Chapter 775 Patriarch Skytour


The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss had successfully advanced to the peak-level Demon King (Earthen) stage. After that, he showed no hesitation to fly back into the Longevity Tower. That was the safest place to be in.

After he entered the Longevity Tower, the other yaos and demons approached him, tutting as they enviously looked at him.

“Enough! Don’t disturb Netherpython. Is there anyone else who is ready? If there are, just come out and undergo your tribulation.” Chen Feng’s voice reverberated within the tower.


The Four-eyed Spirit Fox and the Heavenscreen Skylark spoke up at the same time. Seeing the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss succeed, the other yaos and demons grew impatient. At any rate, the eight of them possessed cultivation bases that were somewhat equal. If the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss could succeed, then they too can surely succeed.

“Very well. I will send you two out to undergo tribulation. Right now, I have taken over an island. In the future, you fellows will be able to come out.” Chen Feng nodded. Then, mobilizing the Longevity Tower, he sent the Four-eyed Spirit Fox and Heavenscreen Skylark out of East Dragon Island.

One was sent to the left side of East Dragon Island while the other one was sent to the right. The two Demon Kings stopped suppressing their auras and two stretch of tribulation clouds appeared. Next, the two of them underwent their tribulations at the same time.

The tribulation of two high-level Demon Kings caused quite the ruckus. Not to mention, just earlier, a high-level Demon King had already overcome its tribulation. Upon seeing two more Demon Kings undergoing tribulation, all the cultivators and guards affiliated with East Dragon Island grew astounded. They began speculating the identity of the island’s new lord. 

When Chen Feng first took over the island, some of them had been unwilling to accept Chen Feng as their new lord. Thus, they began discussing how they should overthrow Chen Feng. However, upon seeing three Demon Kings appear in quick succession to undergo their tribulations, they instantly threw their plans down the gutter. 

Their previous lord, Patriarch Golden Turtle, was only a high-level Yao King. And yet, Chen Feng had brought out three Demon Kings who were on the same level as Patriarch Golden Turtle. Thus, many of the cultivators from East Dragon Island began considering how they should ingratiate themselves with Chen Feng.

The Heavenly Tribulations of the Four-eyed Spirit Fox and Heavenscreen Skylark were identical. Additionally, they also took the same amount of time to successfully overcome their respective tribulations. 

After the two of them re-entered the Longevity Tower, all the other Demon Kings wanted to quickly rush out as well.

However, Chen Feng stopped them.

“Don’t rush. One at a time. Once they are done consolidating their cultivation bases, it will be your turn,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Chen Feng was feeling very pleased with himself. Three of his Demon Kings had broken through. With this, safeguarding East Dragon Island will be a piece of cake.

Time quickly went by. During that time, Chen Feng would cultivate himself, familiarize himself with the situation within East Dragon Island or recruit some cultivators from the island.

And thus, one month flashed by and the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss and the other two Demon Kings emerged from their cultivation sessions. Following Chen Feng’s instructions, they then emerged from the Longevity Tower to keep watch over East Dragon Island.

As Chen Feng was planning on releasing the other Demon Kings out for their tribulation, trouble finally came knocking.

“Patriarch Skytour has arrived! Cultivators of East Dragon Island, come forth to receive!” A thunderous voice rang forward from afar. This person seemed to be deliberately showing off his strength to deter others. Everywhere his voice went, waves would surge about and ocean waters charged up into the sky. A compressed soundwave assailed the island.

It gave off a display of great power. Additionally, it was clear that this move was done in a provocative manner.

The restrictive arrays of the island activated to easily stop the soundwave attack. Next, escorted by some cultivators, Chen Feng walked out.

“Patriarch Skytour.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Due to the time he had spent familiarizing himself with the affairs of East Dragon Island, Chen Feng knew that Patriarch Golden Turtle had three close friends who resided in the seas nearby. These three fellows were Patriarch Skytour, Patriarch Whitecrown and Patriarch Azure Eyes. 

Patriarch Skytour’s real body was that of a Skytouring Leviathan.

Patriarch Whitecrown’s real body was a Whitecrown Enigma Python.

Patriarch Azure Eyes’ real body was a Judicious Azure-eyed Beast.

Then, there was Patriarch Golden Turtle. The four of them were all high-level Yao Kings. As there was a close relationship between them, they were able to exert dominance over the surrounding areas by joining forces. In the absence of Earthen Immortals, even most first-rate sects would not want to provoke them.

Previously, upon receiving news that East Dragon Island had been taken over, Patriarch Skytour had believed that the piece of news was false. However, as time went by and he received no news about Patriarch Golden Turtle, a foreboding sensation grew within Patriarch Skytour’s heart. Thus, he dispatched his subordinates to contact the other two while he led his own men forward first to investigate the situation.

“Island Lord, it’s Patriarch Skytour. I believe the other two will be coming as well.” The cultivator with the goatee stood beside Chen Feng and whispered.

His honorific name was Immortal First Day. He cultivated the Purplelight of the First Day Formula, a decent Sky-tier cultivation technique. He was the smartest amongst the four human cultivators that Chen Feng had subdued back then. Since Chen Feng successfully refined the main array core to take over East Dragon Island, Immortal First Day had instantly displayed sincere submission towards Chen Feng. Appearance wise, he was someone that Chen Feng trusted considerably.

