Chapter 765 Prelude


There was no telling just how many lightning balls were absorbed. By then, another lightning pool had been created within the Longevity Tower. The lightning powers within the pool churned violently and they were all so densely packed together, they nearly took on liquid form. Diverting his attention away from his recovery efforts, Chen Feng ended up taking a sharp breath of air. The amount of lightning powers there was so high that it would take him a very long time to refine and absorb.

Chen Feng came to understand one thing. Although this Lightning Tribulation appeared monotonous, it was not to be trifled with. On the contrary, the power behind it was astonishing. If he hadn’t utilized the Longevity Tower to devour the lightning powers, even if this violent flurry of lightning attacks could not kill him off, it would still be able to grievously wound him.

By Chen Feng’s estimate, every one of the lightning balls was the equivalent of an all-out attack from a half-step Human Immortal. And yet, more than 1,000 lightning balls had descended upon him from the tribulation clouds.

Finally, the Lightning Tribulation ended and the tribulation clouds disappeared. Then, worldly laws descended upon Chen Feng. With that, he had successfully overcome his tribulation and rise up to level 9 of the Sky Human stage. Only one step remained between him and the Human Immortal stage.

Given Chen Feng’s present state, he could continue to assail the tribulation for the Human Immortal stage. However, Chen Feng forcibly suppressed the aura coming from his body, albeit barely. Should his strength rise just a bit more, it would end up triggering his Heavenly Tribulation.

The Heavenly Tribulation was different from Lightning Tribulation. Undergoing Heavenly Tribulation was truly an act of defying Heaven.

“Brother Chen, did you seriously succeed like that?” After some time, Liu Wuxiang arrived before Chen Feng, who was still lying there with his eyes closed. It looked as though he was sleeping.

“What do you think? Naturally, it was a success. I am now a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator,” Chen Feng opened his eyes and said.

Level 9 Sky Human stage. Why does this look so weird to me? Liu Wuxiang shook his head. Although he did encounter many geniuses before in the Immortal Plane, he had never seen one like Chen Feng.

Once Chen Feng arrives at the Immortal Plane, he would likely become a dragon entering the ocean. His future would be immeasurable, Liu Wuxiang thought.

Next up, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang spent one whole day sitting quietly on the desert to heal themselves. No one else came to bother them.

Despite spending one whole day and a great deal of energy, they were still incapable of fully healing up their injuries. The destructive power of the Ascendant Immortal had left them in such a sorry state.

“Looks like it will take some more time. However, we are already strong enough to defend ourselves. How about it, Brother Chen? Are you interested in going in again?” Liu Wuxiang asked smilingly.

“Forget it. I managed to gain a lot this time. Additionally, I have been staying here in Heavensday Battlefield for a long time now. I think that some of my friends back in Eternal World must be feeling worried by now.

“Besides, this place is not safe either. If that guy chases us once more. Heh, it won’t be easy to escape him,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

Next up, Liu Wuxiang brought out his Void Array Platform and the two of them rode it to leave the Deathly Desert before stopping.

“I should return to the Immortal Plane as well,” said Liu Wuxiang after a moment’s consideration. Truth be told, Liu Wuxiang had also gained some harvest from this trip. Thus, after returning, he should have no problems levelling up.

“I am not yet capable of heading to the Immortal Plane. Brother Liu, looks like there is no telling when we can meet each other once again,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“There will surely be another chance. However, is Brother Chen not worried?” Liu Wuxiang suddenly asked.

“Worried about what?” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“Are you not worried that I might expose your identity as a member of the Longevity Clan?”

Hearing those words, killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes. However, he quickly hid it. “Ha ha ha! I believe that Brother Liu will not do that. It will not bring you any benefit.”

“Yes, I am sincerely treating Brother Chen as a friend. I will not disclose this matter. Besides, there is another matter that I want to discuss with Brother Chen.” Liu Wuxiang laughed.

“Oh, what is it?” Chen Feng was puzzled.

“I mentioned it before. I actually came to this Heavensday Battlefield with an objective in mind. Originally, I was planning on partnering up with Brother Chen to explore the place. Unexpectedly, we ended up finding the Ancient Heavensday City.”

“Truth be told, the place that I had wanted to go to is also an ancient place. Its value should be in no way inferior compared to this Ancient Heavensday City.”

“Not inferior to this Ancient Heavensday City?” Chen Feng was astounded. The two of them had only just emerged from the city, having nearly lost their lives inside. Naturally, they had also gained a great deal from the city. At any rate, the greater the risk, the greater the rewards. For cultivators, however, no matter how risky something was, so long as there was a reward involved, they had to go test their luck.

Liu Wuxiang considered it for a moment. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, he brought out a plate-shaped item. It looked like a broken plate. The moment he brought it out, however, Chen Feng sensed a wondrous power spreading out through the air and the Magnetic acupoints on his feet began turning slowly.

“Eh, what type of magic treasure is this?” asked a surprised Chen Feng.

Liu Wuxiang extended one finger to jab forward and the broken plate split into two. One of the two split portions flew into Chen Feng’s hand. A mountainous weight instantly bore down upon Chen Feng. At the same time, there was also a chaotic magnetic power disrupting the primary energy within his body, throwing it into a state of chaos. 

