Chapter 768 Jue Wushen


Hopefully, we can stop the others, Lan Ling thought.

“Ha ha ha! Junior Sister Lan, what are you doing here?” Suddenly a loud laughter rang out from afar. Raising her head, Lan Ling saw a black light streaking forward from the distance. Upon seeing that, her face took on a grim expression.

He came. This will be bad. A foreboding sensation rose up from within Lan Ling’s heart.

A young-looking cultivator in black clothes appeared before Lan Ling. He sported a face that was so handsome, it bordered on being an aberration. There was a very bright smile on his face. However, there was a hint of wickedness in the way he looked at Lan Ling.

“Senior Brother Jue.” Lan Ling stepped forward and saluted in a respectful manner.

“No need to stand on ceremony, Junior Sister Lan. This is me, after all.” Senior Brother Jue laughed and his eyes revealed a fiery look as he looked at Lan Ling intently.

Seeing his actions, Lan Ling frowned. However, she said nothing. This fellow’s name was Jue Wushen, a mid-level Human Immortal. He was someone with quite the influence in Absolute Academy. However, he was also a very wicked fellow. Countless young female cultivators had ended in ruin under his hands. When Lan Ling rose to the Human Immortal stage, Jue Wushen had turned his attention towards her. Only, Lan Ling had not given him the chance to do anything. Additionally, Lan Ling herself possessed quite the influence and backing within Absolute Academy. Due to that, Jue Wushen dared not go overboard, at least not openly.

“Who is this?” Jue Wushen then turned his gaze towards Chen Feng and killing intent glinted across his eyes.

“He is a student of our academy,” Lan Ling said coolly.

“Oh, is he? Why have I never seen him before?” After saying that, Jue Wushen stepped forward, moving towards Chen Feng.


Lan Ling stepped forward as well to stop Jue Wushen. “Senior Brother Jue, Junior Brother Chen is currently studying the immortal dao laws. He must not be disturbed.”

“Junior Brother Chen? I don’t know any Junior Brother Chen.” Jue Wushen waved his hand and an energy current was condensed out from thin air before charging towards Chen Feng.

“You!” Lan Ling’s face sank and she attempted to go stop the energy current. However, Jue Wushen attacked again to stop Lan Ling.


Lan Ling gritted her teeth and lightning powers charged out from her body as her will to fight surged skywards. Next, she fired out a lightning attack at Jue Wushen.

Jue Wushen stretched his hand out to grab and crush the lightning attack. At the same time, he smiled and said, “Junior Sister Lan, why so angry? If you want to get some pointers from me, we have all the time in the world.”

There were more than just lightning within Lan Ling’s eyes. There were also the sparks of rage. Her inability to defeat Jue Wushen was not important. However, Chen Feng cannot be disturbed. And yet, she had failed to stop the earlier attack from Jue Wushen. Due to that, Lan Ling was infuriated. Given the circumstances, she would have to start a fight with Jue Wushen and have him know that she was not to be trifled with.

As Lan Ling was attacking, she turned to give Chen Feng a brief glance. In her opinion, that attack from Jue Wushen must have disrupted his cultivation session. However, when she saw Chen Feng, she became shocked. Chen Feng was still seated cross-legged on the ground. He had not moved at all. As for the attack from Jue Wushen, it had disappeared into thin air.


Lan Ling was not the only one who was shocked. Jue Wushen was also secretly shocked at what happened. While others may not be aware of it, Jue Wushen himself knew just how powerful the attack he fired out was. Despite its unassuming appearance, the power contained within the attack was something that a starter-level Human Immortal must take seriously.

“Heh, looks like I underestimated him.” Jue Wushen scoffed. As he was about to fire out another attack at Chen Feng, however, Lan Ling rushed forward to entangle him. Due to that, he was temporarily incapable of attacking Chen Feng.

