Chapter 76: Demon God’s Blood


“Magic artefact, Prized artefact, Sacred artefact. If so, what is above Sacred artefact? Immortal artefact?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Naturally not. Above the Sacred artefact is the Dao artefact. Immortal artefact is above the Dao artefact,” said Tower patiently.

“If so, what grade is my Longevity Tower? Is it a Sacred artefact or a Dao artefact?” Chen Feng abruptly asked.

“Neither. Those two grades don’t even have the word ‘immortal’ in them. How can those grades be compared with me?” replied Tower with an arrogant tone. There was also a trace of inexplicable majesty in his voice.

“In other words, you are an Immortal artefact?” said Chen Feng, who suddenly revealed a smile.

After saying that, Chen Feng felt somewhat excited as he considered the fact that he possessed an Immortal artefact. Although it was somewhat damaged and ruined, it contained the word ‘immortal’. Immortal. That word represented freedom from the mundane, eternal youth, infinite lifespan, Heavenly extraordinary magic. Of the thousands of trillions of people inhabiting the Eternal World, all wished to become immortal and attain longevity.

Chen Feng was no exception. For ordinary cultivators, immortality was illusory and unattainable. At present, however, there was an Immortal artefact placed right before his eyes. Additionally, it was his. How could he not feel excited?

“Immortal artefact?!” A tonal fluctuation suddenly emerged within Tower’s voice. However, he quickly regained his calm.

“Could it be you are not an Immortal artefact? If you are not, then what are you? Are there magic treasures above Immortal artefact?” asked Chen Feng curiously. 

“What of Immortal artefacts? There are many magic treasures that are more powerful than Immortal artefacts. Forget it. Your current cultivation base is insufficient. Telling you all these will not help you. You should be good and focus on practicing cultivation. When you have reached the Human Immortal stage, I will tell you everything.” Tower’s voice rang beside Chen Feng’s ear.

“Cultivate up to Human Immortal stage? There are nine levels in the Concealed stage. As I am currently at level 1 of the Concealed stage, I have eight more levels to go to reach level 9. After that comes the Sky Human stage. I hear that Sky Human stage cultivators have to overcome Lightning Tribulations nine times. Only after that can they reach the Human Immortal stage. Failure means turning into ashes while the soul is decimated. There are tens of millions of people within Black Origin City’s vicinity and over a million cultivators. And yet, forget cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage, the number of cultivators who can cultivate up to the Sky Human stage is probably in the single digits. Personally, I think there are probably none. Otherwise, how could Black Origin City be controlled by some Concealed stage cultivators?” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration.

“This world is not that simple. When your strength has risen, you will discover it on your own,” said Tower.

“Rise, rise. Is it so easy to increase one’s cultivation base? Even if my path of cultivation is smooth, I will need to wait several hundred years in order to reach the Human Immortal stage. Perhaps, it might even take me thousands of years, if not more, no?” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from blurting out.

“A thousand years is but a short nap for me,” replied Tower.

Hearing Tower’s answer, Chen Feng felt himself at a loss for words. He really did not know what to say.

“You are right. Of the million plus cultivators in the vicinity of Black Origin City, there are no more than one or two Sky Human stage cultivators. There is a reason for that, and that reason is not due to lack of talent,” Tower continued.

“What is the reason?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“There are many factors to cultivation. Personal talent is one factor. However, the more important factors are opportunity and environment. Without a good environment, even if someone possesses a Heaven-defying talent, even if that someone possesses a peerless cultivation technique, they would be incapable of accomplishing anything. Naturally, the most important factor is opportunity. Truth be told, it is luck, or otherwise known as destiny. Black Origin City is but an inconspicuous dot in this Eternal World. It boasts no high-level cultivators and no high-grade cultivation techniques. Even if a peerless talent is born there, it will be impossible for that person to cultivate up to the immortal realm.”

“But you are different. You have me. You are practicing the Longevity Scripture. These are your opportunities. Or perhaps, I should say, this is your destiny. Let me make this clear first. Even the people from the Immortal Plane would go crazy fighting over the Longevity Scripture.”

“What? Even those from the Immortal Plane would fight over it? What grade is the Longevity Scripture at?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Naturally, while destiny is very important, the process will depend on your own effort. Destiny simply serves to provide you with the opportunity. Whether or not you could seize it will depend on your own abilities. I have given you enough information. Honestly though, your rate of cultivation is far inferior compared to my expectations. To be blunt, you are not a cultivation genius,” said Tower with a certain tone.

“He he, I was once the infamous trash of my sect. Naturally, I am not a cultivation genius,” replied Chen Feng in a slightly self-deprecating manner.

“Actually, there is a reason for that. Whatever, let’s not dwell too much on that. At any rate, if you want to know everything, you must cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage. In between, I will be giving you some assistance. As you already possess the peerless cultivation technique known as the Longevity Scripture, your future accomplishments in cultivation will depend on your own hard work. Now, let us deal with these two items,” said Tower.

As Tower was conversing with Chen Feng, he had already utilized a secret technique to isolate away the Four-eared Spirit Monkey and the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. That way, the words exchanged between the two would not be overheard.

“What uses do these two Sacred artefacts possess now that they have been damaged to such a degree?” Chen Feng regarded the broken bowl and broken sword.

