Chapter 771 Prison (2 in 1)


Chen Feng merely chuckled. He said nothing about it. Following the rise of his cultivation base, he had also become more broad minded. He wouldn’t pay any heed to trivial incidents.

He had technically fought against an Ascendant Immortal before. Thus, cultivators who had only just reached the Human Immortal stage were nothing in his eyes.

“Since you are so powerful, you must help rescue Junior Sister Xie and the others,” Chen Xing’er continued.

“I’ll do my best.” Chen Feng nodded.

“By the way, didn’t Jian Qingling and Jian Qingwu come together with you fellows?” Only then did Chen Feng realize that the two sisters weren’t there.

“We were separated the moment we got on this island. I don’t even know where they are right now or if they are captured.”

Chen Feng nodded. He did not say anything else about it. Since Lan Ling and the others had already come out, there was no need for him to worry.

However, before they could take action, a high number of cultivators arrived. Upon their arrival, they attacked Lan Ling’s group.

“These fellows are truly fearless.” There were iciness and killing intent on Tian Ming and the others’ faces. The time spent trapped in the Dragon Entrapping Pond had left them highly ill-tempered. Due to that, they decided to vent their wrath on these lesser soldiers.

There were over 100 soldiers. However, all of them were only at the Sky Human stage. With just one clash, tens of them were killed. Seeing that, the rest of the soldiers became petrified. They stopped attacking. And yet, they also did not leave. Instead, they stared at Lan Ling’s group from afar, occasionally shouting at them. 

“How unexpected, you fellows actually managed to break out from the Dragon Entrapping Pond. However, all of you will still die in the end!” Finally, Human Immortals arrived. Several Human Immortals rushed over from the various corners of East Dragon Island. They were accompanied by layers of restrictive arrays. 

“I’ll handle these fellows. You guys, go find Senior Sister Xie,” Chen Feng said, grasping with his hand to summon out the Longevity Sword.

“I’ll stay here with Chen Feng. You fellows go ahead!” Lightning radiance shone out from Lan Ling’s body and an imperious-looking spear appeared in her grasp.

A somewhat tender-looking female cultivator wielding an imperious-looking spear. It was quite the incongruous sight. However, the instant Lan Ling brandished it, the world shook, waves soared and lightning erupted. She became like a Goddess of War exuding an aggressive air of majesty and power.

“Alright. You two, be careful!” Tian Ming and the others did not hesitate. After leaving Chen Feng and Lan Ling, they exchanged glances but once before splitting up to go search for Xie Hongyan and the others.

“Ha ha ha! What is this, Senior Sister Lan Ling? Do you think that I will be incapable of handling them on my own?” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“No, I just want to fight!” Lan Ling said with a smile and she attacked with the spear in her hand.

Chen Feng chuckled and the Longevity Sword in his hand thrummed with a ferocious intensity. Next, a sword beam slashed across space, creating a booming sound.

It was none other than the Sword of Wind and Lightning Technique that Chen Feng had comprehended in the past. As Chen Feng was already a Human Immortal, he was better able to display the power and essence of wind and lightning with his moves.

The Human Immortal in the lead could not even approach Chen Feng before getting shredded by the sword beam. Even his soul was shredded into nothingness.

“How is that possible?” Seeing Chen Feng’s move, all the cultivators there, Lan Ling included, were struck with terror.

Instantly killing off a starter-level Human Immortal? Was he a mid-level Human Immortal? That cannot be right. Judging by the aura that his body was emitting, he should be a starter-level Human Immortal. Not to mention, it was the aura of one who had only just advanced to the Human Immortal stage.

Due to their feelings of shock, they faltered. However, Chen Feng did not pause at all. Like the wind, the Longevity Sword in his hand attacked the other Human Immortals.

“Exploding Sword Energy!”

A violent wave of sword energy was compressed into a speck before abruptly exploding outwards. The resulting force blew several Human Immortals away and even the surrounding space ended up cracking in the face of the sword energy.

“This fellow is strong. Everyone, attack together!”

Lan Ling fought against two Human Immortals by herself. Despite her opponents’ advantage in numbers, she was able to easily occupy the upper hand. As for Chen Feng he singlehandedly fought against ten plus Human Immortals while beating them up so badly they had to constantly give up ground.

