Chapter 766 Yin Fire


Contrary to Chen Feng’s expectations, the first wave of attacks aimed at him was actually composed of violent Sky Lightning. However, those were no ordinary Sky Lightning attacks. Rather, they were the dazzling Profound Vajra Lightning. They were essentially far superior compared to the tribulation lightning that Chen Feng was used to facing in the Sky Human stage.

Lightning Tribulation again? Aren’t there supposed to be other fundamental power types for the usual Heavenly Tribulation?

Still, this is fine. I am already used to the power of lightning.

Chen Feng had only just reached that line of thought when a golden-coloured lightning attack arrived before him. This lightning attack took the form of a condensed lightning sphere, which emitted a dazzling golden radiance. It was as though it was gilded with a layer of gold. And yet, despite the terrifying power contained within it, Chen Feng did not view it highly. 


As a result, this first attack brought Chen Feng a minor setback. The lightning attack struck him down, tearing his sleeves apart.

Eh, I was careless. Chen Feng crawled up and looked around in embarrassment. Thankfully, no one saw that.

“You idiot! This is a Heavenly Tribulation! What, you think you’re still facing a Lightning Tribulation right now?” Tower spoke up, his voice filled with disappointment.

“Ha ha ha! Actually, it is not that strong. It is incapable of posing too much of a threat to me. However, there is something interesting about this lightning,” Chen Feng responded with an indifferent smile.

“That’s the Profound Vajra Lightning. Kid, you’re got some skills. This kind of tribulation lightning is usually something that would only appear when assailing the high-level Human Immortal stage.”


The frequency of the lightning attacks was not too fast, giving Chen Feng the time to chat with Tower. When the second lightning attack blasted its way towards Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s figure burst forward as he smashed the incoming golden-coloured lightning attack into pieces. Motes of golden-coloured lightning powers then flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

“Eh, the power behind the attack has doubled! How is this possible?” Chen Feng looked on with a somewhat disbelieving expression and his figure ended up staggering slightly.

“Hah!” Tower secretly chortled, feeling amused at the surprised look on Chen Feng’s face.


The third golden-coloured lightning attack descended. It had the same size and brightness as the previous one. However, something didn’t feel right for Chen Feng. Thus, he decided to put slightly more power into his punch.


The golden light shattered apart as Chen Feng smashed apart the Profound Vajra Lightning once again. However, Chen Feng’s figure ended up freezing. Next, a formidable power flowed through Chen Feng’s body to enter the ground beneath him. Following that, countless cracks spread out across the mountain beneath him. In the end, the mountain that was over 10,000 metres tall shattered apart with a boom.

“It doubled in strength once again!” Chen Feng blurted out in shock.

“Kid, you’re in luck. You got the Nine Profound Lightning tribulation. That was just the third one. Be sure to properly enjoy the rest!” Tower cackled gleefully.

“Nine Profound Lightning tribulation. Are there nine lightning attacks in total?”

“That’s right. Every lightning attack would be twice as powerful as the one before. Just imagine it for yourself.”


The fourth lightning attack broke through the tribulation clouds and descended upon Chen Feng.

“There are only nine of you? Too weak!” Chen Feng roared and his voice spread out, covering a distance of over 50 kilometres as his fist – seemingly forged from steel – smashed furiously against the golden-coloured lightning.

“Who is the one undergoing tribulation here? That person actually triggered the Nine Profound Lightning tribulation! Extraordinary. Ascending to the Immortal Plane is a real possibility for this fellow.” A Human Immortal who was in cultivation retreat somewhere 500 kilometres away was alarmed. When he saw the dazzling golden-coloured lightning, he became so shocked that his eyes bulged out. They were many kinds of Lightning Tribulation. Likewise, there were also many kinds of Heavenly Tribulation. Having the Nine Profound Lightning appear in a Heavenly Tribulation was something that the Human Immortal had only heard of in the past. He had never witnessed it in person.

“Let’s go check out who that person is. This Absolute Mountain Range is not a place that the average person could use for undergoing tribulation. Is this person an apprentice of those monstrous fellows? Or is he a disciple of the Holyland?” 

The fifth lightning attack was shattered.

The sixth lightning attack was also shattered.

In the face of the seventh lightning attack, Chen Feng felt a mountainous pressure bearing down on him. This attack pummelled Chen Feng’s figure into the ground, blasting out a massive crater in its wake. There was no way to tell just how deep the crater was and the mountains within a 50-kilometre radius had long since turned to ash. All the living creatures within a radius of 500 kilometres had long since fled. Not to mention, the affected area was still increasing in size.

That’s only the seventh one. And yet, I ended up with the impulse to utilize my magic treasures. Looks like I have underestimated this Heavenly Tribulation. Chen Feng revealed a wry smile. Healing his body up after what happened previously hadn’t been easy, but now, both his arms had turned black. Golden-coloured lightning flashed across the surface of his arms.

The eighth will be twice as strong. I should be able to handle it. After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng grasped and a lance appeared in his hand. 

It was the Longevity Lance that Chen Feng had condensed out. Although it was not yet a Sacred artefact, it was already a grade 9 Prized artefact. That said, Chen Feng did not feel a shred of confidence in utilizing the Longevity Lance to resist this tribulation lightning. Even so, Chen Feng did have a plan in mind. He wanted the Longevity weapons to level up along with him.


The Longevity Lance pierced the golden-coloured lightning sphere and the sound of metals colliding rang out loudly. Chen Feng’s figure flinched and blood flowed out from his seven orifices. As for the Longevity Lance, it ended up cracking. The cracks rapidly spread out and the lance was utterly shattered apart into powdery bits.

