Chapter 769 East Dragon Island


The Divine Phantom Mink was a peak-level Yao King, after all. Furthermore, he had managed to make some inroads with his cultivation efforts inside the Longevity Tower recently. Back then, he was already capable of assailing the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage. After refining and absorbing the essence, energy and soul of Ascendant Immortals, the Divine Phantom Mink could feel his chances of rising up to the Yao Immortal stage rising by several notches. Even so, as there was the suppressive effect from the Longevity Tower, the Divine Phantom Mink decided to continue cultivating himself for a while. He wanted to only undergo his tribulation once he was confident in his ability to succeed. 

Next up, the Divine Phantom Mink entered the Longevity Tower. Unfortunately, the Hell Dog and the others were also in the same situation. Seeing that, Chen Feng shook his head. It would appear that he would have to go alone. Still, he had managed to stir up a storm in the past with just the cultivation base of the Sky Human stage. Now that he had risen up to the Human Immortal stage, his strength had improved greatly. Due to that, Chen Feng felt himself becoming bold.

Heh! If I return to the Northern Plains right now, I will surely have an interesting time. The cultivators of Nine Firmaments Palace will surely be surprised, no?

Sigh! I wonder how master and the others are doing? If they find out that I have managed to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage, they will surely feel happy.

Additionally, it is time I find out about my background. However, before that, there is one thing I need to do.

East Dragon Island and Patriarch Golden Turtle. I should be able to make it in time.

After reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng did not falter and he brought out a map. He quickly found the location of East Dragon Island before swiftly rushing over.

East Dragon Island was an island located 2.5 million kilometres away from the Absolute Mountain Range. The island was very big, comparable to an empire in size. The island and its surroundings were rich in resources. Due to that, cultivators would generally go to the island for an adventure. Naturally, there were also some risks involved. 

The one occupying East Dragon Island was a golden turtle who had lived for many years. He had come across a series of serendipity along the way, allowing him to cultivate up to the high-level Human Immortal stage. He was someone with quite the renown in the Central Plains. Even the high-level cultivators from great sects would not want to offend him.

Xie Hongyan, Luo Pianpian and the other cultivators from Absolute Academy had gone to East Dragon Island for the sake of some special spiritual herbs. After arriving, they ended up getting besieged by Patriarch Golden Turtle’s subordinates. In the end, only Jian Qingling and Jian Qingwu managed to escape while Xie Hongyan and the others were captured and locked up somewhere within East Dragon Island.

Patriarch Golden Turtle simply did not care about their identities as students of Absolute Academy. He had been cultivating for far too long. The amount of power he had accumulated was not something that other cultivators on the same level could hope to compete against. One more step was all it would take for him to advance to the Earthen Immortal stage. Upon successfully advancing, he would become a pinnacle existence within Eternal World. He could even venture into outer space for an adventure.

And while the Four Great Holylands possessed Earthen Immortals as well, Patriarch Golden Turtle, who possessed some means to protect himself, did not feel too concerned about it.

He did not even bother pondering the issue of his subordinates capturing the students of Absolute Academy.

However, it did not take long before Lan Ling led some other cultivators from Absolute Academy to rescue the captured students. Due to that, another battle erupted. As Lan Ling’s group came prepared, they were able to repeatedly inflict casualties upon the native cultivators of East Dragon Island. In the end, however, their actions ended up provoking Patriarch Golden Turtle. Thus, Patriarch Golden Turtle decided to take action. Although he did not personally capture them, he did entrap them inside East Dragon Island. Once they have exhausted their strength, they would have no choice but to submit to him.

Just as they were on the verge of breaking down, Chen Feng arrived.

“This is East Dragon Island. Its terrain is unique and the environment beautiful. Most importantly, there is a high concentration of spiritual energy here. This is also why there are so many resources around here. It can truly be considered a paradise. It is only natural that a high-level Human Immortal would occupy this place. It is said that the owner of this place, the old, golden turtle, has lived for 100,000 years. I wonder if that is true.” Chen Feng observed the mist-covered island and mumbled.

“Ha ha ha! Fellow friend, this must be your first time here. No one knows if Patriarch Golden Turtle is 100,000 years old. However, he does possess 100,000 years’ worth of cultivation.” Two cultivators laughed as they moved to stand beside Chen Feng.

Giving them a glance, Chen Feng was able to determine that these two cultivators were also here for an adventure.

Both of them were starter-level Human Immortals. One of them had only just overcome his tribulation not too long ago. In that regards, he was similar to Chen Feng. That was also why they had come over to strike a conversation with Chen Feng.

“The two of you are also here for an adventure?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Yes, we are here for some spiritual herbs. However, they grow on East Dragon Island. Although we are already very close to the island, getting on the island is no easy feat. That is why, we want to invite you to join us. Let’s join forces and get on the island together.” One of the two cultivators, clad in white combat armour, invited Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha, not a problem! My name is Chen Feng. How should I address the two of you?” Chen Feng did not refuse. At any rate, he was new to this place and had yet to familiarize himself with it. Finding some other cultivators to gain information about the place was not a bad idea.

“Mo Wen.”

“Liu Jia.”

After exchanging names, they set off. As there were formidable restrictive arrays around East Dragon Island, entering the island through flight was not possible. They had to utilize other methods to enter and that was through the surrounding sea waters.

Mo Wen and Liu Jian came prepared. One of them waved his hand and a 10-metre-long wooden boat appeared on the water surface. After all three had boarded the boat, it became like a speeding arrow, charging forward to break the sea waves. 

