Chapter 772 East Dragon Palace (2 in 1)


Chen Feng’s actions successfully deterred all of the cultivators there. That was especially true of those who had been looking down on him. All of them cast terrified looks at Chen Feng, fearful that Chen Feng might suddenly kill them off.

It wasn’t just them. Even Jian Qingwu and the others were casting shocked looks at Chen Feng.

“Big Sister, this person is?” a voluptuous and beautiful female cultivator in sultry clothes asked Lan Ling in a hushed tone. She was looking at Chen Feng with shining eyes.

“My name is Chen Feng. Greetings, fellow senior sisters,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I cannot accept the weight of the title senior sister. Just call me Hu Xian’er. Thank you, Senior Brother Chen, for the assistance earlier.” The voluptuous female cultivator walked over in an unrestrained manner to stand before Chen Feng.

Seeing Chen Feng chat with them, the other cultivators who escaped the prison bade him farewell. Although some continued to display a standoffish attitude, they dared not say anything. At any rate, Chen Feng’s actions earlier were simply too shocking.

As they were moving to leave, Chen Feng’s voice rang out to reach their ears. “I hope that all of you can swiftly leave East Dragon Island. I will be taking over this island next. If anyone tries to stir up troubles, do not blame me for being harsh.”

Accompanying Chen Feng’s voice was a bloody light brimming with killing energy. Additionally, it also contained extremely formidable grand dao powers. Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the cultivators reflexively shivered. Even so, some of them chose to ignore him. They then moved away, continuing to fly around the island, where they would kill or plunder others.

Seeing that, Chen Feng’s eyes grew increasingly icy. However, he was quick to recollect himself. In his opinion, there was no need to feel concerned about these cultivators. They were characters that East Dragon Island had managed to capture in the past. If they had chosen to run away now, they would be able to safely escape. However, if they choose to stir up trouble here, then they would certainly end up facing death.

Since you fellows have a death wish, there is nothing I can do about it. Chen Feng sneered inwardly. Turning around, he then saw Jian Qingwu and the others giving him a curious look.

“You, were you serious earlier?” Jian Qingwu blurted out.

“Naturally, I’m serious.”

“You must be bullshitting! This island belongs to Patriarch Golden Turtle!” Jian Qingling had always been direct with her words and she let it rip.

“Enough! Now that you fellows have managed to break free, you should hurry up and leave. Once I am done with this place, I will head to Absolute Academy.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved goodbye to them. Without saying anything else, his figure flashed forward a few times to disappear into the island.

“This guy is so full of shit! He managed to advance to the Human Immortal stage. So what? I also managed to advance to the Human Immortal stage!” Jian Qingling said in a dissatisfied manner.

“Your Human Immortal stage cannot be compared with Chen Feng’s Human Immortal stage,” Lan Ling said with a chuckle.

“Big Sister, what should we do next? Do we follow his words and leave?”

“Yes. Since you fellows have gotten out, we should leave. If we end up alarming Patriarch Golden Turtle, we might not be able to escape,” Lan Ling said sternly, nodding her head.

“But is Chen Feng actually serious? No matter how powerful he may be, he is likely no match for Patriarch Golden Turtle, no?”

“That’s right. Chen Feng was the one who helped up escape, after all. For us to be leaving him just like this, it’s wrong.” 

“I think we should follow him and see what he is up to.”

“Forget it. We should leave East Dragon Island first. We’ll be able to observe from afar,” Lan Ling said.

As they were all making their way out of East Dragon Island, battles began erupting within several spots on the island. All of the battles were between the cultivators who escaped from the prison and the ocean yao guards. Although the cultivators were all highly vicious characters, they had been imprisoned for too long. With their affected their cultivation bases, how could they be a match for the ocean yao guards who were full of power? 

On his way forward, Chen Feng saw several cultivators dying to the ocean yao guards.

Even so, it did not take long before Chen Feng himself was obstructed. Three ocean yao guards surrounded him. In the end, however, the ocean yao guards ended up getting subdued. Following that, Chen Feng placed his soul imprint within each of their seas of wisdom. Having turned them into his subordinates, he let them off.

Next, Chen Feng was obstructed by experts. Two ocean yao guards at the mid-level Human Immortal stage attacked Chen Feng, one from the front and the other from the back. 