The golden-coloured lightning attack was not completely dissipated away and it struck Chen Feng’s chest heavily, blasting a large hole there. Seeing that, however, Chen Feng merely chuckled. Although this wound was severe, it was nothing for him. Instead, he felt pleased. Although the Longevity Lance had been destroyed, it ended up gaining the aura of the Heavenly Tribulation. After it was reformed inside Chen Feng’s body, Chen Feng could see that the time and effort needed for the Longevity Lance to level up had been reduced greatly.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

New muscles grew and both flesh and blood surged out. The bones connected and healed and it did not take long for Chen Feng to make a complete recovery. There was a serious look on Chen Feng’s face. And yet, it was also one of excitement. This level of pressure was very good for him. It had also given him a newfound feeling towards tribulation.


The ninth golden-coloured lightning attack finally descended. This one was of the same size as the previous ones. However, Chen Feng could sense great danger from this lightning attack.

Sou! Sou!

The Longevity Sword and Longevity Blade flew out in an intertwining manner to strike the lightning attack with lightning-like speed. However, they failed to budge the lightning attack in the slightest. Instead, the two Longevity weapons were destroyed.

“Great Longevity Palm!”

Chen Feng pushed both hands forward at the same time and a massive palm silhouette charged forward. Like the palm of a Heavenly God, it then grabbed the golden-coloured lightning attack.

Due to that, the golden-coloured lightning sphere came to a halt and the entire space seemingly turned still. All that was left there was the massive palm silhouette.

“What kind of secret technique is that? Could it be an immortal technique?” Upon witnessing Chen Feng utilize the Great Longevity Palm, one of the cultivators who were observing Chen Feng from afar could not stop himself from becoming shocked.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Countless cracks began spreading across the surface of the Great Longevity Palm that was hovering in mid-air. After a series of cracking sounds, it burst apart with a boom and the sphere of golden-coloured lightning shot towards Chen Feng once more.

“Ha ha ha! I’ll be succeeding soon!” Chen Feng laughed. Surprisingly, he then stretched forth both his hands to grab the golden-coloured lightning sphere.

The golden-coloured lightning sphere enveloped Chen Feng’s figure in a flash, emitting an eye-piercing radiance in the process. From afar, it would appear as though a blazing sun was exploding.

“This fellow is really crazy. However, it seems he has succeeded.”

“Humph! It’s good that he succeeded. It’ll allow me to reap the benefits!”

The golden-coloured lightning sphere shrank. In the end, all of the lightning powers flowed into Chen Feng’s body. As for Chen Feng, he remained standing. A smile appeared on his face.

I finally succeeded. Now, I will become a Human Immortal. It is time I find out about my origins. There was only joy in his heart and he ignored the wounds on his body.

Immediately, however, the smile on his face disappeared only to be replaced with a puzzled look. He could not feel the descent of immortal dao laws.

There could only be one reason for this scenario. The Heavenly Tribulation was not over.


A sphere of faint-black flames emerged from Chen Feng’s body to quickly engulf his entire figure. Next, the tribulation clouds roiled and the power of fire converged upon the surrounding space before flying towards Chen Feng. In the beginning, Chen Feng had only become a flaming figure. Later, however, he ended up becoming a massive ball of fire.

“What is happening here?” It was not just Chen Feng. Even the cultivators who were watching from afar were feeling confused.

The Nine Profound Lightning Heavenly Tribulation was already over. Why would tribulation fire suddenly appear?

“That’s the Yin Fire of Annihilation! That fellow is a dead man. He will surely be burned to ash.” Someone sighed.

“The Yin Fire of Annihilation. It is a fire that burns its target’s interior and exterior at the same time. Forget someone who is not a Human Immortal, even a Human Immortal would be burned to death by this. For the cultivators undergoing Heavenly Tribulation, only one out of a thousand could survive this Yin Fire of Annihilation.”

“One out of a thousand? In other words, this fellow might be able to make it?”

“I don’t believe he can.”

Chen Feng was indeed in a terrible spot. Despite his past experiences, undergoing the pain of renewing his body, training within the lightning pool, tempering his body with the various fundamental powers extracted from Heavenly Tribulation, all of them could not compare to this.

This was something that Chen Feng had never experienced before.

Minute tongues of fire emerged from within him before furiously expanding outwards, encompassing his whole body. The fire felt cool. And yet, it contained a formidable power of destruction. It didn’t feel like an illusion either. For Chen Feng, it felt to be something residing in between the realm of the illusory and the real.

Next, the power of fire from his surroundings began assailing his body as well. For Chen Feng, it felt as though his internal organs, blood, bones and even his soul were burning.

Chen Feng was no longer capable of concentrating. In the face of this worldly yin fire, he felt as though annihilation was the only thing awaiting him.

If it weren’t for his formidable fleshly body and the fact that he had refined and absorbed world essence power before, the flames would have turned him to ash by now.

Even so, he was in a highly unfavourable situation. This was no ordinary fire, after all. This was the Yin Fire of Annihilation that burned both the flesh and the soul.

Humph! Since you failed to take me out in one blow, it’s now time for me to counter attack! Simply taking the fire attack passively was not the way to go. Thus, Chen Feng decided to take a desperate gamble. Gritting his teeth, he took action to unravel his predicament.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The opened insight acupoints within his body spun into action to exert a formidable suction force respectively and they all devoured the Yin Fire of Annihilation voraciously.

As a result, a great deal of the Yin Fire of Annihilation was absorbed. In just half a breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng felt his body becoming more comfortable and a cooling feeling grew within him.


1 li = 0.5 km. 1,000 li or 500 km is also used for ‘far away’ in Chinese.

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