Chapter 760 Shocking Change


“My current level is too low. So, I won’t be able to use this power for now. Good steel should be used for making blades and swords. They need this more than me.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand once more and the remaining essence power from the Ascendant Immortal split up before flowing into the yaos and demons’ bodies respectively.

As a result, the tree yao, tiger yao and the others shook. Next, a delighted look of surprise appeared on their faces. Even the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm was giving Chen Feng a different look. Unexpectedly, the human kid that he had been looking down on would do something like this. Those were the essence of an Ascendant Immortal, after all. It was not something that one could casually bring out.

These yaos and demons are all under me. By having them grow stronger, they will be of great help to me in the future. However, there is no telling how much help this small bit of essence, energy and soul could be towards them. Looks like we’ll have to go search some other places, Chen Feng thought.

After that, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang finished recovering their strength and they began searching around.

After looking around, they managed to find something.

As they had already devoured the essence, energy and soul of the middle-aged cultivator, the fleshly body he left behind was no longer useful. Additionally, there was also the fact that a long time had passed since then. Thus, without any actions from Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, the mighty body simply collapsed.

“A pity, the fleshly body of an Ascendant Immortal.”

“It is a pity.”

“Eh, what is this?” Chen Feng waved his hand and a square-shaped object that looked like a crystal flew out from the broken body before falling into Chen Feng’s hand

Crystal clear to the eyes, it was as big as a palm. It looked like a spirit stone. However, when Liu Wuxiang saw it, his eyes lit up.

“This is the world he left behind! Unexpectedly, it hasn’t broken down.” A delighted look of surprise appeared on Liu Wuxiang’s face.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had felt puzzled. However, after hearing it from Liu Wuxiang, he finally understood what the item was.

Some formidable Earthen Immortals were capable of cultivating out their own worlds. Naturally, calling it a world was something of an exaggeration. It was more accurate to call it a pocket dimension. Strictly speaking, the power derived from this pocket dimension cannot truly be called world power just yet. Only by going a step further and having the pocket dimension level up to a pocket world can it be considered to possess world power. This could become a formidable killer move against one’s enemies. Additionally, the cultivator’s own life would be greatly improved. Generally speaking, as long as the world remained, the cultivator could make use of the world to retain his or her life.

At that moment, the one in Chen Feng’s hand was a pocket world, something that an Ascendant Immortal would leave behind.

“Hopefully, there is something good inside,” Liu Wuxiang said with a hopeful tone.

“Let’s go check it out.” After saying that, Chen Feng mobilized his divine sense and the crystal in his hand shone with light before rapidly enlarging to envelop both Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.

“It really is a world.” When his foot made contact with soil, Chen Feng felt somewhat surprised. Although this place was somewhat similar to the dimensions that he had entered before in the past, the aura of this place was completely different.

“It’s a pocket world. A pity, there are no life signs. It is just a small, withered-up world.” Liu Wuxiang felt somewhat disappointed.

“However, there are still some power of laws here. We can study them,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

The two of them spread out their divine senses to quickly look through the entire pocket world. To their disappointment, this world was not particularly big.

“The cultivator must have died not long after this pocket world levelled up from a pocket dimension.” Liu Wuxiang shook his head.

“We did get something from it.” Chen Feng waved his hand and two small mountains flew over. The two small mountains consisted entirely of Immortal crystals.

“Half each.” Chen Feng laughed.

Those spirit stones were the only items that were of value inside the pocket world.

“Better than nothing.” Liu Wuxiang laughed out as well.

Liu Wuxiang seemed to think nothing of the empty world and he did not compete with Chen Feng for it. Instead, he simply kept the Immortal crystals.

“100 million Immortal crystals. I suppose this is a considerable harvest,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“Truth be told, the biggest harvest here were the essence, energy and soul of the Ascendant Immortal. Unfortunately, it was too little.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“If so, let’s head to the next spot.”

“All right!”

The two of them went back up the passageway. They had to spend some effort to break through the sealed end of the passageway.

“If it weren’t for the fact that we possess Immortal artefacts, it would truly be difficult to come out,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“Something is not right!” The instant they reached the surface, Chen Feng’s face sank. As he had cultivated the Bloody Netherguide Art, he was able to instantly sense the blood energy permeating the air.

“Sii! Looks like this is going to be messy!” Liu Wuxiang’s eyes turned grim. It would appear that he had figured out what was happening.

“I wonder how many of them are still alive?”

“Brother Chen, you shouldn’t look down on them. There are some formidable characters amongst the cultivators who entered this city.”

“Let’s go! We’ll check out the closest spot.”

To their surprise, they would quickly encounter another cultivator. Not to mention, it was a familiar face.

“Tian Xiaozi, what a coincidence! What are you doing here?” Liu Wuxiang laughed.

At that very moment, Tian Xiaozi was alone. He appeared terribly wretched, his hair dishevelled and his face pale. As for his body, it was covered with an uncountable number of wounds. Tian Xiaozi was someone who held a grudge against Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang. Thus, he should have chosen to avoid them. However, when he saw them, his eyes lit up and he hastily rushed towards them instead.

“Hey, what are you up to?” Chen Feng instinctively sensed something amiss.

“Guys, help me! I beg you!” Tian Xiaozi arrived before them, a look of joy on his face. It was as though he had met his saviours.

