Chapter 774 Netherpython Undergoes Tribulation


“What is going on? How did this happen? Did Patriarch Golden Turtle take action?”

“It’s possible. He had done something like this before in the past. It is said that this old turtle doesn’t like having others disturb his sleep.”

“Forget it, then. If that is the case, we should just leave. Patriarch Golden Turtle is not to be trifled with.”

“Humph! I was locked up here for so many years. Am I supposed to just head back like this? I cannot accept this. I want to head back and have a look.”

“If you want to go kill yourself, go ahead. I won’t be accompanying you.”

“That’s right, let’s leave!”

Some of the cultivators who managed to escape from the prison remained unsatisfied. They wanted to carve a bloody path back into the island. And that was exactly what they did. However, not a single one of them was able to return.


All of the restrictive arrays on East Dragon Island were activated and the entire island grew obscure to the eyes. Due to that, other cultivators became incapable of observing what was happening inside. Some cultivators who were observing the island from afar secretly pondered the situation.

That was especially true for Lan Ling and the others. These students from Absolute Academy had originally planned on observing the situation before leaving. Unexpectedly, a change would occur so quickly.

“East Dragon Island is shaking and all of the restrictive arrays on the island have activated. Is this related to Chen Feng?” Jian Qingwu could not stop herself from asking. 

“It’s possible. A pity, we are incapable of seeing what is happening inside the island. I wonder how Chen Feng is faring right now?”

“Chen Feng is probably fine. The way I see it, we should wait for a while longer. One day, then we’ll head back to the academy.”

As predicted, some decided to return. They truly have a death wish, Chen Feng thought, killing intent flashing off his eyes. Next, he mobilized the magic and restrictive arrays of the island to attack and kill off the intruding cultivators. At the same time, the ocean yao guards too, went forward to surround and kill off the intruding cultivators. It did not take long before they killed off all the cultivators who had chosen to return to the island.

The entirety of East Dragon Island had fallen under Chen Feng’s control. At the very least, it would appear that Chen Feng have become East Dragon Island’s new lord.

After gaining control over East Dragon Island, Chen Feng noticed Lan Ling’s group, which was hovering somewhere outside the island. He did not do much. Instead, after sending them a secret vocal transmission, he entered a cultivation retreat.

At any rate, East Dragon Island spanned a radius of over 5,000 kilometres. Time was needed for Chen Feng to study and gain control over them all.

After receiving Chen Feng’s secret vocal transmission, Lan Ling grew astounded. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng could so quickly take over East Dragon Island. She had assumed that Chen Feng had been joking earlier.

“This fellow.” Lan Ling shook her head before bursting into laughter.

“Big Sister, why are you laughing?” Hu Xian’er and the others, who were still beside her, grew puzzled. They did not understand what Lan Ling was laughing at.

“It’s nothing. I received Chen Feng’s secret vocal transmission earlier. We can leave now,” Lan Ling said smilingly.

Hu Xian’er’s beautiful eyes lit up and a slight look of disbelief appeared on her face as she said, “Did he actually succeed?”


“Surely not. How is that possible?”

Despite their shock, they chose to leave together with Lan Ling in the end. Before leaving, however, Hu Xian’er couldn’t stop herself from giving East Dragon Island a few glances. Due to that, Jian Qingling and the others teased her.

“Heh! Unexpectedly, Senior Sister Hu would be thinking about spring as well,” Jian Qingling said teasingly [1].

“What of it?” Hu Xian’er appeared unperturbed by those words.

“I’m very close with Chen Feng. Do you want me to help you pull some strings?”

“Bah! You’re very close with Chen Feng? It doesn’t seem that way to me.”

“Ha ha ha! What is this? You look jealous.”

During the following days, East Dragon Island fell into a slight state of unrest. This unrest came from the outside. Some cultivators had speculated that East Dragon Island had fallen into the hands of another. In the beginning, it was just a speculation. However, this speculation spread like a wildfire. In just a few days’ time, the news had already spread to some of the surrounding areas.

For most of the cultivators, the change in ownership of East Dragon Island was simply something to discuss and watch for fun. It had nothing to do with them, after all. Besides, to be able to snatch East Dragon Island from Patriarch Golden Turtle, this new lord must be an extraordinary figure as well.

Even so, there were some who chose to rush towards East Dragon Island. Some were cultivators with some friendship with Patriarch Golden Turtle and some wanted to see for themselves just how strong this new lord of East Dragon Island was. If they could get a piece of the pie, that would be even better.

As for Chen Feng, he remained in the dark about all of that. Instead, he spent all that time in cultivation retreat. First, he restored his strength. Then, he studied the previous fights he had gone through. Additionally, he also went over every part of East Dragon Island; several times, in fact. Furthermore, with Tower’s assistance, he further added some new magic arrays and restrictive arrays.

In order to set up the magic arrays, Chen Feng had poured in an ocean-like amount of resources. However, Chen Feng believed that it was worth it. By Chen Feng’s estimate, given the present level of the magic arrays on the island, even the main body of Patriarch Golden Turtle would end up getting trapped. Breaking out from all those restrictive arrays would be very difficult for him. Rather, it might even be possible for Chen Feng to utilize the magic arrays to finish off Patriarch Golden Turtle.

I finally have my own piece of land. Although it is only an island, given my situation, this is already good enough. Still, if I want to keep this place, there are some more matters that I will have to attend to.

Chen Feng’s opinion on the issue was correct. It didn’t take long before some cultivators came.

The first to come was a high-level Human Immortal. His name was Immortal Seasurge. He was an old friend of Patriarch Golden Turtle. Upon hearing that East Dragon Island had been taken over, Immortal Seasurge was immediately unable to stop himself from coming over. There were two reasons for his visit. The first was his friendship with Patriarch Golden Turtle. The second, this East Dragon Island. 