So, this is the Human Immortal stage. It is truly very powerful. Immortal. It is a concept beyond that of the mundane. Chen Feng felt his heart stirring. However, a heroic feeling swiftly swelled forth as his will to fight surged skywards. The attacks he unleashed grew ever stronger.

The Longevity Sword was already a grade 1 Sacred artefact. In Chen Feng’s hand, the power it could unleash was comparable to that of a grade 3 or 4 Sacred artefact.

These Human Immortals are simply too weak. They simply cannot be placed on the same level as the Human Immortals I encountered back in the Heavensday Battlefield. Chen Feng frowned. Fighting these starter-level Human Immortals felt like a bullying act for him.

Against these cultivators who were at the same cultivation level as him, Chen Feng was confident that he could sweep the floor with them.

Finally, after two more Human Immortals died to Chen Feng, the others stopped attacking. Instead, they scattered away. The way they looked at Chen Feng was no different from one who had just seen a ghost.

As the cultivators attacking Chen Feng had fled, the two Human Immortals fighting against Lan Ling were finally incapable of holding on. One of them utilized a move, which required a hefty price, to allow the two of them to flee.

“Chen Feng, it has only been a few years since our last meeting. You must have gone through a lot in that time. Unexpectedly, you could become so powerful. You would become a formidable character even in Absolute Academy.” Lan Ling cast a look of surprise at Chen Feng.

“Oh, what level would I be at in Absolute Academy?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

Lan Ling pondered silently for a moment before answering. “Amongst those on the same cultivation stage, you will be one of the few standing at the top.”

Chen Feng nodded. He was slightly surprised to hear that, but he quickly understood. He had only just reached the Human Immortal stage, after all. He was indeed no match for those old fellows who had spent tens of thousands of years on cultivation.

That said, he was only slightly surprised. If it came down to it, he could utilize his magic treasures. Even Earthen Immortals would die to his magic treasures, let alone these Human Immortals.

Naturally, Chen Feng was not haughty enough to think that others would not possess Immortal artefacts of their own. Although he did have his own thoughts about it, his yearning towards Absolute Academy grew even stronger.

It was an existence surpassing first-rate sects, after all.

Looks like I will have to head to Absolute Academy once everything is settled. Only, my origins… Thinking about it, Chen Feng shook his head.

“Let’s deal with our current situation first.” Chen Feng and Lan Ling then ventured deeper into East Dragon Island.

As they moved forward, the scenery around them grew increasingly beautiful. There were chirping birds and fragrant flowers while auspicious animals darted across the grasses. Within the flowing rivulet were various fishes and prawns. There was a moist breath of water and wood in the air. Taking in a breath of the air there would give one a refreshing sensation.

“Unexpectedly, the scenery here is truly beautiful. No wonder some would say that this place is a paradise,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from praising the place.

“East Dragon Island can indeed be considered as quite the paradise. However, it is occupied by a high-level Yao King, Patriarch Golden Turtle. No matter how bloodshot the other cultivators get, there is nothing they can do about it.” After saying that, Lan Ling considered for a moment before casting an ambiguous smile at Chen Feng. “What? Are you interested in this place?”

“Indeed. If I can finish off Patriarch Golden Turtle, I plan on taking over this island.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone and the thought rose to his mind.

Lan Ling cast a shocked look at Chen Feng and she quickly said, “Ha ha ha! I was only joking. Are you seriously thinking about that? Patriarch Golden Turtle is high-level Yao King with 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation. Additionally, there are also the restrictive arrays on this island and his connection with some loose cultivators at the Yao King (Human) stage. Not even an Earthen Immortal could get much of an advantage over him.” 

“If Patriarch Golden Turtle is so powerful, why did the other Human Immortals come here for an adventure? Are they not afraid of getting themselves killed?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Although Patriarch Golden Turtle is the lord of East Dragon Island, he would not usually take action. Besides, in the past, whenever the students from Absolute Academy came to pick some spiritual herbs, he would close on eye. For some unknown reasons, things turned out differently this time. Speaking of which, I am still uncertain why.”

“If that’s the case, let’s just find Patriarch Golden Turtle and ask him about it,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“It probably wouldn’t be that easy,” said Lan Ling, who kept her eyes looking forward.

