Chapter 770 Rescue


From the previous conversations between them, Chen Feng was able to find out that Mo Wen and Liu Jia came to East Dragon Island for the sake of spiritual herbs containing the power of Sunflower Water. Although the medicinal age of the spiritual herbs required was not too high, they were rare. They could not be found inland. As there were no other options, Mo Wen and Liu Jia finally chose to come to East Dragon Island.

Although Patriarch Golden Turtle was the lord of East Dragon Island, he would usually spend a lengthy time in slumber. Additionally, East Dragon Island itself was very big. Thus, cultivators would occasionally venture into East Dragon Island. Some of them were able to gain a harvest here. 

“Since we’ve arrived, I’ll be saying my goodbye,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Eh? Brother Chen, didn’t you come here for spiritual herbs as well? Let’s just look for them together,” Mo Wen said with a quizzical tone.

“No. I still have some personal matters to attend to. Fellows, goodbye. I hope we meet again.” Chen Feng did not go into the details. After saying that, he clasped his hands in a saluting gesture and bid them farewell.

“This guy.” After Chen Feng’s departure, Mo Wen and Liu Jia turned to look at each other. There was a look of displeasure on their faces.

“Forget it. We all have our own objectives for coming here. Let’s go. This is a dangerous place. We cannot stay here for long.”

After leaving the two, Chen Feng sent his soul power out. Since advancing to the Human Immortal stage, his soul power had undergone a world-shaking change as well. It was no longer the soul of an ordinary person. Instead, it had become the soul with immortal qualities, containing the power of immortal dao laws. By scanning a place with his soul power, he would be able to clearly view every part of the scanned area as though it was a three-dimensional projection within his mind.

In the past, Chen Feng’s soul power was capable of scanning up to a radius of 10,000 kilometres. At present, however, scanning up to a radius of 100,000 kilometres would not be an issue for him.

Naturally, the size of this East Dragon Island did not encompass a radius of 100,000 kilometres. Thus, Chen Feng’s soul power was able to scan the entire East Dragon Island. Next, Chen Feng saw that the image he obtained of the island was hazy. He was only able to gain a rough view of the place. Any attempt to get a closer look would end up with blurry images.

So, there is something special about this place, after all. Not even my divine sense can pierce through it. As Chen Feng was scanning for Lan Ling and the others, however, a formidable divine sense abruptly charged upwards. It was like a sharp blade slashing the sky.

Due to that, the divine sense that Chen Feng had spread across the place was cleaved in half. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling for him.

Did they notice me? Chen Feng’s face remained impassive. Next, his figure seemingly took on an illusory quality as he moved into void space.

As expected, another divine sense swept over the place, scanning again and again. However, it failed to detect Chen Feng.

After advancing to the Human Immortal stage, the powers of the Dark and Void acupoints have grown much stronger. Chen Feng nodded to himself. He then mobilized his divine sense to study the remnants of the earlier divine sense, causing it to stir vigorously. Next, he followed the trail to seek out its origin.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s figure moved without respite, changing positions swiftly to evade the surrounding restrictive arrays and the divine senses that were ceaselessly scanning the place.

Finally, he encountered two patrolling cultivators. Moving forward, Chen Feng then promptly restrained them. He did not interrogate them. Instead, he directly utilized a soul-searching technique on them to find out everything he wanted to know.

They’re in the Dragon Entrapping Pond. After dealing with the two cultivator’s corpses, Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He had gained a comprehensive and intuitive understanding of the whole East Dragon Island.

One hour later, Chen Feng found the Dragon Entrapping Pond. Furthermore, he was able to quickly find Lan Ling and the others.

Surely not? It’s so easy to find them? Chen Feng himself felt somewhat surprised. Things were proceeding too smoothly.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then entered the Dragon Entrapping Pond. Despite its name, it was actually just a depression within East Dragon Island. There weren’t even any waters inside the place.

There was a total of six cultivators trapped there, Lan Ling included.

All six were starter-level Human Immortals. However, to possess the qualifications to enter Absolute Academy, they were already capable of individually taking on the average mid-level Human Immortal.

“Everyone, I am sorry. I didn’t think that this Patriarch Golden Turtle could be so powerful,” Lan Ling said apologetically.

“No need to feel guilty, Junior Sister Lan. We were the ones who were careless for underestimating East Dragon Island. However, there is no need to worry. I believe that Patriarch Golden Turtle will not casually decide to kill us. At any rate, given his level of strength, there is no way he would have the guts to fight our Absolute Academy.”

“Brother Tian’s words make sense.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple. If that were the case, Patriarch Golden Turtle would not have captured Junior Sister Xie and the others. He is clearly looking down on our Absolute Academy. Not to mention, some of our fellow brothers and sisters had gone missing here in East Dragon Island in the past. There is also a task for killing off Patriarch Golden Turtle on our academy’s Bounty Notice Board.

“Killing off Patriarch Golden Turtle? That’s too difficult. What we need to do right now is to escape.”

They discussed their situation. In the beginning, all of them were able to maintain a good state of mind. Soon, however, they realized that they could not break out. It was then that they realized that the infamous Dragon Entrapping Pond was very hard to break out from.

“Dragon Entrapping Pond. It is said that even a dragon would become trapped within it. Looks like there is indeed something special about this place. The way I see it, we shouldn’t waste our energy. Let’s just wait for Patriarch Golden Turtle to appear.” One of them suggested.