“Although these two magic treasures are at the Sacred tier, they are stained with the aura of some Primordial Demon God. When you go out, you must find information regarding the Demon Soul Valley,” said Tower. After that, the broken bowl and broken sword slowly floated up. Next, they slowly disintegrated, each disintegrated part slowly disintegrating further into smaller parts. Soon, the two items had transformed into a pile of dust. 


The pile of dust immediately disappeared, leaving two extremely fine silk strands. The strands were so small, each of them was not even at one-tenth the length of a strand of hair. They were one-inch long each and golden in colour. Were it not for his sharp eyesight, Chen Feng would have failed to notice them.

“What are these?” asked Chen Feng inquisitively.

“These are the blood of Primordial Demon Gods,” answered Tower.

“Blood.” Only then did Chen Feng realize that the two objects weren’t silk strands, but blood strands.

“Do not underestimate these two blood strands. Should you successfully refine them, the strength of your fleshly body would increase several times over,” said Tower.

“How is that possible? This minor amount of blood can increase the strength of my fleshly body by several times?” Chen Feng felt somewhat doubtful.

“Of course. However, I am presently not strong enough to help you refine and absorb them. You will need some medicinal herbs to help you with that,” said Tower.

“What type of medicinal herbs?” asked Chen Feng.

“Icespirit Grass, Purplesnow Grass, Exquisite Fruit, Soulguard Flower. These four medicinal herbs are not expensive. There should be many of them in this world.

“Well then. Remember to look for those four medicinal herbs. Only then would you be able refine and absorb these Demon God blood strands.” After saying that, Tower went silent. 

I have never even heard of those four medicinal herbs before. I wonder if finding them will be easy. Chen Feng thought to himself before exiting the Longevity Tower.

This time, Chen Feng’s conversation with Tower gained him some information and thoughts came to his mind unbidden.

Chen Feng sorted the information gained from the earlier conversation. The Longevity Scripture was a powerful cultivation technique, a defiance of Heaven. Secondly, the Longevity Tower itself was a Heaven-defying existence. However, it was presently in a seriously damaged state. Next was information about himself. The Longevity Tower possessed that information, but was unwilling to divulge it to him. In order to gain that information, he must first cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage.

There was another puzzling matter. From Tower’s words, it would appear there was a reason why Chen Feng’s past rate of cultivation was waste-like in quality.

This little tower is a real oddball. If there is anything, just tell me now. Yet, he is choosing to keep it to himself while saying he wants to wait until I am at the Human Immortal stage before he will tell me about it. The Human Immortal stage, Human Immortal stage! That means attaining immortality! That is hardly an easy feat. Chen Feng complained inwardly.

Seeing Chen Feng walk out from his room, Ye Ziming asked with a smile, “Brother Chen, are you done practicing cultivation? Did you gain any new insights?”

“For now, nothing yet. By the way, I forgot to ask something. What is this Demon Soul Valley?” asked Chen Feng. He recalled how the entire street suddenly turned silent at the mention of the words ‘Demon Soul Valley’.

“Demon Soul Valley.” 

The moment the name came up, even Ye Ziming revealed a frown.

“That is a forbidden place. It is said to be the battlefield of Primordial Demon Gods. I am myself uncertain of the specifics. However, it is truly a very dangerous place. Throughout the years, many Sky Human stage cultivators had ventured inside only to disappear. There are rumours that even an Immortal Human died while venturing inside. Who knows if that is true or false,” answered Ye Ziming.

“Right! Why are you asking about this? Surely, you are not planning on going there?”

“The broken bowl and broken sword truly did come from Demon Soul Valley. They contain traces of a peculiar aura. It seems they are truly connected with the valley,” said Chen Feng.

“Forget it. It would be best to stay away from that place. Staying alive is more important,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“That place is really dangerous. I heard some rumours myself. Many people had ventured inside only to never return. Some of the cultivators only dare to move about within its surrounding areas,” said Lu Ta, who was nearby.

“He he, I was just asking. Let’s go out. It just so happens, I have things I want to buy and sell,” said Chen Feng heartily.

“What do you want to buy, Brother Chen? I might have some on me,” asked Ye Ziming.

“I need four types of medicinal herbs, Icespirit Grass, Purplesnow Grass, Exquisite Fruit and Soulguard Flower,” replied Chen Feng.

“Purplesnow Grass? I have one stalk with me. Icespirit Grass and Exquisite Fruit should also be easy to find. White Cloud City should have them. However, the Soulguard Flower is quite rare. I wonder if White Cloud City has any?” After saying that, Ye Ziming pulled out a purple-coloured herb and handed it to Chen Feng.

The grass stalk was one-chi long. It looked similar to weed, but it glowed with a sheen of purple light. Furthermore, when Chen Feng held it in his hand, he could feel icy coldness coming from it. It felt as though he was holding a piece of ice (1 chi = 0.333 m).

“This is Purplesnow Grass?” asked a shocked Chen Feng.

“Yes. This medicinal herb grows on snow-capped mountains. It can heal injuries, stop bleeding, calm the heart and expel distracting thoughts. Taking it helps to settle blood energy and stabilize thoughts, which helps stave off cultivation deviation. It can also be used together with some other medicinal herbs to concoct some higher-grade medicinal pills,” said Ye Ziming.

“I’ve seen this medicinal herb before. Although it is a bit pricey, it is not rare,” said Lu Ta.

“In that case, I thank Brother Ye.” Chen Feng did not refuse it and simply kept the Purplesnow Grass.

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