Chapter 759 Divide


“So, he is incapable of blocking the attack from Immortal artefacts!” A delighted expression appeared on Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s faces. Although the two of them were incapable of fully unleashing the power of the Immortal artefacts, the war soul that they were facing had his own problems as well. He was incapable of utilizing his full power.

The two severed arms promptly transformed into two balls of energy, which returned into the middle-aged cultivator’s body. Next, he stretched his severed limbs and his arms grew back to their original states.

“Only Immortal artefacts can wound him? This will be difficult.” In the beginning, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were delighted, but their faces quickly grew grim.

However, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang failed to notice that the energy balls that the middle-aged cultivator pulled back were slightly weaker. The essence, energy and soul that were missing from the energy balls had been destroyed by the attacks from the Immortal artefacts.

“Brother Liu, even with Immortal artefacts in our possession, we are facing such an issue against this opponent. What do you think will happen to the others?” Chen Feng suddenly turned to ask Liu Wuxiang, a wry smile on his face.


Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Liu Wuxiang immediately took in a sharp breath of air. Chen Feng was right. Many cultivators had entered this city and a considerable number of them was even stronger than Liu Wuxiang. Even so, Liu Wuxiang was certain that only a very small number amongst them would possess Immortal artefacts. Thus, if those cultivators were to encounter this situation as well, they would surely face death.

To have so many cultivators from the various worlds die here, just thinking about it caused his scalp to go numb.

Perhaps, this Ancient Heavensday City was not what they had imagined it to be.

Sou! Sou!

Next up, however, the two of them no longer had the luxury to ponder the issue anymore. The middle-aged cultivator was attacking once more.

The middle-aged cultivator’s attacks were very simplistic. However, every move he made gave them a feeling that they could not block it. Furthermore, it was true that they were incapable of blocking the attacks. After just one exchange, the two of them were sent flying again.

“This fellow possesses his personal world power. We are simply no match for him. Brother Chen, let’s use the Immortal artefacts again. We’ll attack him together!” Liu Wuxiang sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng. That exchange earlier had nearly split Liu Wuxiang’s body in half.

“All right!” Chen Feng nodded. However, it was difficult. The power of the Immortal artefact was not something that he could casually use. At any rate, his present level of strength was still insufficient.


A formidable power radiated out from Liu Wuxiang’s body and two circular discs, one black and one white, emerged from his chest to quickly form a domain of yin and yang. Black light spun and a ray of light shot forward to envelop the middle-aged cultivator.

“An immortal yin yang technique!” Sensing the power binding him, the middle-aged cultivator’s face sank. If he was at his prime, he would not be fearful of such an attack. At present, however, he was only a war soul, capable of unleashing but 30% of his original strength. There were many secret techniques and skills that he was unable to utilize. 

The middle-aged cultivator struggled against it. And yet, despite putting a great deal of power behind his attempts to break free, the restraining power by Liu Wuxiang was not something that he could quickly break free from anytime soon.

“Brother Chen, hurry!” Liu Wuxiang shouted.

Liu Wuxiang’s situation was different compared to Chen Feng’s situation. In order to utilize his Immortal artefact, the price that Liu Wuxiang had to pay far exceeded that which Chen Feng had to pay. All this while, Tower was the one suppressing the Immortal artefact and helping Chen Feng whenever he had to utilize the Immortal artefact. However, things were different for Liu Wuxiang. And yet, given their present situation, he had no choice but to give it his all.

Chi! Chi!

Seeing what was happening, Chen Feng decided to go all out. He mobilized the two Immortal artefacts within the Longevity Tower.

The two Immortal artefacts were the Heaven Piercing Lance and Netherbone Lance. Although the two were only low-grade Immortal artefacts, they were the strongest weapons in his disposal.

Two energy streams, seemingly capable of piercing through everything, were compressed tens of thousands of times to finally become two dots. Then, the two dots smashed furiously against the middle-aged cultivator’s body.

Puchi! Puchi!

Chen Feng did not disappoint Liu Wuxiang. The attack from the two Immortal artefacts instantly tore the middle-aged cultivator’s body to pieces.

What! He can use two Immortal artefacts! Liu Wuxiang was stunned as well. He thought to himself. This Chen Feng really keeps a very low profile.

However, there was no time for him to ponder about it. The essence, energy and soul of the middle-aged cultivator were rapidly gathering up. Without saying a word, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang swiftly took action, collecting the streams of essence, energy and soul that were still drifting about.

Those were the essence, energy and soul of an Ascendant Immortal. Even refining one strand of them would translate into a massive harvest for them.

Due to the killing intent from the pillar of light earlier, a great deal of the energy stored within Chen Feng’s body had been consumed. Wanting to replenish his reserves, Chen Feng thus mobilized the Longevity Tower to instantly suck in one quarter of the essence, energy and soul drifting in the air. As for Liu Wuxiang, he was slower. Moreover, he lacked the same means as Chen Feng. Thus, he only managed to absorb two small streams.

The middle-aged cultivator finally reformed his body. Although there was no change to his body, it did look slightly dimmer.

He had lost nearly one third of his essence, energy and soul. And yet, there was not a hint of panic in his eyes. Instead, they became even brighter.

This fellow is going to be hard to handle. The same thought went through Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s minds.

Once again, the middle-aged cultivator took the lead in attacking them. Taking one step forward, he radiated an atmosphere of power and began moving his hands about to form hand seals as he fought Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.

“Savage power! He is indeed a cultivator from Savage World. It’s strange. What is a cultivator from Savage World doing here? No to mention, he is also an Ascendant Immortal,” Liu Wuxiang said in a quizzical tone. 


Chen Feng’s figure flew out, both his arms bent while cracking sounds rang out from the bones within him. Additionally, blood flowed out from his seven orifices.

