Chapter 764 Undergoing Tribulation


In the cyan-clothed cultivator’s opinion, while he might not be a match for the cultivator from the Thunder Celestial Clan, taking the lead to kill off the two minor cultivators should be a piece of cake.

It was true. Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were simply incapable of defending against the sudden attack from the cyan-clothed cultivator.

Not to mention, the cyan-clothed cultivator had become even stronger compared to earlier. Additionally, the two of them had yet to recover from their wounds. Thus, in the face of the attack, all they could do was to wait for death to claim them.


A sword swung and lightning radiance flashed out. It did not appear to be following any specific pattern or order. And yet, this sword slash from the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator arrived atop the cyan-clothed cultivator’s head.

“Ruthless.” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face sank. If he were to continue with his attack, even if it could successfully kill off Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, he would end up in a grievously wounded state, or worse.

The cyan-clothed cultivator quickly pulled back the stone staff to block the lightning sword slashing down on his head.

Although stone staff did not make contact with Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, it was still an Immortal artefact. Thus, even the shockwaves created in its wake were capable of causing them to cough out blood profusely. The shockwaves alone had nearly torn their bodies to pieces. 

Gnashing his teeth, Chen Feng promptly employed the power of blood from the Blood Mustering Bead to encase himself and he became ensconced within a ball of blood. It was a very eerie look. At the same time, Chen Feng absorbed the power of the blood there to heal his wounds.

Liu Wuxiang was in the same state as Chen Feng, terribly wounded and seemingly on the brink of death. If it weren’t for the Immortal artefacts in their possession, not even 10 lives would have been enough to keep them alive.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Boom! Boom!

The fight between the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator and the cyan-clothed cultivator was not something that Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang could comprehend. Displayed before their very eyes – flitting through space – was the power of laws. Every move the two made appeared indescribably profound and the profundity of each exchange took Chen Feng a very long time to understand. By the time he managed to understand that one move, they had already exchanged countless more moves.


For a brief moment, Chen Feng’s mind became entranced by what he saw. By the time he sensed danger, his mind was already quaking violently. His blood streams flowed in reverse and he felt as though the crown part of his skull would erupt. Additionally, blood began gushing out from his seven orifices.

“Don’t look! Their levels are too high! They are on completely different levels. Looking at the fight would cause problems for our minds,” Liu Wuxiang struggled to say.

“There is only so much space here. Even the shockwaves from their fight are not the kind of things that we can fend off.” Chen Feng revealed a bitter smile.


The sword struck the stone staff. Failing to block the power behind the sword attack, the stone staff was sent flying, the cyan-clothed cultivator in tow. The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face turned even uglier to behold.

“You are no match for me. If you do not want to die, then back off,” the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator said calmly.

“Humph, is that so? I would like to see how you plan on killing me!” the cyan-clothed cultivator said through gritted teeth.

“You have only just snatched this body of yours. Strength wise, you haven’t managed to recover even half of your former strength. Additionally, you’re incapable of snatching another body any time soon. Since you are so eager to die, I will help you fulfil that desire.” After saying that, the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator swiftly grasped and space crackled as the power of space surged. It looked like the undercurrents of a sea. Quickly, they formed a spatial passageway and a formidable suction force emerged from it to pull Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang inside. The two of them were simply incapable of fighting back against the suction force.

“You want to leave?!”

The cyan-clothed cultivator swung and the stone staff flew forward, desirous of killing off both Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang before the spatial passageway could close up.

However, the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator grasped once more, causing lightning radiance to flare out, blocking the cyan-clothed cultivator’s attack.

Thus, the spatial passageway disappeared, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang along with it. The Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator laughed and the aura radiating out from his body grew stronger. Lightning radiance flashed all across his body while releasing crackling sounds. He looked like a God of Thunder descending upon the mundane realm.

“It’s been a long time since my last real fight. Consider yourself unlucky today. Now, take this move from me!” Surprisingly, the Thunder Celestial Clan cultivator kept his sword. Instead, he punched out with his fists and began a furious wave of attacks against the cyan-clothed cultivator.

“I am also curious to see if the Thunder Celestial Clan is worthy of their legendary name.” The cyan-clothed cultivator was from Battle Heaven Clan. The atmosphere of arrogance and will to fight coming off him were in no way inferior compared to his opponent. If he were to back away now, it would forever scar him.

“We’re out?”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were shocked. They had been transported out in the middle of the fight between two Ascendant Immortals. Their figures tumbled across the surface of the sandy desert and they could see the towering Ancient Heavensday City in the distance.

“We came out just like that?”

“What is this? Did you not want to come out, Brother Chen?”

“Coming out is good. At any rate, the city is simply too dangerous!” Chen Feng laughed.

“Yes, it is too dangerous. However, should we try to enter it again? Or should we only think about that after we are done healing our wounds?” 

The both of them were in a terrible state and their formidable fleshly bodies appeared to be on the verge of collapsing. Worst, some cultivators were heading towards them.

Two cultivators were originally heading towards the Ancient Heavensday City. When they arrived, they caught sight of Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang. Although they were surprised to notice their cultivation levels, they had still decided to come before Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.

“You two small-timers, you must have just emerged from the Ancient Heavensday City, right? Tell us what happened to you two. If I am satisfied, I can help you heal your wounds,” one of them said with a snicker.

