Chapter 77: Dispute


“What do you fellows want to sell? Be it magic treasures, blades, medicine, pills, herbs or cultivation items, our Myriad Suns Trade Association can give you a reasonable price,” asked a white-haired man affably.

Earlier, Supervisor Liu had led Chen Feng and the others into a seemingly haphazard room. Inside the room was a smiling old man. The place was Myriad Suns Trade Association’s reserved place for buying items.

“This old man is not to be underestimated. I am unable to see his cultivation base. He must at least be at level 5 of the Concealed stage or higher.” Ye Ziming informed Chen Feng and Lu Ta through vocal transmission.

“Just a minor cultivator in the Sky Human stage.” Tower’s voice could suddenly be heard within Chen Feng’s mind.

“A Sky Human stage cultivator?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Can he discover your existence?” Chen Feng then secretly asked in a concerned tone.

“I may be terribly damaged right now, but I am not yet at the point where a minor Sky Human stage cultivator can discover me,” replied Tower.

“Phew, that is a relief,” Chen Feng replied.

“Still, best be careful. Some of the more powerful Sky Human stage cultivators might be able to discover me by utilizing some secret techniques. However, considering your current situation, making contact with people of those level should be unlikely,” said Tower.

“Elder, I have some things I want to sell.” After saying that, Chen Feng pulled out all of the spatial pouches he acquired. The current Chen Feng was capable of utilizing the Longevity Tower, which provided a much larger space. Naturally, he no longer considered the spatial pouches to be important. 


Items poured out from tens of spatial pouches to pile up on the floor.

So many of them are damaged.

All the people present, including Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, thought so. However, they said nothing.

With the exception of the Overwhelming Astral Sword and the three black arrows, Chen Feng had taken out all the other items.

“So many damaged Magic artefacts. Little brother, where did you pick all these from?” the white-haired old man was unable to stop himself from asking.

“He he, there are some that are intact,” answered Chen Feng with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“There are indeed some intact Magic artefacts. This flying sword is a grade 2 Magic artefact. You look to be a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator. This flying sword is suitable for you, why aren’t you keeping it?” asked the white-haired old man as he smiled at Chen Feng.

“He he, I already have a lifebound Magic artefact,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“Mm, flying swords, flags, silk net, ropes, Poison Needles of Five Extremes, seal, jade ruler. Although these items are not of a high grade, they are somewhat intact. As for the damaged ones, there are not much use for them. These ones especially have been terribly corroded,” said the old man as he pointed at the items. At the same time, though, he was feeling somewhat displeased. Were it not for the fact that these people owned a Sky-grade VIP card, someone with his status would never have to entertain young cultivators like them.


The old man’s eyes suddenly lit up and he reached out to pick up a bloodstained spear. More accurately, it was a broken spear. It was only three chi in length and most of its surface was stained with blood. Some rust could also be seen on its surface. One glance was all it took to deduce that it was quite old (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“This is a Prized artefact!” exclaimed the old man.

“A Prized artefact?” Even Ye Ziming was surprised. He was unable to stop himself from looking at the broken spear.

“Pity, it is damaged. However, it contains the will of a powerful expert. It can be tagged with the selling price of a grade 7 Magic artefact,” said the old man.

“The grades of some of these swords are quite good as well. They will be of value. There are even two pieces of Imperial Blood Grass! These are good items. Where did you get them?” said the old man with a shocked expression as he picked up the Imperial Blood Grass. 

“He he, that is a secret,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“True, this kind of secret cannot be casually divulged. I was asking too much. There are some Water Prevention Pearls and Night Clarity Pearls as well. He he, I really do not understand how you could have such a strange assortment of items with you.” The old man could not stop himself from smiling.

“Well, then. All of them for 100,000 Basic Yang Pills, is that all right? This price is very reasonable,” said the old man after a moment’s consideration.

“100,000 Basic Yang Pills!” Chen Feng was overjoyed. He did not expect those damaged items to be worth this much.

“No problem.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

Next, the old man waved his hand and a spatial pouch appeared in Chen Feng’s hand. Glancing over it using his divine sense, Chen Feng found that there was a small hill’s worth of Basic Yang Pills inside it, 100,000 Basic Yang Pills.

“Elder, I have one more item. May I ask you to help me identify it?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Oh? What is it? Let me take a look.” The old man grew curious.

Chen Feng retrieved out one of the black arrows. The moment he saw the black arrow, the old man’s eyes flashed. With a hooking motion from his finger, he caused the black arrow to fly into his palm. 

“Sure enough, it is the Breaker Demon Arrow,” said the old man abruptly after inspecting it. He jerked his head up and his pair of eyes stared at Chen Feng. Instantly, Chen Feng felt a mountain-like pressure descending upon him.

“Humph!” Ye Ziming released a dissatisfied grunt.

Hearing the harrumph, the old man was shocked. He quickly retracted his aura and the smile re-appeared on his face.

“He he he, this old cultivator was being rude,” said the old man warmly.

“No worries. Does elder know what Magic artefact this is?” Chen Feng simply felt his body becoming relaxed. 

“This is the Breaker Demon Arrow, capable of breaking barriers and shocking the soul. The process of making it is very complicated. Although this Breaker Demon Arrow is just a grade 7 Magic artefact, when combined with a Prized-tier bow, it can even kill a Sky Human stage cultivator,” the old man slowly said.

“So powerful!” Lu Ta, who was standing right beside Chen Feng, exclaimed.