“So powerful!” Chen Feng fired out an attack using the Heaven Piercing Lance’s power. This time, however, the middle-aged cultivator was prepared and he was able to evade it.

“Don’t waste the Immortal artefact’s power! It’s not easy for me to suppress it!” Seeing the attacks from Chen Feng missing twice in a row, Tower was finally incapable of holding himself back.

“Without using the Immortal artefact’s power, this fellow would be able to finish me off instantly,” Chen Feng retorted in a displeased tone.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Liu Wuxiang had also tried to attack using the power of his Immortal artefact. However, the middle-aged cultivator had been keeping an eye out for that. Thus, Liu Wuxiang was no longer capable of restraining the middle-aged cultivator.

“Topple the mountains and overturn the seas!”

An incomparably savage power radiated out from the middle-aged cultivator without respite and both Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were sent flying once more.

Next, the middle-aged cultivator unleashed a flurry of attacks against Chen Feng, seemingly wanting to deal with Chen Feng first.

Due to that, Chen Feng felt the pressure bearing down on him increasing considerably. In the face of the attacks, Chen Feng was simply incapable of fighting back. 

At any rate, his opponent was an Ascendant Immortal, someone who had broken free from the worldly shackles to obtain true freedom. Additionally, he had also cultivated out his own world. Even in the Immortal Plane, someone like this would be looked upon as someone of status. Normally, given the power of laws that he possessed, one wave of his hand would’ve been enough to finish off a minor character like Chen Feng. Naturally, Chen Feng himself was only capable of enduring all this time thanks to the assistance of his magic treasures.

The two of them were simply on two different levels, a difference between Heaven and Earth. Even the assault on Chen Feng’s soul was already strong enough that Chen Feng felt an urge to flee and hide himself inside the Longevity Tower.

That said, in the face of the flurry of attacks from the middle-aged cultivator, Chen Feng, who was secretly crying to himself, began to reveal a more determined look. He could feel a change happening to his body. As a greater pressure bore down on him, more power began growing out from within his body.

Chen Feng had a feeling. If he weren’t inside this strange city, he would have been incapable of suppressing the rising power within him. Should he take a step outside this city, his Lightning Tribulation would descend instantly.

Even now, Chen Feng could feel a power not unlike a highly powerful volcano brewing within him. It seemed as though this power would break out at any moment to punch its way into the sky.


The Lightning Bead abruptly expanded before Chen Feng and lightning radiance flared out. A river of lightning gushed forth to assail the middle-aged cultivator. This move successfully stopped the middle-aged cultivator’s attack for a moment.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One after another, massive blood snakes sprang out from the Blood Mustering Bead to surround the middle-aged cultivator.

Seeing that, Liu Wuxiang gnashed his teeth and the black and white discs reappeared. Spinning, they flared with a brilliant light as they restrained the middle-aged cultivator again.


Chen Feng bellowed and the semi-transparent silhouette of the Heaven Piercing Lance appeared before thrusting towards the middle-aged cultivator’s head.


The middle-aged cultivator’s body was torn apart into clumps of essence, energy and soul once more.

“Do it!”

The level of cooperation between Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had improved considerably. Without saying anything more, the two of them quickly devoured the middle-aged cultivator’s essence, energy and soul.

This time, more than half of the middle-aged cultivator’s essence, energy and soul were devoured. What remained rapidly gathered up, but he no longer dared to stay behind. Instead, he quickly rushed away. However, could he still run away?

Although the middle-aged cultivator was an Ascendant Immortal, he was only capable of wielding 30% of his original strength. After their fight began, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had smashed his body apart a few times and devoured his essence, energy and soul. And now, there was less than half of that 30% left.

Thus, the middle-aged cultivator ended up getting devoured completely by Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang. Naturally, the middle-aged cultivator was no slouch himself. The counter attacks he dished out before dying to them had still managed to inflict serious injuries upon Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang laughed out simultaneously. Although they were seriously injured, they felt incredibly happy. The wounds they had taken would quickly heal up, but the benefits they obtained here were simply immeasurable.

Refining and absorbing the essence, energy and soul of an Ascendant Immortal would not simply increase their strength. Rather, it would also give them a more solid foundation in their future cultivation path.

“Brother Chen, looks like I made the right choice. Unexpectedly, our partnership would be such a good one.”

“Ha ha ha, Brother Liu’s words are right. I hope that we will be able to continue our partnership.”

“I hope so too!”

They then spent two hours healing themselves and replenishing their strength. As Chen Feng was recovering, he secretly shifted his focus into the Longevity Tower.

“How is the Hell Dog?” Chen Feng appeared right before Tower.

At that very moment, the Hell Dog was still in the midst of his cultivation session. The aura radiating out from his body remained chaotic, occasionally strong but occasionally weak. Chen Feng was unable to determine the Hell Dog’s cultivation state.

“Hard to say. The amount of spiritual energy is already enough. However, whether or not he can advance will depend on himself,” Tower said coolly.

Nodding, Chen Feng then waved his hand and a stream of energy, shining with a faint-cyan light, gathered around Chen Feng’s hand.

It was the essence, energy and soul that Chen Feng had just collected from the Ascendant Immortal earlier.

“Are you thinking of doing that?” Tower realized what Chen Feng was planning.

“Yes!” With a flick of his palm, the essence, energy and soul in his hand transformed into a stream of light to quickly flow into the Hell Dog’s body. As predicted, it did not take long before the Hell Dog’s chaotic aura gradually stabilized.

“The essence of an Ascendant Immortal. It is a great supplementary item for this little fellow. It is also easier to absorb when compared to world essence power. Kid, you sure are generous!” Tower chuckled.

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