“Is that so? And here I was wondering how I should go about attacking the other three islands. Since he has chosen to come on his own volition, it would save me some time,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You’re still not coming out to receive My Lord? Do you have a death wish?” An ocean yao who was covered in scales appeared in mid-air, a trident in its hand as it gesticulated about while shouting at the island.

“Shut his mouth!” Chen Feng shouted.

Immortal First Day and the others faltered for a moment. They wondered if they should attack. However, two of the ocean yao guards near them charged forward at the same time to fight the ocean yao up in the sky. After just a short time, the ocean yao ended up getting kicked down.

Chen Feng did not say anything. He simply cast a calm look at Immortal First Day and the others. Although his face appeared calm, it caused Immortal First Day and the others to shiver. They were fearful that Chen Feng would suddenly do something to them. At the same time, they smiled bitterly to themselves. Since they had already decided to follow this new Island Lord, they should strengthen their resolve. Only then would they be able to gain his trust.


A stream of light abruptly erupted up in the sky and the two ocean yao guards were blasted backwards. Their figures ended up smashing heavily into the ground.

“Patriarch Skytour has finally taken action.” Chen Feng nodded. The two ocean yao guards were mid-level Yao Kings. For their opponent to knock them down with just one move, this opponent must be at least a high-level Yao King.


The restrictive arrays of the entire East Dragon Island shone, converging to form a sphere of energy across the sky. Next, it furiously surged towards the intruders.

A voluminous sleeve abruptly blotted out the sun. Next, with a sudden twirling move, it smacked the sphere of energy aside. The sphere of energy then smashed against the ocean somewhere 500 kilometres away from the island and it abruptly exploded, causing waves of sea water to charge upwards. There was no way to tell how many of the aquatic creatures living within the sea were killed by that move.

“Kid, are you the one who took over East Dragon Island?” Patriarch Skytour appeared. He wore grey-coloured clothes with voluminous sleeves. A simple face, with eyes that shone like the stars. It was as though an immortal aura was exuding out from his very bones.

“Yes, you must be Patriarch Skytour,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Where is Patriarch Golden Turtle?” 

“I’ve already killed him. Now that you are here, you should know what to do, right?”

“And what is that?”

“Naturally, obediently submit to me. That way, you can preserve your life.” Light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“With your abilities? You don’t have what it takes! You must have utilized some tricks to entrap Patriarch Golden Turtle. Now, I will take you down. You won’t even get the chance to surrender!” Patriarch Skytour laughed loudly. He did not view Chen Feng as much of a threat. He had brought some of his own subordinates over with him. Additionally, his other two companions would be arriving soon as well. Thus, he believed that it was only natural for him to successfully defeat this kid before him.

“Netherpython, you deal with this guy.” Seeing Patriarch Skytour laughing arrogantly, Chen Feng suddenly lost the desire to fight.

Following Chen Feng’s words, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss abruptly appeared before Chen Feng and he assumed his original form. His massive body swelled up swiftly and a formidable wave of demonic energy surged into the sky. All of the cultivators present felt their hearts thumping wildly as a result and they felt an impulse to just turn around and run.

“A demonic beast! And a peak-level Demon King to boot! This is bad.” Patriarch Skytour instantly knew that things were not looking good for him. However, he was quick to react. He did not bother fighting the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. Instead, without so much as a word, he turned tail and fled.

I’m just a high-level Yao King. Facing off against a peak-level Demon King could only end with certain death. Patriarch Skytour understood his situation very well. However, there was one thing he did not understand. Trying to escape from a peak-level Demon King was also a very difficult feat.

By then, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss had already attacked. He flew forward to entangle Patriarch Skytour. After just one round, he managed to put Patriarch Skytour in a disadvantageous position.


Patriarch Skytour’s subordinates, the cultivators and ocean yaos that had followed him here, were unable to hold back. They wanted to charge forward and attack the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. However, the ocean yaos and cultivators from East Dragon Island attacked as well. Additionally, as they held the defender’s advantage, they had more people on their side. Thus, they were able to quickly defeat Patriarch Skytour’s subordinates.

“We’re no match for them! Run!” Patriarch Skytour shouted.

Some of his subordinates fled. As for Patriarch Skytour, he had to take on the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ attacks. Thus, he gradually lost the ability to endure. There was a difference of one level between them, after all. The fact that he could last this long was already a testament to how formidable he was. Naturally, there was also another reason for that. Chen Feng had given the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss a secret vocal transmission, telling him not to kill off Patriarch Skytour. 

“Whitecrown! Azure Eyes! Hurry up and save me! If you guys don’t come, I’m gonna die!” Patriarch Skytour’s divine sense spread out before quickly moving through space.


Due to that moment of inattention, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ attack landed and a large wound appeared on Patriarch Skytour’s body. Next, blood flowed out profusely from the wound.

After Patriarch Skytour sent out the call, the other two Yao Kings quickly arrived. It seemed they had been on their way here as well.

Patriarch Whitecrown and Patriarch Azure Eyes arrived at the same time. Moreover, they also brought a high number of subordinates with them.

Upon their arrival, they saw what was happening and their faces sank. Without saying anything, they then rushed forward to besiege the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. The three ocean yaos with deep cultivation bases joined forces. As a result, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss felt himself falling into a somewhat difficult situation.

These three are only high-level Yao Kings. And yet, they are strong enough to make me feel pressured. If I can have one more year to stabilize my cultivation base, I will be able to easily slap away guys like these, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss thought. That said, he did not just do nothing against them. While it appeared as though both sides were evenly matched, with time, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss would surely end up as the victor.


1 li = 0.5 km

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