Next, however, his eyes widened. A young cultivator had suddenly appeared before them all.

“Chen Feng why did you come here?” Recognizing the young cultivator, Lan Ling, who was feeling shocked, moved over to stand before him.

“I came here after you, of course. I am relieved to see that you are doing fine,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Junior Sister Lan, this is?” one of the cultivators beside her asked quizzically.

“Right, let me do the introductions. This here is Chen Feng. He is from the Northern Plains. Chen Feng, these fellows are my senior brothers and sisters.” Lan Ling swiftly gave a brief introduction.

“Chen Feng? I know you,” a cultivator clad in blue clothes said with a smile.

“Oh, you know me?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“My name is Tian Ming. I have heard of you from Jian Qingwu before. It is said that Brother Chen is a great genius with a formidable cultivation base. Today, seeing is believing. Unexpectedly, Brother Chen has also reached the Human Immortal stage. Truly, congratulations!” Tian Ming cast a smile at Chen Feng. It was a very genial smile.

“Ha ha, Brother Tian, you overpraise me.” Chen Feng waved his hands at the comment.

“Enough, you two. Chen Feng, you should not have come here,” said Lan Ling, who frowned.

“Oh, why is that?” Chen Feng asked calmly.

Seeing the confused look on Chen Feng’s face, everyone there secretly felt disappointed. They began wondering if Chen Feng was as capable as the rumours say.

“Did you have an easy time coming in here?” Lan Ling asked.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Do you think that it would be easy to leave?”


“If it is that easy, why would we stay here?” Lan Ling said. She felt her head aching. She did not understand how Chen Feng could end up becoming such an idiot.

“Hmm, I understand now. Still, just because you fellows couldn’t break out, doesn’t mean I can’t,” Chen Feng said, nodding his head. There was a nonchalant tone in his voice.

“Such arrogance!”

A beautiful woman with large, almond-like eyes and rosy cheeks whispered, the corners of her lips curling to the side. The others cast questioning looks at Lan Ling, seemingly trying to ask her something.

As for Chen Feng, he simply chuckled and said nothing about that.

“Where is Senior Sister Xie and the others?” Chen Feng asked.

“Junior Sister Xie and the others have been captured. They are likely imprisoned somewhere on this island. However, after coming to here, we ended up getting trapped. So, we are unable to get a more detailed understanding of their situation,” Lan Ling said with a somewhat concerned tone.

“In other words, we should leave this place first.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Hey, do you still not understand our situation? We are trapped here in this Dragon Entrapping Pond. Not even a high-level Human Immortal would be able to break out from this place. Seriously, is there something wrong with your mind?” The beautiful female cultivator with almond eyes, Chen Xing’er, grew furious at Chen Feng.

“Is there something wrong with my mind? We’ll have to see about that?” Chen Feng simply brushed it off with a chuckle. He ignored the tone of dissatisfaction within her words. Instead, he utilized the Magic Eyes of Darkness to scan their surroundings.

“Eh, that’s the Magic Eyes of Darkness!” It was then that they grew surprised. Unexpectedly, this unassuming youngster had cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness. Additionally, it would appear that he had some experience with it. It was not something that he had only just recently cultivated.

“So, he has cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness. So what? It is not too helpful here.”

“Not necessarily. He might be able to find the flaws in the restrictive arrays here.”

“It’s probably not that easy.”

As they were discussing the issue, Chen Feng grasped and a lance appeared in his hand.

It was the Longevity Lance. However, the aura it exuded was that of the Heaven Piercing Lance. One strand. That was all. And yet, that one strand caused the surrounding space to shake.

Although Eternal World is also an ancient world, the stability of its space is still inferior compared to the Heavensday Battlefield. No wonder those at the Human Immortal stage would be able to establish a link to the Immortal Plane here.

“This is!” Lan Ling and the others grew astounded.

“Move back a little,” Chen Feng said coolly. Next, he thrust forward the Longevity Lance in his hand and ripples spread out in its wake.


A passageway appeared. At the end of the passageway, they saw the outside of the Dragon Entrapping Pond.


Everyone became dumbfounded and they simply stared in disbelief.

“What are you fellows spacing out for?” Chen Feng said with a frown.

“Oh!” Lan Ling and the others recollected themselves and they swiftly charged forward. They made their way through the passageway and left the Dragon Entrapping Pond.

“Phew! We managed to come out just like that? It feels like a dream.”

“Yes. I have heard that only Earthen Immortals can break out from the Dragon Entrapping Pond. However, the attack that Chen Feng unleashed earlier seems to contain the power of-”

“It’s the power of an Immortal artefact.”

Although they were students of Absolute Academy, pinnacle existences within Eternal World, not one of them possessed an Immortal artefact. Previously, some of them had tried utilizing Dao artefacts to bombard the restrictive arrays as well only to no avail.

At that very moment, the way all of them looked at Chen Feng had changed. It could be summed up with one realistic phrase. No matter where you go, the powerful would be respected. The casual manner in which Chen Feng had created the passageway earlier had earned him their respect.

“Looks like there will be no problems in saving Junior Sister Xie and the others.” Lan Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

“Ha ha ha! Thank you, Brother Chen.”

“Humph! Unexpectedly, you do have some skills. I was wrong about you just now,” Chen Xing’er said with a somewhat blushed face.


1 li = 0.5 km

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