Brandishing the Longevity Lance, he exchanged a few rounds with them before knocking them up into the air again and again. After that, he decided to stop wasting his time. He utilized the Blood Mustering Bead and two ropes – made from the power of blood – instantly emerged to tie them up.

“Patriarch Golden Turtle, are you still not going to come out?” Chen Feng’s voice swept out to envelop the entire East Dragon Island.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

More cultivators have come! To Chen Feng’s surprise, all of them were human cultivators at the mid-level Human Immortal stage. 

Chen Feng was quick to understand that these four cultivators were the four great guardians of the island. At any rate, ocean yaos were not the only ones occupying this island. There were also some human cultivators living here.

“Who are you? You dare come to raise a ruckus here?” one of them, a cultivator sporting a short goatee, asked in a sinister tone.

“I am here to take over East Dragon Island,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“Patriarch Golden Turtle has ruled East Dragon Island for 20,000 years. During that time, countless cultivators have come to stir up trouble. There were even a few Earthen Immortals amongst them. In the end, however, all of them were either killed or forced to flee. Youngster, seeing as you are also a human, I advise you to just leave. We’ll pretend that we never saw you.” The sinister aura coming off the cultivator with the short goatee abruptly disappeared and his face displayed a smile.

“That’s kind of you fellows,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Why bother with all this nonsense? He is just a minor Human Immortal!” Another cultivator who possessed an extremely muscular body promptly charged forward. With a swing of his hand, a giant axe appeared in mid-air before shooting towards Chen Feng’s head.

It was a grade 4 Sacred artefact, containing a sharp and overbearing power of Astroyang Metal. His move was seemingly made with the intention to cleave apart an entire planet.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, maintained a nonchalant expression. He casually grabbed the giant axe. The violent attack had failed to even slice his skin.

Chen Feng’s eyes abruptly turned black as he utilized the Nocturnal Lightsurge move, which flew out to instantly engulf the muscular cultivator. Next up, Chen Feng’s pupils kept spinning and strands of black light were condensed out to form ropes. The ropes then quickly sealed up the surrounding space. After that, Chen Feng moved forward to unleash a punch. As a result, the muscular cultivator cried out wretchedly while his figure was sent flying.

Following that was the Longevity Steps. Chen Feng seemingly took a step across the universe itself, jumping through space to arrive before another cultivator. With a wave of his hand, he fired out a mountainous palm silhouette and the cultivator was sent flying as well.

“Two more left to go.” Chen Feng had swiftly taken care of two of the four cultivators. As he was about to make his next move, however, the attacks from the other two cultivators arrived.

“Cage of Heaven and Earth!”

“Armour of the Black Tortoise!”

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the two cultivators were actually utilizing defensive moves. The cultivator with the goatee utilized the power of space containing unique immortal dao laws. His move instantly caused the space around him to compress.

As for the other cultivator, a skinny old man, he utilized an earthen-type defensive move. A thick layer of faint-yellow armour rose up before Chen Feng to block Chen Feng’s attacks.

Seeing their moves, Chen Feng ended up chortling. He had been worried that their attacks might successfully fluster him. In his opinion, if the four of them decided to go all out, they could cause him quite a bit of trouble.

As he was already prepared for all that, seeing their actions left him stunned.

Shaking his head, Chen Feng then brought out the Longevity Lance. At the same time, his figure shook and the Blood Mustering Bead appeared above his head. A thick blood-coloured light then enveloped him, giving him a somewhat bloody look.

“Grand dao powers! Oh, no! That’s a Dao artefact! Hurry, run!”

The four cultivators were quick to notice the energy fluctuations coming out from the Blood Mustering Bead. They grew horrified and lost all the will to fight. There was a whole cultivation stage of difference between them and the magic treasure. It was not something that could easily be offset with strength.

Chen Feng noticed the loss of fighting spirit within them and the Longevity Lance in his hand thrust forward while the Blood Mustering Bead fired out a ray of bloody light to strengthen the Longevity Lance, increasing its strength several fold.


The Cage of Heaven and Earth burst apart while countless cracks spread out across the Armour of the Black Tortoise before it burst apart as well. Next, a bright light flared out and all four cultivators sprayed out blood from their mouths as they were sent flying.

Liu Jia and Mo Wen, who happened to arrive there, witnessed what just happened and they gaped at what they saw. They didn’t even know what to say.