“If you know the process involved in the making of this Breaker Demon Arrow, you won’t say that. Little brother, can you sell this Breaker Demon Arrow to me? I will pay you 20,000 Basic Yang Pills,” asked the old man as he looked right at Chen Feng.

“20,000 Basic Yang Pills!” Chen Feng was shocked as well. He did not expect the black arrow to be so valuable.

“Forget it, I think I will keep it,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration. Since the other party was willing to put such a price on it, it meant that the item was valuable. Not to mention, the three Breaker Demon Arrows were indeed quite extraordinary. If not for them, he would not have been able to escape from the bottom of the pool. He also would not be able to loot everything within the Greenjade-eyed Gold Toad’s lair.   

“He he, since little brother is unwilling, I will not force you.” The old man did not say anything else. He simply returned the Breaker Demon Arrow to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was very satisfied. Since he already possessed the Longevity Tower, the other items had practically become trash. If it were not for the fact that his present level of strength was insufficient and that Longevity Tower was terribly damaged, Chen Feng might even sell off the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Brother Ye, these are to repay you.” Chen Feng pulled out 1,000 Basic Yang Pills to give back to Ye Ziming.

“He he, you should keep it first. Later on, you will understand that 100,000 Basic Yang Pills are simply insufficient.” Ye Ziming rejected him.

Seeing Ye Ziming’s insistence, Chen Feng did not force it. Next, the three of them came to the third floor of the Myriad Suns Trade Association. Some information regarding their Eternal World could be found there for sale.

“The Eternal World, Introduction to Cultivation, Sects Summary, Expert Rankings, Latest News, Types of Magic Treasures, Introduction to Medicinal Herbs, Pills. There are so many books here.” 

Seeing the thick books on the shelves, Chen Feng could not stop himself from exclaiming.

“This is considered little. The library of some immortal dao sects contain over a hundred million books. Their library alone is comparable to a city,” explained Ye Ziming with a smile.

Next, Chen Feng check the prices. His heart rate shot up.

“This ‘Eternal World’ book costs 10,000 Basic Yang Pills! ‘Sects Summary’ cost a whopping 30,000 Basic Yang Pills! Even the other books, none of them is priced below 10,000 Basic Yang Pills. Isn’t this too outrageous?” Chen Feng finally understood why Ye Ziming said the 100,000 Basic Yang Pills on him was not enough.

“The books here are so expensive?” Lu Ta was unable to stop himself from blurting out.

“These books are made using the hide of yao beasts. Flying swords cannot pierce through them and they will not go to ruin even after 1,000 years,” said the salesman behind the counter. 

“Humph, these country bumpkins again? If you cannot afford anything, don’t come here and embarrass yourselves.”

A sarcastic voice suddenly rang out.

Chen Feng’s group turned to find the source of the voice. Their faces quickly sank. The owner of the voice was none other than the young and arrogant cultivator they met outside the city, the son of Purplecloud Sky Grotto’s Sect Master, who had recently joined Nine Firmaments Palace.

Escorted by two old men, his head was raised up high to reveal a look of arrogance. It seemed as though there was none in the world deserving of his gaze.

“It turns out to be Young Master Liu! I hear that Young Master Liu has joined Nine Firmaments Palace and was even accepted as an inner disciple by one of its elders. Is that true?” A supervisor from Myriad Suns Trade Association stepped forward to receive him with a load of flattery.

“Humph! Who doesn’t know that? Is there a need for me to say it out?” Young Master Liu replied disdainfully.

“That is true. Young Master Liu, what do you want to buy?” The supervisor maintained the smile on his face.

“I am just looking around. Also, your Myriad Suns Trade Association needs to change your rules. Peasants should not be allowed in. Wouldn’t that ruin this noble place?” said Young Master Liu as he gave Chen Feng’s group a glance.

“He he, about that, I will bring this up to the management,” said the supervisor with a wry smile.

“Bitch, I really want to slap him,” Lu Ta was unable to stop himself from whispering out those words.

“What? You’re courting death!” Young Master Liu heard those words and he immediately turned his gaze upon them. At the same time, the two old men beside him unleashed a powerful aura, one which seemingly inundated the whole world, towards Chen Feng’s group.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Chen Feng’s group of three hastily retreated again and again. The opposing party’s aura was like a mountain. The three of them could not even counter the aura coming out from the opposing party. 

“Those two are at least level 6 Concealed stage cultivators. Maybe even higher,” said Ye Ziming through vocal transmission.

“Kill the three of them,” said Young Master Liu, his killing intent flaring.

Hearing those words, one of the old men took a step forward and was about to attack.

“Young Master Liu, please hold. Our Myriad Suns Trade Association has rules. No cultivator may attack anyone within our trade association.” A middle-aged cultivator suddenly appeared before them all.

“So, it is Manager Sun.” Seeing the new arrival, the arrogance of Young Master Liu’s face immediately faded. It was obvious he had some scruples about dealing with this person.

“Surely, Young Master Liu knows the rules of our Myriad Suns Trade Association,” said Manager Sun with an impassive face.

“He he, of course. Since Manager Sun has stepped forward, we will not attack,” said Young Master Liu with a smile.

“The three of you should be careful. I don’t believe you can keep hiding inside here. As long as you fellows exit this place, he he he.” Young Master Liu sneered at Chen Feng’s group before leading his men away.

After resolving the situation, Manager Sun did not say anything. With a flash, he disappeared into thin air.

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