Chapter 763 Change


“I won’t be able to endure any longer!” Liu Wuxiang shouted.

“Me too!” It had been a long time since Chen Feng had ended up in such a miserable state. A feeling of helplessness swept into his heart and he wanted nothing more than to slip into the Longevity Tower.

This level of power was not something that he could resist.

Thankfully, the teleportation array beneath them finally activated and the power of space surged to envelop them. The power of space was able to easily block the attacks coming from their surroundings.

The expression on the cyan-clothed cultivator’s face turned slightly more solemn. However, he did not appear worried. Instead, he continued to swing the stone staff in his hand to fight the surrounding restrictive arrays while walking towards Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.


The cyan-clothed cultivator’s stone staff swung down to smash the teleportation array, causing the power of space to churn and the teleportation array to shake violently. Although it remained unbroken, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, who were wrapped within the power of space, fell wretchedly. Cracks broke out across their bodies and blood gushed out from the cracks.

“If he attacks one more time, we’ll die!”


The teleportation array broke open space, opening up a spatial passageway, which rapidly teleported the two of them away.

“There is no escape for you fellows.” The cyan-clothed cultivator was not concerned. Instead, he continued swinging around with the stone staff, becoming like a God of War as he shattered the surrounding restrictive arrays.

In the cyan-clothed cultivator’s opinion, although Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had been teleported out, they were still within the Ancient Heavensday City. Thus, there was no way they could escape from him.

“Unexpectedly, I can’t even kill off two young kids. Looks like I am getting a little old,” the cyan-clothed cultivator said calmly. Next, he fired out a punch to break open a spatial passageway. Then, taking a step forward, he disappeared.

“I wonder where this array will teleport us to?”

“Probably somewhere inside this city.”

“Why do you say that?”

“This ancient city was built by True Immortal Heavensday. Teleporting out from this city will be very difficult.”

The two of them rapidly worked on their recovery even as they stayed on guard. There was no telling what would happen to them next. At any rate, there was no way for them to know where they would be teleported to. If they were to encounter other cultivators before they could fully recover, they would be in trouble.


The two of them finally emerged and the spatial passageway disappeared. Next, their eyes grew wide open. Before them was a stone platform. Seated on the stone platform was a cultivator with a broad sword slung across his back. 

“Damn it, it’s an Ascendant Immortal! Let’s run!”

“Wait! He is not moving. Is he dead?”

“He’s definitely dead, but his war soul is still here!”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang turned to look at each other before revealing bitter smiles. Thus, they prepared themselves for the ensuing fight. What happened next, however, left them surprised. The cultivator remained immobile and not a single wave of energy fluctuation emanated out from him. It was as though he was truly just an ordinary corpse.

“Phew! Was he unable to leave his essence, energy and soul behind?” Liu Wuxiang, who had been feeling anxious, felt his heart easing somewhat. The moment he did that, the feelings of exhaustion gushed forth with the force of a tsunami. Due to that, he finally realized just how grievously wounded he was. 

The same was true for Chen Feng. Although power kept surging out from within him, his rate of recovery had become much slower. Chen Feng was aware, his essence power had been damaged.

“Let’s not think too much about it. Hurry up and focus on recovering.” The world essence power surged out ceaselessly from within Chen Feng’s body and the wounds began closing up at a rate visible to the naked eye. The rate of recovery shocked even Liu Wuxiang, who was right beside him.

Unbeknownst to them, something was happening to the cross-legged corpse on the stone platform. Its eyes twitched slightly. It was as though it would come back alive at any moment.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, however, the cyan-clothed cultivator appeared. As for Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, they had yet to fully recover from their wounds.

The space before them tore open and the cyan-clothed cultivator appeared, an impassive expression on his face. As for the two stone staffs, he had kept them somewhere.


The two of them sighed before getting up. They channelled forth all of their power as they got ready to go all out. Although the two of them did feel a sense of danger when entering this Ancient Heavensday City, they did not feel particularly threatened by the other cultivators. In their opinion, even in the face of danger, by going all out and mobilizing the Immortal artefacts, they would be able to kill off their opponents. Unexpectedly, they would end up encountering such a formidable opponent. Not even Immortal artefacts were of use against this cyan-clothed cultivator. At the same time, they came to understand that this was the gap between them and those with absolute power. It was not something that could be offset using magic treasures.

“Why aren’t you two running?” the cyan-clothed cultivator asked coolly.

“At the end of the day, you are still an Ascendant Immortal. Pursuing us to the very end like this, aren’t you being too much of a bully here?” Liu Wuxiang could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Oh, you’re a junior cultivator from the Immortal Plane. Not bad. To be able to escape from me earlier, it proves that you possess some skills.” After regarding Liu Wuxiang for a moment, he turned his gaze towards Chen Feng.

“There is the aura of Eternal World on you. However, you don’t feel like a native cultivator from Eternal World. How strange. Besides, there are also some interesting items on you.” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s gaze was seemingly capable of seeing through Chen Feng.

Facing the cyan-clothed cultivator’s gaze, Chen Feng felt his hairs standing on end. It felt as though he was standing naked within a world of snow.


The cyan-clothed cultivator’s eyes suddenly shone brightly, like two suns abruptly flaring out with light. In the face of the resulting pressure, Liu Wuxiang’s figure was sent flying while Chen Feng was completely restrained.