“What happened to your bodyguards?” Liu Wuxiang asked with a frown.

“Dead, all dead! We need to hurry, leave! This place is simply too dangerous!” Tian Xiaozi blurted, his words somewhat incoherent.

“What are you talking about? Did you get scared to the point of becoming stupid?” A glint of contempt flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes. When he had first encountered Tian Xiaozi, he had been completely defeated by Tian Xiaozi. Thus, Chen Feng had always viewed Tian Xiaozi as a genius. To suddenly see such a panicky behaviour from Tian Xiaozi, Chen Feng reflexively felt scornful of him and his evaluation of Tian Xiaozi fell.


A red beam of light soared forth from the distance before flying towards their location. 

“This is bad! He is coming! Run!” Tian Xiaozi’s face turned paler and he swiftly rushed far away. With just a few flashes, Tian Xiaozi’s figure disappeared into a distant building. 

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang looked at each other. They had faintly figured out what was happening.

“Hopefully, it is the war soul of an Ascendant Immortal.”

“Not too powerful. Just around the same level as the previous one will do.”


A flaming beam of light landed before them to quickly condense into the shape of a tall and mighty cultivator. The cultivator held a fiery-gold staff in his hand and flames danced within his eyes as he stared at Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang. Minute waves of killing intent were spreading out from his pupils.

“It’s Patriarch Scarletblaze!” Liu Wuxiang uttered out in shock.

“Ha ha ha, Patriarch Scarletblaze! How have you been? Are you chasing after Tian Xiaozi?”

Liu Wuxiang had only just finished uttering those words when a flaming beam of light shot towards Liu Wuxiang.

“No! That’s not Patriarch Scarletblaze!” Chen Feng shouted while firing out an attack of his own.


A huge crater erupted outwards. Although Liu Wuxiang was talking earlier, he was also secretly on guard. Thus, the sudden attack had failed to harm Liu Wuxiang.

“Body snatching!”

“A war soul has snatched away his body.”

“This is a problem. Normally, war souls can only utilize 30% of their original power. However, it’s a different case after they successfully snatched someone else’s body.”

“Hopefully, it hasn’t been too long since the war soul snatched his body. That way, he would be incapable of unleashing too much of his strength.”

“Even someone like Patriarch Scarletblaze ended up losing his body to the war soul. This is a mid-level Earthen Immortal we’re talking about.”

“The aura of Immortal artefacts. You two, stay.” As expected, the voice coming out from this person was different from that of Patriarch Scarletblaze. Additionally, the attacks he unleashed were also far stronger compared to that of Patriarch Scarletblaze. Not to mention, there was something unique about his techniques as well.

The fiery-gold staff in his hand kept swinging about, strands of frost aura hidden within the flames. Although the aura was restrained, it gave Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang a great feeling of danger.


By utilizing the Longevity Steps, Chen Feng was able to evade an incoming attack, albeit barely. The fiery-gold staff then struck the ground and a clump of flames raged across the surface of the ground. However, in the centre of the flames were faint-blue ice.

As for Chen Feng, despite successfully evading the attack, he could still feel the bone-piercing frost aura, which nearly put a halt to his beating heart.

“Brother Liu, can you figure out this person’s identity?”

“He is an old monster that has lived for who knows how many tens of thousands of years. How would I know? Unless, he reveals his true form.”

“Sir, please stop! Are you someone from this Ancient Heavensday City?” Chen Feng shouted.


A giant, flaming palm silhouette descended from the sky to instantly slap Chen Feng into the ground. Seeing that, Liu Wuxiang felt an impulse to laugh out only to be sent flying by a staff swing.

“Looks like we have no choice but to use our killer moves. Brother Liu, the same technique!” Chen Feng scoffed and a sharp beam of energy shot out to slice the flaming hand pressing him down the ground into pieces.

“No problems!” Liu Wuxiang nodded and his body grew upright.

After that brief exchange, they were able to determine that this cultivator was slightly weaker compared to the war soul they had encountered earlier. Thus, they breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were also feeling wary. This war soul had only just snatched this body. If he were given more time, his cultivation base would rise even further.

“Limitless Yin and Yang!”

Liu Wuxiang pushed his strength up to the Earthen Immortal stage and the power of the Immortal artefact shot out from his body once more. Due to the harvest he obtained earlier, he did not hesitate to utilize the secret technique to mobilize his Immortal artefact once more.

Chi! Chi!

Chen Feng went all out as well, bringing forth the semi-transparent silhouettes of the two Immortal artefacts, the Heaven Piercing Lance and the Netherbone Lance, which pierced Patriarch Scarletblaze’s body.

“Immortal artefacts indeed. A pity, my fleshly body was destroyed,” Patriarch Scarletblaze said, but his body instantly cracked apart before exploding with a bang. A volcanic-like power charged out into his surroundings.

At the same time, a blue light shot towards Chen Feng.

“Stop it!” As Chen Feng had just mobilized the powers of the two Immortal artefacts, he no longer had any power to block this incoming attack. Thus, he could only send the Lightning Bead out to block it.


The Lightning Bead was knocked aside and an icy power enveloped Chen Feng. Before Chen Feng could back away, however, the power had transformed his figure into an ice sculpture, which then fell to the ground with a resounding bang.

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