Chapter 773 Refining the Array Core


As Chen Feng was using the Blood Mustering Bead to guard the gate of the palace, it was time to display the might of the Lightning Bead. 

The golden turtle had become completely covered in lightning. In the face of the attacks from the strong lightning powers, the golden turtle began crying out wretchedly and its body shrank. Snickering, Chen Feng then stepped forward and continued to attack.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, his opponent, which was only a Yao King, should not be able to handle an attack from a Dao artefact. He was correct and the Dao artefact proved effective. However, it was not as effective as he had thought it would be.

Suddenly, the golden turtle’s shrunken body grew big again and the lightning powers around it fired out into its surroundings. Next, a beam of golden light flashed out to slam into Chen Feng’s body.

Impressive! He can remain fine despite that? He is already very close to the Yao Immortal stage. However, despite having 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation, he has yet to advance to the Yao Immortal stage. It’s true that this means he possesses a vast amount of accumulated power, but it also means that his power to advance has been exhausted. It will be very hard for him to advance to a higher level in the future. Chen Feng did not think too highly of the golden turtle before him.

Even so, Chen Feng did not act carelessly. He knew that this golden turtle before him was not the real body of Patriarch Golden Turtle. It was just an imprint left behind within the main array core of East Dragon Island, just a strand of Patriarch Golden Turtle’s soul. Thus, the amount of power it can exert was only comparable to 30% of the strength of the main body.

That was the reason behind Chen Feng’s surprise. Despite having only 30% of its main body’s power, it could stop an attack from a Dao artefact. If its main body were to come, Chen Feng would most likely be forced to utilize the Immortal artefact. 

It’s strange. Patriarch Golden Turtle’s main body is actually not on this island. Since there is just an imprint here, it will be easy to handle. Although surprised, Chen Feng was also aware that this was a good opportunity. Thus, he mobilized the Lightning Bead with all of his powers. He wanted to finish off this golden turtle as soon as possible and refine the array core. By doing that, East Dragon Island would fall under his control. Even if Patriarch Golden Turtle were to return, he would be incapable of doing anything about it.

What happened next, however, went beyond Chen Feng’s expectations. He attacked several times, unleashing attacks that even a starter-level Earthen Immortal would have to deal with cautiously. However, the aura of the golden turtle grew increasingly strong. In the beginning, Chen Feng was shocked to see that. Later on, though, he managed to sense some of the intricacies involved.

So, this turtle is mobilizing the power of the entire East Dragon Island to fight. Thankfully, I am not fighting the main body here. No wonder Patriarch Golden Turtle can fend off attacks from Earthen Immortals in the past. The power of East Dragon Island is already comparable to that of a small world.

Looks like I will have to quickly finish this battle.

The Lightning Bead in Chen Feng’s hand spun rapidly before shooting towards the golden turtle. Everywhere it went, lightning powers would roil about. It was shocking and difficult to evade.


The golden turtle added its own power with the power of East Dragon Island and used it to collide against the Lightning Bead.

The Lightning Bead was a mid-grade Dao artefact containing grand dao powers. Thus, in the face of this formidable attack from Chen Feng, the golden turtle was sent flying.

Next up, Chen Feng pressed the advantage to unleash a series of attacks. His attacks sent the golden turtle tumbling about in a wretched manner. And yet, despite having gained the upper hand in the battle, he was unable to finish off the golden turtle quickly.

“Kid, just who are you? Why come to my East Dragon Island to stir up trouble?” The golden turtle shouted and the aura coming out from its body abruptly swelled up to its limits. Chen Feng could sense its power growing up to ten times stronger.

However, it only lasted for an instant before returning to its normal level.

It must have made contact with the main body. Additionally, it would appear that the main body is occupied with something else. Also, I have this feeling. This golden turtle’s main body is not too far away from here, Chen Feng thought.


Another clash. Surprisingly, the Lightning Bead’s forward momentum was halted for a moment and the golden turtle abruptly opened its mouth to inhale. Next, its body swiftly grew larger and the entire East Dragon Island shook. It felt as though countless passageways had emerged, extending their way into the array core to strengthen the golden turtle. At the same time, they also exerted a suppressive power against Chen Feng with all their might.

Not good. It’s getting stronger. Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead transformed into a stream of bloody light before landing on Chen Feng’s hand. Next, it spun and waves of bloody light surged out like a waterfall. The waves of bloody light swiftly condensed into blood-coloured ropes, which moved forward to wrap around the golden turtle.

As for the Lightning Bead, it thrummed and lightning crackled as it continuously fired out attacks containing grand dao powers.

“Two Dao artefacts?! My friend! Who are you?” The golden turtle hastily asked.

Chen Feng ignored it and continued to attack.

“My friend! Hold up! Let’s talk about this!” The golden turtle spoke up again. There was no way to know if it was trying to buy time or if it was truly afraid.

“Oh, what do you want to talk about?” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead hovered in mid-air as they secretly gathered strength to unleash even stronger attacks.

“May I know your name?” the golden turtle said. 

“If you are trying to buy time, I am sorry to say, it’s not going to work.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead promptly grew in size. Like a bottomless ocean of blood, it then swept towards the golden turtle.

“Let’s talk about the reason you are here! If there is anything, we can discuss it through!” the golden turtle hastily cried out.