“Little Seven, attack!” Jue Wushen barked and space twisted. Next, a black silhouette emerged from space. After wriggling for a bit, it quickly took the shape of a short, black-clad cultivator. After emerging, the black-clad cultivator did not falter. Wielding a sword, the black-clad cultivator then thrust the sword towards Chen Feng.

“Despicable!” Lan Ling shouted furiously. Jue Wushen was someone with quite the background. The short, black-clad cultivator who had emerged from void space was his bodyguard. He would normally hide himself near Jue Wushen. This person had helped Jue Wushen killed countless opponents in the past.

Furthermore, this black-clad cultivator was also a Human Immortal. How could Chen Feng stop him?

As Lan Ling was feeling worried, something happened on Chen Feng’s end. In the face of the assassination attempt by the black-clad cultivator, Chen Feng remained immobile. However, a large, black silhouette suddenly appeared before Chen Feng.

The black silhouette flashed by and the black-clad cultivator disappeared.


Lan Ling and Jue Wushen were startled and they both backed away simultaneously. After stopping the fight, they were able to get a better view of the large, black silhouette standing before Chen Feng. It was a yao beast.

The appearance of a mink, sharp claws, a long and fluffy tail, triangular ears and a pair of somewhat captivating eyes.

As Lan Ling and Jue Wushen were attempting to get a better look to identify what type of yao beast that was, it transformed to its human form. A youngster in black clothes and an aloof expression appeared before them.

What kind of yao beast is he? That earlier looks like the Divine Phantom Mink. Additionally, he should be at the peak-level Yao King (Human) stage. He could instantly kill off Jue Wushen’s bodyguard. Interesting. If only I had known that Chen Feng has this card up his sleeve, I would not have felt so worried. Lan Ling breathed a sigh of relief. She stopped facing off against Jue Wushen and instead walked to stand before the Divine Phantom Mink before giving him a respectful salute.

“Greetings, senior.”

“Hmm, no need for formalities,” the Divine Phantom Mink said coolly.

The Divine Phantom Mink was a peak-level Yao King. However, if it weren’t for Tower’s actions of utilizing a secret technique to suppress his aura, his emergence would have triggered a tribulation. Of course, now that the Divine Phantom Mink had appeared, there was no longer any need for Chen Feng to worry.

“So, it’s a peak-level Yao King. The kid truly does have a background. Ha ha ha! Thankfully, I did not attack earlier, otherwise I would have died.”

“That’s right. For him to possess such a high-level bodyguard, he is definitely an extraordinary character.”

“We’ve got a good show going. That Jue Wushen has always been an insufferable prick. This time, however, he ended up kicking the iron plate.

The Divine Phantom Mink decided to kill off Jue Wushen. For the Divine Phantom Mink, killing off Jue Wushen was nothing difficult.

Instantly, the Divine Phantom Mink transformed into a black stream of light to attack Jue Wushen.


Just by making contact, Jue Wushen’s body was smashed to pieces. However, a clump of spiritual light rapidly broke space to disappear from sight.

The Divine Phantom Mink shook his head, but he did not give chase. He had been too careless earlier, thereby allowing Jue Wushen’s soul to escape.

That said, Jue Wushen’s body had been destroyed. In order to survive, he would have to snatch the fleshly body of another cultivator. Additionally, recovering his strength was not something that Jue Wushen could accomplish any time soon. Thus, there was no longer any need to be fearful towards him.

The Divine Phantom Mink had launched an attack without so much as a warning, smashing Jue Wushen’s body effortlessly. Seeing that, Lan Ling grew shocked.

Lan Ling then turned to look at Chen Feng, who remained motionless as he continued to cultivate himself. The curiosity she felt towards Chen Feng rose up like a straight line.

Sou! Sou!

Not long after that, two female cultivators arrived. One was dressed in white clothes while the other was in red clothes. Landing before Lan Ling, they called out. “Big Sister!”

The two female cultivators were incredibly beautiful. Moreover, they looked identical. They were twins. The one in red clothes sported a tall and slender figure, bright eyes and a lovable but fiery temperament. As for the one in white clothes, she exuded calmness and elegance. She gave off a peaceful temperament.