East Dragon Island was a paradise at a level that could move even Earthen Immortals. It was one notch better compared to Immortal Seasurge’s place of residence. In Immortal Seasurge’s opinion, since East Dragon Island had been taken over, it must mean that something had happened to Patriarch Golden Turtle. If so, this island would have to fall into his hands.

Upon arriving at East Dragon Island, however, Immortal Seasurge was immediately trapped within layer after layer of magic arrays. As for Chen Feng, he did not take action against him. Instead, Chen Feng simply watched as Immortal Seasurge fought furiously against the magic arrays. Occasionally, Chen Feng would also send out some ocean yao guards to harass and fight Immortal Seasurge.

Several days went by, but Immortal Seasurge was still incapable of breaking out. He cut quite the miserable sight.

Ten days after Immortal Seasurge was trapped inside the magic arrays, more cultivators came. This time, a total of three cultivators came. Additionally, all three were high-level Human Immortals. These three did not have any relationship with Patriarch Golden Turtle. They were here purely for East Dragon Island.

After approaching the island, the three of them instantly began attacking the island. The three of them were much smarter than Immortal Seasurge. They did not step foot upon the island. Instead, they stayed some distance away, utilizing their magic treasures to attack. As for Chen Feng, he was not in the position to leave the island. Not to mention, there were three high-level Human Immortals joining forces out there. Chen Feng was uncertain if he could defeat them without relying on the Immortal artefacts. 

Thus, Chen Feng made use of the island’s power to defend against the attacks. However, the attackers continued for three whole days. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt frustrated.

He moved into the Longevity Tower and asked, “Which of you want to come out?”

“Me. I won’t be able to suppress my power for much longer,” the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was the first to speak up.

“All right, then. Head out and handle those three fellows. It’d be for the best if you can kill them all.” Chen Feng nodded. He wanted to initiate a slaughter to deter the rest. Killing off three high-level Human Immortals should be able to bring about a deterring effect, no?

Thus, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss emerged, assuming his original form. His original form, massive and covered in raging, demonic flames containing the power of annihilation, was revealed. Opening his mouth, he then fired out a Demonic Flamesurge of the Nine Abyss.

“A high-level Demon King! Strange, how can there be a Demon King here?”

“Let’s not talk about that now. This Demon King is very strong. I fear that the three of us will be incapable of handling it!”

The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was indeed a tough opponent for the three high-level Human Immortals. In truth, they were on the same cultivation level. However, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss had recently absorbed the essence, energy and soul power of Ascendant Immortals and was already on the cusp of breaking through. Not to mention, he also possessed a bronze hammer. It was a Dao artefact. Due to that, he was able to unleash a formidable offensive power. After just a brief battle, one of the Human Immortals was battered to the point of coughing out blood.

The fight continued and another Human Immortal was engulfed in demonic flames, which inflicted grievous injuries on his body. Finally, only one of the three Human Immortals was left. Seeing that, the last Human Immortal attempted to flee. However, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss swiftly charged forward and the spike on his head pierced the Human Immortal’s body.

The clean moves displayed by the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss caused Chen Feng to secretly praise him. Just as Chen Feng was about to openly praise him, however, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss bellowed loudly and a formidable aura charged skywards. Next, dark clouds began gathering and various powers flashed out from within the dark clouds.

The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ Heavenly Tribulation had arrived.

Is he going to advance to the Demon Deity (Earthen) stage? Probably not. However, it should at least be the peak-level Demon King (Human) stage. Chen Feng nodded and opened up some of the restrictive arrays at a certain spot. Next, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss swiftly flew far away from the island. Although East Dragon Island was sufficiently large, with a wide array of magic and restrictive arrays, this was the tribulation of a high-level Demon King. The resulting destruction would definitely be considerable. For safety’s sake, it would be better for him to undergo his tribulation far away from the island.


The Heavenly Tribulation was quick to begin. A vast amount of demonic flames descended from the tribulation clouds to envelop the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ body and they began burning him. The demonic flames surged about, releasing explosive sounds every now and again. As for the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss, he clenched his teeth as he endured. At the same time, he worked on quickly refining the demonic flames.

“Tower, do you think Netherpython can successfully overcome his tribulation?” Chen Feng asked, a note of concern in his voice.

“These kids have been staying inside my body for quite some time now. The benefits they gained inside are at a level that the present you cannot even begin to imagine. Additionally, they have also refined the essence, energy and soul power of some Ascendant Immortals recently. If they still cannot successfully overcome their Heavenly Tribulations, that would mean that they are the absolute worst of trashes,” Tower replied nonchalantly. It would appear that he was not worried about the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss failing his tribulation.

Tower was correct. After the demonic flames came the advent of lightning, followed by the slicing assault of Heavenly winds, which was followed up with the scouring attacks of true waters, a total of four stages. The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss successfully endured them all. After that, the Heavenly Tribulation ended and the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss successfully advanced to become a peak-level Demon King.

Although he appeared somewhat beaten, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss’ essence, energy and soul remained vigorous. It was so strong that Chen Feng could sense it despite how far away he was from the island.

“There are still some powers left inside Netherpython’s body that he has yet to fully refine. By cultivating himself for a while longer, he could probably try to assail the Demon Deity (Earthen) stage,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“It’s not that simple. Still, to think that the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss would be the first amongst all the Demon Kings to break through. This is not what I had expected,” Tower said, after a moment’s consideration.

“I think the others will be incapable of suppressing their auras for much longer as well.” Chen Feng chortled.

“At any rate, we now have a place of our own. These yaos and demons have been staying inside the Longevity Tower for a long time now. It is time to let them out. Besides, East Dragon Island will need a formidable force to safeguard it,” Chen Feng said seriously.


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