“You’re a member of the Longevity Clan! How is this possible? How can a member of the Longevity Clan appear here?” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face fell into a flustered state.

“What? The Longevity Clan?” Liu Wuxiang blurted out. His eyes widened as he stared at Chen Feng. This was an Ascendant Immortal. His words must surely be true. Thinking back on how he had been travelling together with someone from the Longevity Clan, Liu Wuxiang was visited by a strange and indescribable feeling.

What is going on here? Is Chen Feng really from the Longevity Clan? However, the aura coming off him is definitely that of Eternal World.

Hearing those words also left Chen Feng shocked. However, he did not let it show. Instead, he secretly exchanged a few words with Tower.

Next, Chen Feng’s figure grew upright and his eyes revealed calmness. It was a look of confidence and strength, as though this crisis before him was nothing.

“Nothing is impossible. I am personally curious, though. Why would someone from the Battle Heaven Clan appear here? Not to mention, you had even utilized your war soul to snatch the body of a Ghost General,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Chi! Chi!

The cyan-clothed cultivator’s eyes flashed with light and his gaze shot forward with lightning-like speed towards Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng remained still and the gaze disappeared upon approaching him. It was as though it had entered a different layer of space.

As predicted, the cyan-clothed cultivator’s pupils contracted and he grew somewhat wary.

“Since my identity is now exposed, you can forget about leaving,” Chen Feng said coolly, putting on a look of absolute confidence. Secretly, however, he was gritting his teeth. He was simply saying that to scare the cyan-clothed cultivator.

“Is that so? However, even your Longevity Clan’s Ascendant Immortal wouldn’t dare say something like that to me, let alone a minor Sky Human stage cultivator like you.” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face regained its composure and the corners of his lips curled into a smirk. Next, he stretched his hand out to attack Chen Feng.

“Tower, what should we do next? Can you handle this guy?” Chen Feng grew somewhat apprehensive.

“As if! This is an Ascendant Immortal we’re talking about. What we need to do now is to figure a way to book it,” Tower answered frankly.

“You!” Chen Feng was astounded. In the end, however, he simply shook his head and said nothing. If even Tower was incapable of handling this fellow, then there would be nothing else they could do.

“Unexpectedly, I would encounter a cultivator from the Longevity Clan right after waking up. How fortunate. As it so happens, I require some energy to recover my strength. The blood of your Longevity Clan will serve me well.” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s eyes shone as he resolved himself to attack. In his opinion, these two minor cultivators before him were simply too weak. They were so weak that they could not threaten him in the slightest.

However, things often develop in an unexpected manner. Just as the cyan-clothed cultivator was preparing to make his move, the eyes of the ‘corpse’ – the one seated nearby with a sword slung across its back – abruptly snapped open. 

It was as though two lightning bolts were flashing out, causing even the cyan-clothed cultivator’s heart to thump.

“Who?” the cyan-clothed cultivator turned around and shouted.

“You don’t even know who I am, and yet, you dare come to my place and put on airs?” The thunderous voice rang out as the seated cultivator promptly stood up. His long hair flew about and his pair of eyes was like the stars. An eye-piercing lightning radiance shone out from the sword slung across his back.

“Eh, this fellow?” Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang backed away. The atmosphere of power that this cultivator was emanating was simply too strong. In their opinion, he was even stronger than the cyan-clothed cultivator.

However, that was not the most important part. This cultivator was clearly a living being. He was not appearing as a war soul.

In other words, his fleshly body was still intact.

“Did this guy rely on his own fleshly body to stay alive? How outrageous!” 

“Regardless, the more chaotic the situation becomes, the higher our chances of escaping become.”

“You are from the Thunder Celestial Clan?” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face sank and his sky-surging will to fight condensed to the point of tangibility. With a grasping move, the stone staff appeared in his hand.

“Unexpectedly, the Battle Heaven Clan would fall to the point of snatching the body of another cultivator. Not to mention, it’s the body of a lowly Ghost General.”

“Humph! You don’t look any better yourself!” A look of envy flashed across the cyan-clothed cultivator’s eyes. Naturally, the reason behind his feelings of envy was that this cultivator managed to preserve his fleshly body. As for the cyan-clothed cultivator, he had to rely on body snatching to prolong his life.

“Even so, dealing with you will still be a piece of cake for me. There is still time for you to run away.” The cultivator’s entire body was wrapped in lightning and he pulled out the sword slung across his back.

“We are both from this Ancient Heavensday City. All I want to do here is to kill these two kids. Why must you interfere?” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s voice took on a softer tone. He was not confident in his ability to fight this cultivator.

At any rate, this body he was occupying had been snatched from an Earthen Immortal stage Ghost General. Meanwhile, this opponent of his had managed to preserve his Ascendant Immortal stage body. While he may be from the Battle Heaven Clan, this opponent was from the Thunder Celestial Clan. If he were to get into a fight with this cultivator, he would surely end up on the losing end.

“Did you forget already? I am from the Thunder Celestial Clan.”

“Right, the Thunder Celestial Clan has always had a good relationship with the Longevity Clan. In that case, just go ahead and attack!” After saying that, the cyan-clothed cultivator’s eyes shone and he abruptly attacked. He swung the stone staff at Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.

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