Chapter 762 Crisis


“Brother Chen, do you think the cultivator would chase us?” Liu Wuxiang asked, a black hole spinning around his body. It was attempting to erase the aura locking his position. However, there was no way to tell if it was working or not.

The secret chamber that they were in did not appear particularly massive. However, there was a faint power of space there. Truth be told, if it weren’t for Chen Feng, who had utilized his Magic Eyes of Darkness earlier, they wouldn’t have been able to find this underground secret chamber.

When they first arrived, they had wondered why there would be a secret chamber there. However, they quickly cast the thought aside.

The most important issue for them at the moment was to escape the pursuit of the Ascendant Immortal.

“There is no way to tell if he would come after us. However, I can sense a growing crisis brewing,” Chen Feng said with a bitter smile.

“Me too. Hopefully, the battle outside could distract him.” Liu Wuxiang sighed.

The number of cultivators participating in the chaotic fight on the surface had exceeded ten. The reason it was a chaotic fight was because the ones fighting there hailed from various worlds. Additionally, there were also some body-snatched cultivators there. Their objective: Two stone staffs standing upon an empty space of land.

The two stone staffs were not eye-catching. However, the faint energy fluctuations that they were emanating proved that those two were Immortal artefacts.

When Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had first arrived, they were shocked to beheld the two Immortal artefacts. In fact, they nearly chose to take part in the fight for the stone staffs. At any rate, the allure of Immortal artefacts was simply too strong. However, as they were facing a threat to their lives, they decided to give up and quietly avoid the attention of the cultivators there.

“If only the cultivators above are stronger. Maybe they would be able to defeat that fellow.”

“If they are that strong, we would’ve been incapable of easily making our way inside this secret chamber.”

This ancient city is too strange. There is no way to undergo Lightning Tribulation here, otherwise I can undergo my tribulation and rise all the way up to the Human Immortal stage. Then, my vitality will rise to a higher level and I will be able to access even more of the Immortal artefact’s power. Chen Feng did have his own plans. However, after secretly discussing it with Tower, he finally decided to continue suppressing his aura. He would only decide on whether or not to undergo his tribulation after he had made his way out from this city.

As the two of them continued hiding there, a change finally happened to the chaotic fight on the surface. A Demon Deity had managed to snatch one of the stone staffs. Moreover, he was able to quickly trigger out the Immortal artefact’s power. With a swing of the staff, an Earthen Immortal from the Immortal Plane was smashed to pieces.

Seeing that, the cultivators there quickly took action. Several of them chose to attack the Demon Deity simultaneously.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! All of you will die!” With the Immortal artefact in his possession, the Demon Deity laughed smugly. He kept swinging the stone staff in his hand, pushing out the Immortal artefact’s power to stop the incoming attacks. The Demon Deity wanted to grab the other stone staff as well.

Brandishing the stone staff, he swept the other cultivators aside and strode forward, moving ever closer towards the other stone staff.

“This fellow is quite lucky. Looks like the two Immortal artefacts will be falling into his hand.” Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had been paying attention to the fight above. Seeing the Demon Deity get his hands on the two Immortal artefacts, they felt somewhat envious.

“It’s probably not that easy.”

The two of them continued observing the fight on the surface. Suddenly, the sense of crisis within their hearts soared. Exchanging glances, they secretly cried out. This is bad!

As expected, a tall and mighty figure, bringing with it an unparalleled atmosphere of power, descended. He was like a great meteor smashing into the ground and the resulting shockwaves assailed his surroundings.

A cultivator in cyan clothes appeared before all the cultivators there.

“It’s him! He really did come after us!” Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang retracted their divine senses simultaneously, fearful that the cyan-clothed cultivator would notice their divine senses.

Coincidentally, the cyan-clothed cultivator had appeared right before the Demon Deity. There was a look of calmness within his eyes. It would appear that he was simply looking down on the Demon Deity.

“Scram!” With an Immortal artefact in his possession, the Demon Deity felt as though he could kill even a god. Thus, without talking too much, he rapidly sent the staff swinging forward.

Forget a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain, even a small planet could be destroyed by this staff swing. However, in the face of this attack, the cyan-clothed cultivator merely reached out with one hand and grasped. With but a flash, the stone staff ended up in the cyan-clothed cultivator’s grasp instead.

Next, he swung the stone staff and the Demon Deity cried out miserably as his body was turned into a mist of blood.


All of the cultivators there sharply sucked in a breath of air. Involuntarily, they all moved backwards, cold sweat oozing out from their bodies.

“Where did this guy come from? How can he be this powerful?”

“This is bad. Is he a high-level Earthen Immortal? If that’s the case, we should retreat.”

“I’m afraid he is above the Earthen Immortal stage, an Ascendant Immortal! If that’s the case, all of us might die here.”

The cyan-clothed cultivator did not say anything. Instead, his gaze swept his surroundings. In the face of that gaze, all of the cultivators there reflexively lowered their heads. They could not even resist the gaze from this cyan-clothed cultivator, let alone attack him.

Next, the cyan-clothed cultivator strode forward and the cultivators there rapidly made way for him. None of them dared to stop him. They watched as the cyan-clothed cultivator took the other stone staff as well.