“There is nothing to discuss here. The reason I am here is simple, I want this East Dragon Island.” Chen Feng snickered and the Lightning Bead attacked as well. Lightning radiance and bloody light swiftly engulfed the golden turtle.

“Argh! Kid, you are courting death here! If you leave now, there is still a chance that you can stay alive. Once my main body comes, you will die without a place of burial!” By then, the golden turtle’s body could no longer be seen. Only a furious voice could be heard coming out from amidst the attacks inundating it. Judging from the tone of the voice, however, it seemed to be in considerable pain.

“Humph! When your main body comes, I will take care of it as well. I am just worried that your main body will not have the guts to come,” Chen Feng said with a scoff.

Next up, by utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead, Chen Feng was able to suppress the golden turtle. After a ferocious attack, the golden turtle was shattered apart. Not even a strand of its energy was left behind.

Before dissipating away, however, the golden turtle howled out furiously.

“Phew, finally finished!” Chen Feng had shattered apart the golden turtle. However, utilizing two Dao artefacts had been very taxing on Chen Feng. Only, he was in no position to be taking a rest. At present, it was imperative that he refined the array core standing right before him to take control of the entire East Dragon Island.

However, as Chen Feng was thinking about doing that, some other people insisted on intruding. Two cultivators swiftly rushed into the palace. When they saw the interior of the palace hall, they burst into laughter.

“So, the main core is here! It’s true what they say, better to be on time that to be early. Refine the array core and we’ll be able to occupy the entire East Dragon Island.”

“Looks like Patriarch Golden Turtle is really not here. Ha ha ha! Kid, move aside. This is not a place that someone like you should come.”

The two cultivators laughed as they moved forward. One of them reached out with his hand to grab Chen Feng. The two of them were mid-level Human Immortals. Due to that, they believed that a starter-level Human Immortal like Chen Feng was a nobody. He was someone that they could send flying with a hand.

Naturally, that was only because the two of them had not witnessed the fight between Chen Feng and the golden turtle. If they had, they would have run away long ago.

Two more death seekers. Chen Feng stretched his hand out and the Blood Mustering Bead slowly spun to release a dazzling bloody light.

Coincidentally, the hand of the cultivator who tried to grab Chen Feng made contact with the bloody light radiating out from the Blood Mustering Bead. Due to that, he was instantly devoured, his figure disappearing into the bloody light.


The other cultivator was horrified. Shrieking, he then attempted to flee. The Blood Mustering Bead spun again and another beam of bloody light surged forward like a torrent of water to sweep the cultivator up. It was like a monster devouring its prey.

Speaking of which, it had been a while since Chen Feng utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to devour the blood essence of cultivators. The present Blood Mustering Bead was already a mid-grade Dao artefact, after all. The blood essence of Human Immortals was gradually becoming insufficient for the needs of the Blood Mustering Bead.


The Blood Mustering Bead then went forward to block the entrance to the palace hall again. Chen Feng took a few deep breaths. After he had recovered a sufficient amount of his strength, Chen Feng then stepped forward to grab the crystal pillar once again. 


Like a tsunami, the restrictive arrays within the array core charged towards Chen Feng’s soul. Chen Feng responded by forming a soul vortex, which rotated rapidly to refine the incoming restrictive arrays. By successfully doing so, he will be able to fully take control of East Dragon Island.

Below East Dragon Island was the bottomless ocean. There, undercurrents surged about, ocean yaos moved together in flocks and various forces were constantly clashing against one another. Seeing that would cause others to gasp in shock. East Dragon Island was unlike other islands. It was a moving island hovering above the ocean waters.

Somewhere 5,000 kilometres directly beneath East Dragon Island…

Contrary to what one might imagine, it was not a quiet place. Instead, there was a massive, rapidly-rotating maelstrom there.

Within the maelstrom were wisps of shining energy. It was a sight that could entrance one’s soul.

Strands of power spread out and not a single fish or prawn could be seen within a 500-kilometre radius. The occasional fish or prawn entering into the area would be instantly shredded by the power.

The ocean yaos with wisdom had long since noticed the dangers within this area and moved far away from the place.

Suddenly, a furious roar reverberated out from the massive maelstrom. “Who?! He dares to wipe away my soul imprint? He has a death wish! A pity, I am unable to leave right now, else I would have him suffer a fate worse than death.”

No questions were needed to know that it was the voice of Patriarch Golden Turtle. Due to some unknown reasons, he was presently inside the maelstrom and was incapable of emerging.

Naturally, Chen Feng was in the dark about it. He was in the midst of taking control of East Dragon Island.

Since advancing up to the Human Immortal stage, Chen Feng’s soul had undergone a world-shaking change. Thus, after killing off the golden turtle’s imprint, he was able to smoothly refine the array core. Although it took quite some effort, he managed to succeed in the end.

With a thought from Chen Feng, his divine sense was able to envelop the entire East Dragon Island. All of the restrictive arrays on the island appeared within his sea of wisdom and he could control the restrictive arrays and use them to attack with just a thought.

After having taken over East Dragon Island, it was time for him to move away all of the other cultivators out from the island.

Chen Feng did not attack the cultivators. This was not the time to be doing that. Besides, he also did not want to waste his time. Naturally, if any of them refused to cooperate, he would not hesitate to take action.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The restrictive arrays spun into action and the cultivators who were still on East Dragon Island found themselves getting transported out. Seeing that, they were all shocked. Such an incident was rare in East Dragon Island.


1 li = 0.5 km

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