Chapter 761 Run


“Brother Chen!” Liu Wuxiang cried out and he hastily rushed forward, a yin yang image sweeping towards the blue light.

As Patriarch Scarletblaze’s body had been destroyed, the opponent was once again returned to his war soul state.

The body of a young-looking cultivator with a frigid expression was condensed out. This young cultivator cast a somewhat murderous look at Liu Wuxiang.

At any rate, it hadn’t been easy for the young cultivator to snatch the body of an Earthen Immortal. With time, he would have been able to recover his former strength. Not to mention, he had also managed to kill off several Earthen Immortals before this. He was someone who looked down upon all of the cultivators who had entered this city.   Unexpectedly, these two unassuming juniors would be capable of destroying his body.

Damn it! I won’t be able to snatch another body anytime soon. The young cultivator’s eyes gradually grew cold and waves of frost energy spread out from his figure.

“An ice-type secret technique. You’re a cultivator from Icy Frost World!” Liu Wuxiang said in shock.

“Heh! You know your stuff. However, I will soon let you have a taste of a fate worse than death!” After saying that, the young cultivator’s eyes shone to fire out two frost beams, which then transformed into two ice dragons. The ice dragons brandished their claws and fangs as they launched an attack on Liu Wuxiang.

Even before the ice dragons’ arrival, Liu Wuxiang’s body had already turned stiff as the blood inside his body rapidly froze. Liu Wuxiang was shocked and he mobilized the power of yin and yang to swiftly unravel the concept of frost around him.


Liu Wuxiang extended his hand and a sword, black and white in colour while exuding the power of yin and yang, appeared in his grasp. Next, his figure dashed forward and he fought the two ice dragons.

I wonder what happened to Chen Feng. He possesses Immortal artefacts. He shouldn’t have gone down so easily. As he was alone, Liu Wuxiang was simply incapable of taking on the attacks from the young cultivator and he was kept on the back foot. After several exchanges, frost drifted around him, becoming akin to an encaging world of frost. Due to that, his combat power began to decline.

What a formidable power of frost! If he has access to his full powers, he would have been capable of turning me into an ice sculpture with just one breath. Liu Wuxiang’s movements had already become slower and stiffer.


Finally, one of the ice dragon’s talons smacked Liu Wuxiang away. Before he could stabilize his body, the young cultivator – with an ice lance in hand – appeared before him. An eye-piercing white light shone off the ice lance as it thrust towards Liu Wuxiang’s chest.



A domain of yin and yang unfurled out from Liu Wuxiang’s chest to entangle the young cultivator. Liu Wuxiang was betting that Chen Feng was fine.

His bet was the correct one. The instant he managed to entangle the young cultivator, Chen Feng roared, breaking free from the layer of ice encasing him. Countless ice fragments scattered about as Chen Feng strode forward with a lance of his own in hand. The lance pierced the young cultivator’s body before flicking him up.


Pierced by Chen Feng’s lance, the young cultivator’s body abruptly exploded into sky-encompassing streams of frost energy. Unfortunately for Chen Feng, he had no time to back away as the streams of frost energy once again swept towards him. It would appear that he would be transformed into an ice sculpture once more.

“Reversing Yin and Yang!”

Liu Wuxiang shouted and his whole body became strange. Half of his body turned white while the other half turned black. And yet, the power he was unleashing grew stronger. Due to that, the power of frost filling the air was temporarily incapable of converging together.

“Collect!” The Yao-refining Furnace flew out to furiously suck in the scattered power of frost. The Yao-refining Furnace in Liu Wuxiang’s hand innately possessed a formidable power of fire. Upon absorbing the power of frost, the Yao-refining Furnace began to shake violently. It seemed as though it would blow up at any moment.

“Great! We’ve obtained the essence, energy and soul of another Ascendant Immortal!” Saved, Chen Feng stretched his hand out as well and a passageway connected to the Longevity Tower appeared on his palm.

An overbearing suction force appeared and the power of frost hovering in the air became like the rivers flowing into the sea as they surged into the Longevity Tower.

This was not just the power of the Longevity Tower. Rather, even the yaos and demons inside were giving it their all for this endeavour. At any rate, they will be dividing the essence, energy and soul amongst themselves.

Indeed, the instant the Ascendant Immortal’s essence, energy and soul were sucked into the Longevity Tower, all of them were divided up between the yaos and demons, leaving not a scrap behind. Rather, there wasn’t even any time for them to compete for it.

“Too savage.”

In just a brief moment, Chen Feng had devoured nearly half of the Ascendant Immortal’s essence, energy and soul, shocking Liu Wuxiang.

“Damn you! Limitless Frost Energy!”

The remaining essence, energy and soul finally converged and condensed back to reform the young cultivator’s body. After that, he radiated a formidable wave of power. Surprisingly, he was still thinking of attacking Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang. 


Chen Feng mercilessly thrust forward with his lance to shatter the young cultivator once more. Then, with another suction force, he sucked in all of the remaining essence, energy and soul. Liu Wuxiang could only watch enviously.

How is that possible? How could he devour the essence, energy and soul so quickly? And how could he contain such a formidable power? Is it the function of an Immortal artefact? Liu Wuxiang stared with widened eyes.

Speaking of which, utilizing the Immortal artefact did indeed consume some of Chen Feng’s power. However, not a single strand of the essence, energy and soul of the Ascendant Immortal that he devoured went to waste. All of them had gone to the yaos and demons inside the Longevity Tower who did not leave a single drop behind.