The two Immortal artefacts ended up in the cyan-clothed cultivator’s hands. All of the cultivators there felt their hearts raging at that. However, they dared not say a word about it. At any rate, the cyan-clothed cultivator’s actions of killing off the Demon Deity with but one move was simply too terrifying.

In the end, however, some were incapable of keeping their greed in check.

“Fellow friend, you took both the Immortal artefacts. Isn’t that a bit too much?” a Ghost General said.

All of them had fought a ferocious battle over the two staffs only for this sudden newcomer to grab them both. Although he appeared formidable, by joining forces, surely, they can defeat him.

Before the cultivators there could say anything else, however, the cyan-clothed cultivator had already taken action. Taking just a simple step forward, he swung one of the stone staffs casually and the Ghost General was smashed apart as well. It had failed to put up even a shred of resistance.


With that, all of the cultivators there grew terrified. They were simply on different levels. If they continued to linger, they might have to leave their lives behind.

The cyan-clothed cultivator did not pursue them. Instead, his eyes shone with light and his figure moved underground, heading towards the secret chamber that Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were in.

“Sigh! He discovered us in the end.”

“He is just too powerful. Not to mention, he now has Immortal artefacts in hand. We are simply no match for him. Are we going to die to him here?”

“Let’s not talk about that. All I know is, if we do not go all out here, we will definitely die.”

“He’s here. Let’s give it our all!”

The aura of an Earthen Immortal charged out from Liu Wuxiang’s body. Even Chen Feng’s aura had become violent. Their skin had taken on a blood-red colour. This was a sign that they were preparing to burn their blood essence. They were aware that this opponent was simply too powerful. Without giving this fight everything they had, they would likely be killed with just one blow.


The cyan-clothed cultivator arrived, landing before the two of them. Next, he performed a casual grasping motion and Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s bodies began shaking.

“Why is his power rising so quickly?! Still, he is probably not yet at the Ascendant Immortal stage, otherwise he could have easily killed us.”


The two of them attacked with the power of their Immortal artefacts. Any other Earthen Immortals would have been shattered apart by their attacks. However, this cyan-clothed cultivator simply reached out with one hand to casually unravel their attacks. This was a truly perilous situation for them.

“We’re dead. We’re so utterly dead.” Liu Wuxiang’s face contorted to the extreme.

The cyan-clothed cultivator did not utilize the stone staff in his hand. Instead, he stretched his great hand forward to capture the two of them.

That move from the cyan-clothed cultivator had seemingly brought the whole world into his grasp. No matter how hard Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang struggled, they were incapable of doing anything. All they could do was watch as the palm silhouette bound them.


Suddenly, something happened. It was unknown if it was due to their battle or some other reasons, but the surrounding restrictive arrays emerged and a formidable power of space rampaged about to shred the cyan-clothed cultivator’s palm silhouette. As a result, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang rolled out down from the shredded fragments of the palm silhouette.

A world-shaking change had come over the secret chamber. Triggered by the restrictive arrays, various powers intersected one another in a chaotic manner. On Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s side, a moment’s carelessness resulted in them getting sliced by the powers there, leaving wounds on their bodies and blood gushed out profusely from their wounds.

“This is bad! We won’t die to him. Instead, we will die to the restrictive arrays here. Looks like we are really unlucky!” Liu Wuxiang said with a bitter smile. Even before he had finished talking, the powers there had easily sliced apart one of his hands.

On Chen Feng’s end, he utilized the Lightning Bead and Blood Mustering Bead to put up layer after layer of barriers around him. Even so, the barriers were incapable of stopping the slicing power of space there. Next, however, Chen Feng was surprised to notice that the ground beneath them was cracking open, making way for a stone platform to rise upwards.

“Look down there!” Chen Feng exclaimed. 

“It’s a teleportation array! Hurry!” After giving it just a glance, Liu Wuxiang’s eyes promptly lit up.

“Humph!” The cyan-clothed cultivator’s face sank and he let out a grunt. Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang instantly felt as though a deafening thunder had erupted within their minds and they coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Unfortunately for the cyan-clothed cultivator, there were several halos of light there blocking his path and he was temporarily incapable of moving away. Seeing that, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hopefully, we’ll be luckier this time.”

Exchanging glances, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang then charged towards the teleportation array. Coincidentally, the two of them happened to be occupying the space with the least spatial powers. Thus, they were able to make their way to the teleportation array. Only after arriving on the teleportation array did they realize that they were completely soaked in sweat. Additionally, they did not make it there unscathed. By then, the two of them had become utterly covered in blood. Chen Feng’s body was so badly wounded, even his bones had become exposed. 

“Are you two kids thinking of running away?” the cyan-clothed cultivator spoke up in a composed voice. And yet, every word he said was like a deafening thunder erupting within their minds.

The cyan-clothed cultivator finally used the stone staff. He swung a stone staff and it made contact with the surrounding restrictive arrays. The resulting shockwaves looked like the destruction of the stars.

“Hurry! Hurry up and activate it! Even these shockwaves are enough to quake us to death!” Liu Wuxiang shouted. After saying that, however, blood sprayed out from his mouth and cracks spread out across the surface of his skin. 

Chen Feng himself was in a dire situation. The attacks from the cyan-clothed cultivator were all formless and unstoppable. Chen Feng could feel his body slowly collapsing from the inside. If it weren’t for the aegis of the magic treasures within his body, his body would have broken apart by now.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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