Four humanoid monsters in scale armour stood before the two of them. Wielding a huge trident respectively, they were over one zhang tall with bluish-green eyes. The four of them stood in a row and they looked at Chen Feng and Lan Ling in a cold manner.

“They are the ocean yao guards of East Dragon Island. They are very difficult to handle.” Lan Ling’s face took on a somewhat serious look.

“Ocean yaos at the Yao King stage. They are definitely difficult to handle. I’ll take on three. You take one.” Waving his hand, Chen Feng summoned his weapon. This time, he did not bring out the Longevity Sword. Instead, it was the Longevity Lance.

“I thought you would take care of all of them.” Lan Ling rolled her eyes. She had seen Chen Feng’s fight earlier. Even though she could already be considered as an expert amongst those on the same level, she was considerably weaker when compared to Chen Feng. This gave her quite the mental blow.

Chen Feng did not say anything. Instead, he swung the lance in his hand, bringing forth myriad energy streams, which surged forward to engulf three of the four ocean yao guards.

Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!

The four ocean yao guards roared furiously at the same time and their figures grew in size. The scales on their amour stood on end to shine with a chilling light and their eyes turned blood-red in colour. Additionally, yao energy surged skywards to give out a formidable atmosphere of oppression.

Three of the ocean yao guards attacked Chen Feng while the last one attacked Lan Ling.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chen Feng attacked swiftly and the Longevity Lance instantly fired out a series of attacks against the bodies of the ocean yao guards. 

The three ocean yao guards were sent flying at the same time, but Chen Feng did not press the attack. Instead, an interested look appeared on his face.

“They possess a formidable defence!” Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised. Although the attacks he displayed earlier was slightly all over the place, they were still not something that the average Human Immortals could take head on. However, with the exception of some white spots on their bodies, no other harm came to the ocean yao guards. His attacks had failed to break through their defences.

The three ocean yao guards then raised the tridents in their hands as they surrounded Chen Feng. Next, they fired out a formidable flurry of attacks. Wielding the Longevity Lance in his hand, Chen Feng did not give ground. Instead, he engaged in a fiery battle against them.

Lan Ling was also engaged in a very violent battle against the last ocean yao guard. On one side, water droplets splashed about while lightning bolts surged skywards on the other side. In terms of excitement, this battle surpassed even the battle between Chen Feng and the three ocean yao guards.

After exchanging 100 rounds, three tridents thrust towards Chen Feng simultaneously while the Longevity Lance in Chen Feng’s hand stabbed forward as well.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three tridents struck Chen Feng’s body to create a dazzling display of sparks, but Chen Feng’s figure remained unflinching in the face of the attacks.

The Longevity Lance pierced one of the ocean yao guards. Next, a wave of energy flowed through the Longevity Lance before spreading out from within the ocean yao guard’s body. After that, the ocean yao guard fell motionlessly to the ground.

Chen Feng’s fleshly body was already so strong that not even grade 5 Sacred artefacts could harm him in the slightest. The tridents that the ocean yao guards were using were only grade 1 Sacred artefacts. Thus, even if Chen Feng were to do nothing and stand there, allowing them to attack him, they would be utterly incapable of wounding him.

Next up, Chen Feng practically did not bother evading their attacks. He allowed their attacks to land on his body. It felt somewhat ticklish. On the other hand, the Longevity Lance in his hand swung out to quickly take care of the two ocean yao guards.

He then turned to look at the other battle. Lan Ling had sent her opponent flying. Lightning coursed through her body and she jumped up, the spear in her hand transforming into a bolt of lightning, desirous of killing off the ocean yao guard in an instant.

“Don’t kill him!” Chen Feng suddenly shouted.

Although Lan Ling appeared like a tender female cultivator, the moment she chose to fight, the surging will to fight coming out from her would surpass that of most cultivators. Hearing Chen Feng, she felt dissatisfied. However, she chose to stop what she was doing in the end. Her figure flashed to re-appear before Chen Feng. Then, seeing the three ocean yao guards lying on the ground, she became inwardly surprised.

“Why didn’t you kill them?” Lan Ling asked, puzzled.

“Ha ha ha! If I kill off all of the cultivators of East Dragon Island, who will take care of my residence in the future? These ocean yao guards are quite good. They are all at the Yao King stage. Every death is a waste,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Hearing that, Lan Ling rolled her eyes again. Although Chen Feng was powerful, his words felt too arrogant. The reason she came here was to rescue Xie Hongyan and the others. She did not even consider doing anything else. Take over East Dragon Island? No way.