“This is something refined using a star core. It contains a formidable magnetic power. It is also the key to entering that wondrous land. Now, I will give Brother Chen half. Hopefully, when the time comes, we’ll be able to form a partnership once more,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“Not a problem. I did manage to gain a lot by partnering up with Brother Liu.” Chen Feng nodded his head in agreement.

As they had already made up their mind to leave, the two of them did not hesitate. Liu Wuxiang used his Void Array Platform to break through space and disappeared from sight.

“Tower, can you really get us out?”

“What? Don’t you believe me?”

“If so, will we be able to return after leaving?”


This time, Tower couldn’t be bothered to respond. Instead, he simply opened up a spatial passageway, which enveloped Chen Feng.

“Heh! Kid, make sure you prepare yourself.”

“Prepare? Prepare for what?” Chen Feng did not understand.


Eternal World, the Absolute Mountain Range…

A spatial crack suddenly appeared up above one of the mountain peaks there. Next, a clump of energy wrapping a cultivator flew out to smash heavily against the top of the mountain peak. The gargantuan momentum behind the cultivator’s fall caused the entire 10,000-metre-tall mountain to shake.

“Tower, is this the way you do things?” Chen Feng crawled out from the heaps of soil and rubble, muttering in a displeased tone.

“All I can say is, you idiot,” Tower replied nonchalantly.

Chen Feng responded by shaking his head. After sensing the familiar surroundings, he knew that he had returned to Eternal World.

How far am I from Heavenly Sword Faction? Looks like I will need to ask someone, Chen Feng thought.


Before Chen Feng could even check his surroundings in detail, a ferocious aura broke out from his body. Like a water gate that had gone beyond his control, his aura charged high up into the sky. In just several breaths’ worth of time, dark clouds began gathering up in the sky. Seeing the pitch-black clouds would put one in a state of panic.

“So fast?!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“I told you to be prepared, didn’t I?” Tower said coolly.

“This one should be a Heavenly Tribulation. Unexpectedly, I would end up skipping the half-step Human Immortal stage. The Heavenly Tribulation of Eternal World should not be too strong, right?” Chen Feng said coolly. He was not feeling too worried about it.

Hearing those words, Tower, who was inside the Longevity Tower, revealed the look of one waiting to watch a good show.

“Senior, Chen Feng’s tribulation will likely not be easy to overcome, no?” the tiger yao came forward and asked in an ingratiating tone.

“I’m not sure about that either. However, it looks like you fellows have been pretty idle lately. Are you fellows already prepared to undergo your tribulations?” Tower said coolly, his voice turning slightly icy.

“A ha ha ha ha!” The tiger yao let out a dry laugh before backing away. Seeing that, some of the other yaos and demons laughed at him.

“Since I cannot suppress it anymore, I will just have to undergo tribulation here.” Chen Feng shook his head in frustration.

While it was true that Chen Feng was not feeling worried about the tribulation, it did not mean that he would be careless about it. All the tribulations he had faced in the past were all Lightning Tribulations. This time, however, it was a Heavenly Tribulation. It was also the first and most important checkpoint for those on the path of cultivation. Upon successfully overcoming Heavenly Tribulation, their cultivation path would enter the immortal dao stage and they would be able to comprehend immortal dao laws. Their life force would undergo a world-shaking change as a result.

Most importantly, after becoming a Human Immortal, Chen Feng would be able to find out some of the things that he wanted to know, such as his own origins.

“Tower, do you think I can succeed?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking.

Chen Feng was confident that this tribulation would be a success. However, thinking about how he would be able to find out his origins after overcoming this tribulation, he could not stop the stirring feelings of excitement coming from within him. There was also an indescribable feeling mixed within. At any rate, one of the major reasons driving him along his cultivation path was his origins.

“How would I know? You might fail.” Tower refused to give Chen Feng any respect.

Chen Feng shook his head and he began adjusting his state of mind. Only with a wholly calm state of mind would he be able to bring out his full power for this tribulation.

Generally speaking, Lightning Tribulation was an attack by Heaven using lightning-type attacks. However, Heavenly Tribulation was different. The Heavenly Tribulation was composed of various types of elemental powers. Occasionally, it would launch successive attacks at its target. In truth, Heavenly Tribulation was several times stronger compared to Lightning Tribulation.

At any rate, rising up to the Human Immortal stage represented the transformation from a mundane human into an Immortal Human, equivalent to leaping into Heaven to become an immortal. It was something that would improve the cultivator’s life itself.

This checkpoint was something that had held back countless cultivators.

The prelude to the tribulation appeared similar to before. As before, there were roiling tribulation clouds, but the overwhelming power and Heavenly might brewing within the tribulation clouds indicated to Chen Feng that this Heavenly Tribulation was different from the past tribulations.

However, there was something that Chen Feng was in the dark about. This place was not close to Heavenly Sword Mountain Range. Rather, it was not even within Heavenly Sword Faction’s territory.

Not to mention, his actions of emerging from the spatial passageway earlier had already alarmed some of the nearby cultivators. Add this incoming Heavenly Tribulation into the equation, he ended up alarming some formidable cultivators who were in cultivation retreat nearby.

Generally speaking, whenever cultivators were about to undergo a tribulation, they would find a quiet place and make some preparations, arranging restrictive arrays and even finding some cultivators who were on good terms with them to act as bodyguards. This action from Chen Feng of simply undergoing tribulation at random was practically an act of committing suicide for the rest of the world of cultivation.

Due to that, even before Chen Feng’s tribulation began, some cultivators had already turned their attention towards him. 

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