The power of an Ascendant Immortal’s essence, energy and soul was simply too powerful. If it weren’t for the suppressive power of the Longevity Tower, the yaos and demons would have broken through already.

“A great harvest! A great harvest!” Liu Wuxiang said, his heart stirring.

“Entering this Heavensday Battlefield was the correct decision. Firstly, I managed to obtain a great deal of harvest here. As long as I spend some time on cultivation, relying on the Ascendant Immortals’ essence, energy and soul that I have managed to absorb will be enough for me to level up a few times. Secondly, I managed to make a good friend in you, Brother Chen,” Liu Wuxiang said, laughing.

“Ha ha ha! Brother Liu, you overpraise me.” Chen Feng waved while laughing.


As the two of them were chatting, a cultivator fell from the sky to smash down into the ground before them.

“Oh, a Ghost General!” The two of them exchanged glances and a look of surprise appeared on their faces.

The Ghost General had a highly wretched appearance. The bones on its body shook, seemingly on the verge of breaking apart at any moment. The spiritual flames within its eyes were also flickering about ceaselessly, seemingly about to go out.

“Who beat you up like this?”

The Ghost General struggled furiously to get up. However, before it could do so, a lance flew over to nail it to the ground.

Next, a beam of dazzling blue light flew into the Ghost General’s body. Following that, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang watched in shock as a world-shaking change happened to the Ghost General’s skeletal body.

In just a few breaths’ worth of time, the Ghost General’s skeletal body had disappeared, transformed into a living being with flesh, blood and a heart.

“This is bad! A war soul has successfully snatched this body! Hurry up and attack!” Liu Wuxiang was the first to attack and his Yao-refining Furnace sprayed out blazing flames at the newly-formed body.

However, something unexpected happened instead. The blazing flames churned violently before flowing into the fleshly body, disappearing from sight.

The newly-formed fleshly body abruptly stood up and its eyes opened. Instantly, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang felt a formidable pressure bearing down on their souls.

Even stronger than the previous Ascendant Immortal! Chen Feng’s heart lurched. Gnashing his teeth, he then mobilized a strand of the Netherbone Lance’s power and fired it forward.


A large hole appeared upon the body. However, unlike with the previous fights, the attack did not destroy this body. Instead, the wound slowly healed up.


“Let me give it a try!”

Liu Wuxiang grew apprehensive as well. After pondering for a brief moment, he condensed out the semi-transparent silhouette of a sword, which he sent thrusting towards the body as well.


The sword managed to pierce the body, but it became stuck within the flesh. At the same time, Liu Wuxiang could feel the power of the sword falling rapidly.

Surprisingly, the fleshly body was capable of devouring external offensive powers to restore itself. The most terrifying part was, the body could even devour the power of Immortal artefacts.

Chen Feng fired out another semi-transparent silhouette of a lance at the body. However, it also ended up becoming stuck inside the body. Next, the body shouted and soundwaves spread out to instantly blast Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s figures away.

“Too strong! Run!”

“Yes, the rate at which he is recovering is simply too fast!”

The power of Immortal artefacts had failed to bring about any results. On the contrary, it even increased the rate at which the body was recovering. Thus, after exchanging glances, the two of them swiftly fled. 

“This is bad.”

“Yes. I didn’t think there could be such a formidable war soul.”

“Let's go.”

After a brief exchange, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang made up their minds to leave this dangerous place.

“Looks like this ancient city is becoming increasingly perilous. If a few more of such war souls appear… heh, we’ll have to figure a way to run away from this city.” Liu Wuxiang shook his head.

“I think we need to do that now,” Chen Feng replied with a wry smile.

Suddenly, a formidable energy wave soared up from behind them. The energy wave seemed desirous of piercing the Heavens. Next, it jumped through space to encase both Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s body.

“He has locked down our positions!” Liu Wuxiang said, waving his hand to unleash the Yin Yang Cavity move in an attempt to break free from the energy.

Chen Feng shook his head. “It will likely be useless. This opponent is too strong. What we need to do right now is to find a safe place before he arrives. Either that or join forces to fight him.”

“Not a bad idea. Let’s run first.” Liu Wuxiang brought out his Void Array Platform and the two of them got on it. Next, the Void Array Platform flashed forwards a few times before disappearing from sight.

One hour later, the body finally stopped transforming. The only way to describe it would be, perfection. A stream of energy then swept over the body and cyan-coloured clothes appeared over it. Every move it made possessed a domineering quality seemingly capable of shocking the Heavens. His eyes were like the sun and moon and minute bolts of lightning flickered within his pupils. His hair fluttered about and the corners of his lips were slightly curled up. 

“Can you escape?” With just one step, he then disappeared into the many buildings within the city.

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had lost track of how long they had spent spatial jumping through the city. Along the way, they did encounter some cultivators. However, they did not stop. Although they did not sense anyone pursuing them, the sense of crisis shrouding their hearts was growing ever stronger.

In the end, the two of them stopped fleeing. The ancient city was simply too big. Thus, they decided to find a place and hide for a while.

They were quite lucky. They were able to find a secret underground chamber. The secret chamber was located somewhere 1,000 zhang below ground. There were also some restrictive arrays around it. However, that was not the most important part of their hideout. The most important part was that there were some cultivators fighting on the surface above.

That was also the reason why they had decided to hide here.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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