“Why did you two come here?” Lan Ling asked curiously.

The two female cultivators were none other than Jian Qingling and Jian Qingwu. They were disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction, but also the students of Absolute Academy. At that very moment, however, they had also risen up to the Human Immortal stage, on the same level as Lan Ling.

“Something has happened. Senior Sister Xie and the others are in trouble,” Jian Qingwu hastily said.

“What happened to Hongyan and the others?” Shocked, Lan Ling then asked.

“We accepted a task to collect some spiritual herbs from East Dragon Island. Unexpectedly, we ran into Patriarch Golden Turtle. Senior Sister Xie and the others are still trapped inside East Dragon Island. We sisters are the only ones who managed to escape,” Jian Qingwu quickly continued, an anxious look on her face. 

“What were you fellows thinking? Patriarch Golden Turtle of East Dragon Island is already a high-level Yao King. You fellows aside, not even I could fight him.” Lan Ling grew apprehensive as well. 

“But, but, if we don’t go, danger will definitely befall Senior Sister Xie and the others. Big Sister, don’t you have a good relationship with some of the other senior sisters from the academy? Can’t you go ask them for assistance?” Jian Qingling asked.

“Now that it has come to this, this is the only thing we can do.” Lan Ling nodded. She was unable to come up with a better solution.

“Then, let’s go! Eh, who is this?” Only then did the two sisters noticed Chen Feng.

“Isn’t this Chen Feng? How did he appear here? No, wait. Didn’t he enter the Heavensday Battlefield? Why did he suddenly appear here?”

“Also, who is this? His body is emitting such a formidable yao energy!”

“He’s a Yao King!”

“Big Sister, what is going on here? What is Chen Feng doing here? Also, it looks like he has already reached the Human Immortal stage. Isn’t this a little too fast?”

“This is good. We can ask Chen Feng to come along. We’ll be able to field an even greater force!”

The two sisters spoke quickly and Lan Ling found herself at a loss for words.

“I do not know the answers to your questions myself. I have only just arrived here not too long ago to find that Chen Feng had only just finished his tribulation. This is his bodyguard. As for the rest, I do not know,” Lan Ling said, giving them a brief answer.

“Forget it, then. If that’s the case, we should not interrupt him. Let’s hurry up and go. There is not much time left.”

Lan Ling nodded. Finally, she saluted the Divine Phantom Mink before leaving together with the two sisters.

It took another three days after their departure for Chen Feng to conclude his cultivation session. When he opened his eyes, light flashed and the clothes on him fluttered despite the absence of wind. The aura that his body was exuding was different from before. The present Chen Feng was already emanating immortal dao energy.

I feel like I am over 10 times stronger than before. Most importantly, I can now directly link up to the Immortal Plane. Due to that, my rate of cultivation has risen several times. My strength would rise with every passing moment. Chen Feng carefully assessed his body.

With his rise to the Human Immortal stage, Chen Feng’s body had undergone a complete transformation. Additionally, there were two major changes. The first was his ability to link up to the Immortal Plane. He would be able to continuously extract immortal energy from the Immortal Plane for his everyday cultivation efforts. The second was his opening of the Longevity acupoint. All of his Longevity weapons had entered the Longevity acupoint. Due to the nourishment from both the Longevity acupoint and powers absorbed from the Heavenly Tribulation, all of the Longevity weapons had levelled up to become grade 1 Sacred artefacts. Additionally, there were other more profound aspects of the Longevity acupoint that Chen Feng had yet to discover.

“Senior Phantom, it’s been hard on you,” Chen Feng said.

“If you had kept on going with your cultivation, I would no longer be able to suppress my aura.” The Divine Phantom Mink breathed a sigh of relief. Failure to suppress his aura meant having to undergo his tribulation. However, he was not yet fully prepared for it.

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