Yao King for some time. Thus, upon successfully overcoming his tribulation, he would become a Yao Immortal. That was the equivalent of an Earthen Immortal. He would then be able to study and comprehend grand dao powers and step upon a higher level of cultivation.

Seeing a peak-level Yao King undergoing tribulation, Patriarch Skytour’s team finally yielded. At the same time, they grew even more fearful of Chen Feng. They wondered what other secrets this unassuming youngster possessed.

The spot that the Divine Phantom Mink chose for his tribulation was 5,000 kilometres away from East Dragon Island. In the face of his tribulation, the Divine Phantom Mink appeared calm, his eyes still and unperturbed. He had spent a long time suppressing his aura and cultivating himself, after all. And yet, despite his calm outer appearance, his heart was still beating with excitement. This was a great hurdle in the path of cultivation. Upon successfully overcoming his tribulation, he would be able to advance to the next cultivation stage. This was a difference between a Human Immortal and an Earthen Immortal. Those two were on completely different realms.

“You can do it!” Chen Feng whispered, standing somewhere within East Dragon Island. His voice jumped through space to reach the Divine Phantom Mink’s ears.

“I will succeed.” The aloof expression on the Divine Phantom Mink’s human face revealed a faint smile. Next, with a booming sound, black light filled the space there and streams of yao energy charged skywards as he assumed his original form.

The instant his huge body appeared, the calm ocean waters became turbulent and even those on the islands that were located tens of thousands of li away were able to clearly sense the formidable yao energy.

After he succeeds, he will become a Yao Immortal. My power will increase by another level. The time for me to return to the Northern Plains is coming. Chen Feng smirked.

Back then, Chen Feng had been chased out of the Northern Plains. Along the way, he had killed off a high number of cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace and their allies. Even so, he was forced out of the Northern Plains due to their murderous pursuit. If he wanted to return, he would have to return the favour. He would have to fight against the three palaces. As the three palaces were first-rate sects, they must surely have Earthen Immortals in their ranks. 

On Chen Feng’s side, he had grown stronger, even possessing several Earthen Immortals under him. However, Chen Feng believed that it was still insufficient. He needed to continue growing stronger. At the very least, he needed to double his current level of power. Then, it would be time for him to return.

“Humph, Nine Firmaments palace! Just you wait. I will have you fellows know just how big of a mistake you fellows made when you offended me back then.”

After that, Chen Feng shook his head. He stopped watching the Divine Phantom Mink’s tribulation. Instead, he turned around and returned to his residence. There, he adjusted his state of mind, calming himself down before he began his cultivation session.

This cultivation session lasted for one month. After the cultivation session was over, Chen Feng noticed that his strength had not improved by much. However, his state of mind did improve. He was also able to gain a greater understanding of certain issues.

This surprised Chen Feng. Improving the strength was relatively easy while improving the state of mind was very hard.

His divine sense moved into the Longevity Tower and he saw the Divine Phantom Mink quietly cultivating himself inside. The aura coming out from his body was none other than the aura of a Yao Immortal. However, his strength was slightly all over the place. Clearly, he had yet to stabilize his cultivation base.

Finally, I have another Yao Immortal. Only, it will take some time before the Demon Kings can advance to the Demon Deity stage.

“Island Lord, the three Patriarchs, Skytour, Whitecrown and Azure Eyes request an audience with you.” The ocean yao guard in charge of guarding the door reported.

“Oh, let them in.” Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised. Since he subdued the three Yao Kings, they had been acting in a very obedient manner. For what reason could they have come together for?

“Greetings, Island Lord.” After entering the room, the three of them saluted Chen Feng respectfully. Chen Feng nodded and looked at the three of them with a piercing gaze. He analysed the expression on their faces and every move they made.

Some time went by. Just as the three of them began feeling somewhat fearful, Chen Feng nodded and asked, “What is it?”

“Err…” The three of them looked at each other. Next, Patriarch Skytour spoke up.

“Island Lord, we believe we know where Patriarch Golden Turtle is at.”

“Really?” Chen Feng felt surprised. Speaking of which, Patriarch Golden Turtle was slightly stronger compared to these three Yao Kings. Chen Feng himself had fought Patriarch Golden Turtle’s soul imprint before in the past. Originally, he had assumed that Patriarch Golden Turtle would promptly come after him. Thus, he had been preparing himself for Patriarch Golden Turtle’s arrival. However, a long time had passed since then, but Patriarch Golden Turtle remained a no show. On Chen Feng’s end, he had dispatched out his subordinates to investigate the whereabouts of Patriarch Golden Turtle. However, they found nothing. Still, Chen Feng did not mind. He simply made a note of it.

Thus, hearing Patriarch Skytour’s words, Chen Feng grew curious.

“It should be very accurate,” Patriarch Skytour said cautiously.

Chen Feng suddenly burst into laughter.

“Although the relationship between Patriarch Golden Turtle and you three are not the life and death kind, there is still a friendship built upon a lengthy period between you fellows. For you three to suddenly be telling me this, I can’t help but think that you fellows are harbouring some secret intentions,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Despite the cheerful smile on Chen Feng’s face, despite the light-hearted tone that he was using, the three Yao Kings grew so anxious that cold sweat began oozing out from their bodies.

“We are not harbouring any secret intentions!” the three Yao Kings said in unison.

“Oh?” Chen Feng responded with a cryptic smile.

“The three of us have always been loyal to Island Lord. This time, we wanted Island Lord to see our loyalty,” Patriarch Skytour said, gritting his teeth.

“Fine. I will believe you fellows for now. Tell me, then. Where is Patriarch Golden Turtle?” Chen Feng nodded.

“Island Lord, you should already be familiar with this entire East Dragon Island, right?” Patriarch Skytour suddenly asked.


1 li = 0.5 km

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