“I wonder, which sect is Brother Chen from?” Mo Wen suddenly asked with a chuckle, seemingly with no other intentions.

“Heavenly Sword Faction,” Chen Feng replied with a faint chuckle as well.

“So, you are from Heavenly Sword Faction! Forgive my manners!” The two of them abruptly jerked to attention and a slight change could be seen in their attitudes.

Heavenly Sword Faction possessed quite the influence within the world of cultivation, after all.

After finding out that Chen Feng was from Heavenly Sword Faction, the two of them stopped speaking in a casual manner. Even the tone of their voice had changed.

In the beginning, the surface of the waters was calm. Soon, however, waves began assailing the boat. Although the waves did not appear too large, each of them swept forth with a force of several million jin. If it weren’t for Mo Wen and Liu Jia, who took action against the waves, the boat would have been battered to pieces.

Next, up the waters grew even more turbulent and one water pillar after another shot up into the sky. Like water dragons, they then charged towards Chen Feng and the others. At the same time, undercurrents surged beneath and a maelstrom appeared. It seemed as though it would not rest until these three cultivators had been torn to shreds.

“Is this due to the restrictive arrays?” Chen Feng asked quizzically.

“Naturally. Most of the restrictive arrays around East Dragon Island are naturally-forming arrays. They contain extraordinary power. They also serve as a great barrier for East Dragon Island.”

Chen Feng nodded. Next, he abruptly stretched his hand out and grasped. Water droplets splashed about as every one of the water pillars exploded. Then, Chen Feng pressed down with his hand and the turbulent water surface slowly turned calm.

This move from Chen Feng was not as simple as a display of force. Instead, he had utilized the immortal dao laws that he had recently comprehended for it. He could feel the monumental force behind it. Additionally, it felt as though he could easily accomplish whatever he desired, instantly stabilizing the turbulent sea waters.

This was something beyond force. Instead, it was pure magic power.

Seeing this move from Chen Feng, Mo Wen and Liu Jia felt secretly surprised. Didn’t Chen Feng say he was from Heavenly Sword Faction? However, they did not feel the aura of a pure sword cultivator from him.

“Did he lie to us?”

“What benefits could he gain from doing that?”

After Chen Feng suppressed the waters with the immortal dao laws, the boat sped up and it did not take long before it covered one third of the distance between them and the island.

“It is probably not going to stay this peaceful for long, no?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

“Probably not.” Mo Wen and Liu Jia felt puzzled as well. Entering East Dragon Island was unlikely to be this easy.


As the three of them were chatting, a volcanic power sprayed out from beneath them to batter the boat that they were on to pieces. Although the three of them were unable to fly here, they were able to swiftly run across the surface of the waters. Thus, they were able to quickly move away. Only, their figures wobbled due to the turbulence of the waters.

A massive, strange-looking water monster emerged from the water surface. Its head alone was as big as a hill. There were no facial features on the head, only three circular holes.

“Do you two know what kind of water monster this is?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“We don’t. It must be a water monster that East Dragon Island is specifically raising.”

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Like arrows, three water pillars shot out from the three holes to attack Chen Feng and the others.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three of them blocked the incoming water pillars. After that, however, the three of them ended up laughing. The power behind the attacks that this massive water monster sent out was disproportionate to its size.

“Let me try to take it on. You two, help keep an eye on our surroundings!” Mo Wen decided to take it on alone. He brought out a flaming spear and rushed forward to unleash a furious attack against the water monster.

After a few exchanges, the water monster cried out wretchedly before slipping back into the waters, disappearing from sight. Seeing that, the three of them were incapable of suppressing their laughter.

Next, they rode the fragments of the boat to float forward. Despite their inability to fly, they were still capable of giving off the atmosphere of beings that were beyond the mundane.

However, as they were about to approach East Dragon Island, they encountered another obstruction. Humanoid water monsters wielding an assortment of weapons emerged from the waters to block their path.

Thus, another fight broke out.

Given their level of strength, defeating the water monsters was not an issue. However, it would require some time. As Chen Feng was here on a rescue mission, it did not take long before he lost his patience. Thus, he decided to utilize the Lightning Bead. With the Lightning Bead, he was able to tear all the water monsters in their path like stepping on withered twigs.

“The power of a Dao artefact!” Mo Wen and Liu Jia were astonished and they cast a somewhat entangled look at Chen Feng.

“As expected of someone from Heavenly Sword Faction. He is not someone that lesser cultivators like us can compare against.”

Noticing that, Chen Feng felt somewhat frustrated. Back in the Heavensday Battlefield, everyone would possess a Dao artefact. In the Ancient Heavensday City, a Dao artefact was the most commonly used magic treasure. Rather, even Immortal artefacts would occasionally put up an appearance. Unexpectedly, after coming out from the city, he would no longer have the freedom to use Dao artefacts as he pleased. It might invite some troubles for him.

Utilizing the Dao artefact, Chen Feng then pummelled down the barrier before them and the three of them were able to easily make their way into East Dragon Island. The instant they stepped foot on the island, the three of them felt the spiritual energy around them growing stronger. The freshness of the air was so high that the three of them could not stop themselves from feeling shocked.

“Cultivating here is even better compared to linking up with the Immortal Plane to absorb immortal energy!”

“Be careful. We’ll leave once we find what we’re looking for. If we end up alarming Patriarch Golden Turtle, none of us will be able to leave.”


1 li = 0.5 km

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