Since splitting up with Chen Feng, the two of them had been exploring East Dragon Island. Their luck was quite good and they quickly found the spiritual herbs that they needed. They had originally planned on leaving. However, due to Chen Feng’s intrusion, a series of changes happened to East Dragon Island. Curious, the two of them began venturing even deeper into East Dragon Island. Although scary, their path forward had been an uneventful one. After successfully avoiding some dangers, they made their way across a mountain and noticed a young cultivator fighting four mid-level Human Immortals. Shocked, they began wondering who that young cultivator may be. When they saw that it was Chen Feng, they found themselves in an extreme state of shock. No words could describe the thoughts going through their minds.

Before coming to East Dragon Island, they had found out that Chen Feng was from Heavenly Sword Faction. Although they were shocked to know that, they did not think too much about it. Later on, Chen Feng decided to go off on his own, causing the two of them to feel somewhat displeased. Truth be told, Mo Wen and Liu Jia viewed Chen Feng to be on the same level as them. After witnessing Chen Feng beat up four mid-level Human Immortals, however, the two of them finally understood that they were not on the same level as Chen Feng.

“Sigh! We should hurry up and leave. This island is simply too chaotic. Unexpectedly, even that unassuming Chen Feng is so powerful.”

“Yes, curiosity kills the cat. We should hurry up and leave.”

Liu Jia and Mo Wen wanted to leave. However, it was not that easy to leave. As it so happened, two ocean yao guards had noticed them. Due to that, another battle broke out.

By the time the two of them managed to charge out from East Dragon Island, their bodies were already covered in wounds. They cut quite the miserable sight. Then, exchanging wry smiles, they left East Dragon Island. Despite the terrible state they were in, they did get what they came here for.

“Can you spare us?”

On the other side, Chen Feng had gained the absolute upper hand in his fight against the four cultivators. Having kept the Longevity Lance, he now stood before the four cultivators. Instead, he utilized the Dao artefact. Suppressing these Human Immortals with a Dao artefact was simply too easy.

For Chen Feng, it felt as though he was bullying them.

If they were to find out about Chen Feng’s thoughts, they would definitely find it ridiculous. Chen Feng was only a starter-level Human Immortal while the four cultivators before him were mid-level Human Immortals.

“Of course.” Chen Feng nodded and extended a finger, jabbing forward with it. Next, a stream of light flowed out, splitting into four before entering the four cultivators’ seas of wisdom respectively.

“Oh, no!”

The four of them were slightly stronger than the ocean yao guards that Chen Feng had previously encountered. Thus, they were quick to realize what Chen Feng was trying to do. Their faces promptly sank. If their seas of wisdom were to be shackled, they would end up getting controlled by Chen Feng in the future. With just a thought from Chen Feng, they would suffer a fate worse than death.

Due to that, the four of them gave it their all to resist.

“Soul Subduing Mantra, subdue!” Chen Feng shouted and four talismans – shining with golden light – entered the four cultivators’ seas of wisdom. Due to that, the four cultivators’ roiling seas of wisdom instantly turned calm.

Chen Feng then made use of the opportunity to leave his soul imprint within each of their seas of wisdom.

“Humph! Are you fellows still not going to be obedient?” Chen Feng shouted.

The four mid-level Human Immortals looked at each other. There was a sorrowful look on their faces as they turned to Chen Feng and shouted, “Greetings, my lord!”

At that very moment, their lives were no longer their own. From this moment onwards, they would have to unconditionally follow every instruction from Chen Feng.

“You fellows will not lose out by following me. Enough, you fellows can leave now. Once I have taken over East Dragon Island, I will summon you fellows,” Chen Feng said coolly.

The four cultivators sighed and left. They were feeling uneasy, uncertain what the future held for them.

I have already subdued half of the ocean yao guards. Is Patriarch Golden Turtle still not going to come out? Chen Feng grew puzzled. Logically speaking, given how much of a stir he had caused here on this island, Patriarch Golden Turtle should already be making his appearance.

Perhaps he is not here. If that is the case, I will be able to save myself the trouble, Chen Feng thought.


Chen Feng sped up, moving forward according to the route he had managed to obtain from the cultivators.

Next up, Chen Feng was practically able to advance unimpeded. East Dragon Island had fallen into an incomparable state of chaos and all of its guardians had been dispatched. Moreover, Chen Feng had also subdued a portion of the guardians.