The fact that Patriarch Golden Turtle was a high-level Yao King aside, there were other formidable Yao Kings living around East Dragon Island who would join forces with Patriarch Golden Turtle. They were very difficult to handle.

Earlier, Lan Ling had only assumed that Chen Feng was joking. Thus, she did not take him seriously. Seeing Chen Feng’s actions now, she finally realized that she did not understand Chen Feng well enough.

Chen Feng waved his hand and streams of his longevity-type primary energy, mixed with immortal energy, flowed into the four ocean yao guards’ bodies. The wounds on the ocean yao guards’ bodies then healed up at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Soon enough, the four ocean yao guards had gotten to their feet again. Their eyes were blood-shot and they wanted to rush forward and fight again. Chen Feng, on the other hand, smiled. Light flashed across his eyes and the four ocean yao guards grew silent. Struggling looks could be seen within their eyes. However, they quickly submitted in the end. At the same time, they got on one knee and said, “Greetings, my lord!” 

“Get up,” Chen Feng said coolly and waved his hand. “Spread out. Do what you have to do.”


The four ocean yao guards saluted Chen Feng respectfully before moving away.

Turning around, Chen Feng saw Lan Ling looking at him curiously and he reflexively laughed. “Why are you looking at me like that? I will feel embarrassed.”

Hearing that, Lan Ling’s face flushed and she said in a surprised tone. “Earlier, you made them submit?”

“It’s very simple. I just left a soul imprint within each of their seas of wisdom.” Chen Feng casually waved it off.

“You call that simple?” Lan Ling found it hard to accept. Capturing and subduing one’s opponents was certainly a common matter. However, to do so in such a short period was somewhat unbelievable.

“Enough, let’s not talk about this anymore. We should hurry up and go. By the way, can you still contact Tian Ming and the others?” Chen Feng changed the subject.

“No. There are many restrictive arrays on this island. Not to mention, there is also a wondrous power enveloping this place. I am simply incapable of sensing their positions.” Lan Ling shook her head.

“Just follow me.” Chen Feng revealed a lackadaisical smile as he activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness. He led Lan Ling forward, turning here and there to avoid the restrictive arrays.

“Unexpectedly, your Magic Eyes of Darkness is actually so powerful!” said a shocked Lan Ling.

“Ha ha ha! The Magic Eyes of Darkness is one of the reasons. More importantly, I had utilized a soul-searching technique on the guys earlier. So, I know a lot about this island. Additionally, I also know where Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling are,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“That’s good! Then, where did the two sisters go?”

“They got caught.”


After venturing forth for another hour, Chen Feng and Lan Ling stopped.

“Phew! East Dragon Island is not big. However, there are simply too many restrictive arrays here. The mysterious power is seriously interfering with my sense of direction.” At that moment, Chen Feng could sense an obscure yet overbearing power moving about. This formless power was even more powerful compared to all of the restrictive arrays on the island combined.

This power should be from beneath this island. Once I have taken over this island, I will slowly take my time to investigate, Chen Feng decided.

“Up ahead is one of the prisons of East Dragon Island. Jian Qingwu, Jian Qingling, Senior Sister Xie and the others are locked up inside. Additionally, there are also some other cultivators inside,” Chen Feng said.

“I got it. This place is our objective for coming here. However, we were unable to figure out where it is. Unexpectedly, you could so quickly discover this place.” Lan Ling nodded.

“This prison is usually guarded by ocean yao guards. Four starter-level Yao Kings and one mid-level Yao King. However, due to everything that has been happening recently, another mid-level Yao King has been sent over,” Chen Feng said.

“Two ocean yao guards at the mid-level Yao King (Human) stage? This is problematic.” Lan Ling furrowed her brows.

“Don’t worry. Let me handle it.” Chen Feng waved his hand, giving off a nonchalant look, which caused Lan Ling to smile.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng stretched his hand out. Next, a speck of bloody light emerged from his palm. It grew increasingly big, finally becoming as big as a head. The head-sized ball of blood rotated on Chen Feng’s palm.

