Chapter 767 Longevity Acupoint


Good, it’s effective! Chen Feng grew more determined and the suction force coming out from the insight acupoints grew even stronger. As the strands of fire flowed into the various insight acupoints, the magic treasures safeguarding the insight acupoints began shaking. Firstly, they were helping refine the Yin Fire. Secondly, they were also making use of the Yin Fire to temper themselves.

Time ticked by and the cultivators who were secretly watching finally grew somewhat impatient. They could see that the massive fireball was still burning while the tribulation clouds up in the sky had yet to disperse. This meant that Chen Feng was still alive. He was still undergoing tribulation.

“How is this possible? Just who is this fellow? How can he remain alive in the face of the burning Yin Fire of Annihilation?”

“It’s probably the work of some magic treasure.”

“No matter what it may be, this fellow will surely die in the end.”

After absorbing the Yin Fire of Annihilation, the magic treasures safeguarding the insight acupoints began levelling up. At the same time, the insight acupoints themselves expanded in size. Finally, all of the Yin Fire inside Chen Feng’s body was devoured and his damaged fleshly body began to slowly heal up.

Next up, Chen Feng would have to face the Yin Fire ravaging him from the outside. The Yin Fire outside came from the world and the universe itself. Thus, there were more of them. Additionally, they were also more powerful. The amount involved was so high that not even the magic treasures within his body would be able to devour them all. At the very least, it was not possible to do so within a short amount of time.

Chen Feng took a deep breath and focused instead on comprehending the Longevity Scripture.

“This brat.” Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, Tower chuckled.

As long as I can open up the Longevity acupoint, I should be able to deal with this. The Longevity acupoint is something that only those from the Longevity Clan would possess. Since I am a member of the Longevity Clan who is already on the cusp of rising up to the Human Immortal stage, I should be able to open it up. Only, finding it will be somewhat tricky, Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng’s skin was about to completely turn charred, Chen Feng finally found the location of the Longevity acupoint. It was within a void space within his body.

Finally found it. Open! With lightning-like speed, Chen Feng’s divine sense transformed into a sharp drill and it furiously pierced the Longevity acupoint.


It was as though a mysterious world was opening up. An ancient and profound power surged out from within, causing Chen Feng’s soul to shake. Upon opening it, Chen Feng was visited by a feeling that this Longevity acupoint that he had just opened up was far greater than every other insight acupoints within his body. Rather, not even all the insight acupoints combined was a match for the Longevity acupoint.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The instant a small gap appeared upon the Longevity acupoint, all of the Longevity weapons drifting within Chen Feng’s body shone with light and they all flew into the Longevity acupoint.

With a thought, Chen Feng was able to inspect it all. The space within this newly-opened Longevity acupoint was far greater than that of the other insight acupoints.

Strands of the Yin Fire began entering Chen Feng’s body before converging into streams, which then flowed into the Longevity acupoint. In just several breaths’ worth of time, the fire ball engulfing Chen Feng had disappeared, leaving Chen Feng’s charred and withered body standing there.

Essence power began flowing out and Chen Feng’s fleshly body began restoring itself. However, this process would take some time.


Worldly powers surged and the immortal dao laws descended. A profound and faintly-discernible immortal aura began emerging from Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng had successfully risen up to the Human Immortal stage.

An aura vaulted skywards while spreading into its surroundings, causing the lands to quake and space to shake. Sensing this aura, the cultivators who were far away became secretly shocked.

“He could even survive the Yin Fire of Annihilation. This fellow is truly a defiance of Heaven.”

“This aura is simply unlike one who had only just reached the Human Immortal stage. Not even a mid-level Human Immortal would be a match for him.”

“We cannot wait any longer! If we do not attack now, there will be no other chances.”

“Forget it. He is too powerful. He must surely have some backing. We cannot afford to provoke someone like this.”

“Humph, this is my place! He brought about such a commotion and destroyed the mountains here. If I do not take action, I will become a laughing stock!”

“Brothers, let’s attack together! We’ll split whatever spoils we get from him!”

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three cultivators charged towards Chen Feng simultaneously. All three were half-step Human Immortals. They were quite the renowned characters within the surrounding areas. Seeing them take action, the rest of the cultivators said nothing. Rather, they were interested to watch Chen Feng’s performance.

Although Chen Feng had already risen up to the Human Immortal stage after successfully overcoming his tribulation, the tribulation had inflicted grievous injuries upon him. His strength had yet to recover. Under such circumstances, it was normal for Sky Human stage cultivators to rush forward in an attempt to get themselves a bargain. 

In the face of the three half-step Human Immortals, Chen Feng did not even bother opening his eyes. Instead, he simply flicked his fingers. Immediately, the three cultivators fell to the ground, screaming as wisps of flames emerged from their bodies. In just one breath’s worth of time, the three cultivators had been turned to ash. Wind blew and the ashes were dispersed into the sky.

“That’s the Yin Fire of Annihilation!” The cultivators who were secretly observing Chen Feng were shocked. They had not expected the three half-step Human Immortals to be killed off so easily. This had shocked them somewhat.

“What should we do? He is actually so powerful. Although he is currently occupied with comprehending the immortal dao laws, his cultivation base will stabilize with time. Then, we will have no chance to get anything.”

“Attack together!”


Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several more cultivators charged forward. They were all Sky Human stage cultivators. Alone, these cultivators would not have the courage to rush forward. However, that was not the case. With so many cultivators attacking all at once, surely they will be able to get a win, right?

“Humph, death-seeking buffoons!”