Soon enough, a massive palace, shining gold in colour, appeared before Chen Feng. In Chen Feng’s opinion, the size of the palace was acceptable. However, it was somewhat vulgar in appearance. At the very least, he did not like this type of palace.

The reason he came here was because this was the core for the entire East Dragon Island, East Dragon Palace. The core for controlling East Dragon Island was within this East Dragon Palace. This was also the place where Patriarch Golden Turtle would often reside in. 

There were two ocean yao guards standing there, one on the left and one on the right, like threshold guardians. Before Chen Feng could approach the palace, one of them had already launched an attack against him.

This guy is slightly stronger compared to the mid-level Yao Kings from earlier. He is already close to reaching the high-level Yao King (Human) stage. A pity, he is still no match for me. Chen Feng did not evade. Instead, he fired out a Great Longevity Palm.


His opponent shattered apart the Great Longevity Palm, but Chen Feng was quick to step forward to follow it up with a Skybreak Fist, which smashed heavily into the ocean yao guard’s body.


By then, the other ocean yao guard had also attacked. Additionally, the timing of his attack was very good, allowing the trident in his hand to strike Chen Feng’s body.

However, Chen Feng merely chuckled, allowing the trident to strike his chest. He wanted to test the strength of his fleshly body.

Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Sparks burst out and a mountainous power forced Chen Feng to back away. Every step backwards he took would cause the ground to quake violently.

Minute amounts of blood trickled down from Chen Feng’s chest. He had finally taken a flesh wound.

The opponent’s weapon is a grade 6 Sacred artefact. It is capable of breaking through my defence. However, the power is limited. Chen Feng had a general understanding towards the strength of his own fleshly body. By fully strengthening his body, it would be able to take on a grade 7 Sacred artefact. In fact, it might even be able to take on a grade 8 Sacred artefact.


Seeing his full-powered attack create but a scratch on Chen Feng’s skin, the ocean yao guard became stunned. On the other side, the other ocean yao guard was blasted by Chen Feng’s attack into the East Dragon Palace.

Chi! Chi!

Two beams of bloody light then attacked the remaining ocean yao guard, one from the left and one from the right. It was an attack from the Blood Mustering Bead.

Contrary to Chen Feng’s expectations, the attacks failed to strike the ocean yao guard’s body. Swinging his trident, the ocean yao guard blocked the bloody beams and his figure was pushed into the palace as a result.

Advancing, Chen Feng stepped into the palace. Upon entering the palace, he was not given the time to inspect his surroundings before an energy current surged towards him. Chen Feng was quick to realize that an attack was headed towards him. To his surprise, though, this sudden attack did not seem like an attack from the two ocean yao guards.

Chen Feng swiftly punched forward and his fist collided against the incoming attack. Moving through his arm, a thick power of earth then charged towards his body. Due to that, Chen Feng was forced to back away. Before he could steady himself, the two ocean yao guards charged towards him, one from the left and one from the right.


Bloody light flashed out and a layer of blood-coloured barrier encased Chen Feng. Next, two banging sounds rang out and the two ocean yao guards who were attacking Chen Feng were thrown backwards.

By then, Chen Feng had noticed an earthen-yellow figure attacking him from above.

A combat puppet containing earthen dao powers. It is at the equivalent of a high-level Human Immortal! Chen Feng was shocked and he empowered the Blood Mustering Bead to reinforce his defences. 


A large fist slammed against the bloody barrier, causing it to shudder violently. Seeing that, Chen Feng himself wondered if it would end up breaking.

What a formidable attack! Chen Feng was truly taken aback. Next, he performed a grasping motion and the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand spun rapidly to send out one blood-coloured beam of light after another. All of them smashed against the combat puppet’s body.

The combat puppet was continuously forced to retreat. Even so, the attacks failed to inflict much damage on its body. Meanwhile, the two ocean yao guards made use of the opportunity to attack Chen Feng.

A good combat puppet. Chen Feng felt pleasantly surprised.


The Blood Mustering Bead abruptly grew in size and the two ocean yao guards who charged forward were swept aside by a bloody light. After falling to the floor, they could no longer get up again.


Like a raging sun, the Blood Mustering Bead then charged towards the combat puppet.


The combat puppet suddenly stamped and roared skywards. Then, it fired out a furious punch towards the Blood Mustering Bead.