Sensing the power contained within the ball of blood, Lan Ling reflexively took several steps back.

It was simply too terrifying. If this ball of blood were to strike her, she would either end up dying or suffer from grievous injuries.

Most importantly, Lan Ling was able to sense a hint of grand dao powers coming from the ball of blood. That was a power that only Dao artefacts or Earthen Immortals could possess.

It is said that Chen Feng spent a very long time inside the Heavensday Battlefield. Looks like he managed to gain a lot from it, Lan Ling thought.


The ball of blood swiftly flew out, bypassing the layers of restrictive arrays there before exploding above the prison. All Lan Ling could see was the explosion of bloody light. Next, a sea of blood engulfed the whole place and she could see nothing else.

The power of blood engulfed the entire prison. The cultivators at the Human Immortal stage were instantly knocked unconscious, followed by the ocean yao guards at the starter-level Yao King stage. The only ones left were the two ocean yao guards at the mid-level Yao King stage. They struggled bitterly to defend against the power of blood. However, it was just a matter of time before they faint as well.

Chen Feng did not kill them. They will become part of his team in the future, after all. He will need them to help him manage East Dragon Island.


Next up, Chen Feng stretched his hand out again. This time, the thing which emerged from his palm was not a ball of blood. Rather, it was a fist-sized ball of lightning.

This fellow!

Lan Ling became thoroughly astounded. The destructive power contained within the ball of lightning was in no way inferior compared to the ball of blood from earlier.

The ball of lightning flew forward to bombard the prison. A world-shaking booming sound rang out and the restrictive arrays before them were blasted apart to reveal a large hole on the wall of the prison.

Due to that, the cultivators who were imprisoned inside felt their bodies becoming lighter as the seals on them were unravelled. They felt pleasantly surprised, but also confused. They did not understand what was happening.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several cultivators took the lead to fly out. They were none other than Jian Qingwu, Xie Hongyan and the other students from Absolute Academy.

“Big Sister!”

“Big Sister came to save us!”

“Eh, who is this? Is he a new junior brother from the academy?”

A group of female cultivators chattered as they surrounded both Chen Feng and Lan Ling. When Xie Hongyan and Luo Pianpian saw Chen Feng, they revealed looks of shock.

Sou! Sou!

After they emerged, more cultivators came out from the prison. When the entire prison was finally empty, Chen Feng saw that there were over 100 cultivators there. More surprisingly, most of those who were imprisoned inside were actually Human Immortals. 

However, some of them sported pale looks and dispirited expressions. It was obvious that they had been held there for quite some time.

“This young man is the one who attacked earlier. He is the one who rescued us.”

“Thank you, fellow friend. My name is Immortal Swiftwind. If you have any instructions for me in the future, just let me know.”

“My name is Immortal Goldenlight. Thank you for your help.”

“We three brothers have been locked up here for over 100 years. Unexpectedly, we could one day regain our freedom again. Fellow friend, how should we address you? If you have any instructions for us in the future, just ask.”

Some of the cultivators stepped forward to express their gratitude towards Chen Feng.

Naturally, there were also some who did not think highly of Chen Feng. After emerging from the prison, they quickly left. It did not take long before the sounds of battle spread over from the distance.

There were also some who began attacking the unconscious cultivators from East Dragon Island.

Chen Feng’s face sank and he shouted, “Stop!”

Those who were attacking stopped for a moment. However, they then ignored Chen Feng and continued.

“Hey, looks like some fellows want to meet Death. If that is how it is, there is nothing else I can do about it.”

After saying that, bloody light shone out from Chen Feng’s palm and a ball of blood emerged. Transforming into a beam of bloody light, the ball of blood then attacked those cultivators.

“Humph, petty tricks!” The cultivators did not view Chen Feng as a threat and they moved to take on the bloody beam.


Suddenly, the bloody beam’s radiance intensified before blowing up. Strands of the power of blood then slipped into the cultivators’ bodies. Following that, the cultivators’ bodies rapidly swelled up. Finally, all of them blew up to dye the whole sky with a mist of blood.

Next, Chen Feng beckoned and the mist of blood flowed to converged upon his palm, where a new ball of blood was reformed. However, the power contained within this ball of blood was somewhat chaotic. After spinning a few times, the ball of blood then slipped down Chen Feng’s palm.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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