Not a single one of the spectating Human Immortals took action. As their cultivation bases were far superior compared to the Sky Human stage cultivators, they were able to better gauge the situation.

“It seems not even the attack from a Human Immortal would cut it. There is a need to contact others.”

“Forget it. This fellow must possess a formidable backer. Better to just watch the show. Cultivating up to this level hadn’t been easy. I don’t want to get myself killed in a stupid manner.”

“This is Absolute Academy’s territory. Some experts will surely put up an appearance. Let’s watch first.”

“This looks strange. I will not be taking action for now.”

Meanwhile, the several attacking cultivators were already upon Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng’s eyes remained closed and his figure remained immobile. Seeing that, the attackers felt pleasantly surprised.


“Ha ha ha! Just die!”

All of them attacked at the same time. However, a sphere of bloody light abruptly flared out from Chen Feng’s body to envelop them all, attacks included.

In the end, all the attacks disappeared. As for the attackers, all of them were turned into human skin.


Even the Human Immortals who were lurking around took in a sharp breath of air. At the same time, their eyes took on a fiery look. That earlier was most certainly the aura of a Dao artefact.

“So, he possesses a Dao artefact to protect himself. No wonder he would so brazenly and confidently undergo his tribulation here.”

“A Dao artefact. A Dao artefact! It’s mine!”

“Ha ha ha, how lucky! I didn’t think I’d encounter a Dao artefact today. Looks like I have to attack.”

One of the Human Immortals was incapable of holding back. Wielding a sword, he stepped through space and charged towards Chen Feng. While he was still in mid-air, he sent a thick astral sword towards Chen Feng.

Scarlet in colour, the astral sword was highly condensed and sharp. Even a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain would be blasted to smithereens by the astral sword. On Chen Feng’s side, he was presently studying the immortal dao laws. If he were to take action to stop the incoming attack, it would end up disrupting his focus.

This was a cultivator’s most critical moment after successfully overcoming a tribulation. Helpless, Chen Feng was about to send out one of yaos inside the Longevity Tower when a blue light suddenly descended from the sky to appear before Chen Feng. It was a young female cultivator in blue clothes.

This female cultivator possessed an average face and figure. However, the atmosphere around her and the lightning radiance contained within her eyes caused the attacker to falter.

The female cultivator reached out with her hand and casually grasped. Next, the astral sword was crushed to pieces before dissipating away. Then, she turned to calmly regard Chen Feng and an indescribable smile appeared on her face.

So, it’s Lan Ling. How unexpected. By then, Chen Feng had already recognized her.

This female cultivator was a senior sister from Absolute Academy. Back then, she was hailed as the Number One beneath Human Immortals, a genius cultivator possessing the Astral Boltsource Constitution. However, the aura that she was exuding at that very moment showed that she had already risen up to the Human Immortal stage.

“You can cultivate with peace of mind. Leave the rest to me,” Lan Ling said coolly.

“Thank you, Senior Sister Lan Ling. However, I am afraid that you will be unable to stop so many greedy cultivators,” Chen Feng replied, laughing.

“Don’t worry. This place is within our Absolute Academy’s territory. These cultivators will restrain themselves,” Lan Ling said smilingly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised to find out that he was within Absolute Academy’s territory. However, he did not think too much about it. Instead, he focused on studying the immortal dao laws that descended earlier.

“So, it’s Lan Ling. Why did you stop me?” The attacker arrived, sword in hand as he regarded Lan Ling warily.

Lan Ling was from Absolute Academy, one of the Four Holylands of the Central Plains. Not even those from first-rate sects would dare to casually offend her, let alone a loose cultivator like him.

“A student from our Absolute Academy is undergoing tribulation, but you launched a sneak attack against him. And now, you are asking me why? Tie Jianxian, are you looking down on our Absolute Academy here?” Lan Ling replied coolly.


Tie Jianxian’s face instantly sank. At the same time, he secretly lamented his bad luck. Unexpectedly, his target was a student of Absolute Academy. Should the other party choose to pursue this matter, not even nine lives would be enough for him to survive.

“Ha ha ha! A misunderstanding! This is just a misunderstanding!” Tie Jianxian’s face flickered and he finally forced out a smile. After that, he turned around and flew away.

“Sigh! We made a mistake. He is actually a student of Absolute Academy.” Seeing Lan Ling stand in front of Chen Feng, the cultivators that were lurking around sighed.

Although Lan Ling had only just risen up to the Human Immortal stage recently, she had already made a name for herself. The Big Sister of Absolute Academy. It was not a title that anybody could obtain.

Lan Ling’s gaze swept around, peering far into the distance. Due to that, the cultivators who were lurking around felt an atmosphere of pressure bearing down on them. After that, Lan Ling sat down somewhere within a distance of half a kilometre from Chen Feng. Obviously, she was planning on guarding Chen Feng.

“That little chick is not to be underestimated. It is said that she had killed off two mid-level Human Immortals within just two years of rising up to the Human Immortal stage. The way I see it, we can forget about taking action today.”

“Ha ha ha! Since he is a student of Absolute Academy, there is no need for us to attack. Let’s just leave.”

“No rush. We have nothing to do, anyways. We can go get acquainted with him later. We must try to get acquainted with a genius of this level.”

Seeing the name of Absolute Academy deterring the others, Lan Ling secretly breathed a sigh of relief. She could sense at least ten plus Human Immortals lurking around within a 500-kilometre radius. If all of them were to attack together, she would be incapable of fending them off.


Note: Lan Ling first appeared in Chapter 565 where she fought against Young Master Tianhen to help Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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