“Why bother with all this nonsense? Just search their souls directly,” the other cultivator said impatiently.

“They’re cultivators from your Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng said with an indifferent tone.

“Just starter-level Earthen Immortals. Seriously, what a bunch of death seekers.” Liu Wuxiang shook his head.

“You handle them on your own, all right?” Chen Feng suggested.

“No! One each.” Liu Wuxiang refused.

“What are you two talking about? Have you two gone nuts? One of them reached out with his hand to grab Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s eyes flared with light and a glint of killing intent flashed by. Next, an energy blast flew out from his palm to pierce right through the cultivator. Coincidentally, the second cultivator was standing right beside the first cultivator. Due to that, the second cultivator was also pierced by the attack. Thus, Chen Feng’s one move ended up killing them both.

After that, Chen Feng fell onto the ground, incapable of moving anymore.

“Sigh! You attacked so quickly. I didn’t even finish my preparations yet,” Liu Wuxiang said with a somewhat dissatisfied tone.

Chen Feng simply laughed in response. Then, not saying anything else, he began focusing on healing his wounds.

“Phew!” Liu Wuxiang too, breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the two of them were suffering from an outrageous level of wounds, they were still not at the point where mere starter-level Earthen Immortals could bully them. Additionally, after having faced Ascendant Immortals, these Earthen Immortals had seemingly become much weaker.

Time ticked by. After Liu Wuxiang managed to recover some of his strength, he struggled to sit up. Bringing out a bottle of refined Fountain of Life waters, he poured its contents onto his wounds. As a result, the rate at which his wounds were recovering instantly rose.

“Eh, why is the sky turning dark?” Liu Wuxiang suddenly felt something amiss. Raising his head, he saw dark clouds roiling about. After sensing the waves of worldly pressure, Liu Wuxiang came to realize what was happening.

“You’re undergoing tribulation!” Liu Wuxiang shouted at Chen Feng, who was right beside him.

Chen Feng was still lying on the ground. If it weren’t for his chest, which was constantly heaving up and down, he would have been mistaken for a corpse.

Hearing Liu Wuxiang’s words, Chen Feng blinked before responding. “Yes, I am about to undergo tribulation. I think you should move farther away.”


Liu Wuxiang was instantly infuriated. “Why didn’t you warn me that you are about to undergo tribulation?”

“Too tired. I can barely even talk now,” Chen Feng replied.

“You take care. I will go to the side and keep watch for you.” Liu Wuxiang took a deep breath before swiftly getting up. With a few leaps, his figure arrived somewhere over 1,000 metres ahead.

“Unexpectedly, I would be incapable of suppressing my aura right after coming out from the city.” Chen Feng sighed as well. The wounds on his body were simply too serious. Thus, he simply lay on the ground as he waited for the Lightning Tribulation to arrive. He was incapable of getting up at all.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The dark clouds continued churning and lightning powers began emerging from within the dark clouds. This was a true Heavenly might. Even for Liu Wuxiang, who was already at the Earthen Immortal stage, in the face of this Lightning Tribulation, he felt himself at a loss. Thus, he retreated some more. However, he began wondering. Chen Feng was still lying on the ground, let alone getting ready for the tribulation.

“What is he up to? Is he just going to wait for his tribulation like that?” Liu Wuxiang blurted out quizzically. Although Chen Feng was strong, Lightning Tribulation was something that would adjust its power according to the cultivator in question.

“Still, the laws in this Heavensday Battlefield are somewhat chaotic. Who knows just what kind of Lightning Tribulation he will end up facing?”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Large clumps of lightning were packed tightly before swarming down upon Chen Feng. Seeing the ferocity of this attack, Liu Wuxiang, who was observing from afar, was left terrified.

“It looks like there is nothing new with this one.” After getting struck by the lightning balls for a moment and gauging the strength of the lightning balls, Chen Feng felt zero need to waste his time. Thus, he stretched his hand out and all of the lightning balls coming at him were sent into the Longevity Tower instead.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tribulation clouds roiled as even more lightning balls, massive in size, emerged. They were akin to planets floating within the universe, each and every one of them containing a power of annihilation.

In just the blink of an eye, several hundred lightning balls could be seen spreading out across the sky. Additionally, even more were emerging.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The lightning balls began falling. Their target was Chen Feng, who remained lying on the ground. 

This Lightning Tribulation is just too peculiar. Worthy of the name Heavensday Battlefield. However, this type of Lightning Tribulation will likely be incapable of posing a threat to Chen Feng, no matter how much stronger it becomes. Liu Wuxiang pondered. 

Liu Wuxiang’s assumption was correct. The lightning balls could only do one thing, and that was to serve as supplements for Chen Feng, which he stored inside the Longevity Tower.

No matter how many lightning balls there were, no matter how terrifying the power contained within them may be, all of them would disappear the moment they got too close to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng continued lying on the ground, watching the lightning balls falling down on him while the corners of his lips curled into a smirk. It was as though he was sunbathing. 

Oh, he is leisurely adjusting his posture.

“Gah! Isn’t he being too lackadaisical about this? Cheating! He’s cheating!” Liu Wuxiang’s saliva nearly sprayed out.

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