Blood-coloured light and yellow-coloured light flashed out at the same time. It was an eye-piercing and chaotic sight to behold. Finally, the Blood Mustering Bead flew back into Chen Feng’s hand. The bloody pool within the Blood Mustering Bead roiled tempestuously and even Chen Feng was nearly incapable of pacifying it. Shocked, he then turned to look at the combat puppet. It lay on the floor, struggling ceaselessly to get up. Unfortunately, it was temporarily incapable of getting up.

Although it is only the equivalent of a high-level Human Immortal, it contains earthen-type grand dao powers. Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he moved forward to collect the combat puppet into the Longevity Tower.

As for the two ocean yao guards, he used the same method to deal with them, placing a soul imprint within each of their seas of wisdom.

I’ll focus on finding the main array core controlling East Dragon Island first. After refining it, this whole island will fall under my control. Chen Feng’s gaze swept the place without respite and he quickly found the main array core.

At the centre of the palace was a circular crystal pillar. It was a dazzling sight to behold and there were patterns and runes engraved upon the pillar. It was none other than the main array core for the entire East Dragon Island. After refining this main array core, he would be able to control all the restrictive and magic arrays on East Dragon Island.

Chen Feng snickered and made to move forward. However, someone else was faster than him. Two cultivators, in fact, suddenly charged into the palace and they frantically attempted to grab hold of the crystal pillar, ignoring Chen Feng.

Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stop himself from bursting into laughter.

The Blood Mustering Bead in his hand shook and two rays of bloody light flashed forward. As a result, the two cultivators fell to the floor at the same time. Then, their bodies blew up with a bang. The essence, energy and soul power from their bodies were all absorbed to leave but crumbs on the floor.

“Seriously, they don’t know the meaning of death.” Chen Feng scoffed before waving his hand. The Blood Mustering Bead then flew out to block the gate of the palace.

After that, he strode forward and grabbed the crystal pillar.


Chen Feng’s divine sense surged forward as he began refining the array core. However, upon entering the array core, his divine sense came under assault.

“Who? You have a death wish!”

A thunderous sound rang out, desirous of quaking apart Chen Feng’s divine sense. However, Chen Feng cultivated the Soul Subduing Mantra and his soul was highly stable. Due to that, the attack failed to take down his divine sense.

A miniature golden turtle appeared before Chen Feng. Its pair of eyes stared intently at Chen Feng and the aura of a Yao King spread outwards.

This must be the manifestation of Patriarch Golden Turtle’s imprint. Looks like he is really not here. Fine, I will first extinguish his imprint then. Chen Feng snickered and waved his hand. Next, the Great Longevity Palm shot towards the golden turtle.

In the face of the attack from Chen Feng, the golden turtle merely revealed a look of ridicule and it remained motionless, allowing the attack to land on its body.

The attack dissipated, but the golden turtle remained. It had not made any moves at all.

“Human, to think that you could reach this place with only this level of strength. Looks like you are quite lucky. However, your luck ends here.” After saying that, the golden turtle leapt forward and its body grew. It was as though there was no limit to how big it could become. Then, it pressed down on Chen Feng.

It seemed as though the golden turtle wanted to kill off Chen Feng with this one move.

“Just one imprint is already this strong. As expected of a Heaven-defying Yao King with a cultivation base of over 100,000 years. However, you can only consider yourself unlucky to be bumping into me.” After saying that, Chen Feng pushed up with both hands to stop the golden turtle’s attack.


Due to the attack from the golden turtle, Chen Feng’s figure – formed from his soul – abruptly exploded, transforming into chaotic streams of energy.

“Humph! Is this all you’ve got? You can’t even endure a hit!” The golden turtle scoffed and its figure slowly shrank. It then moved away, seemingly wanting to go back to sleep.

However, the scattered streams of soul power quickly gathered up to reform Chen Feng’s figure in a flash. Additionally, his body seemed even more solid than before.

“Oh? Kid, looks like you have some skills. Fine, I will just have to kill you again,” the golden turtle said before attacking again.

“Go ahead. Let me see just how strong you are, decrepit turtle,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“You have a death wish!” Chen Feng’s words enraged the golden turtle. Once again, it pounced forward to smash Chen Feng.

Chen Feng raised his hand. This time, a ball of lightning rapidly flew out to erupt with a booming sound. Next, lightning powers enveloped the golden turtle and it fell to the ground, convulsing uncontrollably.

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